P&D Spring Marathon 2021



  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Fair do's jools, its a juggle at times. Back to back mlr is good stuff anyway.

    Frosty here today ! 2m easy, 8m av 6.49, all miles between 6.46 and 6.51 so that meant that the effort dropped after the earlier lumpy miles, although im happy with that as the plan was to run some controlled  approx 6.4Xs and not 8m as hard as possible.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    TR...You know you are tapering when your MLR becomes an 8 miler :lol: That is a lovely 10 miler this morning, esp the 8 miles at a decent lick and keeping the effort at a good level.

    Macca...Agreed, i'm trying to balance loosing a few lbs with not overdoing it and running out of "energy/fuel" this close to the race. Good work keeping the fly 5k streak alive, that is good commitment. Easy week is well justified. Hope you find something to enter in the next few weeks, always nice to smash the rest of the marathon block gains over the shorter stuff post race.

    Jools...Life sometimes gets in the way, 13.5 hilly miles is a good compromise for the long run though, esp backing it up with a half mara distance.

    10 miles with 10x100 strides this morning, legs felt good, and the heart rate was way down so all good signs the taper is taking effect i suppose.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hey guys! Hey folks! As you know I've been benched with a flare up of the old proximal hamstring tendinopathy so decided to take a complete break (unfortunately that has resulted in a few extra pounds, which I only found out this morning as I've stayed off the scales as well as off the forums) but hey. I'm making a cautious return and have managed to Jeff a couple of 5Ks. Sunday's was one minute run/one minute walk and today I did two minutes run/one minute walk. I can feel the hammy but it's pretty mild compared to how it has been so I think I'll be able to continue my return as long as I'm cautious.
    I had to can my spring marathons (deferred MK and managed to sell my Richmond place) but I've some races in the summer, mostly ones that have been postponed. My first goal is to get back to some kind of form in time for parkrun's return.
    I should add that my big gaming rig arrived last weekend so I've been enjoying playing Planet Coaster (a theme park building game, so basically it combines my two non-running passions of gaming and coasters). Fortunately sitting on my bum is now fine - it was extremely uncomfortable when the tendon was at its worst so I had to resort to sitting on a pillow!

    Good luck to all of you with upcoming marathons.
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    Won’t do another 20, Jools, but will put in some sort of solid shift tomorrow. Interesting to look back at training logs of previous marathons. I followed a plan before last year’s (cancelled, then solo) marathon. But sacked off the last week and a half when panicking we would go into a full on lockdown. Didn’t seem to affect things in a huge way. So may gamble with a much shorter taper this time. If it’s ok with you, I think 34 minutes suits me best. But certainly keen for a chinwag before and after. And maybe some abuse as you overtake me later on 😆. Really impressed with your long run with floats. 

    John - suspect there will be quite a few going for sub 3. Well, as a proportion of the not huge field, at least. Haven’t done a road race during COVID, so intrigued to see how the groupings pan out. Really hope to jump into a group. Very impressed with your 10k so soon after Six Foot Track. Good marshalling as well that man! Can’t believe you had 5000 runners at Canberra - a different world. And you saw the true big dog of IRP! Super result for you. Your fitness is really strong and shows how well training for a trail race can work. 

    Hamo - I think that run was well chosen. Great for the confidence with a super TT and then MP pair of blocks. Cotton wool time. 

    Some lovely sub 3 miles there, TR. 

    Great to hear you are slowly getting back out there, Cal. Fingers crossed for continued improvements. 

    Just reinstalled Notes on my phone, having instead used Evernote for a couple of years. Tired of the lag when opening Evernote. Anyway, one of the more recent notes was a ‘ten positives to take into Abingdon 2018’. God I’m keen 😆. Actually quite daunting looking at it, with highlights including: 

    1. Massive mileage: 15 70M+ weeks. 6 80M+ weeks. Peaking at 87M. 
    2. 13 20M+ runs. Including 2 x 24 and one 23. 

    After Wednesday’s big 24.5M session, it seemed sensible to have a few days easy before a 5k hit out. Probably went one day too soon, and made quite a rushed decision to do it late on Sunday afternoon, but a slot opened up. 18:40 or so, which is reasonable completely solo. Might have another go in a week, 5-7 days before Shepperdine. 

