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  • Great running everyone! 

     That sounds like a good long run Hazlenut, and decent time.  plus good recovery, training run and speed session.  Really putting the miles in.  I do hope a day comes when I can run more than 3 days a week!  That definitely seems my maximum.  

     Fantastic running Cal, and big yearly mileage! hope the niggles clear up.  The darker mornings and evenings are, like you say, becoming more obvious.  Won't be long until my post-work run will be in the dark, hey ho.

    Nice running Guardog, I found a big yellow spider in my shoe in Tunisia that looked really sinister.  We always battle an Autumn mouse ingress.  No signs set, but once they cut the back field, (now cut) they try and get in the kitchen.  Always wanted to do a trip to Shoreham, apparently the sea fishing is very good?

    Rest up JD, hope the injury improves, good discretion on cutting it short.  Our neighbour has just retired and bought a black labrador pup.  She is awesome and they are smitten, but seems to have grown every time I see her.

    Did slightly better in sunday's race than I thought. 42/220.  Sore ankle and knee since, so monday and tuesday off.  Easy 4.5 last night.  Will try and put a decent run in friday and sunday.  Tempted to sign up to a cool virtual half marathon, but maybe that's a bit soon.
  • I'd just take it slowly, Linton - you did well so an easy week will do more good than harm at this point.
    Good intervals, Hazelnut.

    Took a rest yesterday but did some upper body in the gym. Had a go at flat benching. It was an exercise I used to do well at - I had a one rep max of 70kg when I was younger, which was my bodyweight at the time - but I had a lot of shoulder problems from benching all the time. I still don't have full ROM in the left one.
    I got up to 40kg for five reps yesterday - that used to be my warm-up weight. Felt heavy. I guess that's what happens when you don't lift for several years.

    Today was a slow six miler. Perfect conditions but the discomfort made it a lot less enjoyable than it should have been. I think I'm going to have to see my physio. I'm loathe to spend money as I've no income until I get a new tenant (and the flat needs repainting first) but I also have a marathon in two weeks and an ultra in November.
    I don't know if it was a side effect of the QL thing but my stride was super short today - as low as 0.83 metres on a couple of miles. That's not good.
    On the plus side, I saw three puppies during the run - a chunky ball of white fluff with a brown patch (breed uncertain but super cute), a yellow lab (might come in handy if there's a rush on toilet roll again) and a spaniel - springer I think.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Love your mouse in the shoe GD.They made a nest in my wife's car engine a few years ago,they made a right mess.

    That's a great hill session Cal,sounded like a tough one.Well done passing 1500 for the year.Hope you get a tenant in soon.

    Nice speed session Hazelnut.Mind boggling that Kipchoge had finished as you were going through HM point.

    That's a good finishing position Linton.I think 3 days a week is fine for you at the moment,don't want to push it too hard too soon.

    Out Wednesday for a gentle 3 miles.Hamstring and glute seemed ok.Just 2.5 miles last night with my eldest daughter and Polly,she beat me in a 60m sprint for the first time.Hopefully get out this evening for a longer run.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    I'd be a fraud to post atm, as I have *no* last run :(  Hamstring pain easing slowly - useful gym work y'day.  H & C, proprietary medication and miny/tea tree oil massage stuff.

    Wishing you all safe, strong and smiley running!v  :)
  • We always enjoy hearing from you, swittle. It does sound like progress.

