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    Hello all, such a busy week I haven't had a chance to post, but seems you lot have been very busy well done all.

    Three runs to report; First, a mediocre 6 miler where that was totally nondescript. (apart from an argument) 

      Next was a tempo run 5 miler.  I'm stubbornly still in just a vest and race shorts, but it was that evening where it was below zero and it turned into a hard effort 10k pace as it was bloody cold! 

    The third was my Virtual Half Marathon, A Bonfire themed one by Nice work.  Half marathon number 12. I woke up today and it was such a lovely morning, sunny mild and calm.  I guess it would have been a good morning for a real hard effort time trial.  However, my fitness is pretty terrible compared to pre-injury/Covid so I thought I'd just enjoy the views and sun.  I plodded my 13.1 in a 2:12, but really enjoyed it! I have a long way to go fitness wise though, but last year lived on a super-clean runners diet, whereas this year I'm eating everything I want.  My ankle is slowly improving.

    Great going Malteser, sounds like the running is still improving.  That hill sounds savage!  Although, in a way, I wish I had a hill like that near me for training.

    That is a brutal upper body workout John B! when I had my own place I had a pull up bar in my kitchen doorway and did 15 every time I passed, so maybe 100-150 a day. Got great upper body strength, but all long gone now! Must start again at some point. Great 5k.

    Good running Guardog. Nice witches hat run!  Must be the current climate maybe, as I got in a slanging match with a Dalmatian's owner after it tried to attack me on tuesday!  I love dogs, but (some) dog owners are the most over-entitled bunch in the world.  I spend half my runs in the road giving people space and they still seem to have an issue with runners.

    That is a great run Cal, but +1 for loss of fitness.  I don't want to get too trim this year because of the bug, but through injury I have lost a good bit and it's frustrating.  Absolutely spent at the end of my half today. Need to start upping the mileage but always an injury or another.

    Great running Hazlenut,  I still find it strange switching up shoes, but it's supposedly good for injury.

    Going to try and start upping the mileage if I can now,  lockdown is a bit rubbish but deep joy I can run this time where I couldn't even jog round the block last time.

    Have a great week all.  Stay safe.

  • That is awful that your friend got beaten up, john. I really don't know what's up with people. I sometimes think that the pandemic has brought the best out of us in some respects, but also the worst in some instances. Whilst I would certainly never initiate a confrontation, the older I've got if someone initiates it I'm less likely to back down. Well done on the 3 miler along the seafront. Can understand why it would have been crowded as Saturday was gorgeous. And the time for the 6 miler wasn't too bad, either. Just a case of pushing the mileage a bit more.

    He wasn't anywhere near visible, Hazelnut. He had a black top on with black shorts and just appeared out of the gloom. Hopefully the time trial went well.

    Why didn't your neighbour do what you did, Cal? I think if taking the battery out didn't work then the next stage would naturally be to just rip the thing off. I've never heard laboured breathing being described as 'lumberjack porn'. That is a very specific genre. Don't think you've lost any fitness, more a case of perhaps just getting the mojo back and finding a nice running rhythm. 

    Well done on the 7 miler, MM, and also making it up Cardiac Hill. When is the rescheduled half? I'm sure once you get into a proper routine you'll be back to the kind of pace you were at before.

    Some good runs there, LTT, and well done on the virtual half. The fact that you enjoyed it is the main thing and the time wasn't bad at all considering how your ankle is. And I think you're right with the current climate making people more edgy. With everything so polarised at the moment I think people are becoming a bit more argumentative.

    10K round Hove Park on Saturday. This time we did it anti-clockwise, which is the PR way, and I have to say I preferred it. There is a longer drag up a hill, but I always feel I get some good traction going up. It was a really sunny morning, a lot warmer than I'd anticipated and so the park was quite busy, although less of the football activities taking place in the inner part. In the end we did negative splits, apart from the last mile where I took the hill at an easier pace.