    And for the first time since mid-December, today was a zero 😱. Lots of family stuff, including a fun and sunny afternoon in the forest. 

    Planning on a significant chunk at MP effort tomorrow. 

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Hi Cal. Seems like you’ve been out quite a while now. Glad things are coming back & that you’re not rushing it.
    That’s a decent bit of sub3 effort TR.
    SQ wise move - I figure you’ll go sub 3 if you pace it evenly & therefore 34 is what you need to start at. Solid 5K so soon after the big LR. I was pretty smoked after mine for days. 
    Agreed that looking back at training diaries can throw up some surprises. I checked out my pre 2016 PB & pre solo fortnights. 
    Brighton 16 went:
    2x7M (1st easy, 2nd 2x5K tempo), 7M easy, 10K including a 5K race, [email protected], hilly 10K, 10K inc a raced parkrun, 72 mile hilly bike followed by a [email protected] = [email protected]:30 ave
    50’ swim, 10K TM tempo + 2M track tempo + club session of 8x500m(!!), 10K GA, 7M easy+40’ swim, rest, MP parkrun = [email protected]:30 ave
    Last year’s solo was [email protected] in 6 days of running with a day’s biking thrown in too then [email protected]:55in the final 6 days!
    Both of those build-ups seem crazy but each produced amongst my best marathons!
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Cal...Good to hear from you, and even better that things are progressing for you a bit. Good work on the walk/running, ease back into it slowly, and never mind the few lbs, they'll fall off no bother when you are motoring properly again. At least you got your spring marathons changed/sold so you weren't out in the pocket. When does parkrun start back?

    SQ...Nice 5k TT, quick time solo off the back of a 24.5 mile long run. Sounds like a lovely way to record a zero, which will do you more good than harm, mentally and physically. 

    Jools...Agreed, looking back over former blocks/plans can throw up some surprises alright.

    6 and 4 mile recovery runs for me today, this mornings 6 in very dense fog. I have a 13 mile "LR" on Sunday, and i am mulling over throwing in a bit of MP in there (maybe 2x5k), but not sure if it is sensible, or just me being a bit stupid and doing it for the sake of it, so open for opinions?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Cal - good to see you.

    SQ - you defo seem in good shape, the 5k focus with the endurance top up is an interestinh comparison with that Abo campaign, but its comparing an apple with an orange really. As jools said i think you can sub3 if you pace ot well. 1.28.30 at half way is supposed to give the best chance of conversiom.

    Jools - is that the final 2 weeks ?

    Hamo - 12m inc 6m mp here Saturday. Some folks advise on racing a 10k a week out, eso the old school.

    5m easy home later is todays plan.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    TR Yeah, that’s the 13 days leading up to race day.
    Legs are feeling yesterday’s track session this morning.
    Planning on doing an easy bike ride to take advantage of the sunshine but definitely not 4.5 hrs & 72 miles + 3,600ft 😆 Then probably a 4-5 mile easy run afterwards.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Jools - seems a lot looking back, but ive run well at times off minimal tapering, in training for Sept 1/2IM i did a big week of all 3 sports that ended with 3hrs as hard as poss on the bike Saturday, and then ran 1.22 at IoW 1/2 the next day which was hot and hilly...........the best thing about lockdown has been its meant youve done a solid block of training only, as all your non stop racing ruins some of your big races, if you go well next week the id consider a similar approach for Brighton, you could sub3 this year.

    5m easy
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Jools - it’s great reading back over training diaries isn’t it. Perspective and lessons to learn, but also fun to relive things. 

    Hamo - I don’t think 6M at MP a week out would kill you. Definitely go on feel though to keep a lid on it. 

