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    Cal, quick bit of advice on the reflux issue. I'm a sufferer and have been for years and it can (and in my case has) turn rather nasty  if not nipped in the bud. You are wise to be taking early action.

    A 5k time trial for me yesterday to see how much speed I've lost. I was ducking under 22 a couple of weeks ago so yesterday's 24.01 (and how annoying is the 01?) was  disappointing - although about a minute or was down to a brutal wind whipping in off the sea. (Although I much prefer to run in a strong wind than have plough through the underfoot conditions that H'nut has to put up with.)

    Even though I was doing some hard rowing in my down time (and even a couple of PBs) the only way to get fit for running is to run.

    Good running from everyone else!
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    Well done, John.
    A quick peak out of the window just as it was getting light revealed no frost, but I decided to wait a little and when I looked again a little later, the daylight revealed that a puddle on the roof was completely iced over. Oh dear.
    So I decided to wait until midday for my run. It was still very cold but the underfoot conditions were better. Unfortunately, there were also a lot more people out and about which meant I had a bit of dodging to do. 
    I spent the first three miles warming up, but with it being a bit later, I was already quicker (down to longer stride) so they went 10:38/10:08/9:46 before I pushed on to tempo pace. First of the three tempo miles was the quickest at 8:20 due to some gentle downhill, while the other two came in at 8:38 and 8:30. I did an extra .11 so I could use the last bit for my club's weekly virtual 5K which added up to 26:24. Obviously I can do a lot better than that, but it's actually not too bad for where I'm at at the moment, with several niggles and a boatload of stress. So I'll take it.
    I'm thinking I will do a MLR tomorrow rather than a long run - weather looks to be cold and potentially icy again, and my bod definitely needs an easier week.
  • Nice run Cal in dodgy conditions.

    5k on the prom today. By 9.15 it was just about ice free but in one of two places I could feel my foot slipping at full pelt; I was lulled into a false sense of security. Tried a 'fast' 5k as it was windless and emerged with a 22.53 which was respectable. Despite wearing gloves my hands were frozen at the finish which took the gloss off the run rather. Possible snow here forecast for Sunday, but it is so rare that I can't really believe it.
  • Two runs to report.  After my foot being sore after gradually building up my long runs for the last five weeks, this week was to be a cut back week

    Did the 10k I mentioned tuesday, and felt pretty sore, so went out for an easy 3.5 miler thursday.  It felt passable, but not great, but by friday it was feeling like it was improving.

    Wanted a very minimum of half today, if my foot felt reasonable.  When I woke up at daybreak, and it was an absolutely stunning sunrise, unfortunately the weather man had got it right and it was a really very hard frost, everything white as far as I could see.  The forecast said it would go above freezing at 10.

    I made a plan that if I set off at 9 I could run across farmland for an hour, then, hopefully pick up one of my road routes as it thawed.

    Off I went and it was going well, the farmland mud like running on rutted concrete, awkward, but bearable.  My foot felt OK.  At about a mile and a half I had to run across a farmyard and, thoughtlessly, carried on.   I hit some black ice and really did go down like an absolute sack of potatoes.  Ouch.  Fortunately my hands took the brunt and, rarely for me, I was wearing gloves, but I did go down hard on my right knee.  It hurt a fair old bit but I walked a few hundred yards then got going again. 

    Ran, (carefully) to our two big sports fields and did laps on the frozen grass until it thawed and I got on the roads.  Got my half done in a gentle 2:15 but damn I'm sore now, with a big knee-egg.  Annoyed as it was avoidable if I'd hung on an hour or two.  Still, lesson learned the hard way, again! I honestly don't recall a single frost encounter last winter on my first year's running?  Did we not get any? Foot was getting pretty sore by the time I got back, but still pleased it coped with a couple of hours running.  Got an absolutely full-on day at work tomorrow so hope I can get about..

    That's 6 x 10-15 milers in 6 weekends but I really need to get comfortable running further now.

    That is a great hilly run Cal, hope the reflux improves.  Surprisingly, now I've broken the habit, dry January is going easily,  running is definitely the better relaxation tool, (if you stay upright!).  Glad you had better common sense than me today, nice 5k.

    Some great running Hazlenut, that 10 miler did sound hard, and just saw your big training run today on Strava, that is a serious training run! awesome work!  (will not elucidate) I should have invested in some Yaktrax today!

    Glad you're back running again John, decent 5k time, did you get any snow in the end? we got a bit in Kent but it didnt settle.  The thought of hitting sheet ice at full pelt is absolutely terrifying! stay safe.

