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  • Well done on completing the challenge, Reg. I listened to the Mario Fraoli podcast a few days ago. He was asked about how he would coach someone who wanted to both PB at 5k and ‘Everest’. Good question, I thought - but he answered it as though you would run the full height in a single run. Surely that would be savage! 

    Bus - I was enjoying the firmer ground too. Not quite the same after Friday’s drenching! Hell of an average weekly elevation. And completely agree with your final sentence - running is our hobby; if you are enjoying it, you are winning. 

    First period off for niggles in half a decade is pretty good going, SG. 

    Unlucky, muddy. Although look likes you got a nice run in round the lake today. 

    Great TTing, Pete.

    Week one of the plan complete. Highlights of the latter half include an 8M on Wednesday - where it was great to get a bit further along the canal in the more peaceful sections. 

    Then a proper session on Friday: 4 x 6 mins at LT, with 2 minute jogs. No idea on pace and wanky watch and heavy tree combo isn’t a great combination. But felt good. I’d guess maybe 6:50 average pace for the efforts. Wore the new Adios 5 for the first time. Felt fun to run in a significantly lighter shoe for the first time in many months. Nippy shoe as always, although think I didn’t fully pull out the tongue which resulted in a small hotspot on my right arch.

    4M buggy recovery yesterday before my long run of the week this morning: 9.3M at 8:10 with the buggy. Got the best of the weather with a brilliant sunrise and perfectly still and cool conditions. The lad is well wrapped up in a special sleeping bag then the rain cover. So in a way, it being colder helps him sleep and therefore me get away with running for a bit longer. Tried to go above recovery pace and HR. Couldn’t quite seem to elevate the HR, but happy with the pace for a buggy run. 

    So 34M for the week. Feel like it was at least a 60M. Makes you wonder how running consecutive 50/60/70/80M type weeks and not batting an eyelid is actually a really impressive level of fitness, resilience and commitment. Slowly, slowly and those days will come again!

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    Well done SQ - and that last paragraph is certainly very easy to overlook.

    Jools - I don't know how you put such monster mileage in so regularly. Do you feel quite tight limbed quite often?

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    On another note, I know everyone on here either is of an age to "feel at one with nature" so wouldn't dream of music on a run or those who do at least go with the latest tec etc, but I still love my ipod nano.

    How have I just noticed it has a stopwatch facility on there though! :)
  • Lol - nature can still be enhanced SG, whether that be with some vintage Klaus Schultz like last week, some high energy Idles for a mid-week blast or a long running podcast like today to keep things slow! iPod nano though :wink:

    SQ - its building up, and 34 will feel more like 24 in a few weeks :smile:

    Jools - 96M!!! 'kin hell!
  • Cut back week Bus ;) Last week was 100.9M B)
    I stretch & foam roll each & every day SG but I do often feel a bit tight. My pre-run routine: lunge matrix & leg swings usually sorts that out so by the time I’m running I’m moving reasonably fluidly. I find the recovery easier from double digit singles than shorter doubles: need about 18-22 hrs between runs ideally. 
  • Jools I'd definitely agree that lunge matrix and leg swings massively helps. I don't always do the same stuff, but some kind of loosener seems to help me. I get some odd looks unloading the dishwasher with some deep squats and single leg deadlifts  :D
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    Freezing cold this last two days. 2 tops and gloves job today.

    Will use this week to move back up the mileage and probably not do anything fastish.

    On 16miles for the week so far, compared to 22miles in total last week!
  • Back all ok then, SG? T and shirt and jacket job for me this morn.

    Second session of 6 x 12s hills (road) and 8 x strides (flat grass) today. 6.2M at average 8:20 pace. Enjoyed it more than last week. Good to run fast but without thinking about any kind of pace outcome. Lovely cold and crisp morning. Good to get on the grass before it softens up and gets to squelchy in the sun later on.
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    You always have to marvel at the body's ability to right itself - as it was only a weak ago changing direction laying down was a right old ache.

    It's not 100% but it's certainly good enough to put in 10miles a day at 7.20s again.
    Hopefully another week and back to a bit faster work - although at this time of year you have to weigh up what type of session as long recoveries getting cold aren't a great idea and the fastest reps mean you're pushing the muscles a bit.

    Good to see a little session these from yourself.

  • Very foggy at the moment so I decided it may be clear at the top of the hills but it wasn't. Fairly happy to have a new 7 mile route that goes through Cock Marsh ( but only because I have an immature sense of humour. 
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    Freudian slip spelling week as weak earlier..apologies!

