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  • TR - bringing it all together nicely then if you are feeling a bit spent. Hard work done, now get to the start line feeling fresh and sub 3 and a bit more is on the cards. 

    CD - nice reminiscing. Time is ticking along when you think about all the campaigns. 

    Wardi - nice to be running with company again. Good to get out in the nice weather while we have it. I've missed my little fell running group as we've pretty much disolved that as the nights draw in. 

    OO - Cornwall might be warmer, stranger things have happened. 

    Joe - congrats on the crowns. I will have a snoop for you on strava. Maybe you follow some others we have in common. That's still a speedy mile even with the slope. Legs ticking over very nicely. 

    I had a magnet from 2009 or maybe it was 2010. I remember optimistically setting it up to display 2:49:59.

    I keep thinking this game I have been working on is almost done and then another sprint springs up and I'm up against the pump again. This week has been a slog. I'm wiped out after some 1am finishes. 

    I must admit to conceding and heading to the shed for most of my runs this week. 21k on wednesday wasnt too bad but tonight's 16k was heavy work. Yawning for the first few K's. Feel decidedly drowsy now with a bit of a fever. 
  • Joe - that's a quick mile in training irrespective of gradient!  Legs ticking over as SJ says.  You're not wrong about VLM finishers, 10 years ago 2:35 would get you inside the first 110, in 2019 there were 230 2:35 or better times.

    That's some long days SJ.  Hard to get the runs in, even though you want to.  Rest and recovery is good too sometimes!

    I'll probably head out later.  Under 20 so far this week, but there's been some cycling to and from work on top of that.  Maybe a longer one tomorrow.
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    I noted a 2.42 training marathon from Marigold yesterday. Backong up his 72 min HM from earlier on in the week. Form is temporary. Class is permanent. 

    Not bad from a self proclaimed cyclist these days. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe  - the report will go along the lines of "fckn windy". As wardi said im not getting too excited.

    SJ - hope you get a bit of an easyier time soon. Good for marigold, i thought he was doing a lot less, as he was struggling with being less competitve as a dodger.

    20m, 10 av 8.14, 10 av 7.14, so nicely 10% in the 2nd half. Im done. 2 easy weeks ahead.
    In the 44 weeks since Gosport 1/2 ive averaged 75mpw (with a min of 62 and max of 92), so even if goodwood gets cancelled im easing off anyway.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Epic last effort TR, hope it all comes good on the day after all the work you've put in. 
    SJ.. sorry to hear about your burning of the midnight oil, hope it eases off soon.  Good to see Marigold is still running well, wonder what his next target is?

    A bit of a strange running day with a family day out so managed a short double of 4.2m+4.2m either side of it.  Thought I needed to burn a few calories off as a Madras is possibly on the menu.  :p

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    TR - Excellent stuff again.  The training is done a great combination of speed and endurance what is what is needed, so a good taper now and go out and get that good time.
    SJ - Take it easy where you can.  
    Malaga has not cancelled yet though think it will shortly. And yes a half marathon in Cornwall @ Christmas has a certain attraction, the race being 20 minutes from home.  12m in 1.20.30 this morning, it was going to be a HM plus a few more but since I woke up and through the run I've had what I can politely call 'tummy problems of the Bombay foxtrot variety' and when I ran past my parked-up car, called it a day.  Still pleased how it went, a modest 46m for the week. Lots of runners out today, GNR virtual racing and training for LVM - strange times. 
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    Hope the madras was good Wardi

    OO - did you have madras too ? Cracking run, thats par with my 1.27 1/2s. That 1/2 has got yr name on it for sure. I'll probably end up back at Goodwood in December in the absence of any other options.

    5m easy today, cracking day for running, shame i only needed a short run.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. in the end I made a late change to a chicken tikka balti for variety- just as tasty TBH. :p

    OO.. cracking pace over 12m particularly if you were not entirely comfy in the gut dept.