    TR interesting that 1:28:30 is recommended - where is that from? Makes pretty good sense. Although I reckon for me it would be closer to an even split assuming a perfect course. 

    So, the world didn’t fall in with a rest day and felt quite refreshed today. Who’d have thought?!

    Had a long booked in kid free few hours today. Took the little one swimming at 8am and then dropped him off at his grandparents for the day. Fully psyched up, I took a caffeine high 5 tablet, donned a pretty fresh pair of 4% and headed off of a planned 16-17M with a good chunk at MP effort. Feeing good! 

    15 minutes in - got a call to say he’d cut his head. Another trip to MIU for glue and zero chance of a properly relaxing day. I looked a bit of a weapon in some bright running clothing and one high viz calf sleeve 😆. 

    So an unexpected double: 4M total after the abort and then got out again at midday. 

    Still felt good so after a mile warm up, headed into what is probably just harder the MP effort. Saw a few 6:30s on the clock, but with a downhill tailwind first half. Kept it going pretty well, only slipping to a little over 7s with the return bite. Settled on a half marathon at this effort which was about 1:27. 15M at 6:48 average total.

    Good confidence booster before the race. Conscious that I pulled out most of the tricks today though so unlikely to be any extra in the bag on race day - cheaty shoes, carbs, caffeine, a rest day. But st least my body is again familiar with a sub seven minute mile. 

    So 19 for the day, which is probably a bit punchy 10 days out, but it felt good. The little lad is being a trooper. Definitely feel quite sexist being much less worried about a scar on his head than his sisters’. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SQ - ouch ! He is obviously ok though as you got out agsin.........cracking run, your 1.27 matches mine from last weekend and i see that as approx mp ( i defo cant see myself being able to run quicker than mp over 13m in training), i think you'll be ok doing that 12 days out as you are not tapering from high fatigue, and to be fair you could have run 6m easy today instead and then still balls up a the taper in the next 10 days.......cant remember where that 1.28.30 comes from, but its the best chance of conversion apparantly, as most folks tighten up and slow a bit........ive run a 2.54 with a small -ve split before and it felt like i was trying twice as hard later on, most borderline sub3 ers wont be able to push that hard...........sounds like you're in with a shot for sure, if you can keep the wheels on in the late stages.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    TR...Noted, thanks, i am veering towards a bit of MP on Sunday, but will depend on how the legs feel, they where quite heavy this morning (hoping it's just joys of the taper). Nice easy 5 miler.

    Jools...Sensible not recreating the tour de France on the bike when in taper :lol: , and keeping the running easy.

    SQ...Cheers for that advice, and i agree, i will run it (or decide not too) completely on feel and how my legs are feeling, still not got the freshness back into them just yet i don't think, so don't want to overdo it. Glad that the rest day has freshened you up, bad news about the wee fella though, hope he is being pampered, spoilt and feeling a lot better? That was a brilliant run after a stressful enough day, bound to have boosted the confidence, sub 3 is most definitely on, trick or no tricks. 

    Last Vo2 rep session of the plan this morning for me. Headed to the tow path for 3 x a mile (off 3 mins) in an overall 9 mile run. I am very happy with the splits (5:02, 5:01, 5:02), but not the effort, everything just felt a bit too laboured and just like too much hard work. But still a good session, in the right area and it's done now...just glad i am racing a marathon and not a 5k in a weeks time though :lol:

