Garmin forerunner 245 music - doesn't work!

ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭
Anyone managed to get Spotify playlists to upload to their watch? Despite setting up WiFi, Bluetooth, latest versions of software on garmin connect, iq, express, I get as far as selecting the playlist I want to transfer and the watch then refuses to connect to WiFi.

Disappointed and from community forums it seems to be depressingly a bit rubbish.

Any tips, or do I just try and return it? Would have been a lovely gift from hubby, but a bit tarnished as it won't do music.


  • Have you tried plugging into a computer and updating it and doing it through the Garmin app on the computer?

    Make sure you're not on a power saving mode where the WiFi turns off. Have all the apps open and plugged in. See if that helps?
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