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    Reg Wand said:
    What's with the cheap sales pitch?
    Lol TR; have a look at the website Reg and you may be more enthused ;)
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Clicking on spammers websites probably isn't recommended practice Pete :D 

    Anyway, 5x1km, 2x400,2x200 session today

    3.26,3.26,3.24,3.29 ,3.22   off 2mins
    1.16,1.16   off 1min
    35,36   off 30secs

    Pretty solid. Think I was enjoying it a bit too much on rep 4 of the kms, and accidentally eased off, but the 5th one made up for it, and inched me up into the 3:25:xx for an average.

    Look forward to a gentle 4miler this evening, probably my little half in steep woods, half nice road down then flat, and a couple of sleeps before going again.
  • PeteM said:
    Reg Wand said:
    What's with the cheap sales pitch?
    Lol TR; have a look at the website Reg and you may be more enthused ;)
    I start with a normal google search and then go to the websites rather than using the links.

    Couldn't help my self though! All I see is some tattooed morons doing that funny running you see action film stars doing in chase scenes. The sort of people that call running cardio.
    Anyway, nice session, SG.

  • Nice session SG. Oh yes it may seem casual...but it's all full on, don't worry :)

    TR - Its changed  bit now, miles 13-26, 2.45 marathon pace. Should be fine - 82 half sort of thing. Couple of pints after, should be fun.

    It's his 3rd marathon of 5 in consecutive weekends. 2.34 at Goodwood, 2.46 at that airfield one last week. it's on the redways that SG trod doing the 5k - around the lake and Tongwell, to the north of Willen Lake.

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    After hours of testing stuff for work, just for a min, I thought I'd look "redways" up. Nifty set of connecting cycling and pedestrian only mileage - all good.

    Cycle on the left, walk on the right - ok

    Yet the first picture you see on
    is the guy cycling on the right.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Wonder if MK will do another 5k festival - Simon, any idea? Or was it like a "Pegg and his mate" film trilogy?
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    Stevie G said:
    After hours of testing stuff for work, just for a min, I thought I'd look "redways" up. Nifty set of connecting cycling and pedestrian only mileage - all good.

    Cycle on the left, walk on the right - ok

    Yet the first picture you see on
    is the guy cycling on the right.
    Probably overtaking one of them "joggers" SG  :p
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    15 today to finish a 67 mile week, highest since June. Low 7s feeling comfy.

    Hadn't necessarily meant to do 15 but got close to home on 13.3 and thought i'd push onto 15.

    This week will probably be 1 track job, and 1 turnout at the weekend, pending nothing unexpected affecting the south in the government's jibber jabber tomorrow.
  • Its all about you joggers Bus (who go round and round)…

    Not sure about another 5K, but having a little jog before the tempo on Saturday I bumped into Elliott (Hind) and Ryan (Burling..who is on our training group) - Elliott is hoping to get the Wolverton 5m going again, similar set up as the 5K.

    So that starts around the bottom of the hill on the 5k course (4k mark), down and left across the middle of the lake to do the small loop, then back past the start and right down to the bottom of the south lake and back up the side to do a big lap and finishes just past the start. Thankfully you miss the hill on both laps though..just around the side of the lake!

    Saturday was fun. 14 miles averaged 6.05's. Aerobically OK, but feet were getting hot by the end - verge of blisters level. That's why I couldn't wear Adios for Berlin! Pete did 2.43, one of his most consistent marathons.

    Did a run to feel 5 x 1k yesterday, 3.30's.

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    edited October 2020
    The route goes across the middle of the lake Simon?

    That sounds difficultings.
  • Afternoon folks - glad you're all for the most part (@Sorequads excepted) going well. It's been a long time since I posted and when I did I was having woes with foot pain. It was diagnosed as Morton's neuroma (and @TR provided some advice on it) which was annoyingly painful and was having repercussions at the knee level. I had a good spell of not much at all, but kept active with hobbling hike and the indoor bike.