    Have a good week all, warmer next week at least.

  • Bit behind on posting.

    Take care on the ice - (ouch LTT!).  

    Wise to postpone your tempo effort Cal. 

    Nasty sounding conditions for a first fast outing JB - well done for even attempting it.  I hate trying to run fast against the wind.  Good second go.  Ouch to the hands - I guess that a 5k doesn't give them time enough to warm-up.  You can have some of my snow if you like. 

    Hope your knee is ok LTT and doesn't trouble you too much at work today.  The longer runs will become easier over time.  Well done on dry January.  Had (a bit) too much wine on Saturday evening and felt it on Sunday and was annoyed with myself.  The last glass would have kept fine for a few days in the fridge.

    Couple of easier days on Friday and Saturday - 4.5 recovery on Friday and a 6.4 trot with a pal on Saturday loosened the legs up nicely.  Sunday was MLR day, I did a couple of miles warm-up at steady effort then around 2 at a bit faster than MP (though hard to say what that is these days).  Bit more than a mile a bit slower, then another section at MP.  Tired enough by the end of that so back to steady effort for the remaining 4 miles.  The MP sections felt ok - though I did cheat a bit as it was slightly downhill.  Just short of 14 miles in 1:54:38.  I ran as much as possible in the sun to avoid the ice in the shade, pleasant enough temperatures.  Might be interesting running again the next couple of days as we are back to a thick layer of snow.  Guess I will have to get the yaktrax back out again.    
  • LTT, that sounds horrible. Well done for a) going out and b) getting back in one piece! Hope the knee doesn't give any problem.

    H'nut, I'm afraid my dry January has been conceded: Demon Drink 1, Dry January 0.

    Well the snow never came. We just had rain and I got out for an undulating 30 minute run before it arrived. And today, in nice sunny conditions (when not in the shade), I managed another 30 or so minutes but this time I'd qualify it as a hilly run. For some reason this totally exhausted me, even at a slow (9 min kms) pace. Finding motivation a bit of a struggle right now, and I'll wager that I'm not the only one!

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    LTT, I am super cautious about slipping (lord knows I fall over enough as it is!) so I won't run if it's dicey out there. I opted to do a long (8 mile) walk yesterday for that reason, though I saw plenty of runners out in the snow.

    John, you're lucky to miss the snow. I know some people like it. I am not one of them. 

    I had to do a quick shop this morning so used to do a recce of the pavements. Most were clear but there were icy patches and some big icy bits in gutters. Not ideal. So I didn't go out until midday and then did a very cautious 5 miles. It wasn't bad but there was still a few slippery bits and I walked over any bits I didn't trust. I wasn't feeling awesome despite only walking yesterday - legs felt quite heavy. I think I'm a little run down.
    Got a flu shot this afternoon so not sure how I will feel tomorrow, but regardless, weather looks warmer (if windier) on Wednesday so I should be able to manage a decent MLR with some hills.
  • Seems you were lucky with the snow then JB.  9min/kms over hills sounds not too slow to me.  Agree on the motivation - there are days I have to drag myself out of the door to run.  If I didn't I wouln't likely go out much at all so that helps.  I've given up hopes of racing in the near to mid-term future but am trying to keep myself fit enough that if it does restart I won't need much to get fully race-fit. 

    Hope the flu jab was done Cal and you don't have too sore an arm or feel otherwise dodgy today.  Hills on a windy day seem a decent option - if you have a tailwind uphill maybe.

    5 recovery yesterday afternoon - we had some 20 cm of snow lying around (still is) and I didn't think it would be easy to find suitable ground to run on to keep things down to recovery effort.  Luckily the snowplough had been busy and I found that the first half of one of my standard local loops had been plowed down to compact snow, followed by a decent vehicle track in the snow so I was able to use that (wearing the Yaktrax).  I did turn around and jog back though as it looked like only a few walkers had been out on the second half.    
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    Thanks Hazlenut - I barely felt it and it's not even sore. Well done for getting out in the snow.
    Did today's run at 10:15 to allow frost to melt a bit, but still ran into some ice in a couple of places. I made the mistake of taking a steep path in Streatham (one of my usual hills) as it was clear at the bottom, but then it turned to ice halfway up and I had to tiptoe along the mud at the sides. Not ideal.
    I covered 7 miles but still feel heavy-legged and tired. Sleep's been good and I didn't run Sunday so I'm mystified as to why I feel so leaden footed. I doubt it's the shot as I felt the same yesterday before the shot.
    I still have to make it out for some hills tomorrow as my team's slipped to fourth. I hope I feel a bit perkier on the morning.
  • Cal, good to get the flu jab out of the way. I wonder who long we'll all have to wait for the Covid one? You are putting in some serious running shifts; maybe the underfoot conditions are draining your tank more than you'd expect?

