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  • Quick check in - all the best tonight Cal.
  • Wrexham sounds perfect, hamo, especially with elite women at that pace. Go for it! Lots of speedy intervals from you. And a 22M long run. I reckon you'll be ok starting a marathon plan from there!

    Hope the race goes well this eve, Cal. 

    10M on the canal this afternoon. Closed off at about 4.5M so had to fanny about near the rugby club to get to 5M. Looked like they were relaying the path - that will make it tempting for runs longer than usual 10M out and backs. Anyway, 10M at 7:50 average. Pleased with that for easy effort. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Cal - how did you go ?

    SQ - good new on a new canal path. 10m is decent progress too.

    Hamo - im with SQ youre already smashing out enough for a marathon plan, you are in great shape. Go for Wrexham, you need higher quality races with folks to work with and against.

    11m run commute home tonight, slowly getting there.
  • Thanks guys - some good training sessions there. And Wrexham sounds like a good option.

    Race went as well as I expected. My ham's been a bit testy so, what with that and my recent loss of speed, I decided I'd try to run around HMP and not worry about PBs.
    It was pretty cold and while I was waiting to start, I was regretting my decision to go with vest and arm sleeves rather than a long sleeved top (I did wear leggings - I don't crack out the shorts until it's around 10 degrees) but I was OK once I got going.
    It's a four lap course but it's better than the one they use for their weekend, daytime races. It goes around the stadium then out on a longish dogleg before coming back along the river. Like last time, I had some issues on the darker parts of the course but at least it wasn't windy - last time the path that is lit by decorative lanterns was a nightmare as they were moving around and casting shadows which made it seem the ground was moving. It was like running through a funhouse.
    I didn't really look at my watch after the first two miles and my pace did drop a bit but I'm OK with the time - 53:26. I pushed myself without rinsing myself so it was like a good LT session and I quite enjoyed it.
    One weird thing was my left toes got quite sore. I wore my Zoom Flys (decided as I wasn't going to be running a very fast time, I didn't need my 4%) and thicker socks than I usually wear with them, which might have been the issue, but it could also be that the shoes are getting a little old now. They've got 438 miles on them so I think I will just use them for training in future.
    Anyway, that's that...let's see how I go on Saturday at the 5K.
  • That’s rapid progress SQ: sub 8s on a double digit run at easy effort. Reckon you’ll be leaving me for dust if we don’t get out soon 😂
    No one can accuse you of slacking TR.
    Quality LR & intervals Hamo. Don’t know anything about Galway Mara but you’ll definitely get more company at Wrexham & pacemakers at 2:30 would certainly make for easier racing so I’d also say: Go For It.
    Chipping away at my target. It’s a lot harder than it was in Spring/early Summer to fit the runs in: little daylight & no lockdown. Getting a little bored of the canal 2-3 times a day 😆 Drove in this morning so after 5M at lunch I still needed an evening run after work. Came home & went exploring. Found a good 4.5M loop on quiet country lanes less than 2 miles from home so think that’ll become a regular sortie. Did just under 7M with over 1000’ of climb so a good contrast to canal runs. Run rate still heading down 😎
  • Decent enough outing then Cal. Well done. Hope the hammy doesn’t get any worse before the 5K on Saturday.
  • Sounds like a good night out then Cal (my 20 year old self can’t believe I typed that).  I doubt any of us are in PB shape so anything around HMP has got to be a good stimulus and hopefully a decent medal for your efforts.

    Hamo - I fondly recall a few days in Galway so I would bin Wrexham, in fact bin the marathon altogether.....joking aside, some impressive recent training and whatever you decide will be grand.

    SQ . agree with Jools, easy effort sub 8’s suggests you’re recovering well, keep it going.

    TR - that 5m amongst the double digits will probably do you some good, sounds like you are back on the bonnet.

    John - I know the feeling when you’ve not done a 20 for a while but with your base I reckon you could knock a respectable one out tomorrow if needed.

    Jools - I reckon if anyone is nailed on for a target it’s you, 5+7 should keep you ahead of the chase rate.

    My chase rate is down to 8/day so barring (don’t won’t to type it), I should be there.  The local authority have pulled the plug on next week’s 6hr endurance, I don’t really blame them but a race on the day of moving up an age cat would have been nice, never mind, I’ll have to celebrate getting more maudlin in some other way.
  • Macca, the Chase the Moon series medals are rather nice. I'm a sucker for bling, to be honest, to the extent that I won't enter races that don't have medals (unless it's a club race - those are fun enough).
    Sorry about your race. I would have had a race on my birthday two, but it was right in the middle of the main lockdown. Sigh.

    Thanks Jools.

    Ham's a bit sore. I went out for a short recovery run today - 3 miles. I almost never run less than 6 miles so that was incredibly restrained of me. The cold, grey weather wasn't exactly inspiring, though, so I wasn't tempted to go further.
  • JohnOzJohnOz ✭✭✭
    Cal - well done, whatever the time it's always great to come away from a race happy you did the best on the day. You could be right about the shoes, worth giving an outing to the 4%s this weekend? Good that you have another crack at a race so soon, hopefully this gives you confidence. Rest up and recover well.

    Hamo - sounds like an easy decision, especially with your fitness and at your level you would thrive with others around you. I like it when you have fast women around you, they seem to pace much more sensibly!

    Jools - smashing your target! Are you going to ease off as the required rate comes down or keep powering away?

    TR - almost back to a normal schedule, good stuff.

    SQ - similarly that's a rapid return to quick easy running. Bodes well for your 5k plan.

    Macca - shame about the 6hr run but sounds like you have something in mind!

    Pretty much easy running this week for me and short apart from 10 miles on my current favourite route. It heads across to the coast and then up and back down it, including a beach stretch. It's an amazing way to start the day mixing with dog walkers, boot camps and surfers. 5k track race is tomorrow night, excitement is building!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Cal - well done, im pleased that you are happy enough with it. Theres training gains to be had. Onwards and upwards !

    Top chasing jools, run rate reducing. Jos Buttler would be proud of you.

    Macca - shame re the 6hr race. Top run rate reducing from you too. I note the category change, ill raise a beer to you next week.

    John - that run beats my run commute in the dark !

    Backed up ydays 11m with 9m back again this morning, was pretty sore by the end but im defo making progress (getting closer to the bonnet - macca). Christmas break will be good as i can run at the same time each day which gives optimum recovery.

    Im up to 7 marathon entries, couldnt resist the February Goodwood date, seeing as im msking some progress. if im not in shape I'll swap to the 1/2. But hopefully a low key sub3 off a 6 week build up.
  • Got to be happy with maintaining Saturday's 5K pace for a 10K Cal - Especially as you tend to back off a bit in the dark. Wise doing just the 3M today - recovery without destroying yourself before the 5K.
    Sounds great John. Good luck in the 5,000m
    Agree on optimum recovery being 22-24 hrs between runs TR. All these doubles are knocking me out from cumulative fatigue!
    4.5M at lunch with the rugby lads. We went out to a quiet dead end lane & smashed 3 short sharp hill reps sandwiched between a couple of longer reps which started with the hill then carried on for c.400m of false flat. Backed that up with 8M easy after work.
    Run rate is getting closer to 10 with just 222M from 21 days  :)
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    New thread started, lets hope for a better 2021.
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