    Sunday was an 11 miler along the Adur, running towards Bramber and then on to Steyning (to get the extra mile in). Started off with broken cloud that then turned into wonderful sunshine with a slight wind. However when we turned the cloud closed in a bit and the wind picked up in our faces (isn't it always the way?) and it looked as if it might rain. It held off and we finished having averaged 8:53min/miles. We're still training on the basis that Goodwood will still go ahead in December, so we need our race pace to be 8:23 for a sub 1:50 half. We're torn between going for it or just enjoying the run. I suspect the latter viewpoint may hold sway. 

    Back home there was a chicken casserole to cook and I also made a plum crumble. Quite getting in to the crumble making. Watching Roadkill in the evening we heard the distinct whine of one of the cats and my partner got up to investigate. I then heard "Bad cat, get out!!" A mouse had been caught and had been deposited in one of her shoes. I was given responsibility of getting it out so having picked up an excited cat and deposited it in the back garden I then picked up the shoe to set it free in the front. Of course the cat came into the front garden excitedly bouncing around, so I went to the back. I couldn't be sure that the mouse had gone and so this morning I put my hand in to have a feel. Fortunately it wasn't there.
  • LTT, good run: an HM is a real achievement even if ran at a sub-optimal pace. Something to build on. I'm with you on the (poor) diet: I don't put on a lot of weight so it gives one a bit of a 'free pass' to scoff. But I could do with losing a few pounds if I'm honest. (And 15 pullups is pretty damn good!)

    G'dog, good running. Goodwood is a harder course than I expected, Firstly the wind can be really quite a factor and secondly, the track is pretty undulating. I'm not sure it would be a hugely enjoyable run in terms of  scenic interest as (I guess) you'll be flogging around the track (approx 5 laps?) Having said that it's still probably faster than most HM courses, I've never done that Shoreham to Bramber bit - I've not walked, cycled or ran it but it always looks so inviting. My friend ran the Downs Link Ultra which is Guildford (I think) to Shoreham. I think it was an all-nighter. That's pretty flat as it was a railway line many years ago.
    Further up the Adur, I did the Henfield HM some years ago. A really nice run other than having to climb over stiles.

     That 8.23 pace is pretty demanding. Good luck!

  • Henfield was one of the halfs we did last year, john. As you say it is a nice run, although a bit challenging in places with the obstacles. We got absolutely soaked right at the start, but it was one of those runs where I felt I just got stronger and quicker to the point that at the last water station my partner just told me to go for it (trying to break 2 hours which I hadn't done for some time). Unfortunately the last mile gave me a decision of running in mud or through long grass, neither helped with the pace side of things and sucked the sprint out of my legs, so was 30 secs outside breaking 2. 

    We've also done the Seven Stiles league run there as well (although I don't think there are seven to navigate now). Tends to cause a bit of a bottle neck.
  • G'dog - that's a good performance in the mud on that course. I did it about 15 years ago on a baking hot day and my time wasn't much better. I forgot about the bottlenecks but it reminds me of the Highdown Hike run where the stile comes about 400 metres into a race with about 500 competitors! 
  • The HIghdown Hike is one I've not had the opportunity to do yet, john. It's run on a Wednesday evening and that had always been my day for staying overnight for work. I have heard it's quite a good course, though, apart from the hill. Hopefully it'll be run again next year.
  • Ups got a bit behind - nice to see it busy on here.

    Your poor neighbour Cal - bet he was very happy you solved that one.  You have done solid mileage over the months so I wouldn't think it should take you too much time to get your fitness back.   

    Good 3 mile TT JB.  Good point regarding the need for extra recovery as you age.    

    Well done MalMal.  A nice (brisk) walk up the hill is just as good as plodding it if you don't feel up to running it.  Are you moving soon as well then?  

    Brr to vest and shorts LTT.  Good mix of running and a sensible approach to the HM, great you can run that far again.   

