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    Re Box Hill, I (think) I recall many years ago that Box Hill would be the only run in southern England that would have 'fell run' status. I've walked up it - that was tough enough. I feel your pain for all these cancellations but fear they are going to be with us for a while to come. Easter anyone?

    H'nut, I'm sure the weather plays a part in motivation. It's been raining almost solidly for 2 days here. Miserable!

    LTT - I'm not on Strava either! Your part of the word must be really at the sharp end: tier 4, 3000 lorries and Brexit to look forward to!
  • Strava segments are fun, I agree Cal.  I follow a few people from various threads on here and it is interesting to read about their training on here and look at the actual results.  I found LTT on there now.

    Nice bit of fartleking - I prefer a formal structured session as I quickly loose inspiration as to how to run which bit on a fartlek type run.  On an undulating course I will sometimes run the hills harder which could count I suppose.

    Easter at the earliest I fear JB.  2 days of rain is depressing. 

    I would normally have gone out with a couple of people yesterday evening but as it was a decent afternoon albeit breezy I decided to go out in daylight on my own instead.  I've worked out a nice fairly quiet loop in the local woods of around 5 miles so took that route.  There are some interesting looking side paths between the two arms of the loop so I will investigate those - probably later today.  I also put in 6 x strides towards the end. Bit under 6.5 miles in 56 minutes.  Was very mild - I was wearing (thin) tights which was a mistake - could quite happily have gone out in capris or in shorts even.  
  • Funny you say that, Hazel - I was out in shorts and a T-shirt today. Easyish 7 miles, starting in the dark and finishing in daylight a little before 9am. It did rain for the second half of the run but I didn't mind it much. Legs were sluggish at first but felt much better than I'd expected after yesterday's 10 - my bum was aching enough yesterday evening that I went out and walked a couple of miles to loosen it up a bit (and look at the Christmas lights and trees around the neighbourhood).

  • I'll join the current 6/7 mile club - which is long for me. I've not run a 10k for a while so I set myself  challenge to run 10Km in under 50 minutes. Managed 49.58 which is no great shakes time-wise but one of those runs where you get satisfaction from the way you've run it i.e. technically competent. (And in a bit of a wind.) This will be my last 10K before I hit 66 on Sunday, so nice to 'sign off' (not permanently I hope!) with a decent(ish)  effort.
    Will do something shorter on Xmas Day - probably the local Parkrun course, for old times sake.

  • Pre-emptive happy birthday then, John - I'd be thrilled with that 10K time and I'm a mere 53.

    Today I did a 5 mile recovery run, very slow. Still dark when I started but there was already a huge queue for the nice butcher shop in Balham, and queues were starting to form outside various shops in Streatham when I went past. Glad I don't have any more shopping to do.

    It's definitely colder and there was a sharp wind so I had leggings and a jacket on for this run.
    I'm intending to do a Christmas lights run tomorrow before dawn so really hoping it's not frosty, although temps are forecast to be 1 degree. Brrr!
  • Hi folks! Just popped in to say Happy Christmas!!!

    Managed to get home through the traffic bedlam created in Kent thanks to Brexit. One vast lorry park.  Poor guys, 6000 of them.

    2 runs to report; a 4.5 mile recovery and a 7.7 miler tonight in bitter wind. That hard effort on sunday has made me heavy legged.

    Thats a lovely idea Cal. Enjoy your early morning run. Sorry you couldnt stay at your friends.  I had 2 vests and a long sleeve, plus cap and gloves. Stay warm!  You're right I must get a Gps watch. It sounds daft though because I've run a couple thousand miles round here, half of which with a phone app, I know every mile marker every direction! But yes, must get a Garmin!

    Good running John B, that is a solid 10k time. I hope I'm still running in later life. Have a nice Xmas.

    Thanks for the Strava add Hazel! The segment bits are fun. I'm tempted to keep stopping and take photos, certainly looks hilly where you are compared to me.

