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    Enjoyed watching that. Kipchoge is inspirational.   The running surface looked perfect but wouldn't fancy a race round an airfield, those long straight stretches mentally very hard to deal with for me.
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    I’ve never been entirely sure of the difference between a podiatrist and chiropodist, Shades.  I just had a quick Google and the NHS site there isn’t really a difference.  I used this place last year after I hurt my toe/foot following an LDWA event and they patched me up then, so hopefully they can help this time.  As you say, a quick patch up to get going again...fingers crossed!  It is a bit better today but I've not run today either.

    I watched the race too, and enjoyed it.  It was strange seeing that elite lady wearing what was essentially winter training gear at a race, but she did well though!

    I've done 1hr15 on the bike earlier and may do similar a bit later on as well.
    Big G - I don't know the difference either but there seems to be a lot more chiropodists than podiatrists. 
    Good to hear it's a bit better, a few days rest will help.

    I had the email from Shepperdine this morning and in the info it said to contact them if the time limit might be tight.   So I emailed them and I can start as close to start time of 9am.  So although times are chip to chip it should give me a few more minutes before they'd be pulling marshals off the course.  Very nice email back from them.

    Re the marathon today, I'm not sure why they were making such an issue about what she was wearing.   I don't know what she normally races in but as many were running in long lycra shorts and knee socks there's not much difference really except for the buff.  She would probably have been better in compression tights.
    Of course Pavey and Cram are old school and also I doubt they've run round an airfield in cold weather for a marathon.

    It was a great race though to watch, I love that moment when Kipchoge takes off and leaves the others.
    8 miles this morning, frosty and cold yet again.   So fed up of this weather and we desperately need rain.

    Gym later  :)
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    Shades, I must admit I noticed her before the commentators mentioned what she was wearing, just because she stood out quite a lot against the other competitors.  That's good news about Shepperdine then - nice to have that extra few minutes just in case you need them.

    I did a tough group ride last night and a shorter ride this morning.  For the last 5 weeks, there's been a Tour on Zwift, and I've completed all the stages of that now, which has been quite good.  It involved a couple of routes I've not done before on Zwift, so it was good to tick those off too.

    Foot is a better and I probably could have ran today but I'm being a bit cautious and I'll see how it is tomorrow.
    Big G -yes, she certainly stood out in the crowd on the start line and I think they misjudged her by not expecting her to do well.   Whereas she did yet another qualifying time and a PB too.

    That's good about your foot.   In fact it may be an advantage not having your appointment with the podiatrist until later in the week as he'll be able to tape it for your race, if it needs protection that is.

    I've been checking the forecast for Shepperdine and it's been really good.   Unfortunately it's changed now to be a lot colder for the first few hours, I'm hoping that will change again in the next few days.

  • Ian sorry to hear about MK, I'm not surprised and the sceptic in me was wondering if the positive comms was a tactic to sell places?

    Shades good to see you making use of the gyms again

    Rcouture one of these days you will get a marathon that goes ahead hopefully!!!!

    Big G, thats a great bike pic, the water one not so much, I don't think that will make the highlight reel!

    I was a DNS for Dorney, it was a free place but one think ATW are strict/ rubbish with are no deferrals or refunds unless covid.  I was in a bad way, my calf was still struggling and concerned about my knee ( operated leg) as alot of swelling and discomfort.  Booked into see a physio and had a good chat about things and got myself some exercises.

    Been a busy couple of weekends marshalling at ATW events, xc last saturday and and Bedford Autodrome on Sunday for a dualathalon.  This weekend xc on saturday and Debden Airfield for Essex marathon and half.  I also ran the half after.  XC was fun, seeing the little tots running and seeing their smiley faces lessen through the age groups but weird as the course were bone dry.

    Essex Half race report  
    With very little training (100 miles in 10 weeks) niggles galore I decided it would be a good idea to enter a half marathon what could possibly go wrong?  On friday I ran 7 miles just to check there were no injuries and that I remembered how to run and seemed to finish unscathed so was good to go.

    I marshalled on Saturday and then for the four hours before I stood and gave racepacks out to runners including Adam Hickey a late entrant who's original race was cancelled he ran round in 1:05 (the half) probably not the best prep as my legs were a bit weary before I even started.  I was envious of giving the marathon runners their number wishing I was running the distance. 

