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  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hi, Cal.  Glad you're recovering and editing your race schedule.  Much debate on Fetch about the return of parkrun: I feel for organisers, trying to 'do the right thing'.  I may give Crosby parkrun a try - after all, I cover part of it every other training sesh!  I hope the niggles soon start to fade away.

    Inspirational training fix on the trampoline, John :-)  - and for your 10k rival, it's pace, not patter that will count!  Write yourself up for some rest for that pesky heel.

    Hazel - gloves weather, indeed :-o  It sounds to be appreciably colder than in the NW of the UK.  We've had 5-6 fine, sunny days, ending in cloudless, starry skies but it's a dry cold, if you see what I mean.  Tutorial time for those legs!  Incentives provided by upcoming races are hard to replicate but the time will come.  :-)

    Guarddog - salutary description of your serious hill session - at a healthy pace.

    Bearded Gru - well done on your 5k.  I'm sure it's about us bossing the running, rather than the other way about.

    Last night, 8.30pm, a cool, calm, clear evening, wide, starry skies to enjoy, and several disembodied giggles & shouts in the dunes from revellers seeking an alternative to the outrside of a pub!  North along the beach, dropping a good 0.25 mile away from the prom to the sea.  Scarcely a wave to see.  Then trails to the leisure centre and extended beach course past the orange flashing channel lamp, before heading up the beach and prom and past the boating lake for an uphill finish - well, what passes for it on the Costa del Crosby!  55:05

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    Glad you got out Bearded. How long will your course take?

    Would be nice to see a return of parkrun.Don't have it here but like reading about people's outings.

    I need gloves much sooner than I used to swittle, maybe something about getting older? Similar conditions here, with cold nights and it is getting a bit dusty now. Like your run description!

    Felt a bit more sprightly yesterday for 11.2 miles. Having neglected these I dropped in a few motorway bridge sprints and strides part way through and did a brisker 5k towards the end also which broke things up nicely. Dropping and then retrieving bits of clothing from a bush  - you don't want your hat to blow off in the middle of a stride, it was a bit breezy - I was amused to see 2 dogs taking their owner for a walk, glad I went the other way despite the leads.

    5 and a bit recovery paced this evening in the local woods. Still plenty of violets, the larch trees are starting to turn green now, other types don't seem to be far off. 
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Long run yesterday - 18 miles.   I ran local loops so that I could drop some refreshments in my external post box (1 banana and weak diluted orange juice) to return to on a fairly regular basis.  Lumpy course so collected some 350m+ of elevation during the run.  Fairly quiet on the first loop (9amish) and I saw one deer and a fine fox, by the third the (dog) walkers were out in droves so less wildlife.    Unsurprisingly tired post-run - not having done hardly any long runs in the last 12 months I need to get used to them again - so spent most of the afternoon on the sofa and eating.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    I'm literally half a mile away from Withdean, john. Do you want me to nip down there on the Arena 80 training evening and arrange for an 'accident' ;) Hopefully the achilles is improving and you're taking it steadily. There's thoughts the the WSFRL will restart in July/August and it might mean the Hedgehopper Five makes a later appearance. I've never run it myself, I've been on marshal duty.

    I remember we had the confusion over the Cabbage Patch before, Cal. You're thinking of the pub in Twickenham where I spent many a happy evening when I used to stay at the stadium. This Cabbage Patch is a locally named stretch of hill. Apparently during the war the fields on the one side were used to grow cabbages and the name stuck. Glad the hamstring seems to be holding up, but watch out for the groin. Overcompensating?

    Some great runs Hazelnut and you're like me, no custard with the crumble. Had it with ice cream in the end, although didn't actually make it until Thursday in the end. Did make a banana loaf yesterday and we had a cauliflower roast dinner as well. Very busy in the kitchen.

    Welcome back BeardGru and well done for for getting out. It isn't easy when you're on a course and the temptation at the weekend is to try and rest and catch up with other things. What's the course on?

    Great running, swittle. Love the description of disembodied giggles and shouts in the dunes. I guess there's going to be more of that as the days and evenings get warmer. 

    Two runs over the weekend again. Saturday, as a change, we headed straight from the house and down the hill going past the Withdean and out onto the London Road towards Preston Park. A full circuit of the park perimeter and then back the way we came, which meant we were faced with the hill to get back home. Didn't mind that at all, although my achilles was a bit gripey that evening so gave it a bit of a pummeling in the morning and it seemed OK. It may have been the work in the garden in the afternoon.