    Good weekend of running for you GD.  Fingers crossed that that half will go ahead.  Lol to the mouse.  Mr Cat here has a very distinct call for "look what I've brought home", in particular if issued with a full mouth.  We drop everything if we hear it.   Chicken casserole and crumble sounds nice.  

    Like the race talk in the last few posts. 

    My TT attempt was a poor one.  Did a decent warm 3 mile warm up with some strides.  Then set off at suicidal pace and didn't even manage one k.   :(  I did think about a 2nd attempt but my legs were feeling a bit off anyway (tough exercice on Saturday left me with grumbly quads) and binned the idea.  Slunk back to my car at recovery pace.  Actually I was more or less at peace with the failure immediately - I really have to learn to pace the fast stuff and I don't like it!  Another go soon maybe.  Likely on a less busy day - I don't like having other people see me struggle like that (outside of races that is, they are supposed to be hard)

    Today the fog lifted in the afternoon again for glorious sunshine so I made sure I got out for a four mile recovery run.  A light mist was creeping back over the fields already.  Farmers are busy harvesting sugarbeet - fields must have dried off enough again.  
  • GD/John - I did the Weald half last year - first proper trail race, and oh my god there were so many stiles! Christ knows how many there were on the 50K route.

    Linton - great progress - let's hope you can get through lockdown without any more injuries.

    Hazelnut, I must admit I find it hard to push into the pain zone when I'm not racing. And I guess I need to if I want to get my speed back. Easy runs are so much more pleasant.

    Speaking of which, I did have a lovely run today. I didn't go out until after 9 and it was warm and quite sunny - even got the shorts out! I decided on the spur of the moment to do a double prison run, so I ran to Brixton prison (or at least, past the road where it is - there is a barrier there so wasn't sure if I could run along it... so I ran past the windmill again which is on the next road down) then along through Clapham and Wandsworth commons, alongside Wandsworth prison and back home. I covered a little over 9 miles, which brings me to 1700 for the year. (I've actually likely run a good bit further than that but I round down fractions when it comes to recording my miles).
    Got lucky with the roads too - I managed to get across all of them without stopping, even though there was plenty of traffic. One of those good runs we all hope for.
  • Cal - Yes, in the case of Cardiac Hill on that out and back route, what comes down must go up! Nice 9 miler and congratulations on the impressive mileage for the year! 

    LTT - they say that 'hills pay the bills' but adding it into every run is a bit overkill. Still, can't really avoid it if I want to get back home. Good going on the half marathon by the way! That's a good time especially coming back from injury! I know the frustration of not being back where you were before.

    Hazel - bought the house but seeing as it's our first, we're doing it up before we move in. It's given me it's fair share of headaches these last 3 months! Tough luck on the TT but at least you were at peace with it, and will surely only serve as motivation to succeed next time!

    Quick 4 miler on the lunch break today. Was actually a lovely day for it, and I chose an undulating route instead of just a straight out and back as I have done a lot recently. Change of scenery was nice, though the hills weren't! Cardiac Hill took a whole minute of my pace but with an average of 8:31mm on an undulating route, I'm happy with that.

    Got a running watch on my Christmas wishlist this year - need something to run Strava and can keep me running at a constant pace to save me setting off quick.
  • Glad you had a nice run Cal - shorts even.. Great annual mileage too.

    Good luck with the house MalMal.  Hills are good for you  :) Good 4 miler.  Cardiac hill does look like a bit of a pig towards the end of your run.  Good idea regarding the watch.

    Group run yesterday evening - thick fog which wasn't fun as I had to wipe my glasses regularly and visibility was down to just a few metres in parts.  Fairly sedate round therefore.  Four of us out all well equipped with high-viz and headtorches - fortunately the minor bits of road we were on were very quiet.  Bit dodgy running on them at all in those conditions.