    I'm just about back at it now, running fairly swiftly for the past month or so albeit low mileage - just did biggest mileage week of 35 miles since around April. I'm feeling fit with good paces for low end efforts, but haven't especially done any higher end work to check out where my lactate threshold is at. I may get a rude awakening when I do that. I've tentatively entered a couple of races ... but given the covid numbers being in the increase, they will likely be forbidden to take place. Still, now I'm fit to train, I might as well get in the frame of mind for preparing for a race and being prepared to suffer a small amount in training.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you are managing the mortons then muddy

    Simon - bravo to your mate. I thought you were going the full distance with him.
  • TR said:
    Sounds like you are managing the mortons then muddy

    Simon - bravo to your mate. I thought you were going the full distance with him.

    Wahey! Just the wife these days TR ;) No more marathons for me mate..
  • Stevie G said:
    The route goes across the middle of the lake Simon?

    That sounds difficultings.

    Never let me down you comedian. Yes it's the same across lake bit as the 5K
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    Mudster - welcome back

    SC - had to be done ;)
    In fairness I barely remember any of the route except for the slight down start, an up later, and the longest lasting 500m ever near the end

    6x800 today then off 2mins. 
    2.40 x2
    2.41 x3
    2.42 x1

    Probs about right as I was doing 1ks aiming at "5k pace" last week averaging around 3.25 which is 1.22 lapping, so 2.41 average today aiming at "3k pace", or in the 1.20xx sort of lapping makes sense.

    Needless to say it's an odd year. Not usually doing the 5k sessions as late as October, but it makes sense as any races I'm doing or will do in the near future will be 5ks.
  • Good session, too busy to go to Luton tonight, so will do 8 x 800 over the field I think. No one sunbathing in my way now! It will be the one I measured on Strava a couple of weeks back.

    Looks like i'm in the team for the 5k mob match at Wimbledon on Saturday. Basically the Surrey relays course, so it's up that gert hill past the entrance to the tennis club, and a bit further.

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    I've had a shocking few weeks and not done much running as a result.

    Anyway. I popped in to mention that I recovered from a Morton's neuroma and still manage the sensations from time-2-time. You're not alone Muddy....let me know if I can offer any advice on top of that you've got from TR (although I'm sure it was good stuff!).

    On a lighter note I did say hello to Pete on his bike in WGP a couple of weeks ago. Except it wasn't Pete.

    Bus - I bought some Roclites and finally got to run in them yesterday after a back and forth on sizes. Man they are hard on all but the softest ground. I suppose you're meant to be running offroad in them after all! Off to the non-lockdowned part of Snowdonia at the weekend so intend to give them more of a go.
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    Hi Muddy.

    I cycled through Windsor GP for the first time last weekend. I found it a bit on the busy side but I'll defo take the children there. Didn't see Pete or any not Petes.

    In order to get some momentum I have decided, until I get injured, to run short runs more frequently. Done a 4 & 5 the last two days and plan to try and do 5-6 a week, all probably under 7 miles. Once the regular habit is formed I will start to put together a proper plan.
  • Wool - Cheers, it has astonished me how long it has lasted for, given such a localised bit of pain. I'm doing a lot of physio prescribed ankle flexibility and resistance band work with my big toe. It's very manageable at the moment at 30 something miles per week.
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    Good to hear from Muddy and Wool again and that your tough times with injuries seem near an end. Interesting what different running volumes mean to different folks. Reg seems like me and happy to reach 50k a week in a combo of 8-10k runs. For Wool and Muddy that's just a 1st base! 

    Sorry I wasn't in WGP Wool😉 Had been there most days running or cycling till recently, so last few weeks had been trying to vary it more. Even took myself to Swinley for some proper off road riding yesterday, though that is less easy these days as I only have the hybrid not an MTB. An off road round trip of over 20k starting from home, then through the forest from Bagshot to the Look Out, so a nice little burn out.

    Running wise I've been going to the Thames quite a bit; scenic runs from Staines or Chertsey and it's quite nice on those flat ones to be able to average a bit faster than normal with no extra effort. 

    Surprised you found WGP busy Reg, unless you ventured to the Eastern fringes or around the lake (worst of all). If you stay in the Smith's Lawn, Dukes Lane area it is almost always empty and decent tarmac yet virtually traffic free. I've been your way a fair bit too on the road bike; lots of Drift Road stuff and sometimes on towards Twyford. Best road cycling area near me I find, as going south to Surrey Hills just that bit too far (and hard and busy!).