    Watch that daughter, she's tasted blood she'll be dangerous! :D

    Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10K. Warm, a bit windy but not bad conditions.
    This was a different course to the evening race there I did before lockdown so I wasn't sure what to expect, or even how many laps.
    Organisation was smooth. Fast people with red numbers were set off first, four at a time, then slightly less fast people with blue numbers (which included me) went off next. Folks expecting to run over 55 minutes were set off in a second wave, an hour and a bit after us.
    There were a few of my clubmates there, all with red numbers, so I got lapped by them several times.
    The course started with an out and back that featured a hairpin turn, but it wasn't too bad. We then did a loop that involved crossing a bridge, running along a bit then crossing another bridge back to the path where we started, but then we had to do a sharp turn onto a second, different loop that featured a few gradients before coming back to the starting path again. That was one lap.
    My first mile was fairly quick (8:14 I think) - not PB pace but OK. But as with last week, my pace dropped away immediately. Next mile was 8:36 and it already felt like I was half way. By the time I'd got to the 5K marker and realised it would be four of these winding laps, I started to lose the will to live. I kept chugging away but I was running 8:40s which is not even HM PB pace, and my legs had nothing.
    I finished in 53:13 - average pace 8:39 - so whilst it was better than last week, I didn't have the excuse of an 8 mile run there and I was wearing my 4%. I wasn't expecting a PB but I figured I could do something in the region of 52 so it was disappointing.
    I ran 52.something at the Pride Run last year on a very windy day, an hour and a bit after running a fast parkrun, and I also ran a 52 at the pre-lockdown Olympic Park race when I'd just hurt my back. This doesn't give me a lot of confidence for Dorney, I have to admit.
    I guess it's miles logged, and I got a medal and a flapjack (Runthrough's flapjacks are almost worth the price of admission, they're so good).
    One positive is that my QL wasn't too bad. I am still seeing Toby on Monday - hopefully he can do something to help.
    Anyway, a longish run tomorrow and I can taper.
  • Good placing LTT. Hope the soreness has eased off in the meantime, as Cal and JD say, take it easy.

    Haven't a clue about weights Cal, certainly sounds impressive. Nice puppy spotting. Well done on the 10k, sounds like it wasn't an easy course to run in also mentally with the loops and being lapped. Good news on the QL and have a good long run tomorrow. Hope you get new tenants soon.

    Did the mice chew any wires or pipes in your wife's car JD? Martens do.  Good news on the niggles. Kids can be very fast over short distances.

    Please keep dropping in swittle even if you aren't running.

    Short recovery yesterday morning to collect my moped, legs were tired after the speedwork on Thursday so certainly in no hurry.

    Today some general aerobic miles followed by 6 x hill "sprints" and 8 x strides. I think, I might have lost count due to a lack of concentration. Total 7.4 miles. Prefer the hilly efforts to the flat ones even though it feels like a lot of effort for not getting far. Whilst jogging back from one of the strides I passed a lady out walking a pug like dog. Poor thing was breathing louder than I was.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Well done on your 10k Cal.Tough course with sharp turns and running laps,but it's given you another race in your legs which will serve you well.I can remember getting lapped in a 10k track race back in '93,very demoralising.

    Good effort on the hill sprints Hazelnut.We didn't know the mice had made a nest until my wife's car brakes totally failed with the girls in the back.Car was towed to a garage,where we found a nest,the mice had chewed through all sorts,it was a right mess.

    5 miles Friday evening.Felt good so straight into a 10k/p for 2.5 miles,then slowed the pace for a mile,then another 0.7 mile at 10k/p.Didn't feel any tightness in my left hammy or glute,thanfully.

  • Well done on the 10k Cal, it still sounds a good day out, regardless of time. If life ever returns to normal I' m going to get the train up to London to do a "big" event. Perhaps you can help me pick one? All events here are 200-700. Might be a while though.  What marathon are you doing?  Hope you find a tenant soon.

    Glad you're back at it JD, nice fast run.

    Glad to see you're slowly on the mend Swittle, sure you'll be back along the beaches soon!

    Nice hill workout Hazlenut, Martens have been introduced to the Forest of Dean where we went on holiday, alas I didn't see one, but I think it was something like 18 introduced in however many 1000 acres. (Just looked, 11000) so odds were against me really!

    A pretty pants week here.  Felt a definite twinge when coming down a decline in that race in my right ankle. I was sore on Wednesday's run. Only a 4.5 miler.  Wanted to do a longish one friday, but cut it to 3 miles, pain down both sides of my shin, ankle and in my heel.

    Just got back from an easy 7 miler, sore shin and ankle, and slightly concerning, numb, pins and needle toes.  Being positive, it's my right ankle, not the one it took 3 months to heal.  Could this be the dreaded shin splints I've heard bandied around so much? I think it will facilitate a running break.