    Gotta keep it fresh Phil.
    I couldn't take the idea of a 4mile dull out and back on road at lunch so back to a woody first half. Will just monitor doing too much elevation in case that did tweak me the other week.
  • I managed to get above the mist this morning for the first half of the run, but it was pretty patchy but thick in places. Pretty darn nippy too!

  • No chance of it clearing where I was. Not a breath of wind. The Thames like a mill pond.

  • Nice pics chaps. Some other lovely ones on Bus' Strava.
    You're not wrong SG. If you'd told me 4 weeks ago I'd've bashed out 2 back to back 100M weeks by now I'd never have believed you. Couldn't manage 5 miles without limping after. Looked pretty hopeless tbh but a few days off (& a week wearing orthotics) meant I was back on it as if nothing had ever been amiss.
    5M/7M double yesterday & a triple today. 10K commute first thing, 6K very easy at lunch - just the 10K back to finish me off. :D 
  • Prodigious stuff Jools.

    I am planning a long run and I'd like to cover some fresh ground, given the pictures above from Bus and Phil, any recommendations for Chilterns runs that would be fairly easy to navigate, I'm familiar with the Hambledon Valley and the Thames so I am thinking of something new or a mix of that and something else?

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    Just have a crack at the "route" I did about 3 sundays back Reg.
    Plenty of fields woods and that sort of gub :)
  • Doubles not enough anymore then Jools?  :smiley:

    Up from Wendover over Coombe Hill along the Ridgeway past Chequers is very nice Reg. An out and back on the Ridgeway is way marked, but there are plenty of ways of making it a nice circular route (just watch out for the bit HS2 have stopped up!)

    Philip - talking of sniggering, apparently I did my 3rd fastest time on a segment called Woodcock Wallop this morning!

    Faster fare tonight, with 5M road to avoid night fog. Couple of miles of around 6.30 pace and an attempt at a half mile local segment. Never really noticed it was uphill until I tried it at pace! Came 2nd, and way down on the CR!

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    Eton Pu55y is the dodgiest named seg i've ahem come across so far.
    In Windsor owned by one of my clubmates.
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    Can someone link the strava group on here? Can’t find it. Do enjoy a good running photo. The two above capture some great winter running conditions. 

    Although perhaps I won’t open ones involving SG’s seg whilst at work...

    Will finish tomorrow’s run at about 5pm. Might have to dig out the headtorch for the first time this year. 
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    Sent you an invite :)
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    Midweek medium single today.

    Midway up a grassy bank, that's not that long but is pretty steep and so muddy that in road shoes it was a right game of jiggery. Went from calm stomach to...evacuation mode as well at the top - one of those racing heart rates causing shenanigans :)

    Couple of stiles then into Flackwell and easily back. 730s sort of pace for 9.

    So mobility is back now but I'll stick to the pan of getting the mileage back to more usual figures this week and then think about upping the ante pace wise next week
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    Stevie G said:
    Just have a crack at the "route" I did about 3 sundays back Reg.
    Plenty of fields woods and that sort of gub :)
    I'd be a bit worried I was heading into the abyss doing one of your off-road routes  :D  I'll take a look though and cheers, Bus.

    I went swimming on  Monday, club session and it was almost joyous to go into the gym and see everyone unmuzzled and acting normally. Upon entering the pool area I was greeted with raucous laughter coming from the hot tub, full with about 8 people. I appreciate there are those that have mutated into thinking this kind of normal behaviour is irresponsible but I was delighted as I never bought into any of this criminal lockdown nonsense.

    Anyway I digress, swimming was a bit of a struggle, it was my first pool swim since March. I think the chlorine went to my head as I had a headache for the next 24 hours. Tried an easy run yesterday afternoon to shift it but that didn't work so I tried codeine, paracetemol and a Zwift race instead! That definitely did the trick and despite low expectations I managed to get in the points (top 30 score) finishing 19th.

    Last time I visited Eton it was an all boys school, mind you Harry has become a bit of a pussy. 

  • Thanks for the strava link, SG. Now to work out who all the runners in it actually are! Hope you just about avoided disaster pants. 

    10M on the canal this afternoon. Closed off at about 4.5M so had to fanny about near the rugby club to get to 5M. Looked like they were relaying the path - that will make it tempting for runs longer than usual 10M out and backs. Anyway, 10M at 7:50 average. Pleased with that for easy effort. 
  • Reg Wand said:
    Prodigious stuff Jools.