    One of the guys had a nasty fall on the last (up-) hill.  He was pretty tired and fell over his forefoot with quite a slam into the ground.  Banged his knee quite hard and had to walk with a limp initially.   With around a mile to go I left my OH with him and jogged (carefully) to get the car to collect him.  Fortunately by the time of my return he was able to jog again so likely just ripped tights and bruising.    
  • It is that distinctive call that alerted my partner, Hazelnut. He's generally a loud whingey cat anyway and I just thought he was being a bit louder and whingier than normal. The little sod brought another one in on Monday night. This time I chased him out into the garden, but he kept trying to come back in. Bad luck on the TT. Pacing can be a tricky thing when you've got no one as a reference point. And hopefully your fellow runner wasn't too badly hurt after the fall.

    The Weald half does look like quite a challenge, Cal. Cool freebies, though. Did you get the mug? Well done on the 9 miler. The weather is incredibly mild at the moment so not surprised you went with the shorts.

    Glad to hear you're getting some pace back, MM. And good luck with the house renovation. Is there much to do?

    My partner and I had our own 'bubble' run last night. The challenge came on Monday night to find a route that we can run from home. As we live on a hill this was obviously going to involve either going down to begin with knowing we'd have to come up, or going up knowing we could then return downhill. In reality the run included quite a few hills as it's virtually impossible to run in this area without encountering them. So from the house we ran down towards Hove Park, ran along one length of it before turning off and heading up towards Hove Rec. Turning there we went in the direction of the sea before routing off and heading towards Seven Dials, then the hill down towards Preston Circus. Slightly worrying running under the viaduct as the pavement disappears and it is rather dark there. Back along the London Road and past Preston Park before taking a left and hitting another hill. It was just before this point that my partner realised where we were going and she wasn't pleased, telling me she'd see me at the top. Then it was the slight (in light of the previous hill) incline up Dyke Road before a downhill jog home. Just a touch over 6.5 miles and done at a reasonable (i.e. easy) pace.
  • Some good running going on. I'll add my effort today which was 6 miles in 48.58. Quite a fierce cross wind today - with worse to come apparently.

    G'dog, Brighton is rather hilly. I know that viaduct - it's horrible to cycle there too. You have to be fit to run (or bike) around the city. I wonder if you've noticed the traffic reduce since lockdown. I'd say it's about 60% of normal here.

    Cal,  I've just knocked the Weald HM off my 'to do' list!

    Malteser, I ha the same on my Xmas list last year, having been very reluctant to get one. I can honestly say it was the ideal present.

    H'nut, that fall sounds nasty. I can still feel my elbow that I landed on 6 weeks or so ago. I really, really hate tripping over. (OK, I'll add, at my age!)
  • GD, yes I have a nice blue mug. They are really nice (for anyone who doesn't know the race, these are hand crafted mugs - not your usual mass production kind, and they come in lovely colours).
    The cat story made me laugh!

    John, it's actually a really nice race. My mistake was doing it two weeks after Liverpool Marathon, but I had a free entry so I wasn't going to say no. It's not too hilly but my achilles was pretty angry at the time  so I did walk up the one hill I remember. I also managed to stack it in spectacular fashion on a bit of tarmac road, despite having avoided tripping over all the ruts and roots on the off-road bits.
    I was very appreciative of the fact that they catered for gluten free people like myself (as well as vegans) so, for once, I was able to enjoy lots of cake at the finish.

    Hazelnut - I honestly think half the time I fall over it's because I've tripped over my own feet.  I hope your friend is OK.

    Malteser, do you know which one you're going to go for?