    As far as I can tell the northern equivalent of Goodwood (Elvington Airfield outskirts of York - 5k, 10k, 10m, Half, Full) is still good to go on 4th October.  The marathon is 10 laps.
    10m today, a bit blustery but pleasantly warm.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wardi - anyone entered elvington ? Have you ? Sounds similar to Goodwood. I asked for an update from Googwood today (as i need to enter IoW this week instead if required), no reply yet.

    9m tonight.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR.. nice miles tonight, I assume it was a bit toasty?  I did read that Charlie W had entered Elvington as a back up in case Lake Dorney was called off/postponed.  I'm not in race mode yet so my current intention is to wait for Park Run to get going again (end of Oct was mooted) and increase the race distance from there. 

    Took advantage of a warm sunny afternoon and light winds to clock 35.4m on the bike, lovely out there!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Fair enough wardi, a little bit of me wants to do Dorney, but had already entered Goodwood, and IoW is on my "one day" list as a semi local.
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    OO - nice sharp 12 miler at the weekend. Sounded like the right call to stop at your car though :) 

    CD - the cycling must work judging by Marigolds and many others efforts. I have a bike gathering dust in my shed. Too affriad of the nutter car drivers and a heavy a fall a few years ago has put me off. 

    Wardi - I did look at Elvington but didbt think it gave me quite enough build-up. The return of Parkrun might see my lot making their debuts after getting quite into running on the treadie. 

    TR - cracking final long run at the weekend. Super impressive volume over past 44 weeks too. Looking forwards to seeing how you go on. Have you ever run a mara on a multi lap course? 

    Having ended the working week shattered I got myself up for a long run on Sunday, which turned out to be a warm one. I had a bit of a lie-in so wasnt running until 10:30am. I decided just to get the long run done and shelved ideas of MP during the run. I felt ok up to 20km running my canal tow path out and back route. I had to talk myself into cracking on to 25km and then had another word to get to 30km where I called it a day. Suffice to say, I was/am cooked. 

    So, having built back up to 70-80mpw I have decided to reduce the miles a little. Dropping down to the 55-70 P&D which seems more achievable given the time available. I know miles means times but I am hoping the reduced weekly totals will still convert to a sub3. That's the name of the game at the end of the day. 
  • OO - as others have said, that's a great training 12 miler, even better if you had some negative variables to contend with.

    SJ - Tough on the work front, you're obviously doing well to hit up the mileage that you have been. I made some amazing improvements doing the 55-70 for 8 weeks or so, I don't know if the higher mileage would really have made much more difference or if my body or life could really handle it. But that's not a question I need to ask myself for a while!

    Wardi - nice bike Wardi. Getting mine out today for what will probably be little more than a pootle with a friend. Cue sore wrist or neck tomorrow...

    Hit and miss at my end. Hours disappeared at the weekend painting the house, picking up bathroom items and looking at wood burners. Managed to get out saturday evening for a really pleasant 9km on some nice back roads. No running managed Sunday so I felt I could probably have a decent go at a 5k yesterday but couldn't handle 3:30 pace and cut my losses at 3.5k. It was 25 degrees and the first k was uphill and run at a kamikaze pace of 3:25 (my watch took a good while to dial into the pace) but still a little disappointed. Hopefully not a sign of what i'm in for next Sunday, trying to throw down a 10k time.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SJ - a warm 30k is a good training run. Never done a multilapper........trying to avoid too much weaving about, and not going off too fast have to be the aims ? Not really time goal focussed, due to high probability of winds and no build up races. But id like to sub3.

    Joe - 1k reps is your 10k indicator session?

    Goodwood has the go ahead, so i had best find out my safety pins sometime.
  • TR - Good(wood) news there then. My 3x3km with 500m floats felt like a good indicator but 10x1k this weekend is probably on the cards.

    Lovely, and fairly flat, ride yesterday in Leicestershire. Only 20 miles or so but that's about right for me to feel fresh afterwards and enjoy the whole thing. Keep telling myself I ought to do more cycling but in a month or twos time I know i'm not going to want to go out on the bike.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Joe - maybe 5 or 6 1k at goal pace ?