    Hope you get some time off Guarddog and have a decent break.

    Enjoy tomorrow everyone.

  • Very cold here (hat, gloves, base layer, jacket...) but thankfully no frost on the pavements. I got up early and was out before 6. Ran up to Central London to see the Christmas lights. A bit disappointing that the Regent Street angels were turned off, although I did see them last year so at least I know what they looked like.Most other lights seem to be on. Leicester Square looks lovely and there are some nice trees around. County Hall looks nice with the rainbow lighting too.
    Saw more runners than expected (even early) but hardly any returned my greeting - miserable twats all in their own little world with their headphones on. Whatever happened to being in the moment?
    Anyway, 14 more miles logged. I'm closing in on 2000 and should make it by the end of the year.
    Happy Christmas all.
  • Good 10k JB, like your attitude, shouldn't always (just) be about getting time x.

    Nice early running Cal, hope you are doing ok on your own. Shame about the miserable other runners. Great mileage for the year.

    Feel sorry for those lorry drivers LTT. I read on the BBC that some clubs and volunteers stepped in to provide meals for them. Nice run from you too.

    Out late yesterday on what will likely become one of my standard routes - a 5 mile loop or lozenge around some local woodland. I need a new headtorch and / or new glasses as I was finding it hard to make out the stones in the path.

    Felt more sprightly today than in the last few days, so another 7.x on a down and back up the hill round. Quite a few people out, I nearly collided with a chocolate lab which shot out of a bush in front of me as I was enjoying a downhill bit. Just managed to brake in time. Pleased to be getting my confidence back in the trail shoes I had a bad fall in in August.

    Happy Christmas to all, we had a dusting of snow this morning so I'll count it as a white one.
  • I hope all have had an enjoyable day. We might all be a few pounds heavier.

    H'nut, well we all like a bit of chocolate at Xmas but not if it nearly breaks our legs! That sounds like a challenging workout.

    LTT, Kent looks like a nightmare. A no deal Brexit would have meant that those scenes would be the new normal, perhaps. But not now, we hope

    Cal, London usually looks so fabulous at Xmas. It's a shame when runners don't return a greeting. I can understand it if someone is mazing out for a  PB but otherwise a smile doesn't take too much energy. In my experience women are friendlier than male runners. 

    I too have noticed a dip in temperatures and we had a frost (pretty rare in these parts!). The prom was quite busy at 08.30 with runners and walkers. I did my 5K and was determined to dip under 23 and did so by 12 seconds - a kind of Xmas present to myself. This worked out as a 73.57% AG - my best for around 3 months, but still not as tiring as being beaten up by my 4 year old granddaughter!
  • Glad you had a good run, Hazel...I am always wary of falling over but then I'm managed to do it a fair bit this year.

    At least we have a deal of sorts now, John...
    Well done on your sub-23 - nice one! Also good that you got to see your granddaughter - a lot of people aren't able to see family at the moment.

    I did very little after my run yesterday - mostly eating and TV, really. My Christmas dinner was a chicken breast with pan fried sprouts and red cabbage and some potatoes, and then two thirds of a Christmas pudding meant for four people (sorry not sorry).
    I then remembered I had a bottle of mulled wine so my evening meal was half a bottle of that and a mince pie. :D

    I was intending to do a recovery run this morning and started in the dark hoping to catch some more local lights - unfortuantely a lot of people seem to turn them off when they go to bed but there were a few around. I'd settled on 7 miles as that would take me up to 1990, but 7 turned into 8 and I was still a bit of a way from home so carried on to 9 and then thought, sod it, may as well make it a round 10.
    Legs were mostly fine - a little achey in the bum and hamstrings but actually pretty good considering the fact that I've run five days on the trot and yesterday was 14.
    It was a very slow run, though - 1 hour 53 (which is more or less my HM PB) - I am usually do a 10 mile training run in around 1:45 or so. First miles were almost 12 minute pace - super slow - but I got a little quicker in the second half (still not quick, mind you - fastest mile was 10:39).