    I am planning a long run and I'd like to cover some fresh ground, given the pictures above from Bus and Phil, any recommendations for Chilterns runs that would be fairly easy to navigate, I'm familiar with the Hambledon Valley and the Thames so I am thinking of something new or a mix of that and something else?

    What sort of GPS do you have? I use an app and plan my route and upload it to my Garmin 230 (which is pretty much a base model by contemporary standards) and then I just follow the dots.

    Two Bottoms today: could have added Stocking Lane but I prefer Clappins Lane as it is an even descent all  along and Stocking Lane has a nasty descent at the bottom.
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    I would have thought half the fun is freestyling the route Phil? To a point...obviously not ending up being out for 6miles longer than you've budgeted for!

    I've kept this week mostly standard effort stuff to bed back in a proper mileage week before attempting any sessions.
    So it'll be 4 days of 6&4 and one day of single 9.

    I did want to go and check a segment out today - an odd one that runs where a train track used to run yonks ago that the chap who I had a little sprint seg battle with a month or so back owns.

    Having seen what the route is....he's done pretty well to hold it at 6.30 pace for 2/3mile.
    While there's a flat bit start and end there are roots, and this time of year is rucked up with mud too.
    But there's two sets of steps, narrow trail where you have to duck and dip branches and brambles and all sorts of stuff in there.

    Having watched the Netflix doc about the cheese chasing down that steep bank in Gloucestershire, I realised how insane it must be when I was tiptoeing in some woods later than can only have had about a 2-3metre fall in places but so muddy in road shoes I had to go down to about 12min miling to not be a over t :)

    Running up woods in mud in road shoes is fine, but down, even for short small hills quite the opposite
  • I use Garmin routing Phil, I have a Fenix 3 with some reasonable mapping capabilities, it tells you when to turn. Only an issue when there are multiple footpaths in similar directions.
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    Was looking for some new podcast material for runs, having milked my previous go to ones to death

    Sought out some on the Berkley marathons which I'm sure everyone is familiar with, but found one podcast that went into unchartered territory with new info and had the organiser and previous participants and winners on.

    One winner John Kelly had a run that Reg could have tried on his recent challenge -  a half mile up a massively steep hill, and back down x26!

    Badboy running is the podcast and I'm pleased to see they have about 260 episodes so I'll start digging through those from tomorrow.
    Used to only ever use music then last year started on the podcasts for long runs - then it became medium long runs and now it's even the short runs!
    A podcast on a session might be a stretch though!

  • The Way of the Runner and The Mountain Running podcast are both pretty good 
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    Nice wintry pics guys; like SQ said, keep them going as they add variety on here. Good to see everyone keeping up their training and seemingly enthusiasm too, which isn't easy at the moment when there is so little daylight and conditions are quite dreary.

    Purple Patch 5k for me at Dorney Lake this morning. Well organized I have to say and I did marvel at how many like minded runners were up for a socially distanced 'race' on a cold, rainy and windy morning in mid December!

    Travel to Dorney and parking very straightforward (sorry SG ;)) and they have a nice track along the eastern side of the lake for warming up. Couple of k there, then off to my start post for the slot they give you. Start in 2's, but all a bit irrelevant as once you go you're on the same course as 10k, and HM folk, and have no idea who is in what :)

    Had worked out the first half was going to be much easier with the wind behind and so it proved; didn't want to hammer the early stages, so 3'39, 3'47 for first 2k seemed about right and then it was onto the turn and into the headwind. Hung on ok 2nd half with 3'49, 3'56, 3'51 to end in 19'02. Shame I just missed 18'xx, but would have settled for 19'02 at the start so quite happy. Good standard there; lots of guys 15'xx or 16'xx and only 17th out of about 65 who did the 5k. Think there were about 300 across the 3 races so a decent little event. Might even have another go next week if conditions are ok. Any others of the locals to here fancy it?
  • Good work Pete. That wind this morning on an exposed course like Dorney was worth way more than 2 secs!

    Had to overcome huge wads of CBA this morning, not helped by accidentally drinking a 750ml bottle of Leffe Brune, a whole bottle of red wine and two large whiskies last night!  Anyway, dragged myself out into a miserable and grey mid-day for a rare long road run as I couldn't face the bogs. It actually came out longer and faster than I expected at 16.4M and 7:21 pace, which is alright for a hilly route in miserable weather I reckon!  

    It's definitely road running that punishes the body though. I've done 3 of the things this week and all the old niggles are starting to remind me of their presence!
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