    Decided after that, that i needed a reminisce/confidence boost (also bored in work :flushed:  :lol:). So inspired by Jools and SQ (and Macca's stats before Dorney) I went hunting on strava/through my running diary... In the 6 months (exactly) from my last marathon i ran, i have totaled 2155 mile, avg 82.89 mile weeks at 6:56.8 min miling. These included 2x 100+ mile weeks back to back, and 5x 110+ mile weeks back to back. 19x MLRs (13-15 mile), 7x "short long runs" (16-19 mile), and 17x long runs (20-28 mile), so basically a MLR and a LR run every week for 23 weeks, excusing the taper. Also, I have ran a total of 138.25 miles at MP (not including Sunday or the 2 miles i am doing race week obviously) which averaged 5.44 min miling. I am more than happy, and a bit more than surprised with that, esp given the few mental/commitment wobbles that i had over Christmas/February time this year, and how i convinced myself my MP efforts where a bit shit at the turn of the year/start of this specific block :flushed: ...just have to hope it works and pays off now :lol:
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Hamo - my legs have felt rotten, m taking that as the taper kicking in. Top bombing on the mile reps. Good to look back on those stats, youve put in a right shift  and deserve to gell well. Hopefully the high quality field helps you with groups to run in.........you prompted me to look back too, ive run less times, less miles, less short tempo runs and less 3 min reps, but i have done an 8 to 13m block of 6.5X or better around 8 times in a long run, so we'll see how that benefits me. Ive done the medium and long runs, lots of the long runs as +10% or quicker, so im happy ill be strong. And strong is the name of the game.

    5m easy today, 7 tomorrow then 12 or 13m inc mp saturday.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    OK so obviously I'm not doing a spring marathon this year...will there be a new thread for Autumn at some point? 
    Good luck TR...beware the Taper Tantrums.
    SQ, good he's OK. You always have to be wary of head bumps but I guess he's fine eh? 

    I managed to Jeff 4 miles today - 3 mins run/1 walk. No ill effects although right groin is a bit grouchy which I think is from the gym rather than running. Or probably a lot of sitting. I have been playing games rather a lot.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    More progress Cal 👍 There’ll be an Autumn thread along shortly. End of May?
    Flying along SQ. Well done getting out again after dad duties. Sub 3 looks likely I’d say.
    Blimey Hamo, that’s some build-up! Nice mile times but if it felt laboured I’d take that as a warning to go easy. There’s very little gains to be made now other than by arriving at race day fresh & hungry.
    I did 40M on the bike yesterday then ran 4.7M on trails around an Iron Age hill fort. Legs were creaky & pace was awful but they were going fine by the end. When I uploaded the run I was amazed to find I’d climbed almost 1000’! Didn’t feel so bad about the pace then either😆
    I also did 3x1M off 0.5M float today after a 4M wu. Paces were a bit irrelevant due to the route which was a 5K [email protected]% then a similar DH for 0.4M before some gentle undulations to the turnaround point. This meant the 1st mile included the undulations & a decent climb in the 2nd half but the rest of the workout benefited from the favourable gradient: 6:56/6:03/5:57 & 7:03 floats FWIW.
    6 or 7 with strides tomorrow, IIRC. 
    Definitely no MP for me this weekend though.
  • Lots of positive sessions being posted.

    Cal - good to read you seem to be on the road to recovery.  After running, I think sitting on my arse is my favourite pastime - gutted  if I couldn’t do that pain free.  

    Hamo - fwiw I just write off the last week as 7 days of feeling rubbish so other than the dress rehearsal of [email protected] I wouldn’t go near MP just from a “I don’t need to remind myself how hard it will be for 26m”. That’s an impressive training block and deserves a return, remind yourself of that when it starts to get hard.

    SQ - hope little un is ok.  Great MP run, definitely a confidence boost.  You might have pulled out all the tricks (beet it ?) but you’ve the knowledge of having been there before and know what to do.

    Jools - I agree with TR, the lack of racing might have done you good,  Coupled with that strong LR a few days ago I’d be tempted to put yourself in with a shout of PB/sub 3. Sensible to take it sensibly.

    TR - if I had a pound for every +10% run you posted when I thought, blimey, I couldn’t have run that today, then I’d have enough money for a few pints(Greater London prices) - there’s some quality sessions in those legs.  Someone flagged up windy.com before Dorney and it was quite accurate, maybe a period of settled
    weather and they lucked out.