    Today was earmarked for some speedwork so I opted to go out after 9 as I'm faster then. I ran down to that small rec I found last week that had the quarter mile path loop (around three and a half miles, the route I took) then did two laps hard, one lap recovery, three times. I was thinking I could manage four but I was seriously done after the third interval  so I did my recovery lap and then ran back home. Or rather, I ran to Tooting Bec tube (where I hit 8 miles total) and then walked the remaining three quarters of a mile home to give heart and lungs time to recover.
    I don't do a lot of speed work so I guess this is something I can get better at, but damn it was knackering! Hammy was a bit grumpy from the intervals but not severe. I'll either do a slow run tomorrow or rest, depending on how I feel.
  • Nice exploring GD.  Its good you have someone to run with on a regular basis - I can drag out my OH for an occasional recovery run and have my Tuesday group but that's about it.  Naughty puddy-cat..

    The ground does seem to get harder the older you get JB.  Good 6 miler.

    Happened to me a couple of times as well Cal, concentrate hard on the difficult bits and then fall over on the easy.  Nice bit of speedwork - that park sounds useful for such.

    Just over the 10k mark yesterday afternoon - managed to get out before it got dark and fortunately there was a  lot less fog around.  Having had a fairly easy couple of days the legs were feeling pretty frisky.  I found it hard to run reasonably even splits - was either too fast or on a couple too slow.

    Met two people out deer hunting which caused me to change my route planning as if I see they are out I avoid running in their vicinity for my own safety.  Had a quick chat and they weren't bothered that I would also maybe be disturbing their activities.  Season ends on Saturday fortunately. 
  • It's nice when the legs feel bouncy, Hazelnut - I always end up going a bit too fast when that happens.

    No danger of that today, though. Had a bad night last night...well it started well enough - slept like a log until 3am and then woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I figured if I ate something then I could still have time to digest it and go out when it got light, but once it was light I was hungry again so had another breakfast and had to wait another four hours for that to digest. So I ended up going out for a rare lunch run. Just did a recovery 6 miles - legs felt heavy - but it was a nice day so it was quite enjoyable in the end.
  • Hazel - Guess I'll just have to learn to love hills. Bit weird that you came across a couple of hunters though. Think i'd be out of there asap so as to not be hit by a stray bullet.

    GD - there's loads to do on the house, too much to list. We've got most of the bedrooms done, and are just about to tackle the bathroom and the more or less the same time. Headaches await I am sure! Nice run, especially at an easy pace. I need to do more easy runs, could definitely take a few notes from the books of everyone here.

    Cal/John - ideally need something with a decent battery and can sync to Strava. Thinking the Garmin Forerunner 245 as the reviews look good and the price is about what I'd like to pay. Won't go for the music option to save cost, and I'm happy carrying around my mp4 player stacked full of anime music (don't judge) in my pocket.

    Hectic day at work that was mentally draining so tried for a quick 4 miles at lunchtime along the same route as Tuesday. Was marginally slower, but doesn't matter. Up to 440 miles for the year, so only 60 miles off my target of 500 miles. Would have liked to be on track for 750 miles or 1000 miles by now if I hadn't taken the time out, but health is priority after all.

    Also means new trainers are on the cards, and seriously now. Been running in the same pair of Asics and they'll need replacing. The new line of New Balance look nice, something like the 1080's or the 880's but I really need to try shoes on. My Asics Nimbus are a 2E width and feel nice, but my Hoka Clifton 6's in a 2E width are too narrow and give me blisters!
  • Cal the only problem with the bouncy legs is being sensible and saving them for the next day's speedwork.  That's annoying with the early wake up and the digestion necessity.  Good you had decent weather for your run when you did get out for it.

    MalMal I hope you don't mind me analyzing your run on here.  I took a look at it on Strava and noticed you set off quite fast (downhill).  What you could try doing is deliberately holding back initially to save your beans for the return hills and give those a blast.  Definitely do some easy runs too.  Got used to the hunting here - the wild deer population is quite big and needs controlling somehow.  Don't like the idea of trophy hunting though.  Lots of work ongoing on your house - pheww.  Given your health issues you have done well on mileage.  I would certainly look to try on a shoe before buying (unless the return policy is ok). 