    The half consisted of 3 laps, the plan to break 2 hours, I knew the course would measure slightly longer on GPS so factored it in to run inside 9 min miles, 3 laps gave me 40 mins target for each lap.  I set off with my physio (not the one I'd seen most recently) who was also aiming for sub 2 hours and as per normal got swept away at the start and clocked an 8.19 and 8.30 mile before settling closer to my target pace.  I saw Elle marshalling on course twice each lap which broke it up a bit, the scenery was pleasant but a bit samey... pretty much pancake flat with plenty of long straight stretches so PB potential.

    Lap one completed in 38 mins, if I could get round the next lap in 40 mins it gives the a bit of breathing space for the final lap.  After 6 miles my legs started to tire so took a gel, a bit of cat and mouse with my physio and kept her in my sights for as long as possible.  2nd lap was bang on 40 mins target with 1:18 on the clock.  

    I maintained my plodding and saw Elle for the first time, had a short walk break at 10.5 miles to take on a gel and then put the wrapper in the bottle for ease of discarding before plodding again.  2 x 9:30 miles would see me inside sub 2, so I kept on plodding, with about a mile to go I started to cramp in the hammies and calves, the pre race training and prep wasn't ideal and decided to play it safe and had a walk before plodding back to the finish line trying to keep the cramp at bay finishing in 2:01:00 not a bad result considering everything and no longer envious of running the marathon.

    More serious my physio had secured her sub two but was in a bad way and collapsed at the finish line, thankfully her husband/(furloughed as a masseuse) is a paramedic and able to help.  She has recovered and is okay.

    Grabbed my medal, bottled water, sesame seed snaps, Haribo and stuff at the finish line.  (The medal was part of the reason why I ran). Before going back on course to support/ relieve Elle from marshalling duties.

    As a paid marshal, running on a free place I can't really give a neutral review as it would be biased, that said they are well organised events, does exactly what it says on the tin.  The marathons priced around £35-£40 aren't too bad, the halfs are only £5 cheaper so don't give us much value but you still have the fixed costs for the events.  The courses are what they are but they try to reduce the number of laps by being innovative with the venues.

    2 weeks until a little stroll at Two castles trail marathon will be a very different race and I'm looking forward to, self navigation so no doubt will get lost and probably take the best part of 6 hours.
    Robert - great race report and well done for tackling the half with minimal training and your injury problems.  Standing around on marshalling duties is incredibly tiring on the legs too so you really did well.

    That's a bit worrying that a physio collapses at the finish, glad she's OK though.

    I don't blame you for DNS'ing  Dorney, too much, too soon.  I did check the results for your name 😉

    Are you planning to go back to the gym?

    I've just got home from the gym and once again fully booked, 25 , but by the last 15 minutes at least half had gone home not managing the whole hour.   

    I found it a lot easier today so am getting back into it and starting to increase the weights.
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    Great stuff, Rob - hope your physio is OK. Foster collapse?

    I've logged a couple more Jeffs, both four miles - 4 mins run/1 min walk on Saturday and 6 mins run/1 min walk today. Discomfort is not bad. I've booked a massage for Wednesday but it's early morning as that was all she could manage. I need it though - upper back muscles are really awful at the moment, never mind the rest.
    I was supposed to go to the gym on Sunday but didn't feel well. Not sure why but HR was high on Saturday - that run felt tougher than it should and then when I was standing in line for a Covid test in the afternoon, I noticed it was around a 100 seemed a lot. (Regarding the test, there's been a spike in the SA variant in my borough so the council is asking everyone to get tested, vaccine or no. Unsurprisingly, mine was negative). 
    Felt better today though and the run felt a bit easier even though the intervals were longer. I still feel unfit compared to how I was in January but I guess it'll come back soon enough.
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    Well done Robert, that's a good effort, definitely considering the build up you've had.  Ie just looked up Two Castles Trail marathon and it looks a good one.

    Cal, good news you're still getting out there.  Bad news about the SA variant though but it sounds like extra checks are in place to try and stop the spread.   I did my first home test yesterday and it was negative.