    Will have a few days off and reassess.  Have a nice rest of the weekend.


  • I've got a mouse here too - heard him yesterday, and saw him about a week ago. He's not gone for the traps though - maybe I've found the one mouse that doesn't like peanut butter. Typical.

    Linton, I'd be happy to help. I've done a lot of races here, mostly in SW London but occassionally a bit further. I'd definitely recommend Ealing Half - it's a brilliant race (though a bit undulating...still fast though as I've had PBs there) and all the community gets involved.
    Sorry about the ankle. I'd get yourself to a physio if you can.

    Today's run was a real trudge. I opted for a route that started hilly (up to Streatham then on the Dulwich, Hell Hill, then Sydenham and the infamous Canonbie Road, but instead of circling back to Crystal Palace, I crossed over the road to a long thin park I'd not done before, then to my Peckham Rye, where I often went as a kid, along to Goose Green, up Dog Kennel Hill which I used to run up when I was 16 and felt like a mountain, through Dulwich to Brockwell Park and from there to home). I was aiming for 16 miles but only managed 14.
    First mile was in the dark and was painfully slow (11:42) due to a combination of stiffness, fatigue from yesterday and my brain's anti-trip governor kicking in. Although it got a bit lighter over the next mile, it was still very slow, and continued to be slow even on the downhill mile 3. I only got under 11 on mile 4 towards Dulwich, but then on mile 5 I hit Hell Hill and that came in at 12:00! Even though Hell Hill is a beast, there's no excuse for that. I was still well over 11 on the next two and only ran a semi-OK 10:35 through Peckham Rye, mile 8.
    After that I stayed under 11 but I was feeling tired and, despite the perfect weather (cool, sunny, very pleasant) I couldn't get much out of my legs at all.
    I got to mile 14 not too far away from home, thought I might manage one more but after another .2 I just went "nah" and stopped. Walked it in from there. Average pace was 11:02 which is pretty shocking, even for me, and even with some big hills.

    I am obviously very fatigued but what concerns me now is how short my stride has got since June - I've lost 5-10cm off it (depending on pace) which is not good at all. No idea why - I was in great form in May and June when there were no races, but now there are races I feel like garbage. I really hope the taper will help - I only have two weeks until Dorney. I suspect a sub-4 may not happen.

  • Seems you are in need of the taper now Cal.  A long run after a 10k race will always be tough especially with the hills. 

    Not good news from you LTT, maybe you had laced your shoe too tight regarding the numb toes?  Certainly rest a bit until the niggles feel better.  Have you changed your shoes?

    12.x miles yesterday afternoon.  I waited until fairly late to go out as it was warmer and sunnier than forecasted.  Humidity was bad again, felt like breathing in soup.  Pretty quiet out for a Sunday afternoon - hardly met anybody.  GPS went a bit bonkers on the first couple of miles, had me running places I didn't go to at impressive speeds (yes a 58 seconds 400m would be nice but a bit beyond my capabilities..) so I initially had to do the splits mentally to keep an eye on pacing.  Set off steady for the first 5 miles approx, then upped the pace over the next mile or so, a few at MP (slightly downhill) then back down the effort scale for the last couple of miles (undulations).  Did have a couple of short breaks for watering, coughing up a fly (yuk!) and a brief stitch I couldn't get rid of without standing stretched up with hands over head.  Pleased to complete a week of running as I had planned it out.
  • Short recovery yesterday evening - bit more than 3 miles.  Legs weren't sore in anyway but the right one wasn't particularly motivated and dragged a bit.  The off-road sections were a bit softer than in recent weeks thanks to a thunderstorm on Sunday evening and the air quality much better at last.  
  • Well done Hazel...that 12 miler sounded tough and rather unpleasant in places so good job persevering.

    Rest day and physio yesterday and a 4 mile recovery run today. I rarely run as little as 4 miles but I feel like I need a hard taper. Toby said he thought my QL issue was down to fatigue. It's still there this morning but it's not as unbearable as it has been so hopefully it will continue to ease.