    Entered in this Water of Life 10k Marlow race on Sunday that SG put me onto. No idea if it will even be on or the logistics, as heard nothing since entering! Not too fussed as was just a fun entry and it's not even Po10. 
  • Pete - I’ve never averaged much more than 40 mpw in all my running years. If I can consistently run over 40 mpw over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be in top shape!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Pete - I’ve never averaged much more than 40 mpw in all my running years. If I can consistently run over 40 mpw over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be in top shape!

    Chris Finill, one of the London Marathons ever presents, has averaged 40 mpw for his entire running career.

    Even as an international Ultra runner it remained at that level.

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    Muds, if you want to hype your average up, take your last year rolling rather than calendar year and you can claim 50s :)

    Right, turnout number 4 of the year today. Over at Newbury Racecourse.
    Put on by Runthrough events, who look to be one of the key companies keeping us in racing at the moment.
    The folks who put on a Battersea Park race a few months back that Wool and Pete did.
    Different route to the Sri Chiminoy series I do in normal summers, but basically 2 laps of BP - and you can't go wrong. Unfortunately London parks aren't allowed to host at the moment, so it's private venues only.

    Usual sort of set up, multiple distances on offer, 5k, 10k and HM, and a rolling start.
    This looked a pretty good way of doing things - better than F3 and their 30min window and 15secs per runner.
    By having a definite start time by race, you keep that urgency to get ready for that time, albeit standing in queue waiting your turn. As opposed to knowing you can cruise over whenever- not the ideal mentality pre racing.

    Anyway, about a 50mile drive, like MK, so about an hour. No messing about with fuelling or payments this time! The M4 has seemingly permanent massive 50 limit stretch which is annoying, but having noticed the other direction was shut for a couple of junctions I soon forgot that as an issue.

    To the venue in decent time then, quite a few dashers about. Half marathon already underway, with two waves of the 10k starting at 10:30 and 10:45, with me up at 11:00.

    Good set up - oodles of parking, given a mask after queuing at distance for the toilets, and the whole race village right next to the start line.

    Had read a FB thread where the organiser described the course as "paths" and someone who'd run it claimed it was "trail". Thought they must be mad to think it'd be trail ;)

    Couple of miles warmup then, and into the spaced individual cone starting grid.
    Probably a few spaces too far back, but it's literally first come first serve.

    Geezer from the MK race was just behind me with his daughter. But he'd already said he'd done a  marathon 10 days ago, so was never going to be sharp. Said his daughter had done a 17:45 previously, but for some reason I didn't think she'd be near to that. 

    Off we go, and then temporarily held back by the organiser who thought it was all a little close....
    Out onto the course, about 90secs in, ignoring a sign that said "1", that obviously couldn't be 1km, but not really sure how it could be 1mile to anyone either, as the start is surely the same to the HM gang too...

    Anyway...a little breezy, but nothing too major. Lovely footing, then it gets all twisty, and I start doubting there's actually going to be any km markers. 
    Overtake a few people, including one joining from a different race, but I suspect most in front I won't be seeing too closely again, especially with a 10sec or so head start.

    Round through the race village bit, not overly inspired by a geezer shaking a tambourine, and back into the race course.

    The footings bloody changed. It's rough uneven gravelly almost semi trail type stuff!
    Loads of people from other races fill the route ahead, and it's quite nice actually monstering past.

    First mile comes up at 5.25 pace.
    I suddenly realise I don't know what that means. I measure my 5ks in ks normally!
    I then remember I did about 5.39 pace at a previous 5k, but couldn't remember if that was Dorney or MK, so just thought sod that and crack on.

    Suddenly saw a 2km marker - so I'd obvs just missed the first one.
    I take it at 7mins, and think solid 3.30s. 

    Young guy storms past. Who's this? A guy who obviously didn't line up where he should have been :)

    3rd km comes up at 3.34.
     Having remembered some ugly 3.38/3.39 fare at MK I was relaxed.

    The footing is still basically this weird stoney/semi trail stuff. Surprised me for some reason, and the first km was basically a tease.