    Fancied a change from plodding so did 3x1m - 2 miles into the wind, slightly uphill and 1 in the opposite direction, got that the wrong way round.  Sensibly also bumped a race into 2022, only leaves about 700 miles of racing this year.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Cal - im sure the sitting dorsnt help, ive had to sit a lot lately and have tights tops of hanmies/butt.

    Jools - good sharpening up there, rounding into good shape. 

    Macca - i once ruined a campaign by chasing long run paces,  and could feel myself doing it again i was was getting too quivk on the 10% stuff in Feb and smoking myself, so sat up for a few time on feet long runs in march, but as you say ive put some good long efforts in. Cheers for the windy.com tip wasnt aware of that. To be fair it cant be any worse than in Sept as that was 40mph and from the worse possible direction.........

    Another 5m easy, was going to be 7, but i was a bit pushed for time and i dont need to be chasing miles.
  • JohnOzJohnOz ✭✭✭
    SQ - nope it’s not too bad for the little guy. Fingers crossed the glue does the job. I cut my forehead as a kid running into a door handle and still have the scar, my parents just gave me a bit of antiseptic cream and back to playing! Strong HM and untapered that must indicate sub 3 is definitely on. Just easy ones left now?

    Hamo - those are impressive stats and should give you huge confidence. Good reminder that it’s the consistency that will count on the day despite all the ups and downs. FWIW I don’t think you need to do the MP miles as you’ve already banked those huge weeks. I usually do a parkrun the week before the race but you just did something similar, maybe try out a new fartlek?

    TR - sensible backing off and sounds like you’re getting the benefits. Hope you get a bit of luck with the weather. 

    Cal - great to hear about your comeback. You built up a great base so shouldn’t take long to regain your fitness. Good that you’ve got some quality gameplaying time in. I used to do loads as a teenager, GTA particularly sucked up my time. My son now watches GTA5 videos on youtube and I’m just blown away by the graphics quality and gameplay. 

    Macca - that volume of racing miles sounds promising! How many races does that cover?

    Jools - also agree that you’re in great shape since you’ve not been racing this time around. You’re training has been strong and consistent enough that I think sub 3 could be on, if you can get in a group it might be worth a go. 

    Took Mon and Tues off as the achilles felt too sore but been fine since then. Only 11 weeks to Gold Coast so I’m going to do some MP reps this Sunday. Also looking forward to seeing Kipchoge again, although the course and competition don’t sound too thrilling. 
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    TR...8 by circa MP over those distances esp in a long run will hold you in very good stead, esp backed up by a lot of +10 running, you are strong, and ready for sure. And as you say strong is the goal. Nice easy running, hope your legs feel more fresh soon.

    Cal...More progress, really good sign, you'll be fully back in no time at all as long as you keep being sensible.

    Jools...Agreed, the effort required for the mile reps is in my mind at minute. 1000' over 4 miles is mental :lol: Lovely mile reps from yourself, that is good pace over bumpy ground too. Enjoy the strides.

    Macca...Thanks for the input, I'm flipping between doing MP and not quite a bit id i am honest :lol: I'll see how the legs feel at the start of the 13 miler maybe, and decide then, but glad to know i'm not the only one who feels rubbish this far into the taper :smiley: You definitely got those reps the wrong way round :lol: Fair play to you being able to hit that session after Dorney. 700 miles of racing? :flushed: mad but class :lol: How many of each distance?

    John...Noted John, thanks for the advice. Sensible resting your achilles for a day or two, glad it's done the trick. Enjoy the MP reps. Agreed, looking forward to watching Kipchoge myself. I believe it's on the bbc (probably iplayer, maybe red button) for a 7.30 am kick off (women), 8.05 am (men), for anyone here who wants to watch it. It's definitely being streamed live on youtube anyway.