    Anyway, found out Manchester 2021 is now moved to October, so once again clashes with Chicago. :angry:

    But that now leaves me with the dilemma of what to do with myself in the meantime. Do I a) concentrate on shorter stuff in an attempt to build some speed so I can grab those GFAs when marathons begin again (and being 53 now, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep getting faster), or b) go the other way and start doing ultras? (I know I'm already doing an ultra, but I'm talking about Spring and Summer next year). I'm quite tempted to put myself in for NDW50 but I think I need to do this 50K first to see how my body copes with it.
    There may, of course, be smaller marathons to do in the meantime...just not sure I want to be doing a lot of lapped events.
  • Woke up at 3.30am today and couldn't go back to sleep. In summer I'd just have some coffee and go out at 5 (I always need 90 minutes for coffee, bathroom and warm-up stuff) but of course it's bloody dark now, and I wanted to do some faster stuff today so I ended up gaming for several hours before dragging myself out a just after 9am for a 7 mile fartlek. Notched up a few segment PBs and enjoyed the faster bits, although achilles was a tad grumpy.
    Hopefully that'll help my stride open up a bit.
  • Similar situation here Cal, though I am a few years younger. With a mara and then an ultra coming up I would tend towards getting those done, recovering and base training till the end of the year and then working on speed for shorter distances. Nice fartleking, must have been hard to get out once you postponed your early run.

    Nice group run yesterday evening, again in good conditions. Really must take some sort of hi-viz next week. Compensated with a bright pink T-shirt though, a mate running sometimes 50m behind was wearing a similar one and was pretty visible.  Road tested a pair of new shoes (Mizuno Rider TT).  I've had this model before, just a size smaller. Nice to have some bounce back but my quads were not amused by the hills of the second half and the afore mentioned pink male T-shirt cruised past.

    This evening intervals: 14 mins, 12 mins, 9 mins off 4 min jog recoveries. Don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to do the first rep at around 10k PB pace. Actually quite enjoyed it but the other two reps suffered a bit with pace dropping. Good hard workout, tired but not exhausted at the end so must have got it right. Pretty busy with cars and dog walkers on the loop, both mostly well behaved. 
  • Another 9 miles yesterday evening in 1:14.  Legs tired on setting out and I wasn't sure if I could pickup the pace over the last 3 as I had planned.  By keeping effort / pace down initially everything soon loosened up though.  Took me a while to get out of the door as it was raining pre-run for the first time in weeks.  Not overly cold though.  Plenty of mud splatters by the time I got home. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good interval session Hazelnut,sounds like a tough one.I find that my new Mizuno's irritates my right achilles slightly,but apart from that they're good to run in.

    Don't blame you for not wanting to run in the dark for your faster sessions Cal but that it is an early time to wake up,makes it a long day for you.Ultras don't float my boat and I know my days of PB's are behind me but I still have hopes of subbing 90 in a HM again.Just heard on the news parkruns are on hold again unfortunately.

    Tough run Tuesday.Just over 8 miles,first 4 miles at 10kp,then 2 miles at MP and then another 1 mile at 10kp.I could really feel it in my legs but I felt good.

    Wednesday was a 5.85 mile trail run along the river,legs were suffering on the hills so I kept the pace slow.

    5.3 miles yesterday evening.I were out all day,mostly driving so it was good to get out for a run.Legs felt fresh so the pace was between 10kp and HM  for 3.5 miles.Polly joined me as she hadn't been out all day,so she was happy to get out.Noticble change in the temp as well,time to dig out my longer sleeve tops.

  • Good work, Hazelnut and JD. Yes, the weather's definitely turned.

    Almost didn't run again today. I woke up early again and was determined to get out by six (if I'm not out within two hours of waking, I find it increasingly hard to motivate myself...the problem becomes that if I leave it too long, I then get hungry, and if I eat, I then have to wait a minimum of another three hours due to my glacially slow digestion). But then I heard heavy rain so I resigned myself to going out later.
    Although I had to deal with my willpower, it did work out better that way as it was quite sunny when I did go, although there was a chilly wind so I was glad I'd decided on leggings and arm sleeves. I ran 8 miles averaging 10:30ish pace (or what I like to term "standard easy pace" as opposed to the slower pace I tend to do if it's very early and I'm stiff or if it's dark). The second to last mile was a bit slower but it was uphill and I think I was starting to tire a bit.
    There's still some sluggishness in the legs despite doing absolutely nothing yesterday, and QL and achilles are still niggling away. Hopefully another week of tapering will rejuvenate me a bit.
  • Good running all! Just a quick one.