    Beauty of a 5k is by the time you're into your 4th km you know you're building up for a nice finish.
    4th km is 3.35, so I should be on track for a mid 17 job.

    Vet geezer comes past. Now he's obviously started from however far behind, so he'll be going quicker than me anyway. I keep him in sight.
    Footing tidies up a bit, and just a case of continuing to overtake biscuitloads of runners, some of them looking like they're having absolute slogs in the HM, but a few who are going decently in the 10k.

    Round a windy bit, and a tiny little hill, and I storm past vet boy. I'm having him. Even if on chip he's probably faster. It is racing after all!

    Clock a girl pal from Dashes ahead doing the 10k, who looks just out of sight, but I put some beans on to bastardly just take her on the line :D 

    Good job, as that sees me over the line on 17:29:80, and an obviously rounded up 17:30.

    Loads of hanging around chatting to the Dasher gang, my new Reading buddy nemesis, who did 18:30 and his daughter 18:45 today. Even saw ex TVT Louise who apparently now lives in Dorset. Endorse it? She does.
    Dachs and Johnas are here too. Chat with Dachs at length, but only saw Johnas for a snippity second round a bend.

    Mile cool down, and then a classic Stevie G drive.

    20mins into the drive, and turned up at the M4 junction that was shut.
    Ended up then doing a 1hr 20 long slog through little villages :D Before eventually praising be that the M40 showed up, and proper driving!

    Got home, pleased with the day's turnout, and a couple of people pointed out i was "still out there" as I wasn't in the bloody results.

    Suddenly had a horrible thought of, did I need to get the chip scanned manually or anything, but no - just one of those occasional chip failures!

    Weasley email sent, with strava shots, just another reason for all those who don't use strava, why it's such key importance.

    Sending a photo of a stopwatch with a random time that could have been anywhere, any mileage on it wouldn't work as well :D

    Anyway, seeing that 5k time in the right direction.

    That's 17:50 (for the split, as it was 3.2miles!) , 17:36, 17:30 now, and more importantly it's feeling better each time. The Dorney one was a rude awakening and today I know I can do a bit quicker on a more conducive surface for the whole 5k.

    Pending that time reaching PO10 via me getting in the results, that'll do nicely for now.

    Impressed with Runthrough - good set up, good customer service with the quick reply to my email, nice medal (and I do still like a medal :) ) and po10.

    Will seek out more of their races. Positive of the overall situation is that the likes of us on this thread probably wouldn't bother with such events, but it's good to see they're quite decent. Fresh venues, and mix of distances etc.
    I note Purple patch/Running organiser do about 4-5 Dorney Lake races a month too. Not PO10 but doesn't always have to be. Will probably do one of those soon too.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Good work Ian - solid time and getting faster! Even some quality travel malarkey to keep the report lively :wink:

    Interesting about the Roclites Wool - I always think of them as being well cushioned, but I suppose most of my runs are done in off-road shoes so its all relative.  I like the Roclites, but the new outsole compound is rubbish on wet rocks or even greasy tarmac. 

    Usual hilly, off-road stuff for me recently. That said, I actually did a double double last week, and just for the hell of it did a 5k "not-parkrun" as part of the second run on Friday.  Given it was the second run of the day, after 4 hilly days, in the dark, my first "speedwork" since July and a lot of it was on pavements that are falling apart, I was happy enough with 20:01 (though 2 secs quicker would have been better of course :smile:)

  • Good run out SG. if you are going to the effort to mock up a time then at least make it sub-17 ;)

    I noticed yesterday that Strava have changed their flyby policy so you have two settings for privacy: one to keep all your runs private and another to show runs on flybys. It seems to be prompted by a concerned user

    I just don't understand this. There are two types of data:
    1. data on the internet
    2. private data
    Anyone who thinks that you can upload data to the internet and somehow it is magically protected from all and sundry is a fool. If you upload to Strava then your data is there for all to see. You may like to think it is protected but if you go to their terms and conditions

    you can see they have their back covered. If you upload to Stara they are not responsible for anything that happens to your data.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    I suppose the flyby element is the slightly dodgy one.