    H'nut. in many ways a bit of down-time (albeit enforced) might re-charge the batteries and the morale? TBH these dark months of winter are never my cup of tea but come  Spring I perk up considerably.

    I've managed 5 runs in 6 days but all of them have been 'grudging'. Rest day for me.

    A blood test for me in the morning (bloke-type health issue!). 
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    Maybe, John - I think the fact you have to be constantly on your guard for slippy bits makes the run more mentally tiring. Thankfully a slightly warmer day with rain last night took care of that.

    I felt a fair bit better than yesterday so I went ahead with my plan for a hilly MLR. I did quite a few of my "favourites" plus a couple of new ones and managed 15 miles myself. Mostly at a very slow pace (I had a tight chest yesterday - possibly due to breathing cold air but might've been a reaction to my flu shot) so I wasn't going to attempt any sprints. But I did do the last two miles at close to 10 minute pace as they were flat/slight downhill and I was keen to get back and eat.
    Niggles were there but not bad, and aside from puking in my mouth at one point (bile...lovely) it went pretty well. 
    I'll need a rest tomorrow, I think.
  • Fingers crossed for the blood test results JB.  I'm also looking forward to spring but I hope it won't be a straight to 30 degrees one.  During winter I try to remind myself how much I hate running in the heat - helps a bit to cope with the cold weather.  I don't actually mind cold - just fed up with the snow and ice.

    Well done on the 15 Cal.  I guess unfuelled then?  Maybe having something in your stomach could even help with the puking?  Have a good rest day.

    Unusual CNBA yesterday.  I had hoped for a hill intervals session.  I was expecting it to be wet and windy but a layer of sometimes slimy snow on my intended hill put an end to those hopes.  Out late anyway so I just plodded a few laps around my village recovery style for a bit more than 3 miles.  Wearing the Yaktrax was a bit of a pain but likely necessary in places, in the section of unbroken snow I kept getting balls of snow under my heels - felt like running in high heels.   Hoping the rain will clear the ground a bit but it is likely to stay windy until the weekend at least.  
  • Caught up on the hill intervals yesterday.  Windy weather - gave me a nice tailwind up the hill though!  Downpour for part of the day had at least cleared the snow - it was nice to be able to run on smooth tarmac and Yaktraxx free again.

    2 loops of the village as a warm-up to check out conditions.  Each loop is a bit more than a mile and features around 22m of up and down.  Then 10 x hill efforts.  6 x longer and 4 x shorter at a higher effort.  The longer ones are about 400m long and the shorter about 200m.  Tough but enjoyable little session - think I got the effort around about right as the legs and lungs were suffering at the end of each rep but the return jog was enough to give me a chance to recover for the next one.  Not a very steep hill but enough of a gradient to make tempo to 10k pace feel quite a lot harder.   

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭ doesn't make much difference, really. I've felt pretty uncomfortable on runs even three hours after eating so it's something I have to be careful with. And it doesn't always happen (I did today's run(s) unfuelled and had no issues.

    9 miles today broken into three runs with a short rest between each: a warm-up with a hill; a 5K around an undulating road loop (I was aiming for Kenyan hills but failed to keep the same pace up the hill so never mind...) almost similar to what you did, Hazel, but the loop is 0.59 miles and around 7% on the uphill part. Did this in 27:59.... and then the run home which was a mix of recovery with bursts of speed.

    A little discomfort high up in the old achilles so going to have to watch that. I have been running a lot more hills lately due to this challenge, so will drop the mountaineering for a bit once the challenge ends on Feb 3rd. 

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    Managed  8k and 7k runs on Thurs and Friday. The 8k was meant to be a 10k in sub 50 but the wind battered me so much that I threw in the towel. The 7k was a morale booster after the failed 10k. This was a sub 34 in similar conditions.

    Tomorrow will try to do the 10k and conquer the demons....
  • Nice training mix there Cal. Hills could well annoy your achilles. Do you keep an eye on your form especially when you're getting tired?

    10 is a long way at speed if you aren't enjoying it JB, don't blame you for not seeing it through. Good luck with your attempt tomorrow, hopefully with less wind.