    Sunday we did the Downs Link from Henfield again. Didn't make the mistake of overdressing this time and in fact took one layer off on the way back as it warmed up. Managed to keep a good steady pace at 9:15 and ended up doing just short of 9 miles without too many issues. The plan is to repeat the distance next weekend before stepping up the following week. 'Bubble' run tomorrow, which we're leading and considering what the options will be as we're in Shoreham. Either the Adur, head towards Worthing or do the circuit round Shoreham that takes in the nice beachfront homes.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    The weather's fantastic, Gru. So glad I can get out.
    I've logged a couple more Jeffs, both four miles - 4 mins run/1 min walk on Saturday and 6 mins run/1 min walk today. Discomfort is not bad. I've booked a massage for Wednesday but it's early morning as that was all she could manage. I need it though - upper back muscles are really awful at the moment, never mind the rest.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good cooking and running GD.  Can be a bit off-putting to be faced by a hill at the end of a run but on the other hand can be a good thing for teaching energy management to make sure you have enough in the tank to get up it. Glad your achilles is ok and a sensible approach to increasing distance.  Enjoy your run today - nice to have a good selection of routes.

    Sounds like progress Cal.  Hope the massage brings relief to the back.  Will you be busy in the gym again in the next weeks?

    Short recovery run yesterday evening, bit less than 4 miles.  Cooked our evening meal - something involving chicken, chick peas and harissa (careful dosage) and then nipped out.  Nice to come back from a run to have a meal more or less ready, trying to make a habit of it.  Quite a bit warmer than in the last days - had spent most of the day indoors working and hadn't noticed the temp so was a bit overdressed.  Good way to keep the pace down.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I've been to the gym a couple of times already - not doing too much at the moment as my body needs to get used to it again.
    I've not tried harissa - I guess it's spicy?

    As I'm getting massaged early tomorrow I decided to risk going out again today but kept to 5K. However, did 9 mins run/1 walk and it went quite well. I'll be moving to 12 mins then 15 and once I've got those done I will cautiously ease back into full running.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hazel - I came to rely on gloves a few years ago, even on less cold days, so I decided to do without.  A film of petrolem jelly prevents chapping.  Your schedule sounds to be quite demanding - not one I could follow, even in my streaking days.  Spring's on its best form - the woods sound a real treat.  Post- LSR banqueting is a good reason for running long anyway!

    Guarddog - coming from 'The Rhubarb Triangle' near Wakefield, that's my crumble of choice, with crème fraîche, if no custard is on hand.  Two useful runs there - hope you keep the niggles at bay.

    Cal - sensible sessions and the massage are going to get you back in full effect before too long, I'm sure.

    The temperature climbed to around 14 deg C in Crosby mid-afternoon and there was still warmth after sunset when I circled the boating lake and took the flat, firm beach to the Serpentine slipway.  One camp fire & excited knots of youngsters in the dunes - but I think the return of pavement drinking will prove more attractive soon.  Better pacing = easier breathing but I was ready for reaching the terminus by the ornamental gardens.  Just a few secs over the hour.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Cal, according to the pot Harissa is a Tunisian spice mix: Cayenne pepper, tomtato flakes, paprika, coriander, garlic, cumin, salt, cinammon, chilli and mint.  Is a bit fiery if you use too much.   Hope you got a good pummeling at massage this morning and it bought some relief for your back. 

    You are right regarding the schedule swittle - it is basically a P&D marathon schedule - I am trying the first weeks of it out of boredom to see how I cope with the mileage.  I was running 6 days a week prior to streaking so putting in the extra day didn't seem too bad, generally a short recovery nowadays. 14 degrees sounds ideal running temperatures, similar here yesterday, after sunset it did cool off rapidly though.    

    Yesterday's run was a flat solo 5 miles + another undulating 6 with my Tuesday group.  Nice to see the return of one guy we haven't seen for months - he was lucky that we were still at the start though as he was a bit late.  Normally as soon as the church bells next door strike 7pm we are off...  Swiss punctuality.  Wasn't sure on setting off on the solo bit if I was keen on the idea of 10 miles plus, especially as I was a bit overdressed but splitting the run into 2 parts was good for the mind as was the ongoing chat on the second half - mostly gardening.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Love harissa, Hazelnut. Discovered it a back in January when we did the vegetarian piece (still going 6 days a week) and use it on the cauliflower roast and also smothering it over roasted butternut squash to go in a lasagne. Well done on the runs. Do you converse in Swiss/German/French when you're out for your runs?