    Some young woman could be out on runs, and someone dodgy could clock them on a run, and work out who they are, and what routes they do via it.
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    Nice running Bus; still some very good pace in those old legs then! Where will we next see you in race action?

    That's a good steady improvement on your 5k's SG and with a better surface underfoot you would surely be down in the low 17's. Sounds like another event well organized by Run Through. I had strongly considered that one but the combination of cheaper entry fee, smaller field size, nearer location and a yearning for off road rather than another fast Battersea type race led me to Water of Life 10k near Marlow this morning.

    Was another of these staggered start events with the HM runners going off first. Was given a 10.15-10.30am start time window but was ready by about 10.05am and the officials seemed happy for 10k runners to start so off I went.  Bit of a mistake; thought there was a 10-10.15am window too but seemingly not, so I pretty much started first of the 10k runners and the only other 3 or 4 to start with me were clearly all much slower. Had company from HM runners for the first 5k, but didn't want it as most were back of the pack types and getting by them on the narrow towpath was very difficult, and on the many bridges almost impossible to do safely. 

    First k was a fastish one at about 3'55 but that was mostly road and when we got to the towpath my k's were all about 4'05 till about the 6k point on route back by which time I was running solo but now about to start facing the stream of runners the other way..... or maybe not!

    Was pretty sure the route turned right after a loop in the middle and shouted as such to the marshal, but he insisted I go left, so back on the same route as outwards. Seemed weird but thought maybe was another little loop to make up the distance, till after about 150 metres I could here loud shouts from him and 2 other marshals to turn round :open_mouth: No choice but to do so and reckon this little 300m sortie cost me about 90 secs with the slowing, turning, confusion etc. Rest of the race was pretty uneventful and finished in 41'11 so would have just squeezed under 40 without the extra. That said the course only seemed to measure about 9.8k for most, so I was one of the few who ran the proper distance  ;)

    Overall came 7th of 137 and 1st v50 so some positives and not a Po10 race so the ugly 41'xx won't appear there. Course was definitely tough too; very muddy in parts, 6 odd little bridges to cross, which went up and down very steeply on slippy ground and the hassles of trying to pass runners whilst giving them reasonable space. Oh nearly forgot to mention my earlier start than nearly all other runners meant I actually got to 'break the tape' as 1st home (even though 1 of the 6 in front beat me by over 5 mins on chip time!).  That won't happen again!

    All in all a decent little event and served its purpose. Just nice to try something different in these times and can't fault the organization or even the errant marshal, as he probably wasn't expecting a 10K runner on the return part that early.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    Seems a bizarre thing to do for them to let you go off that much earlier Pete!
    Comedy with the being first home thing though.  Feel a little sorry for the actual winner then  :tired_face:

    Hope you did loads of cocking imaginary guns with your fingers, and maybe blowing some kisses at everyone.
    And obviously pointing at the "Big Pete" you have on your vest, telling everyone that they "know it"

    But on a slightly more serious level, another legitimate pot (V50) for your now shed packed with them. And fair play for getting out there and testing yourself with a race. Easiest thing in the world to do right now would be not to bother.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Quality from Runthrough - they investigated me missing from the results due to the chip not firing, and have added me in.

    What's more, they've given me 17:25, rather than the 17:30 I self measured for 3.15miles.

    Not sure how they've done it, but every chance I set the watch off too early.
    Nicely in time to get the proper load into PO10 too :)

    Looking at the category wins, in 1 year at 40 I'd have won the 1st V40!
    Yet wouldn't have even got into the top 3 of the V45.

    That's the sort of oddity of results you get sometimes!
  • Nice racing SG/Pete.

    I was disappointed by the flybys going the other day, it was great for races, seeing how you pulled away or otherwise. For stalkers it's still easy enough, check the segments or set one up and you can still get your perv on.

    Four short runs for me last week, doesn't amount to much, less than 20 miles but still feels good to be out more regularly. Three rides in there too, had a lovely one yesterday in the early morning autumn chill. 50 miles with a few hills and at a reasonable lick.

    I've been running in AddidasSL20 shoes lately, I really like them, they're much lighter than anything I have used before, except racing shoes that is. Just ordered another pair and at £65 they're decent value.
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