    P and D 8m inc 3x1m today, bit of a pace change!
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    SJ.. true grit toughing out that 30k run in steamy conditions.  FWIW my cycling routes are mostly quiet country lanes, cycle paths etc.  I hate cycling in traffic so avoid it wherever possible. 

    Joe.. as a Raynuads sufferer I am very much a 'fair weather' cyclist - the bike is mothballed for the winter!  By contrast running with appropriate gloves just generates enough energy to keep my hands from turning blue.  Hope the 10k session goes well.

    TR.. good sharpening session that.  Encouraging news re. Goodwood.

    Due to a small family day out yesterday I only had time for 4m in the morning sun.  Back to it with just over 10m today, I reckon the temps had dropped nearly 10 degrees.   
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    SJ - Its always good to nail a long run when your not feeling good, and dip into your resolve to complete it.  Great mileage and yes miles = smiles. 
    RJR - Some speedy kms, all helps.
    TR - That is great news, so full speed ahead or umm good but manageable speed over 26.2 miles ahead. 
    A backward step for me as have a suspected stress fracture of the big ball bone (seasmoid) on my big toe on my right foot (been aching for a while but since Sunday pain level up a couple of notches).  So have been enjoying a good daily cycle ride rather than run as seek to keep my fitness up and still intend to do the Virtual LM but now a far more sedate affair on grassy fields softer surfaces and not along the local trail.   
  • Wardi - hadn't heard of Raynauds but have now looked it up. Amazing you've managed to put the winter training schedules together. I tend to overdress for running and underdress for cycling.

    OO - Ouch ouch. Cycling sounds sensible, not sure of the merits of doing the VLM but if it puts you back a bit it's hardly a disaster in the current climate.

    Just shy of 11km today with 6x1km at or just quicker than 10k pace (3:36, 3:36, 3:35, 3:34, 3:33, 3:34).  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Defo chillier this morning wardi, i was back on long sleeves

    OO - ouch, hope it eases with softer surfaces. Mile reps were av 6.01, so bit quicker than hmp. Much quicker than i intend going next weekend for sure.

    Joe - nicely done. 6 reps would be about right, when is yr race ?

    5m easy
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SJ - im with you on Dec 6th, although I'll be back at Goodwood.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    OO.. groan, brittle bones another reason not to grow old too quickly.  Hope this weather stays kind enough for your bike rides.

    Joe.. my 'gloves on' temp for Raynauds is under 10 degrees.  There's  a local cat that always sleeps outside until the temp is under 10 degrees then it retreats indoors - a useful guide for me. :) This warm summer has been bliss!  Congrats on the kilometer session, very consistent.

    TR.. still in t-shirt this morning, about 13 degrees at 10am.  11 miles @ the best 'as you are' pace I've run for months.  Lovely day up here which might possibly have spurred me on. B)

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Its been pretty chilly in the wind here the last couple of mornings when running.
  • TR - A week sunday. I can't go too far wrong as I should PB regardless but I'd like to lay down a good time and get back to some of the longer stuff.

    Wardi - sounds about right. Running is supposed to increase your body temp by about 10 degrees apparently which is worth remembering, although doesn't help the extremities. I ran 16 miles of the Abingdon marathon in a jacket, that was probably unnecessary but must have amused a few people.

    Definitely getting cooler. Pleasant in the sun but comfortable running temp. 6k at a very chilled pace today.
  • TR - never run around a track either and as you say, the fact there are other races happening could prove a limiting factor. I would imagine things thin out quite quickly though? Good to have some distant company on the 6th. I'm totally comfy with the realigned goals. I just want to keep the streak going now which stands at 4 sub3 in a row. Nice 3x1 mile. Always a confidence booster that one I think. 

    Joe - those km reps sound perfect. I PB'd last year at 10k as well as the marathon. The 10k pb came two weeks before Manchester and I recall 5 x 1k with 3:3x/km paces recorded. I averaged 3:41/km for the 10k pb. 

    OO - damn that's unfortunate but sounds like you are managing pain and expectations well. 