    Went to Lidl yesterday and they had running belts to run with dogs, so I picked one up and went for a short run with Tigg this morning down to the sea front and back around for 2.5 miles.  Before we started I made sure he'd done his business, and after that he was really good.  He does have a tendency to run by my side rather than out in front so a couple of times I was wary of him accidentally tripping me.  He didn't but maybe we're both getting used to and he'll get a bit better at it with time.  I suppose from his point of view he had no idea what route I was doing, so maybe for a few runs with him I'll just do the same route each time and see how we get on.  There were occasions on the wide, sea front road he was out in front and it worked well.  If I can get him used to it, it gives me a bit of flexibility as I could run him for 2-3 miles, drop him off at home and then carry on with my own run if I want to, which would be great.  As for my foot, that's my first run since Friday and I could still feel it.  I could definitely have carried on but probably I won't run any more today, but may try a slightly longer run tomorrow (say 6-7ish) before podiatrist on Thursday.

    We went out for a "proper" lunch yesterday, for the first time in months!  Over the last few weeks we've had a few sandwiches and cake etc whilst out, but this was the first cooked meal and it was great sitting out in the sun having food and drink.

    Edited to add, Zwift is helping me feel I'm keeping some fitness whilst not running quite as much as I did 2 rides on there yesterday, so I'm pleased I brought the bike back inside.
    Cal - hope that discomfort soon becomes less noticeable as you've been really careful easing yourself back into your running.

    That was a high HR, maybe subconsciously queuing up for the test was stressing you.   Anyway glad result was negative.

    Big G - it's a faff the first time doing the LF tests, clever bit of kit though.   I'm doing my 2nd one today.

    That was a bit of luck that the  'middle of Lidl' had the running belts on sale and a very good start with Tigg.    Most dogs are trained to walk by the side so I think that takes a while getting used to be allowed to lead.

    You've only had a few days of lesser mileage, no less than many would do during taper period so the fitness will still be there, at least the Zwift stops the taper fever.   Maybe try your run tomorrow in your intended race shoes to see if the foot is still a bit sore, or does it not make any difference what shoes you wear?

    Was hoping to do my usual Tuesday town hilly route as I think my calf is OK now but when I was getting ready this morning my left knee was a bit sore.   It troubled me quite a few times during yesterday's run, but not walking or at the gym later in the day.   It feels like a soft tissue injury, rather that the usual occasional knee pain I get which I think is a combination of age/lots of marathons and maybe a touch of arthritis.   So I decided to go out and run today to see if I could run and it was fine and I ended up doing 8 miles on the flat.   No frost today  B)B) , still a bit chilly but not that biting cold we've had for ages, much more enjoyable run.

    Gym later
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    Shades, yes, it was my first test yesterday.  I think there is a high chance my Dad will be going back into hospital today or tomorrow, so that's the main reason I took it.  I haven't been any where I'd consider risky really, but it's good to have that peace of mind.  Nurse went up to see Dad yesterday and isn't happy with how his foot is healing, so is seeing what needs to be done.  I was there too and it's not looking great at all :(  Convinced him that Torbay is the best place, so if he gets admitted that's where he'll be going.  Dad's fully dejected about the whole thing, and I'm at a loss about what to do really.  OH made him some meals and I'm there as much as possible, as is his partner, but I do think hospital is probably the best place, although he doesn't want to go.  I think he'll need IV antibiotics, and I'm worried he may need another operation on his foot :(  One day at a time and all that, and I can't do much but wait and see what the doctors/hospital come up with.

    Regarding my shoes, wider fitting shoes tend to be better.  My Asics I wear for marathons are totally fine but they are a bit firmer under foot, so I was wondering about the 1080s just for a bit more cushioning.  I'll have a further think about it.  I was initially thinking about the Nikes to give it a really good effort, but although they are very cushioned they are quite narrow so probably it won't be those.  So it's either the Asics or the NBs I'd imagine.
    Big G - sorry to hear your Dad's recovery isn't going so well.   Just as well the nurse did a follow up visit.
    Hope they can treat him without further surgery.   

    Sounds like maybe a chance to debut the NB's in a race.   I think you definitely need to aim for comfort with your foot. At least it's very unlikely we would get our feet wet on Sunday.

