Leeds half marathon training?

Please move this to another forum if I haven't posted in the right place. 

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice . I signed up for Leeds half before everything fell apart but since then I got injured I'm back up to running 5k but am wondering if it will be possible in 8 weeks to run Leeds half.

My only thought is completing the race I am not concerned about time.

Also I'm worried because I haven't received a race pack yet anyone have any idea when they are normally sent out? Aware not a lot is normal ATM.

Getting in touch with run for all is difficult as I'm assuming most are furloughed.



    Is it actually going ahead in May? I was thinking about participating but I've no idea if it's going ahead.

    To be honest, it's going to be difficult to go from 3 miles to 13 miles in 8 weeks without getting injured. You'd need to forgo a lot of standard good practice, up your long run by at least a mile a week and hope your body stands up to the increase.
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