    I will likely rest tomorrow, what with it being windy, but I'll see how bored I get.
    I'm 7 miles off 2000 now - might even make 2020 by the end of the year.
  • Cal, 2000+ miles would take me about 4 years worth of running! Seriously: well done.
  • Great wava JB.  Nice pressie to yourself.  

    Nice dinner Cal.  Hand over the last third of that pudding please.  2020 sounds doable in the next days for you.  Slow sounds good if you are running more days on the trot at the moment and a fourteen followed by a 10 is good mileage as well.  Don't want to start 2021 with an injury.  

    I'm on a ridiculous 2600 plus at the moment after 2320 last year.  With streaking since the end of March and no big races to taper and recover from I have well missed my target of not increasing my mileage again as I had planned.  

    6 miles yesterday evening with 10 x efforts.  Around 200m up an incline (wasn't really a hill) concentrating on form.  I had aimed for a minimum of 6 repeats so was pleased with 10.  Met one seemingly slightly drunk elderly gentleman out with his rolled walker thingy who heckled me to run faster.  Hmm.. 
  • H'nut, another runner with a terrific annual mileage! I'm not sure the drunk qualifies for the descriptor of 'gentleman' - other words come to mind!

    Terrific overnight storm down here - a few trees uprooted and fences down but not ours thankfully.

    Celebrated my birthday wit a slow 11km with my training partner. And the sun came out to share the celebrations too.
  • Hi folks! Hope Christmas was pleasant, a bit weird this year for all, but at least I wasn't working.  It was nice in the end with various zoom meet ups with parents/in laws and family time.  

    I did (by my standards) a cracking run today.  Maybe it was a couple of days off work, or my 5000 calorie a day pre-run fuelling, but it went well.

    I've finally sorted my blisters, with a combination of KT blister tape, and some Rymora running compression socks, (great) so that's good! as they really can spoil a run.

    Anyway, wanted to do 10, but felt fresh, so thought I'd make it a half, felt Ok, so threw in a loop to make it 15 miles, in 2:15. Most miles were 8:xx, but the last couple were cool down miles nearer 10.  There was a 1:55ish half in there and a 1:27 10 mile. 15 miles is long way for me!, so pleased with that.  Just hope I can stay injury free and keep chipping away.

    The only spoiler was a small section where I have to run in the road, on a very slight bend.  I tucked myself tight into the hedge, but someone came flying along and missed me by centimetres.  Very, very dodgy.  It was bright sunshine so assume they were updating Facebook/daydreaming.  Will avoid that loop from now on.  

    Happy birthday John, always nice to have a birthday run.  I have an antique barometer in the lounge (for fishing) and to watch it in freefall last not was really something!  I finally settled around 970!  It was a hefty old storm, and meant starting my run about 10:00, instead of earlier, but like you say, it was pleasant afterwards, 9 degrees.  Nice 5k!  Now I have Strava I can finally have a crack at that mile PB.

    That is some mileage Hazlenut! I aim for 100 a month, but lost 3 full months.  Nice repeats!

    That is also awesome mileage Cal!  I'm really going to try and do my runs, (like you) very early as I spend half my runs on the pavement/half in the road (distancing) trying to not give us runners a bad name, today shook me up a bit.  That is a great streak of runs and mileage.

    Stay safe all, re-watching Berlin marathon 19 with a big home-made pie. A good day all round.

  • LTT, that's a very impressive run both in terms of overall distance and 'landmark' times. Where are you in your 'running career'? Are you still hunting for PBs or are you now looking for age grade PBs? I was lucky to discover the 5k distance via Parkruns when I was in my late 50s. Although I'd already been running for 25 years, I'd never done a 5K. I also discovered it was my favourite (i.e. best) distance and so I was clocking PBs at 61. However after that it was a matter of age graded PBs only for me.
  • Ha ha Hazelnut. They're called a rollator - my dad had one after his stroke.
    Fantastic mileage there - I imagine there's a huge amount of elevation, too.