    Wind was very present here yesterday, decided to stay out of the woods therefore and ran a make it up as I went along in the open. 11.4 miles without ever being much more than a mile from home. Plotting my moves kept me nicely distracted from the fact it was sometimes quite hard to move at a reasonable pace from A to B.

    Today 6.x on a new route. Naughtily drove a couple of miles to the start, in decent weather I might have cycled. 4 degrees and rain isn't nice though. Navigated my way around via the signed footpaths over a few undulations. The worst was an uphill boggy field track, got pretty plastered. Route has plenty of potential for extra bits, might go further tomorrow.

    Have a good Sunday..
  • H'nut, It sounds as if you have a fair number of idyllic, rural. running options nearby. I have a vision of you running to the sound-track from The Sound of Music!

    My options are rather limited. Boring suburban housing estates, some rather over-used rural footpaths or the flat, smooth, straight and wide pleasure of the prom. I chose the latter as did a very large number of fellow runners today, even though we had a variation on the strong westerly wind in the shape of a cold, strong easterly!

    No matter: 10K in 49.43 and job done. Demon slayed, but still much room for improvement; I should be aiming around the 46/47 mark - but I'll save that for the Spring.

  • Hi folks, some awesome running, well done everyone!

    Three runs to report, but this week was a light week for sure.

    This was due to three things really, being a bit sore from 6 long runs in 6 weekends (which I apparently is my limit), sore from my fall in the ice last weekend, and had my Covid vaccine shot friday night which really made me feel pretty tired over the weekend.

    I did three runs this week instead of four.  Tuesday's run was 5.1, thursday 4.4, and sunday's run 7.1 (but a bit quicker, mostly 8:30ish miles)

    Felt weird not doing a long sunday run, but the plan is to have a week off from a half marathon-ish one and do a long one next sunday.

    My Nike Infinity runs are up to 394 miles and are starting to feel a bit flat now, so may need to change them up soon, (got another pair for Christmas) although some people take them much higher, maybe it's me who is flat?.  Hopefully my mojo will be back next week.

    Great training week Hazelnut, good mix of running and some good long runs, glad you got out of the Yaktrax.

    Another solid week running Cal, glad the flu jab was painless, hope the achilles is OK!

    Glad you got the sub 50 10k John.  It is same for me, nowhere inspirational for me to run here, and I've done every route so many times.  On two recent(ish) holidays I was able to run through the Wye valley and forest of Dean, and the Cornish Coast path, I'd do anything to run somewhere like that now.

    Have  a good week folks! At least tomorrow is february and the daylight returns a bit.

  • Not quite The Sound of Music JB but yes, pretty rural.  Fields, woods, hamlets, villages sort of stuff.  Certainly lucky in that respect.  I come from south of Northampton originally - my home village used to have fields, woods etc around it too but nowadays is just one huge housing estate.  Wouldn't mind your prom (unless it is very windy).  Any fish and chips around?  (in better times at least).  Well done on the 10k.  You might need a couple of easy runs after that. 

    Good news you have got your Covid shot already LTT.  Unlikely it will be for a long time yet for me the way things are going.  Good thing you put in a shorter week.  394 miles for a pair of shoes doesn't sound very much but I don't know the model.  Good point about the daylight - noticeably lighter in the evenings already.

    Another bit of route exploring yesterday - 15.4 miles in 2:21.  Started off from home this time meaning a trot down a long hill (keeping in my mind I would have to go back up it again).  Then on to a couple of villages I am familiar with so no need for navigation.  After about 4 miles a brief stop for planning and a mini Bounty bar (who needs gels..).  I was carrying water, a couple of snacks and my phone for map purposes.  Next bit was unfamiliar including a dip through a swampy wooded section, some tarmac and a footpath across a field - slightly less swampy than Saturday's were.  Joined a cycle route I had used in the summer for a long tour around the city meeting a group of people out lama treking (scattered a couple of lamas in the process but the walker held on tight enough).  Back to the village I trotted to on Saturday for the long haul back up the hill.  I had sensibly kept the effort / pace down in order to have enough beans for this and a mini Milky Way at the beginning helped as fuel.  It was only the steep bits that really reduced me to a crawl so I was pretty happy with that.  More than 400m of climbing overall apparently.  Plenty of people out wandering around but well scattered over the whole route.  Bit of a grey dull day so likely not many drove elsewhere.  It being around 7 degrees I was brave enough to get out the capri tights - good choice, bit cool in the single LS top though - carrying a rucksack kept my back warm but I did think about putting on the lightweight vest I was carrying in it a few times.  Good to get back feeling not too tired.