    Right ankle sore all week so took 5 days off. Did 8.4 miles in 1:12 last night in the middle of a huge wind storm, dodging fallen branches. legs felt fresh so had to reign it in a bit. First time of the year in long sleeves since summer.

    Sore ankle today, peroneal s and heel, no numbness though, hope it calms down and isn't long term.

    Sure your taper with give you a lift Cal, are you doing virtual VLM? You are an early riser for sure, if you ever tire of running you'd be a good fisherperson!

    Good running JD,  I know what you mean about  the weather. I ran in that 50 mph northerly and barely got particularly warm.

    Good training Hazlenut, was hoping to be able to get some hard interval training done this autumn, but I continue to be infuriatingly flimsy!

    The ancient toll bridge out of Sandwich I cross for all my runs has been removed by crane for a 3 month(!!!) renovation, causing traffic chaos. I have created 2 different runs, 7 mile and 8.4 mile, one to the sea and one to a neighbouring village.  Neither are great as I really am constantly running on cobbles/eneven pavement/on and off the road.  Its going to be a difficult winter running until the bridge is open.

    There are local 10 mile events in october, december, and january. Going to give these a go if possible. I've only done one 10 miler, 4 months after starting running.

  • Linton, no...I don't really see the point. If I'm going to flog myself around 26.2 miles then it's going to be in an actual race with an official time.
    Bad news about the bridge but I guess it gives you the chance to explore a bit. And go for it - 10 miles is a great distance.

    Still feeling a bit sluggish. I was going to do a hard 5K today as I usually do parkrun a week before a marathon, but it was cold and windy and I decided I'd rather have a rest instead. :D
  • Interesting speedwork JD, can imagine that picking up the pace again for the final 10k paced mile is tough. Nice follow up on the other days too.

    Wise to rest up a bit during the taper Cal, especially if conditions would not be good for an attack on a 5k anyway. 

    Annoying regarding the bridge LTT. Running to the sea does sound nice though. 10 miles is a good distance I agree with Cal. Easier to cope with pace than a 10k and shorter than a HM.

    Hope GD and swittle are ok.

    Short recovery yesterday evening of 3 and a bit miles. Timing to avoid a soaking quite difficult with regular heavy showers. Nipped out after one but was caught by the next.  With remps of around 8 degrees, a brisk breeze and the rain I promptly got cold hands -not looking forward to that again. 

    Similar conditions today but felt less cold as running at a faster pace. WU including 4 x strides, then 2 sets of 5 x 200m with jogged returns, with 4 mins in between sets.  Rarely do short and sharp speedwork so not really any idea of how. More or less constant though and tired on last rep so probably got the effort about right. CD involved jogging past a field of cannabis plants - haven't got used to the smell yet!
  • Blimey, Hazelnut...I smell weed a lot on my runs but I can't imagine running past a field of them.

    Got my fat arse out at 6:30 for my last longish run before Dorney. I aimed for 10 but with the route I took, it ended up being 11. I did a truncated version of the Thames Path run I did a couple of weeks back - ran down to Battersea, through the park then along the Thames to Wandsworth. Instead of continuing there, though, I turned off after crossing the mouth of the Wandle, crossed all the nasty big roads (fortunately I managed to make it across without stopping) and then up through St George's park, along the Wandle for a bit then back home via Tooting.
    It was definitely windy and I had to run into for a bit along the Thames, though it was no way near as strong or relentless as the headwind I had to deal with at the end of Liverpool Marathon last year. Which was a blessing.
    I slowly increased my pace from easy to what I term steady, and did miles 9 and 10 at 9:50 pace, then 9:59 for the last mile (which included a hill, then a stretch into the wind on Balham High Road).