    Happy birthday, John! 5Ks can be brutal but at least they're over with fairly quickly. 10Ks are much worse...almost the same level of effort but for twice as long.

    LTT, that's an excellent run! You thoroughly deserved that pie.

    Took a rest yesterday (walked 3 miles in the morning to clear my head and got hailed on, then another 3 after sunset to see a few more streets' worth of lights). Waited until 11am to go out today due to frost so there were an irritating number of small kids on bikes and scooters on the common and I hit the side streets as soon as I could. Anyway, I banged out the required 7 miles even though legs felt quite heavy, which takes me to the magic 2000. 🎉 I'm going to try and do another 20 by the end of the year but I don't think I'll try and replicate this mileage next year - it's been rather hard on the old bod. Hamstring is still pretty gnarly. I've the Virtual EA 10K tomorrow so hopefully it'll be OK for that, at least.
  • Hi John, I'm 42 and have been running 2 years now, almost to the day.  I played football for many years prior to that, so came to it with passable fitness and was able to run a half decent 5 and 10k off the bat.  My endurance however, was terrible!  

    When I got up to half marathon distance, jogging a 2:15ish half would absolutely wipe me out.  I feel it's taken 2 years to start turning the corner a bit endurance wise, it has seemed to take me a long time, but am just starting to be able to hold a sensible pace over two hours.

    It's daft really, because with the correct training I think I could be a reasonable 5k and 10k runner, but I would love to bag a sensible (4/4.5hr) marathon just once!! I definitely find distance running harder work than some, but have improved a good bit in the last 2 years.

    That is a huge yearly mileage Cal, well done for getting out.  Good luck in your 10k tomorrow, a virtual 10k sounds like it will be tough indeed.
  • Thanks LTT: you've got plenty of time to reach new goals (no pun intended). I've only done 3 marathons in 35 years of 'serious' running and in each of them I've underperformed hopelessly. I try not to let it get to me!

    Cal, good luck with the virtual 10k. As per your observation on this distance I know a couple of really decent runners who absolutely hate 10K. Back in the day, the formula for your predicted 10K time used to be 2x5K+1 minute. Mine is more like 2x5K+3 mins! 
  • Sorry JB, forgot your birthday yesterday - hope you had a nice one around the run too. 25 years and still going strong is a good running career.  Hmm I think I will stick to 10k rather than 5k - my conversion down is pretty rubbish.  

    Good luck with the virtual 10k Cal.    Congrats on the 2000.  If there is a hope of a return to racing then I will likely drop down my mileage as well and go for more quality again.  That is not likely to happen for months yet though (the racing, I should probably do more quality and less mileage anyway).

    Nice chatty posts LTT.  Well done on the 15 miler!  Glad you avoided that collision - please take care.  If you had watched Berlin 2018 I might have trotted past on your screen.  2 years isn't a long time in running terms - lots of time for improvement timewise and for looking into running more maras too.   

    14 miles for me yesterday - first time I've been over the half distance in a few weeks.  It being cold (-1) I didn't take much notice of pace or distance other than registering the km beeps as my watch was well hidden under my sleeve.   Route was basically trot down a long hill, do a short flat loop and then back up the hill with some 400m of descent and climb in total.  All the hills I've been doing since moving seem to be slowly taking effect as they are starting to feel a bit easier and don't leave me too tired the next day.  Not having had too much food pre-run I decided to take a snack - rather than a gel I tucked a few dried apricots in a poly bag and munched those during a short walking break.  Went down very well don't know if I could chew them on the run though.  

