Elliptical and body weight training V gym membership - what would you do?!

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OK, so I'm thinking of stopping my gym membership. I hardly ever used the gym pre-lockdown and now that they have opened up I have been once since they opened last Monday. I don't plan another visit until at least Wednesday.

I bought an elliptical just prior to lockdown which I enjoy using [as it comes with a subscription to iFit, so I can pretend I'm running up a mountain when I'm indoors!] and I'm on it a couple of times a week as a stress-free run, as I seem to be very susceptible to injury these days and am often in recovery mode.

In terms of strength training, I currently do pilates, press ups and planks and generally body weight exercises, so don't really feel the need to go to the gym. BUT should I really bite the bullet and just go to the gym and maybe sell the elliptical, OR do I quit the gym and use the elliptical and body weight exercises as that's actually 'enough'?

I'm not competitive now, and never really was, so I don't need to be super-strong, but I keep being told that as I'm menopausal I need to do strength training. Do I NEED to do that in a gym?

Too many questions, but opinions please?


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    Hi ftm42, I often had to work away, without a gym. One of the gym staff set me up a routine, all body weight that I could do in a hotel room and that was perfect. So if you don't gain other things from the gym, and it is costing you money then I would not renew. I have gym membership because they have a swimming pool! 
    ftm - do what you want to do and what you enjoy the most.   Don't feel you 'have' to go to the gym, if you're happy training at home then cancel the membership, you can always rejoin later if you change your mind.
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