    I've actually run in the same shoes for the last 3 days, which is unheard of for me.  I wanted to test run my blue Adrenalines on Sunday and also I was thinking of using different race socks.   Shoes were fine but socks not a perfect match.   Yesterday different socks and they were better but not perfect.   Today same shoes and another brand of socks, these were better.   Still need to do one more test run in the shoes with my usual race socks. 😬
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    Hope your dad improves, Big G - parents are always a worry. Nice that you have a new canine partner though - he's a lurcher is he? (Going by the picture you posted on Strava).
    Tremendous luck at Lidl, too. My local one always has the weirdest stuff - couple of weeks ago it was welding masks, then a chain sharpener (why would you want to sharpen a chain, unless you were planning to use it as a weapon, medieval style?) and this week they had stunt drones.

    I had another Jeff today. I wasn't planning on doing more than every other day but I booked a massage with a running clubmate (she only charges £30 per hour, whereas my old therapist was over £70). She could only see me before work tomorrow so I have to get myself to Battersea for 7.45am. Didn't think I'd fancy running after that so decided to go out today. Hammy wasn't at all bad either. Ended up doing 5K with 9 mins run/1 walk so I'm getting there. My overall pace was quicker than some runs I've done. 
    Next one will be 12 run/1 walk and then 15/1. Once I've got the 15s done I can go back to full running (this is my physio's advice). 
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    Cal, Lidl do have some interesting stuff at times.  It does often seem decent quality though, and good prices.  Regarding the dog, yes, we've had him around 10 days....he is very, very quick but also is happy to trot around at a slower pace.  If you have a look on my Facebook, there is a slo-mo video of him jumping quite high to catch a ball.
    Cal - I think a chain sharpener is to sharpen your chainsaw  ;)  

    Hasn't taken you long to get up to 12/1 so soon will be 15/1.   Run/walk is great rehab, got me through a few injuries.

    Big G - I saw your FB video of Tigg, he's fast and jumps so high.

    Talking of FB videos I saw the one that YT put up of the course for the Elite marathon this weekend, looks a lovely course.

    6 miles today, no frost, about 4 or 5 degrees so not too bad.    Feeling tired this morning so have cancelled the gym today and aching a bit.    Had a good run though apart from suicidal wildlife again, not squirrels this time but ducks.   I was running on the main road and 2 ducks wanted to cross the road at a mini roundabout just as a few cars came along, I stopped, turned off my Garmin and turned my back on them as I couldn't bear to watch.   Fortunately the drivers saw them and slowed and the ducks reluctantly returned to the pavement.   When there was no traffic I ran at them clapping my hands and they flew to the other side of the roundabout and continued to walk in their intended direction.   Ducks are always a bit daft at this time of year.
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    Glad the you managed to shepherd the ducks to safety, Shades!

    I went and did 7-miles today in the wider NB and there was still some discomfort there.  I could have carried on and I did think about doing 10 but I didn't see much point at this stage really.  I have put a thin plaster on it and taped it, but strangely when I took the shoes off after my run is when it started hurting the most.  Anyway, i'll probably do 7ish again tomorrow my appointment.

    The nurse that saw Dad on Monday arranged for him to go into hospital to get checked yesterday afternoon, and fortunately an ambulance came to get him for his appointment.  I wasn't sure if he'd be admitted overnight or not but after their checks they admitted him.  Doctors are seeing him this morning so I'm not 100% sure what's going on at the moment, but I'll call back in 2-3hrs as they've suggested.  I think Dad is worried about what may happen and so am I.  I am worried it may be quite a big op (and possibly a life altering one), but we'll see - again I am no expert but his lower leg does not look good to me, but hopefully whatever meds they're pumping into him may help.  I don't like the thought of him in there on his own with no one able to visit, and I know he's worried/scared, but there's nothing more I can do at this point :( 
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    Big G - I wish your dad all the best. The lack of visiting loved ones in hospital at the moment is really awful. 

    I hadn’t run for 3 days as wanted to shake off this burnout/disappointment on marathon postponement and it has done me good. Went out for 7 miles yesterday and ended up at 9min/mi at well below my MAF so think my body has taken the last couple of weeks of limited running as an effective taper so that’s good to know for future knowledge. My race ‘plans’ now include a 10k in Kew Gardens on the 16th of May which is the replacement of the marathon and the kempton racecourse half on the 30th of May. I’d be surprised if either of those was canned as they are not on public roads so hoping to cement some nice PBs at those distances. With any luck that would be a good lead up to mara the next month like the MK in the last week of June or whenever this Richmond one happens. 
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    Big G - That is worrying about your dad, it sounds like you have given him all the support you possibly can and now all you can do is wait and see what the hospital says.