    Have a good week all indeed.

  • H'nut, that sounds more like an adventure than a run! It comes straight out of the SAS training manual: can you do it in full body armour the next time?! Awesome stuff: full respect!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazel, I've been known to shout at myself to pick my damned feet up.  :D
    Great running there - and top exploring. I rather like llamas.

    Linton, my Epics are closing in on 1000 miles! Strava keeps sending me nagging emails to change them. You should be able to get another 300 miles out of your shoes but maybe keep them for shorter runs and use a fresh pair for your longer runs.

    John, congrats on the sub-50!

    I took a deliberate rest on Saturday (rainy and I wanted fresh legs for my Sunday long run) but when I woke up yesterday I felt groggy and awful. I settled on a 6.5 mile walk instead. But I managed to crank out a hilly (over 2000 ft/616m of climb) 18 miler this morning. Body is not happy but the challenge ends on Wednesday so I can do some lovely flat runs after that and maybe work on speed a bit. Today's run was very slow, but that's OK as the goal was elevation.
  • Made me laugh JB.  New route = don't know where water supplies might be and how long it will actually take so I go prepared.  I did think on route that I hadn't got any money or my public transport card with me if I should need it. 

    I like llamas too Cal.  Massive run yesterday.  Don't overdo it on the last couple of days of that challenge. 

    Recovery 4 and a bit yesterday evening.  Wet and gloomy and I had the woods to myself in the half-dark which suited me fine.  I could finally run one of my standard loops again now that the ice has more or less gone.  Just a few patches needing care.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Ha ha I won't. A slow, ploddy 4 mile recovery for me too. I was considering not running at all today, but since I didn't run Saturday or Sunday, I thought I'd see how it went. And it wasn't bad, aside from getting wet feet from a few unavoidable puddles on the common. My soleus was sore when I mashed a roller into it before I went out but it was OK on the run - I think it's really just overcooked from all the hills.
  • Cal, I think those hills would just about finish me off with my knee and Achilles. Not to mention the distance. Whoever designed that challenge must have a little bit of the sadist in him/her.

    I've bored you before on my cemetery track run (250 metre circular) and how the Garmin registers 5k when it's clearly 100 or so metre short. Cal gave me a very clear explanation of how this can happen. So today, I did it again, Again it registered 5K and this time it really was 5K - i.e. I finished 100 metres further on than usual.

    Maybe the satellite took pity on me. The good news is that this gave m an SB of 22.04 (WAVA 76.72%). I was pleased with this as there was a buffeting cross-wind. And with it being 20 laps it means there are 80 'corners' (OK, bends).
  • Not boring at all JB - it's a running forum after all.  That's a great Wava and time - well done.  Think I would get dizzy with all those laps. 

    Gentle trot of a bit under 6 miles in 59:17 with a guy from my more or less abandoned Tuesday group.  He came over my way so I had the responsibility of dreaming up a suitable route.  It being a wet, windy and dark evening I decided it would be prudent to stay off the harder trails (slippery roots) and stick to more civilized tracks.  I think he was happy with my choice - minor jog around my village then a loop in the woods.  We kept the pace low so that plenty of chatting could take place and hardly noticed the not so grand weather conditions.  It was pleasantly mild anyway.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Oh I rather like hills, John - or at least the challenge. Maybe not so much when I'm puffing up a steep one, but getting up it is rewarding.
    Excellent time and WAVA there. I think I've only got above 70 a couple of times. 
    Nice to have a chatty run, Hazel - I do all my runs solo unless I'm racing.
    Well, the recovery run did the trick. I got myself out at 6.30am and knocked out a 12 mile run with over 400m of climb. I did what I said I do, which was heading over to the far side of Streatham Common and doing reps of Norbury Hill. Normally I go up the steeper and harder Gibson's Hill then down Norbury, but I did the reverse today. There's a short 10% bit just before you turn into Norbury but Norbury Hill itself is 6-7% for the mostpart, so it's easier on the calves. It also gave me chance to practise my downhill technique on Gibson's - first downhill was very tentative (it was barely light at that point, mind) but I got quicker with each lap.
    I still had some energy on the way home, which is net downhill, so the last couple of miles were sub-10s. Yeah, I really enjoyed that run.
  • Good way to finish the challenge Cal.  Have you worked out how much climbing you did in total?  Good idea to practice the downs as well as the ups.