    6 mile easy peasy this morning, which was needed as i had a semi sports massage (*read* the wife beat me up with a massage gun :lol:) last night and the calfs where feeling it today. Also started into the Beet shots this morning too, so we must be getting close.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Hamo I’m sure you’re more than capable of banging out 6-8 MP or HMP miles tomorrow but if you’re fatigued already you will just be depleting the tank rather than topping it up. Sunday week is the time to empty that tank - but hopefully not before crossing the finish line.
    Agree TR, you’re definitely not short of miles. 5 is plenty enough to loosen off & maintain fitness especially as you’re planning to run 13 with a decent chunk @+10%
    I’d mixed up my days when I posted but fortunately I checked before going out today. 
    Glad I did as it was 5M easy 😀  Really easy effort yielded 9:03 pace on a lumpy road route (680’ of climbing)
    Thanks for the confidence John & Macca, but I think I’ll steer clear of a sub 3 attempt this time. I’ll be happy with a 3:0x so planning to pace accordingly.
    Going to do my last (M)LR tomorrow on next Sunday’s marathon course. It’s 5.X M out, 3x 5.X M loops then back, past the start for 400yds & finish. I’m going to do the out & back + 1 loop. Plan is easy out, pick it up slightly for the loop then do the return at MP+10%. Should be a decent stimulus but not too taxing & I’ll have the extra day to recover too.
    Sunday I’ll just do 5 easy rather than the P&D 7 with strides
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    John - 11 wks to Gold Coast gives you a nice amount of time.

    Hamo - i like the home massage session.

    Jools - great idea to run on next wks course today, how did it go?

    The plan was 5m, 6m mp, 3m today. Even got on the flat to see if i could hold consistent 6.40s, but bumped into a coastal breeze which scuppered even pace/effort, average came out 6.47 but range was 6.57 to 6.40. Ticked off. Training complete.......wore a new pair of plimmies to get some miles on them before next wk and they made the ball of my foot sore (which is an ingoing niggle). So i need to feed that some sudocrem (its not just for little bums), should have used them for ydays 5m, 14m is a bit far first outing.

    Race number arrived today though, woo hoo !
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Good run TR. Bad luck on getting footsore though.
    I was luckier with my box fresh Bostons.
    It was pretty toasty in the car on the way over there & I was a little concerned that it’d be too warm. The car said 12 degrees & air was still crisp but the sun was beating down. There was a fair breeze but mostly just pleasantly cooling rather than something to battle.
    So 5.25M out to the loop & I was struggling to run slow enough but HR was saying effort was easy so went with it. After 2 7:52s I got slightly quicker: average 7:49 pace for this section. Then onto the loop & upped the effort/pace. I was still holding back & it became a slight progression again [email protected]:22. The true test was the return leg where I’d planned to do MP+10% however I was well inside this already so I figured I’d give MP a go: [email protected]:00. It became hard work in the final 5K especially up the 2 little bumps & HR agreed this was hard which confirms my conviction that I’m not ready for sub3 this time. Shame as it’s a cracking course.
    [email protected]:23 all in & I feel fine today, apart from a sore head from too much apple juice 😆
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - that was a strong run, i found the mp section tough yday too. Set off 7mm and see how you feel on the day, defo worth trying for a low 3:0X than eyes bigger than engine..... take it easy now after yday.......i have an ongoing sore spot from hard skin on the bony point where the arch meets the big toe, i need to leave it alone now though apart from some surgical spirit on the sore skin.

    4m easy today was ok in the new shoes.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Jools...Good thing you checked is right :lol: Excellent final long run, you are in good nick, and lovely re hydrating with the apple juice :lol: 

    TR... Nice last run at mara pace, good average pace in breezy conditions. Shame about the foot though, hopefully sudocrem and tlc will sort that out. Exciting when the race number arrives.

    An 8 miler with 8x100 strides on Saturday set me up for the last "long run" of the plan, 13 miles on Sunday. I got up, ate breakfast (which i don't normally do) and settled down to watch Kipchoge before heading out for the run fully fuelled and in most of my race kit. The first 4.5 mile went well and i felt good so decided to try a few MP miles, 4 and a half in total averaging 5.40 pace, followed by a 4 mile cool down to finish the run. Glad i did the MP now, i felt good during it and it's boosted my confidence, as well as making my mind up about wearing the Alpha Flys over the nxt%s on race day (well, 99% anyway :lol:).