    Intervals yesterday:  2 x 1200, 2 x 800, 2 x 600 with appropriate recoveries in a warm-up and cool-down sandwich with 9.3 miles in total.  My last attempt at some fast stuff on Sunday went pear-shaped so I was a bit apprehensive about the intervals but all went well.  Splits for the reps were fairly consistent.  I concentrated on not setting off too hard at the beginning of each which worked fairly well.  I wasn't keen on the groups of men working on the railway line right next to me but no heckling - in one group 4 were too busy supervising one working.  Mtb cycle to and from the run as it was mild weather, was a bit on the dark side on the way back - I took a longer route to stay off the busy roads and a rough bit through the woods. 
  • Hazel - absolutely do not mind having some constructive criticism on my runs, I am all for feedback. Admittedly the last two runs started by running on the flat - the first downhill doesn't come until about 1.3 miles in and then again at around 2.3 miles.

    With the run last Sunday, though, that did start downhill for the first mile or so (down Cardiac Hill) and I did try to hold back, to preserve myself for later in the run. Sometimes I find if I hold back too much then my calves/knees start to suffer as it's not a natural stride.

    All my runs are done based on feel though. One of the reasons to get a running watch, so I can set a pace and work with it and get those even splits :)
  • Malteser - I have the vanilla 45 and it's decent. Sleep tracking is crap, but that's not really what I bought it for. It does the other stuff pretty well.
    I run mostly by feel too.

    Good job on the intervals, Hazelnut. I do find I have to be in the right frame of mind for speed work so glad you got through it well this time.

    Another lunch run today. Actually had a better night - woke at 3 but managed to go back to sleep until 5. I ate something at 6, planning to run at 9, but then it started chucking it down. Got hungry again waiting for the rain to stop so had a second breakfast and then had to wait for midday again. Weather was lovely by then but I really had to bully myself out the door as, the longer I leave it, the harder I find it is to make myself get out there.
    It was a decent run, anyway - covered 11 miles. Legs felt tired but pace was decent, at least until the last mile when I came to a busy road junction and had no option but to stop. Annoying. Traffic seems to be a lot worse at lunchtimes than mid-morning, so I'll try to avoid making a habit of it.

    I would normally have rested today (I generally don't do more than three days in a row) but the weather looks bad on Sunday so I'm trying to avoid running then, which means I need to get 5 days in a row instead. Hammy was a bit grumbly so I may have to end up resting tomorrow and sucking up the bad day instead...guess we'll see.
  • Not too sure that the traffic has lessened at all since the second lockdown started, john. Certainly not round here. I think back in April and May it was very noticeable, but then we've not really been going to places like Devil's Dyke recently to see if it's as quiet there as it was back then.

    The mugs did look very good, Cal. I might put that one on the list to do. Shame about the sleep. I'm the same at the moment, seem to be waking up early and then never fully getting back to sleep. Good lunchtime running and well done for forcing yourself out.

    Good luck with the decorating MM. It is exciting seeing how things are taking shape, although the kitchen and bathroom always strike me as being the biggest and most technical bits. Not that I have experience in either. I would be able to mess up putting woodchip. Good luck in the watch and runners search. Are sports shops open?

    Have to say I'd be a bit worried about someone shooting near me if I was out running, Hazelnut. Presumably the cull means there's a lot of venison available? Great interval session, must try that one. 2 X 1200 sounds like quite a challenge.

    Did a 30 min interval yesterday. We had planned to go out on Thursday evening and I'd changed ready to go, but the look on my partner's face when she got home suggested she wasn't keen, so I said I'd do something in the morning. I had my first meeting at 11am so decided I'd do an hour's work and go at about 8am. However an item on the news suggested there was a fire near where she worked and roads were blocked. I offered to take her in as she'd have struggled to park and as it turned out the fire was in a bar underneath her company's office!! Fortunately no fire damage to the office, but it is apparently quite damp and smells of smoke and she now has to work from home for the next week. So I didn't actually get out until 9am and headed to Hove Park which was quite crowded. The speed intervals annoyingly seemed to coincide with going up the hill, but I figured that was going to help in the long run.