    Shades - Thank goodness you were there for those ducks. Been meaning to ask why you did a lateral flow test, I don’t even know what that is, I’ve been meaning to Google it.

    Cal - Glad to see you’re on the up and getting out there.
    Unlike some of us😬

    I tried a short run yesterday and my knee pain is exactly the same. I did 5k with walk breaks, felt like a complete beginner and pain was worse afterwards. I have an appt with my doctor at 7:15 tomorrow morning. Enough is enough ☹️
    Big G - that is a worry about your Dad.   But he's in the best place, it's just so difficult when visitors are not allowed.  I hope the news later is positive.

    Good sign re the foot if you could have run 10 today.

    Rcouture - well at least you've now found what works for you taper wise and you are feeling more positive, that's a great run you had yesterday.   That's great news on the 10k race now planned along with the half, with just the right amount of time between the two races to suit you.

    mamafox - so sorry to hear you still can't run.   It's quite puzzling that you can walk well but it's the running that causes the pain.   I'm sure your ultra running doc will sort you out.

    Lateral flow tests are Covid tests that can be carried out ourselves at home and results are in 30 minutes.   Since the schools went back in early March some of the schoolchildren/students have to be tested I think it's twice a week.   Workplaces also have lateral flow testing for employees. 
    Now all adults are asked to do lateral flow tests twice a week, I assume so that a realistic figure of number of cases is available.   I update the result on my phone, even if it's negative.   If the lateral flow test is positive then you get a PCR test done, that test is analysed at a lab so would identify what variant of Covid is present.  
    Now I'm back at the gym I decided to do the lateral flow tests as I'm mixing with other folk.
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    Dad had an op late yesterday and they removed 2 more toes. They had warned beforehand that they’d remove the foot or lower leg if they felt they needed to, so in that light it’s a good result. I managed to speak with him briefly yesterday at about 9:30pm and he was still very groggy but also aware of what had happened and he said he felt very relieved to be waking up with 2 feet!  I’ve got my fingers crossed that no infection occurs and he can get himself well. I’m worried we may not be over the worst yet but hopefully this procedure will work and he starts to get better.

    As for me, I went out for a run but it was no good as after 1.5miles the foot was too sore so I shuffled back. Podiatrist at 9:30am but at this point I’m not too hopeful for the weekend so hopefully they can do something. 
    Big G - well at least they operated swiftly on your Dad, just got to hope that no further surgery will be necessary.

    Not good news about your foot either, is it a bunion that's flared up?

    I didn't feel great this morning, I had a good night's sleep for me, but feeling tired and not 100%.    I went out and did a 6 mile hilly route 569ft, one of my favourite runs, wanted to test the calf as I've stayed away from hills for a couple of weeks.   Calf seemed OK, faint twinge but nothing to concern me.   

    Haven't run through this village this year and see lots of cottages with Sold signs.
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    Shades, the podiatrist said it was a corn but it was quite deep.  In fairness, she did sound hopeful it'll be okay for Sunday, but I need to be sensible today and tomorrow, to give it its best chance.....  Probably I need to try and avoid doing a "test run" until Saturday really, and then I can decide whether I make the trip up.  I happen to know her, and her husband is one of the faster runners around here.  Small world.  When I got the text message confirming my appointment I thought "I'm sure I know her", and indeed I did.

    I did check my emails too, but the Shepperdine site has our start times now.  From a quick scan, I don't know anyone except yourself and a couple of YouTubers.  Bib number 4522 is the Welsh chap who helped that runner who nearly collapsed at London a few years ago, so close to the finish line, and he has a channel.  I think he's hoping for 2:30ish.  4533 has a shoe review channel (he calls himself the FOD Runner on YouTube) and he's been training for sub-2:40.
    Big G - fingers crossed for a speedy healing then.   I'm sure the podiatrist wouldn't have been hopeful of getting you to the start line if she didn't mean it.

    I've run a few races with the Swansea runner that helped the runner at London.  When I say 'with' I mean we were in the same race.   ;)

    I'm surprised there aren't a few more Trotters, would have been a good race for KW to get his GFA.