    6 easy peasy low HR miles this morning to start off race week.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Hamo - good one on the mp, i dont think that a short mp run is too much a week out, esp given what your body is used to on a weekly basis. Have you used your alphaflys before?

    I did 5m easy run commute home, no more monday mlrs forca few weeks. 6m inc 2 mp in the morning.

    Forecast shows some decent strength gusts for Sunday here, but not as bad as last time. Not unexpected.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    [email protected] sounds like a sensible compromise Hamo.
    Yesterday's planned 5M recovery ended up being 6.8M as the convenient loop I spotted on the map was further than it looked on paper. Relatively flat and I kept it easy paced so no harm done.
    Track at lunch with the lads today so [email protected]:55 & [email protected]:35 all off 200m at 8:xx pace with a 200m walk between sets. Feels odd to be done for the day after just 31 minutes.
    Flat & easy 5 milers will be the order of the day for the rest of this week. Not going to bother with the 7M inc [email protected] though I will throw some 100m strides in Wednesday & Friday just to remind the legs how to turn over at a decent lick.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I bet Kipchoge's happy to have that one in the bag after his disappointment in London.
    Also interested in your take on the Alphas, hamo - mine are still in their box unworn!

    I've logged a couple more Jeffs, both four miles - 4 mins run/1 min walk on Saturday and 6 mins run/1 min walk today. Discomfort is not bad. I've booked a massage for Wednesday but it's early morning as that was all she could manage. I need it though - upper back muscles are really awful at the moment, never mind the rest.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    TR...Yea i used them at Dorney, and got on well with them until things started to go wrong and then they became very squishy and not as springy/stable etc as the pace dropped. Nice easy commute, and snap on the 2 at MP, i'll be doing mine tomorrow morning. Hopefully the gusts wont be as strong as predicted or very regular. You tempted me to look at the weather for Pulford, 10oC feels like 8, and light winds with ok-ish gusts, so can't be bad to that, fingers crossed it stays the same.

    Jools...An extra 1.8 mile at recovery pace will have done you no harm at all. Nice track work and plan with the strides, keeping the leg turnover quick at times in the taper is a good thing, so you don't become stale with recovery running every day. 

    Cal...I like the Alphas, though wouldn't wear them for anything shorter than a marathon, they don't feel "as quick" as the nxt%'s  (but are), but they really protect your legs, and feel a lot more forgiving than the nxt's. Very springy, which is good at pace, but as i said to TR, can feel "meh" when the pace drops. Lovely jeffing, especially with the increasing length of run time, and good news that the discomfort isn't too bad.

    Another 6 mile recovery run this morning, adding another 4 this evening is the plan. Then 9 with [email protected] before very very easy recovery running the rest of the week, with a few strides on Friday. Carb load starts tomorrow, can't say i ever enjoy this part, always feel crap/heavy/sluggish and like i am never done eating, but needs must.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools  - i like it, 200s, that will get your legs turning. I have a hilly commute tomorrow then i will try to keep on the flat.

    Good news cal, the massage should help

    Hamo - interesting re the alphas vs the next%. As you say you've used them before so lw risk......the wind is an uncontrollable but needs some consideration on race day, biggest problem it caused me last goodwood was the lack of an even pace/effort, and guessing how hard to try into the wind.

    6m done inc 2m ~mp. In the last couple of weels ive done 13.1, 8, 6 and 2m approx mp, and none of it feels easy enough, but its about race day prep.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    What’s a Jeff Cal?
    Easy street til Sunday now TR. Hopefully that’ll do the shake’n’vac so that MP doesn’t feel so damn hard.
    Legs were stiff & achey this morning but got out early doors for 4.5M easy. Planning to run before work all this week to reacquaint my body with early morning exercise after mostly running at lunchtime the last 17 days off work.
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