    Today's run (4.x miles, recovery) wasn't so great. Started off nicely as we now have a few inches of snow - where the paths / roads have not been cleared currently nice to run on as still soft and powdery.  First incident was a loose dog taking dislike to my person - it didn't bite but I don't think it was far off it.  Certainly some aggressive work with the nose.  The owners were sufficiently apologetic (didn't hear me on the snow) and I didn't make a big thing of it.  Someone less experienced with dogs and the wrong reaction might have got bitten though.    About a km later I was on a badly cleared road with a sloping sharp turn and my feet shot off with no chance of staying upright.  Cue a heavy landing right on my tailbone and a lot of cursing.  Got up and running again though in some discomfort.  Pretty sore this evening to do anything - could be interesting tomorrow.  Just ordered a set of Yaktrax for the woodland roads at least (tend to be an icy nightmare as well).  

    Take care if you do get some of the white stuff.            
  • That sounds nasty, Hazel...hope your tailbone isn't too sore tomorrow. Close call with the dog, too.

    I was going to do my BA vets 10K today but my hamstring was particularly achey yesterday afternoon and I didn't want to risk it. I went out for an easy 7 instead and it wasn't too bad. I don't think I'm in the right mental place for pushing myself at the moment but I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I've until the 31st to log one if I do do it. If I don't, I've only wasted a pound.
  • Nothing much to loose then there Cal. If it isn't simple CNBA and by the sounds of it it isn't then why not just leave it indeed.

    Back is sore today, certain moves do hurt e.g. standing on one leg to pull on some trousers and picking things off the floor. The former is difficult to avoid, it being winter I need clothing and I should drop less in the first place. OH did find the lost juniper berry but I had more anyway.  Lunch stroll with OH felt reasonable so I set off on a tester run a couple of hours later. Cautiously as more snow has fallen. A bit of a thaw has set in so less icy now and the snow was nice and grippy to run on. Initial small loop with bail out option was ok so I added on another in the woods. Got sleeted on for a while. I treated myself to a new headtorch and wore it but was back in time so I didn't actually turn it on. Comfy enough though. 6.4 miles in total. 
  • H'nut, Ouch! Sorry to hear of your fall and consequent aches and pains. I'm a total wimp and simply wouldn't venture out for a run in snow, ice or even frost. We're very lucky here as if there's snow around we get protection from the South Downs. Even a frost (as today) tends not to last too long on the prom.

    Thus I was tempted out today - windless and sunny as it was. I was rewarded with a 10k time that's my best for the year - 48.33. Very pleased with this as I had a little bit left in the tank at the end.
  • Good recovery, Hazel...hope your back is less sore now.
    Excellent going, John - I wish I could say the same.

    I decided I would do the virtual Masters 10K, so I went out just before 10 (allowing frost to melt), ran the three miles down to Battersea Park, then did the three and a half laps that made 10K, then huffed and puffed three miles home again.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, it was awful and I hated every minute of it. The run there was fine so I figured I'd be able to manage a reasonable effort, if not one on a par with recent races. I decided not to look at my watch (other than to check distance) and just go on feel/breathing.
    Hamstring was noticeable but not horrible (I do think it doesn't like the cold, and it was 1 degree) but I also started getting a stitch and I was struggling mentally. I checked my watch during what I thought was the final mile to find it was only 4.5 miles and I had a bit of a sulk after that. Last mile was quite a bit slower than the others.
    I finished in 56:32 which is bad, for me...given I ran just over 50 in January, and even significantly worse than the 53:xx 10Ks I've done this Autumn.
    Garmin suggested my HR was very high (average 171/max 192) which might have been cadence lock, but it definitely felt tough.
    Then I had to pick myself up and run the 3 miles home again (which included a big hill) and for once I was glad I had to stop at roads on the way back as my legs had nothing in them and I did not feel good.

