Is this plantar fasciitis?

A couple of days ago I was on a 9-mile run, and I noticed a slight pain under my foot in the last mile (I'd say about a 3/10 on the pain scale). 

The pain didn't persist after the run, but I do have an occasional feeling of discomfort in the same foot (sometimes it'll feel a bit heavy/tight, other times I won't feel anything at all). As a precaution, I've taken the past 2 days off, been stretching my calves, and I've iced/gently massaged the affected foot a couple of times. I also bought an over-the-counter orthotic as a preventative measure in future.

Based on where the discomfort is coming from (sole of the foot, near the heel), I'm assuming that it's PF, but there are a few boxes it doesn't tick: (1) it doesn't hurt more in the morning, (2) I can lift my toes off the ground comfortably, and (3) I can walk on it without pain. 

Can I run tomorrow, or should I take more time off?! What's the risk in continuing to run when the 'pain' (discomfort) is mild?

I've read many horror stories about PF, but equally I don't want to needlessly take time off, as I've been making real progress in the past few weeks :)


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