    Wardi - Mrs SJ suffers with Raynuads and hates the cold damp weather manchester is famous for. Probably should move somewhere warmer really. I've wussed out twice this week and headed to the shed. 

    Second 18km run of the week tonight on the treadmill watching that new series on the Challenger space shuttle disaster. Hasn't rained heavily for a week or so oddly enough so my latest repairs to the shed are yet to be fully tested. Easier week as I've picked up a spot of lurg. No covid symptoms thankfully so hoping just a cold I usually get as the seasons change. Anyone else get that? Seems to be at the very beginning of every autumn. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SJ - i think it will get a bit comgested when all distances are on the track at the same time, but I'll hug the kerb when its quiet......i had to submit an esrimated finish time rhis week, the fastest go first, hopefully there'll be a few to chase.......theres loads of colds about, not helped by the kids being home for 6 months and now mixing again. Which isnt helping the covid testing availability as they are being sent for covid tests by their schools.SPO brought a cold home.

    12m inc 6 approx mp done. Thats me all done now.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    TR - I always enjoy the feeling when the last proper run is done replaced then by the growing sense of part excitement and part unease of the last week of have you done enough this or that, you can rest day as you have.  A marginal gain tip for you, a sniff of vick inhaler just before the start, clears the airways wonderfully.  I am excited for you for next Sunday, love the last week.
    RJR - Some very speedy KM's again, great paces.   Always notice when I do my overseas marathons in 20C there's always locals running in jackets! Colder the better for me. 
    SJ - Sounds your in a great place training wise.  Its great motivation to have a sub3 streak going on.   
    Wardi - Older bones, you've nailed it. 
    Amazing day on the TdF yesterday - gripping. 
    Cycled every day this week (20-40ks) and longer one planned for today with some hill efforts to keep the fitness up, and repeat next week.  Hopefully run a  quickish 5K on a soft surface late next week and then good to go for the virtual.  Will take it easy, run with the pooch for part of it. Then back off for a month and let mother nature do her stuff.  
  • SJ - yes, makings of a cold here as well.  Nothing major and in other years you'd think nothing of it but I guess we're all a bit more conscious of any symptoms these days.  

    Still ticking over here, mainly just easy miles.  No pace targets or pushing it at all but some of the runs end up at sub 7 miling, which is reassuring.  This is normally where I'd be tapering but I think I've already been doing that for 2 months! 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    OO - you sound more up for it than me. Its not ideal with loads of flat and windy laps, but its a chance to tick a sub3 box for the year. Have you had an x-ray or scan?

    5m easy
  • TR - I'm getting plenty of practice at dodging folks on my reservoir loop as it's a bit of a beauty spot up here and a haven for walkers, dogs Etc. I think I had to submit estimated finish time when I applied. Good to get that last one done with the sharper miles too, must fill you with some confidence despite the race not being an ideal setup. 

    OO - sounds like a sensible approach with the cycling. Not sure about being in a great place. I have serious 'what's the point' conversations going on in my head atm. Tiredness is gripping me way earlier in the campaign than I'd ideally like. Good be something underlying but not sure I'm 100% enjoying it, and that's the whole point of going for a run. I know they cant all be good but still. Grinding it out currently is more like it. 

    CD - precisely my feelings. Feel better today but still woozy when waking up first thing. Oh and the tiredness. Fortunately we are all still WFH here but SJ Jnr has his college timetable with one day a week onsite so he'll increase our exposure a little bit. 

    So woke to with my alarm and promptly disabled that for another hour in bed. Pulled myself out of bed and then whilst having some porridge did everything to convince myself not to run. Drove to the reservoir and parked up still disinterested. 

    Got moving (anti-clockwise for a change) and kinda zoned out listening to some podcasts. Horrifically strong wind on one half of the lap made it an unhappy place every 2k or so. Ticked the laps off but as I approached the car park once again at 29.5k called it. Zero motivation to go another step further. 

    I should feel pleased for getting it done but the over riding feeling is... got to do this again next week :( 

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