    Fairly happy with it - legs feel a bit better now but I still have niggles and QL was noticeably worse after I finished the run. It doesn't seem to like the running, even when I'm paying more attention to my form, which I was today.

    Anyway, that's me done - will do two or three shorter runs during the week and then it's showtime.
  • I guess that it is a low THC and high CBD variety Cal, i.e. not interesting to smoke. Seen/smelt quite a few small fields of it this year for the first time. Good last longer run, time for feet up other than a few shorties to keep things ticking over indeed.

    12.5 yesterday. Any plans for a standard flattish start easy and finish faster run were scrapped due to the windy conditions, instead I added in some extra hills having neglected those a bit. Initially undulations with a frisky tailwind for assistance but on the return leg one nasty climb up and down. Few people out even though it was Sunday afternoon and the rain had stopped. Saw a green woodpecker fairly close up and a small herd of red deer on the edge of a field of wilting sunflowers. Couple of stops for trains, drinks and a meeting with OH on a shorter run to briefly discuss post run refreshments.
  • Looks like my ankle/heel is going to be an issue.
     6 miles tonight, hurt all the way. Pretty much in disbelief that after hundreds of pounds of physio, three months recovery and strengthening I've done one race and hurt the other ankle. Will take ANOTHER week off and cross eveything. I really am not cut out for this it seems.

    Good running all, sounds nice where you live Hazlenut, I've only seen deer whilst running in wales. 

    Sounds a nice run Cal, do you ever see anyone fishing the thames?  I'm going up to London for a lads meet up/drinking day soon.  I want to go to Chinatown and go on a riverboat, but the suggestions were met with a fairly muted response.

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    It's nice to see a green woodpecker, Hazelnut...I've seen a few in London but they can be quite elusive. I have to go to Richmond or Bushy park if I want to see deer, though.
    How frustrating, Linton - could you be overcompensating, maybe?
    I see more people fishing on my local commons - it's allowed as long as they put the fish back. I saw one guy with an absolutely enormous carp recently - I had no idea the fish in my local pond were that big. Not surprising I see quite a few herons around here.
    A riverboat sounds like a nice idea - I've done it a few times - but it sounds like your lads are more interested in the drinking part. There are party boats where you can do both, mind you.

    I was feeling rough yesterday but fortunately plenty of vitamin C and a nap seemed to put me right, so I was able to run today. Went out in the dark and the first few miles were painfully slow - I guess I need to get used to running in the dark again because I'm really bad at it, even though I stuck to main roads initially. It was drizzling so the lights reflecting off the pavements messed with my head a bit.
    It was a bit lighter after two miles so headed for Tooting Common - still rather slow, so I injected some strides into my final mile (it was a 5 mile run) to open my stride up a bit as it's very short at the moment.
    Achilles not bad at all...QL still noticeable but it's been worse.
  • All well here thanks Hazelnut, just been remarkably busy at work. One project goes live this weekend and three others are starting to draw more on my time. Coupled with that I have another one where I'm trying to complete documentation without having a clue of what the process is that I'm documenting. Hey ho. Did you feel any benefit from running past a field of cannabis? Apart from the munchies? And well done on the speed work, 200m used to be my favourite distance when I was at school.

    Sounds as if you've been putting in the mileage, Cal. Hopefully the niggles will ease and you'll be fine for the event. As regards to getting quicker I think you've still got it in you. I'm not sure where the drop off would be in terms if age or fitness, but I've definitely improved over the last few years. Although that may be coming from a slow base.

    That is very frustrating, LTT. As Cal says is it possible that you've overcompensated? 

    Runs have been done over the last couple of weeks, although not with the same intensity as we were doing previously and that's left me with a distinct feeling of laziness as we've not done the speed sessions recently. We did the 'bubble' run last Tuesday with 3 others from the club. Met at Hove Park and did a circuit there before moving on to Hove Rec for a circuit there and then headed down towards the seafront, turning east and heading towards the i360 then back on ourselves. Eventual distance was a touch over 10K and nice to run with people we'd not seen for a while. Noticeable that we are now running in the dark on these runs and it's the first time the head torch made an appearance. 