    Off out shortly for a 10K, just trying to decide where.
  • Hope it went well, GD. Yeah, old bod did not want to do five days in a row so I've had a walk today and hope I feel better tomorrow. It seems three days in a row is my limit as far as recovery is concerned.
  • Rest day yesterday (if you call walking 8 miles a rest day) did me some good. Even with another split night (more reading and tea in the small hours) I felt fine when I woke up. I did, however, wait until 9 to go out as it was raining heavily before then. Once I did venture out it was mostly dry with a touch of light rain/drizzle at times, and some gusty winds. The main problem was the absolutely enormous puddles. I avoided them for the mostpart, until I tried to cut through Wandle Park and saw the path I usually take was completely submerged. I set out on the other path but then saw that was also submerged a bit further along so I hastily backtracked and went around via the roads.
    I did 10 miles total - I wasn't sure how far I'd run today as I'd figured somewhere between 8 and 13. I ended up opting for 10 as that would give me a 10% bump on last week's mileage and would leave me fresh enough to run tomorrow should I so wish. Typically, the sun came out once I'd finished my run. Oh well.
  • That is tough with the interrrupted nights Cal - any idea why it is happening?  Nice 10+ sandwich with a decent bit of walking in the middle too.  Puddles are a pain - don't always know what is lurking in them and shoes can take a while to dry out.

    Traffic might be heavier because of less people using public transport GD?  The recommendation here is to wfh wherever possible but the roads seem busier than ever in rush hour.  Lucky for your partner not to be in the office when the fire happened!  Hope you found a nice route for your 10k.  Some venison to be had yes - some restaurants feature game on the menu at this time of year.  Stag / roe deer - the former are sometimes farmed, the latter only wild.

    Saturday was a meet-up with 2 other runners for a coaching session - concentrating on different levels of perceived effort on a 1-5 scala. We worked on 2-4 on an undulating round with a couple of stops for some exercices and instructions.  The 4 efforts often coincided with an uphill bit so pace not fast.  Warm in the sun but chilly in the shaded woods.

    Similar conditions today - I set out with thoughts of a fairly easy 10 miler but ran faster than intended with the last quarter at around mara pace (but higher effort due to the undulations).   Cut-back week in terms of running mileage so no longer run today.  Backed that up with a 20 mile mtb trundle however - with it getting chillier I won't be out too much on the bike now so took the opportunity today.
  • Not sure Hazel...I go through phases of it.
    Good session there - good idea to get your biking in while you can.
  • Is there anything particular on your mind, Cal, that might mean you're struggling with sleep? That's what tends to happen with me and it is rather annoying. Well done on getting out yesterday. It was truly awful down here.

    Could well be that people are driving more and not using public transport, Hazelnut. We're on a bus route here and rarely see anyone on it when it goes past. And it was lucky she wasn't in there at the time. They've had a few issues with the alarm going off and I think there's been occasions when they've ignored it as it's been a false alarm. Good coaching session and well done on the 10 miler yesterday. Hopefully you'll still get a few more spins on the bike.

    10K on Saturday was a re-visit of one of our 'bubble run' routes from the summer. We started at the Red Lion in Shoreham, running along the path by the Adur towards the seafront and then crossing over the bridge and running through the residential area towards the seafront, looping round and taking the wooden boardwalk on the beach, passing the rather nice houses that are there. The wind never seemed to be in our favour, but the run itself was more enjoyable than the recent ones round Hove Park.