    Hopefully the massage went well and it's un-knotted things for you, Cal. And wise to take it easy in the gym. I'm doing the same, not at the intensity I was at last year. It's rather annoying feeling like one is starting again.

    Rhubarb seems rather difficult to get hold of at the moment, swittle. Well certainly in the local Waitrose. I did promise to do that, but obviously failed miserably. Nice it's getting warmer now.

    'Bubble' run yesterday evening and good to catch up with others we'd not seen for a while. Fortunately we were all of a similar standard so we didn't need to re-group too often. The choices of run were thrown open and as a sea mist was coming in we decided to run alongside the Adur to Botolphs. Seems a lot easier in a group for some reason. Partner led us out and I think got rather caught up in things as she set a lively pace, so she had to rein it in and after that kept it steady. On the way back I ran with the slowest runner in the group to keep him company and had a nice chat. 6.5 miles in the end at a touch under 9 min pace/
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Thought of the rhubub fans whilst driving through a neighbouring village yesterday and seeing a farm shop sign announcing it for sale.  Should I send you some?

    GD I normally converse in Swiss German when out, the regional variety of it as far as possible.  The French speaking part of Switzerland is actually not that far away - Berne is one of the few duo-linguo cantones.  Nice group run.  I find it interesting how I perceive the pace compared to running on my own.  If it is not me that is setting it then it feels harder somehow even though we are usually at a pace which falls into my easier range. 

    Speed work yesterday - warm-up, 5 miles @ LT and a cool-down.  It was pretty warm and I could likely have run quite happily in a vest rather than a T-shirt but I often look for excuses when I am doing harder runs.  The T-shirt was one of my favourites anyway - yellow to match the flourishing dandelions right-and left of my minor bit of tarmac.  Nice spring green also to look at and a back drop of ink-blue sky from rain showers over the hills.  Nice to have a bit of colour after the drab winter.  I paced the fast bit quite well, I have done a couple of faster paced 4 mile LT runs but with the increase in distance decided to drop down a little bit to ensure I got through the first go at the distance and ran a stronger second 2 miles so it worked well.  A couple of hundred metres involve a dash along a village road without a pavement - inconveniently there was quite a bit of traffic but I guess they worked out my frantic arm signalling ok as I didn't cause a pile up or the cyclist to fall off and didn't have to stop either.  I needed a brief wander around prior to the short cool-down and took the time to look at a couple of the old houses which was nice.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Recovery 5 miles yesterday evening - starting with a twingy ankle. Don't know what that was about - but it eased after a couple of hundred metres and is fine today.  Was amused to see that I took almost exactly 10 minutes longer for the same distance I had done the LT run on.  Different route though - the recovery was on an undulating rather than flat course through the woods.  Few people about - 1 other runner and 2 cyclists.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I do like rhubarb. I think we're still a bit early at the moment - there should be more around in May/June.

    So two more runs logged. Did 4 on Thursday (12 mins run/1 walk) which felt harder than it should . Today I stuck with 3 miles (well, 5K in fact) and for 15 run/1 walk (so only the one walk break).  Hamstring noticeable but tolerable.
    Physio said once I got to this point I can start doing full runs. Perhaps that will help me moderate my pace better. My HR was way high today (Garmin said 180 by the end) which is a bit worrying - not sure if it's due to watch shenanigans, me being a bit dehydrated (it was warm) or a staggering lack of fitness. When I do my next run I'll make sure to keep it at recovery pace, around 11min/mi - my running pace today was closer to 10.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    No rhubarb again in Waitrose, but if it's not quite the season then I'll wait. Having said that my partner is convinced I'm a feeder now due to making the crumble, so it may have to wait. And besides she'll need to eat the banana loaf I'm making this weekend.

    Good runs Hazelnut and it does seem to be warming up appreciably now. Pacing is a strange thing as I like to set the pace rather than follow, especially when it's just the two of us. Although having said that if I'm in a large group (when we could run in large groups) I'll happily tuck in just on the shoulder of the pacer. 

    Hopefully the hamstring isn't too gripey, Cal. Are you wearing a chest strap for HR or taking it off the watch?