    You'll have seen I have an elite start  :D However, I'm not the only one so I shouldn't look too out of place.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I thought you may be pleased with your start time :)  I did mention this race to KW, but it doesn't look like he entered it.  I was just having a look at the route and it looks good.  It's accurately measured obviously but very approximately it looks to be around 5.5 miles out, 3x5-mile loops, and then 5.5 miles back.  I actually quite like the sound of it.  I'm totally fine with 3 laps, and then the out and back bits will seem different anyway going in different directions :)  Hopefully the wind is behind us all the way around :)  Quite looking forward to it actually, so I'm hoping I feel that I can make the trip in a couple of days.

    Hospital is allowing a visitor, so I'm going to see Dad at 4pm.  I did speak to him earlier and he'd just had his breakfast and was already looking forward to his lunch...
    Big G - that's reassuring that the hospital are allowing you to visit.   Very good sign that he's eating well too.  You'd better take him some snacks  ;)

    I've done a couple of Rogue Runs' races before and I've always found them very well organised and friendly.   Pre pandemic we used to get free cake and maybe a hot drink at the finish, I only remember the cake 🍰.  Not sure we'll get that now.

    Course is quiet country roads, very rural.  I don't remember any spectators, which is a real bonus right now.
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    Shades-Elite start hey,don't be sprinting off just to get on tv  :wink:
    Big G-Sorry to hear about your dad,hope he isn't too bad.
    Cal-Good to see you are on the road to recovery.
    Not much been going on here,last week I did a 6,7 and 9 then had a few sore days so didn't run until yesterday with a massive 3.5,going out soon,I'm trying different combination of shoes to see if any help more than others and actually stretching before and after runs to see if it helps.Have to admit Windermere and DD aren't looking great at the minute.I have a 5k next Friday,shorter may be OK,will go as I really want OH to do it but may jog around.
    Ian - talking of TV I believe the Cheshire Elite race is being streamed, just in case you have any clubmates running.

    That's not good news about the leg, is it still shin and calf or just calf now?

    Rest day today, I usually just take the day off before a marathon but I'm feeling a bit tired so taking an extra rest day.
  • Shades - hopefully get back into the swing of things and get back into the gym, unfortunately the pool is out of use as the centre is undergoing a refurb which is frustrating.  Good luck on Sunday and enjoy the elite start.

    Big G - Jealous of not being able to run with a dog, the cats never went for their harnesses.  Glad your Dads op went well, he seems to have put it into context well still having both feet.  Hope your foot recovers for sunday.

    Cal good to see you still getting out when you can

    Rcouture - must be frustrating not knowing when you're racing, hopefully it wont be too long now.  I wouldn't have thought your races would be canned either, they will give you a brill indication of where you are.

    MF - hope the docs went well, every time I come back from a setback I feel like a beginner,  If/ when we get on the other side of all our problems it won't take us long to get back upto speed again, we got the muscle memory.

    Ian sorry to see you are struggling, hopefully the rest/ lighter workload will do the trick.

    couple of short runs this week, Tuesdays 4 mile was tough and yesterdays 5 mile sluggish, to make matters worse as I finished some women let her yappy dog off and I fell into a wall jumping out the way so a bruised/ grazed knee and bruised palms from stopping further impact.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Annoying about that dog, Robert, but well done for getting out after your event on Sunday.

    MF, I hope the docs went well!

    Ian, that's very frustrating about the injuries still.  I can't say anything helpful really, but hopefully some easier days will help a bit.

    Shades, no gym either today for you?

    No running here (yes, I'm trying to be sensible) but I went and put in a bit of effort on the toughest climbs on Zwift, and I went up there in 57:59, which I'm delighted with.  When I first did it, I was about 68mins.  I'm definitely improving on the bike and sub-60 is seen as a bit of milestone up the climb in Zwift, so it is confusing that I was quite so poor on the bike at the duathlon.  My kit on Zwift is all calibrated correctly (in fact, I have it on the hardest settings, which are supposed to mimic the real world).  It was harder outside.  I don't want to blame my bike really, but I do think if I had a lighter and more aero bike, with better gears (basically a more expensive bike!) I'd have been a few mins quicker on the bike ta the duathlon.  That's one of the things I love about running really - there's none of that stuff.  OK, I know it's muddied a bit now with the Nike super shoes, but generally it's just down to the individual how they perform, and not the kit they have.  I did enjoy the duathlon though, so this isn't a complaint :) 
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