    Had planned a 12 miler yesterday along the seafront. However when I got up to make coffee and breakfast the wind was howling and the rain was battering against the windows. Looking out it seemed the rain was horizontal. So decided that we'd give it a miss and watch the Grand Prix instead.
  • Having run many, many 10Ks in my life, I did my first one in probably a year yesterday. I was slow, but I enjoyed it and my legs ache in muscles that I didn't know I had. Same again next Sunday, with a couple of shorter ones inbetween if I can get out of work in time!
  • Welcome to the forum Matt - well done on your 10k.  Sounds like a good plan and enjoying it more important than speed.  Hope you keep getting out there.

    Nice seafront outing GD, don't envy you with the wind though.  Good idea to drop the long run and stay in if the conditions were that nasty.

    I normally do a recovery run on Monday but am just finishing off a training plan which I have been doing out of sheer boredom.  I found a 7 miler scheduled with a bit of race-pace practice so a warm-up with 4 x strides then 1200m @ around 10k pace and a cool-down.  The 1200 were almost two loops of a field, half on tarmac the other on a normally firm track.  Due to ploughing activities and rain there was a thin coating of gloop on the top so I had to be a bit careful not slip.  The corners were okay though.  Tights were liberally splattered with mud afterwards.  Don't know if I will have another go at a solo time trial in place of a race towards the end of the week - we will see.  Probably 5 miles if I do.
  • Welcome Matt. It does get easier, the muscle ache less and as Hazelnut says better to enjoy it than to obsess too much about the speed.

    Good job the corners weren't gloopy, Hazelnut. If you were picking up speed you my have struggled to keep yourself on the track. Still think the solo TTs are mentally so hard to do, so all power to you if you manage one.

    Up early for a 5 miler along the seafront, starting in Hove and heading in to the wind towards Southwick. Decided to go in the morning as partner is stuck working from home for the foreseeable future as they attempt to sort out the office issue and we figured we'd find excuses not to go if we left it until later. Rather wild out there. The tide was out, but with the amount of debris thrown on to the prom it must have been quite a sight at high tide. Certainly the chap that was sweeping the pebbles up was doing a sterling job. 24 mins out and 21 mins back demonstrated the strength of the wind, so nice to have it at our backs on the return.

    Had to get back for a meeting by 8:30, so a quick turnaround for a shower and breakfast. Meeting was about putting together a plan for the coming phase of one of my projects, with the guy wanting to utilise a plan he'd received from another project. When I pointed out I'd already supplied a plan there was a moments silence, then "You want to use your one?" "Well yes!" At least it was a quick meeting.
  • GD...yeah, I think it's possibly due to the problem with my rental flat. It's been empty for two months and while I've just secured a new tenant, it's at a much lower rate than before. I was just about scraping by on the old rent. The obvious thing would be to find some sort of part time work to bump up the income, but after not working for five years, I don't think I'll have much luck in the current job market.
    I guess pebbles could be a problem. I'm having to avoid a lot of nasty slippery leaf mulch at the moment - nearly came a-cropper today but just about stayed upright.

    Welcome matt!

    Good stuff, Hazlenut...yeah, we all seem to be dealing with slip hazards eh?

    Sleep is still poor but the rest day yesterday meant I had energy for a faster run today. I did 8 miles, with the first five easy/steady and then the last three fartlek-style. I was very happy to beat my PB on the road behind my house at the end of the run (I must admit I really enjoy the segments aspect of Strava).
  • Nice early running GD.  If you are wfh and not using video conference you could always do it in your running clothes..

    Glad to hear you have a new tenant but tricky situation with the lower rent Cal.  Can imagine it wouldn't be easy at the moment to find a new job.  I could do with changing myself but with things as they are I'd better stay put for now.

    Strava segments do provide a bit of fun.  I own a few crowns around here (not much competition) and it always annoys me when someone does stroll onto my patch and nick one.  I will be moving soon and will hopefully find a few new segments or will set up a few of my own.

    "Group" run yesterday evening - just two of us out in clear conditions after last week's fog.  Chatting pace all the way around.  6.x miles in 1.04
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