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Am starting at the green start next Sunday (yikes that feels so near now!!), and so have been 'directed' to maze hill station. Have stayed in London the last couple of years so have hopped on the tube, but am now living in Sunbury, and the train journey looks a bit of a nightmare!! Has anyone had experience of driving and parking at a slightly nearer station and then getting the train for the last bit of the journey?
Good luck to one and all on 23rd!! xx


  • All the mainline rail stations are reachable from London Bridge and to be honest if you can get to central London ok I would use public transport. The nearest you would probably get with some reasonable chance of parking is probably Lewisham (South circular to Catford then follow the signs), from there it is only a couple of stops to Maze Hill or one stop to Blackheath which is for the Blue start but is actually not far from the Green start - of course you have to retrieve your car afterwards.Alternatively tube it to central London and the maybe use the DLR to Lewisham - methinks overland train might be easier........
    Best of luck next week
  • Emma, if you're in Sunbury, but think the 1st train up to waterloo is too late (I havne't checked) drive to Hounslow or Osterley and take the tube from there, taking advantage of the free travel. 1st tube on a sunday is just after 6am, so that should be early enough!
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    Have tried to put'Maze Hill' into the TfL jouney planer and it then gives me 3 options to choose from. Think I might stick to Greenwich!
  • Have a look in your final instruction magazine and that lists all the marathon special train times. For most people the best advice is get yourself to Charing Cross in plenty of time, and know where you want to get to the rest happens by itself!
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    Why the hell are you showing people how to travel when there is a world pandemic going on? Also, what’s this got to do with running?
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    Hit the flag button at the bottom of the post Ali, it's a free promotion attempt. 5 flags and it gets deleted. 
  • It is definitely workable today!
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