    Anyway, it's done. I now have just one mile left to do tomorrow to bring me up to 2020 miles for 2020. I'll probably just jog around the block or something.
  • Well it's I woke early I dragged my sore butt outside and ran (well, jogged) a mile. I don't think I've ever run such a slow mile that didn't involve a big steep hill, but it was before 6am and I am quite sore and tired.
    Anyway, that is it...2020 miles for 2020. Feet up now. (Aside from grocery shopping, that is).
  • Great way to finish the year JB. Good idea to use the favourable conditions.

    Sorry your 10k didn't go well Cal. Well done though for getting it done, my sort of sulk would have included a DNF. Have a nice rest now you have also bagged the 2020.

    I met up with a guy from my Tuesday group yesterday afternoon for a local round (he drove to mine). With a decent depth of snow, plenty of chatting and absolutely no need to hurry things along we took around 1.15 for somewhere between 6 and 7 miles. Bits of the woods we were running through belong to him so we had the odd stop to admire things. Nice outing.

    Bit of a thaw after that and with less snow/ice to remove from my car I fancied flatter and snow free ground. I don't normally drive just to run though. Finished the year with around 11 miles in just under 1:34.

    All the best for 2021. Let's hope that it is at some point at least better than 2020..

  • Cal, that 10k sounds like a miserable experience. But, taking the positives, 2020 miles in the year is a solid achievement and lays a good base for 2021.

    H'nut, that run in the woods sounds idyllic. I don't think I ever have that sort of run! 

    Well 2021 started well for me - 5k in 22.27 with a 75.41% WAVA.  This was worth the freezing fingers. I might just have posted what will turn out to be my Season's Best for 2021!

    Happy running to all for 2021.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    You're really rather fast, Hazel! The woodland run sounds lovely. No snow down here...though I'm thankful for that as, in London, it quickly turns into slush which then freezes and turns the pavements into an ice rink. No thanks.

    Fantastic start to the year, John - rapid!

    In the absence of parkrun, I decided to enter the notoriously hilly Knacker Cracker (which usually takes place around Box Hill though they'd relocated it across the road to Denbies due to Covid). Unfortunately Tier 4 put paid to that so I decided to go out and do some hills anyway, and took some of my favourite horrible hills in Streatham plus a couple of new ones I'd not done before. Fortunately there was no frost so I didn't have to worry about sliding around, but it was zero degrees. Still, I really enjoyed this run and ended up doing a cheeky half marathon. Seemed like a good way to start the year and burn off some of those Christmas calories.
    Garmin made it 373m of climb (Strava made it 1,333 feet, but it always seems to exagerrate a fair bit) and hamstring wasn't too bad at all. I think hammy dislikes speed more than hills.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I got myself out for a slow 4 mile recovery run this morning. I was quite surprised to see rain when I opened the door but luckily it stopped within the first mile. It was less cold than  yesterday but the rain was making it chilly. I soon warmed up after that.
    Legs aren't too bad but I actually have some minor quad DOMS from running downhill yesterday. I didn't do any steep downhills but there were a few long stretches.
  • Yes, not so cold down here and (thus) loads more folk running today. What with the gyms closed I guess there'll be a mini-running boom. Good stuff.
    Well another 5k for me, partly through Saturday morning habit. Also my running partner has set himself the goal of running a 5k every day in 2021 (I'm not sure why, but it means I'll always have company!). Today he acted as pace marker and took me through in 22.12 with a WAVA of 76.26%. This is a real case of early season form and the temptation is to cash in which might not be entirely sensible............
    Talking of pace-makers, I heard that Joe Wicks took his 5k time down from 21 something to 18 something with the aid of a pace-maker - a bloke called Mo Farah!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Great end to the year and great beginning to this one JB. Nice to have a pacemaker.

    Great mileage to start 2021 Cal. Like the idea of favourite horrible hills.

    Recovery 5 yesterday evening. Went out in the dark and met no-one. Nippy NE wind made my eyes water a bit but I was well wrapped up against the cold. Did three out and backs on reasonable ground, hope my yaktrax turn up soon. 
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