Polar H10 problem?

Hi to all, hope everyone's OK, had a few problems with the chest strap with drop outs for about 10 or so mins during my jog, seems to happen after an hour or so into the jog, I've got it paired to a Polar M430 and on my zone 2 jog today dropped from the mid 70% to around 20% for a while.
I have it positioned in the centre of my chest, so during the drop out I moved it closer to the heart and things recovered but will try again tomorrow.
I've in paired re paired to the watch after every jog, but still seems to be a problem ,I've checked the battery status and reading full in Polar Beat app bought new on June, contacted Polar Support but not heard anything yet.
Wonder if anyone else has issues with the chest strap.
Thanks Paul.


    I haven't got a Polar but my Garmin has a battery in the chest strap which I'm not able to check status of.   If I had the same problems with mine I would guess that chest strap battery needs replacing.

    Either that or chest strap isn't tight enough but shouldn't really be a problem as already well into the run.
  • Hi Paul,

    I am having big issues with the H10 too. Check my attached run.
    And I know at least one more person having the same problems.
    You can try resetting the sensor (copied from the polar support page):

    - Remove the battery.
    - Press the metal snaps that attach to the strap with your fingers for at least 10 seconds.
    - Wait 30 seconds and then put the battery back in.

    After the reset you need to pair the sensor with your devices again.

    I'll write to Polar about it, the H10 is not exactly cheap.
  • Hi Shades, Rosch,
    Thanks very much for the replies, Shades, the battery status is full in the Polar Beat App, the monitor is only a couple of months old, so not sure where to go with this.

    Rosch, I've reset the monitor a number of times, un paired and re paired several times, I've tried the monitor this morning but I've positioned it further around towards the heart, not in the middle of my chest which most sites say where to place it, after an hour into my jog, all looks good, but need to try over a few sessions to see if it's ok now.

    I've opened a request with Polar UK but not heard back yet, but the monitor is fine up to the first hour, then all of a sudden, drops out.

    If it happens again, I will replace the battery, thanks Shades, as you can see zone 2 again today and it looks ok, the chest strap is a nice and snug fit .

    Yes Rosch, the trace looks all over the place,the same with me into the jog, around 70% HR, the gradually drops to under 30%, but Polar are slow to get back to me, but I've tried everything, but as you say these bits of kit are not cheap so will have to see.
    Thanks for the replies Guys, regards.

    I hope you've sorted it now.   Frustrating when the gadgets play up.

    Good to see your training is going well.
  • Hi Shades, thanks for the reply, yes really enjoying it, nice and steady, but already feeling much more relaxed now, at the start it was a little tiring, but now it's going very well, got an hospital appointment Saturday, the hospital is 5 miles away, so going to jog it over there, rather than catch the bus, and jog it back, so will be doing around 10 miles Saturday, but will stick with the 80/20 for now, thanks very much regards Paul.
  • Hi Guys,
    I've attached my latest jog, as you can see much better now I've positioned the sensor closer around to near where my heart is, ignore the 'blip' in the middle, this is where I arrived at the hospital and paused my exercise, so had to get the ' motor' up an running at it, but there was a problem, there's a McDonalds next to the hospital, so guess where I ended up before the 5 miles back home !!!
    Hope this helps a little Roach, Polar have got back to me but they don't seem to understand that the problem is with the sensor failing, they kept mentioning about a pairing issue, but it pairs fine with Polar Beat, Flow and on the web portal and the M430, the issue is not a pairing one but a failure of the sensor, will let you know how I get on with it, but looks better now the sensor is closer to my heart.

    Good to see the HRM is working OK now.

    But going into McDonalds for more than a coffee, tut tut.   😞
  •  Hi Shades,
    Yes looks to be OK now, just been out done just over 6 miles on my 20% of my 80/20 and got a little medal on my watch for best pace at 11:15 min/mile so heading in the right direction back to Zone 2 tomorrow though.
    Yes not sure what it is about junk food it seems to drag me in, its the same with Kebabs, they just conflict with my mind, I know its JUNK, I know its BAD, I know its FAT, I know its WRONG ,I know I'm SAD - can you see where I'm coming from!!!
    Oh an its my 55th Birthday today!!
    Regards Paul.
    Happy Birthday.

    In time you'll not want the junk, honestly.   But habits are hard to break.    It doesn't mean you have to eat healthy stuff all the time, just less of the junk as time goes on, and a smaller portion or a wiser choice from the menu.   It will happen.
  • Thanks Shades,
    Yes I try to eat healthy and doing very well with the weight loss but surprised at my pace today, with having junk yesterday but back to the healthy eating now, having plenty of low fat yoghurt and fruit during the week for energy, cut bread out, no alcohol and doing well Shades, Thanks and regards.
  • @northernsoul_man pairing is only about the initial communication, between your device (watch, ..) and sensor, a messy heart rate plot always comes from another source.

    Also, happy birthday :)

    I'll post back as soon as I get an answer from Polar.
  • Hi Rosch,
    Thank you, yes not sure of the reply back from Polar Support, they seem to think its a pairing issue, but Ive told them its not the issue.
    Been out the last few days, positioned the sensor near to my heart and seems to be OK with no drop outs but I will monitor (parden the pun) to see how it goes, but Polar Support thinks I'm not pairing correctly but the monitor pairs fine and data at the start of the jog is fine so not sure what they mean but still waiting for another reply from them.
    Thanks and regards.
  • Hi Guys,
    Just an update, think the Sensor is OK now I've repositioned a little further around nearer to my heart, the last few jogs have been OK with no dropouts at all, Polar came back to me, but think I will not send it into tech to get it checked as appears to be OK now.
    Regards Paul.
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