    Speed work for me yesterday once I had kicked myself out of the door.  Another wet and potentially windy day didn't look at all inviting.  I drove down to my standard flat route for speedwork and it was at least less breezy there. Bit more than 2 miles warm-up with a couple of pace pickups.  Then 2 x 2 miles (ish - GPS measured) with around 2 mins recovery between the two reps at LT pace and another 2 and a bit miles back to the car.  I was expecting the speed bit to be hard work and it was but not too hard.  Getting more confident about such runs again but I need to do them on a regular basis and look to run the whole 4 in one go.  Rain didn't bother me too much - I don't think I have ever seen the fields so wet - they won't absorb another drop I think.  My cap did get on my nerves a bit though and I ended up flinging it into a minor puddle to be collected on the way back.  Quiet stretch so not much danger of it disappearing before hand.  Capris also kept sliding down a bit which I could have done without but I decided to keep those on. ;)
  • Hi folks, hope you're having a good week.

    Definitely have a little bit more bounce in the legs after halving my sunday long run to 7 miles.  Will be sure to do a cut back week more often, I guess I can't manage one every week indefinitely.

    Last night a 6.1 mile road loop, nice and easy. found one runner who was hands on knees, having real trouble breathing, but just said he was out of practice, and was OK.  Also a serious looking cyclist repairing a puncture, (also Ok).

    With a shorter sunday run I felt OK to run the next night too, result!  I finished work a bit earlier than normal and got home and it was still light.  I've discovered this awesome app called (possibly of interest to you guys) that helps find local trail routes, and off I set. Plenty of new exciting routes to try.

    Like you say Hazlenut, the ground was so wet and flooded. Huge lake-puddles and ankle deep mud. I actually really enjoyed it! I can really feel different muscle groups in my ankles working over that terrain. 

    That hill challenge sound hard work but rewarding Cal, well done, Do you find your knees hurt when you run downhill fast? I do, but have limited exposure to steep hills.  I know you're meant to attack them rather than break stride. More practice needed! An 18 miler is epic! Hope I can get there soonish. 

    Good range of running Hazlenut, like the speedwork.  I think your running has inspired me a bit to find some off-road loops, regardless of mud, they're just better! It's tricky round here but possible.

    Great 5k John.  In simpler times when I did my Thursday night run, a football team would always practice on the town school's 3G pitch. There's a cracking running track next to it  and I always wondered if I asked if they'd let me train there Thursday night, while they played. (I have DBS check). Would've been awesome!

    Have a great week all.

  • Glad you are feeling the benefits of a cut-back LTT.  Sounds a bit dodgy with that other runner - good on you to check on him - he must have very much been overdoing it to be in that state.  Good news you are discovering the trails - don't worry about any drop in pace and enjoy.  Running well downhill isn't easy - I'm not good at it but I don't have knee issues rather I get serious quads and butt DOMs if I race them.

    10 miles yesterday afternoon - I started work late but took a break to run in daylight in the afternoon and went back to my PC later on.  Lumpy route but got round it mostly ok considering Wednesday's speed work.  I did inconviently get suddenly rather hungry at the bottom of the long hill home at around 7 miles.  Managed to keep going though - good thing as it got me home to food quicker than if I had given up and walked at some point.  Second day out in capri tights but will likely need the long leggings again next week. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazel - 5,153m (runs and walks). That was just under a third of my team's total. Nice speed session.

    Linton - I've had knee pain from running down hill in the past, but not currently. The steeper the slope, the slower I go but I'm still developing my technique (and confidence). I've found if I take itty bitty steps and kind of S-curve on the way down steeper slopes, it helps.
    We all need cut-back weeks, not just for freshness but to avoid injury. 

    I had today earmarked as a speed session so decided to go back to my local flat road triangle for a 5K time trial. Legs felt OK on the 2 mile warm-up, even though it was still quite early, but the 5K was rather disappointing - 26:39. That's a whole two minutes slower than I was doing last summer and even if you factor in residual fatigue from my runs earlier in the week and early morning stiffness, it's pretty poor. I was hoping to be under 26 at the very least. I did another mile to cool down afterwards.

    It was/is mild here - sun out now, although it was only just getting light when I went out this morning. It will be cold again from Sunday - I hope that doesn't mean more ice and snow but it's a distinct possibility so I'm probably going to do my long run tomorrow instead of Sunday.
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