    Saturday we were torn between doing a fast virtual 5K or just a jog. The format of the 5k series is a benchmark time, which due to my quicker times during the earlier series has meant I'm never going to score enough points. So the last couple of weeks have been more about finding routes for the 'bubble' run than speed. This time we just lapped Hove Park with no real plan in mind. We could easily have stopped after 3 laps, but carried on and completed 10K, although it's fair to say neither of us particularly enjoyed it. I think the autumnal cold took us rather by surprise and it was a while before my muscles warmed up.

    Sunday we decided on a 10 miler along the Adur. The outlap had us stopping at Botolphs for a quick catch-up before heading towards Bramber. However, we decided to try a different route and cut off along another path, which ultimately took us back to Botolphs and would have meant we were short on our run, so we did the circuit again. We were going into a fairly stiff headwind, but the pace was about 9:15 min/miles. As we headed back I made the point about the wind now being behind us. 
    "So it's a long slow run" 
    "So lets not get carried away with the wind behind us"
    At the end.
    "OK, talk me through 8:20 and 8:18 for the last two miles!"

    I blame the fact I bought her the new Vaporfly Next% Tempo for her birthday. Still, in the arms race we will be equal as it's my birthday next week.
  • Another 'bubble' run yesterday evening taking in the delights of Hangleton. The run leader was looking for a new house so the route took us round various residential streets and a number of stops for a quick look at a likely property. Did throw up the idea for a TV show; 'Property Run', where participants have to jog between properties. You don't get that on Location Location Location.

    The run itself was about 10K and interesting as it took me to an area I didn't know at all. Even starting at 18:45 we're now starting in dusk and it's completely dark by the time we finish. Although it's not a problem as we are now in headtorch territory I'm slightly wary of running more on the street especially where street lighting isn't brilliant.

    Tomorrow we've signed back up for a speed session. Which should be fun.
  • That's a nice present, she going to reciprocate then?

    4 mile plod this morning then went to the gym a bit later to do some upper body (no lower body before marathon!) I had thought I might do a slightly longer run with some MP miles, but I was so slow over the first couple of miles that I realised body was not going to like going from 11+ min/mi to 9 in short order. So I decided I'd do that one tomorrow, after going out a bit later. I am a hell of a lot slower at 6-7am than I am at 9am.
  • Good idea not to do legs in the gym, Cal. Best to save them. And I'm not sure anyone is good at 6-7am compared to 9am. There must be a reason why races start later on.

    She has reciprocated. Well actually I bought them at the same time I bought hers, she just transferred the money over. It's a very romantic arrangement  :D
    I may save these for proper events and speedwork.
  • Good to see you back GD.  Like the shoe pressies and house hunting on the run.  You should be ok running in the dark with a headtorch but maybe back it up with a high-viz vest?  Some good running outings.

    Frustrating LTT.  Hope your jaunt to London takes your mind off it a bit.  Take care.

    Good luck with the MP miles tomorrow Cal.  Sensible to stay off the leg work at the gym.

    Routine runs for me the last 3 days, 3 mile short recovery on Monday, 6 mile group yesterday and another 5 recovery this evening as was out hiking today and no time or inclination for more.  6 month streak done and might as well keep it going for now.  
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    That is an amazing streak, Hazelnut. I guess when you're on something like that then the will to not break it is incredibly strong. Have you worked out how many miles you've done? 

    Pyramid session last night which is the first speed session I've done for a few weeks and so met with some degree of trepidation, especially as there were a couple of very competitive runners in the group (not including me  ;) ).

    The format was roughly 200m sections going from 200m, 400, 600 and 800 before going back down again. Tried to keep the pacing even, which on the 800m stretch was a struggle and although I finished very much in the middle of the group I was a good 100m behind the faster runners. However on the shorter stints I managed to be up at the front and on the last one managed to blast past one of the stronger guys, which I was pleased with. Sobering thought that my sprint pace is probably still going to be slower than the elite guys are going to be doing for the full marathon distance on Sunday.
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