    Strange run this morning. Decided to do the same route from the house that we did last week, so down the hill and past the Withdean stadium, before going along the London Road towards Preston Park. At want point as we approached the Withdean we went up a small hill. I'm not sure if I wasn't prepared for the change in level but seemed to step awkwardly and not only jarred my back slightly but also felt my knee almost lock. From there every time I changed direction or started slow I'd feel that locking sensation again. Once in the park we started on the incline back up towards the velodrome and I could feel it again. As my partner wasn't feeling too good either we decided to walk up it and then spent 10 minutes watching a kids cycling session round the track before walking the two miles back home. Only a part of what we were planning on doing, but I think the rest was better for us in the long term.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Watch, GD, so I know it's not as accurate. Resting HR has snuck up a bit, though.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    For years, a mobile greengrocery van used to call every Sat morning - Bernard Broadhead's business.  We'd enjoy rhubarb crumble, rhubarb & custard and rhubarb pie.  I once got into trouble for letting the handbrake off in the van - I must have been 10 or 11  :open_mouth:
    Much info on this delightfully tart product here:,stalks%20are%20firm%20and%20glossy.

    Hazel: I found yellow kit attracted rather too many flying bugs for comfort!  Well done on the traffic management - and the sustained & varied training schedule.

    Cal: I'm glad you're picking up again.  Keep the pacing comfortable.

    Guarddog - that locking knee feeling is quite scary: I got it after January's hamstring episode: it was difficult to stride out comfortably, especially on harder surfaces.  Exercises, massage and running on softer ground have done the trick.

    Last night, I set off after sunset, light E breeze, pleasantly cool - groups heading for the dunes, well provided with *ahem* refreshments. Several camp fires. Light enough to see my way to the start of the car park on Burbo Bank but, turning back, the incoming tide had scuppered beach plans - even when I dropped onto the beach, the sand was so soft that traction was woolly, and I zig-zagged, trying to find firmer going.  Several night anglers had set up on the prom and beach itself.  Their fishing rods have green LED lights at the tip to show signs of a 'bite' - odd to see them in the distance!   A 'Forth Road Bridge painting' task, but our local council workers had managed to clear some of the hundreds of tons of sand on the paths and prom.   56 min. 
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good to see you almost back to full running Cal.  Watch might have been picking up on your cadence.

    Any banana loaf left GD?  Sensible to watch that knee.  Hope it is okay in the meantime.

    Naughty swittle regarding the van!  The sign for the rhubub has now been enhanced by the word "cake".  I trundled past it yesterday on my moped but didn't have any money on board or I would have hit the brakes.  Bug season hasn't been too bad this year yet.  The rape is in flower though (sure it gets earlier every year) and I have to remind myself to keep my mouth shut as there are a lot of bees around.  Sand running is hard.  Interesting regarding the fishing rods and I can imagine that is a never ending task with rmoving the sand from A to B.

    Friday was a steady just over an HM distance - returning to a river route I haven't done in a while.  There has been quite a lot of renaturlisation done in the past few years so rather than a straight wide path along a boring dam there are plenty of twisty narrower paths through the pond bits.  Not much water in the ponds though - I came back with pretty dirty feet from the dust getting through my shoes and socks.

    Saturday: local recovery of 4 miles to prepare for Sunday.

    Sunday: 16 miles long run with 10 of those at a hard effort - would like to call it MP but feels quite a bit too tasty for 26 miles.  I made the mistake of planning to do 5 steady warmup, 10 hard, 3 cool down, i.e. 18 miles but got hit by CNBA after 1 mile cool down and walked the rest.  Think 8 + 10 would have been easier on the mind.  Need to get acclimatised to the warmer weather and the ever stronger sun.

    Cut back week ahead.  In need of one now.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Blimey, so even fishing has gone high tech eh, swittle? Very naughty for doing that as a kid but eh, kids will be little sods. 

    GD, how is the knee?

    Hazelnut, that's a good effort.

    So today was to be my first continuous run for a while - no walk breaks. And I managed the 3 miles (well it was actually 5K) no problem. I found it easier to regulate my pace without the walking breaks so I kept it to a very even 10:40is (mile were 10:43/10:42/10:42 which was how metronomic I was). HR didn't get too high either.
    But on the other hand, hamstring wasn't particularly happy. It wasn't painful per se but I could feel it the whole time so I will have to make sure it doesn't get any worse as I can't afford any more setbacks. Considering I had a proper rest yesterday (just a couple of 2 mile strolls to get my steps count up to 10K) and warmed up properly today (25 mins of hamstring and glute stuff, then a one mile walk) it really should be less grumpy than it is.
  • Hi everyone!

    It's been a little while since posting, glad you're all well.  Life has been so busy these last two weeks!

    After my marathon I said I wouldn't run for a week, it did beat me up a bit! It coincided with lockdown easing and beer gardens opening up again and actually being able to socialise with friends for the first time in ages, which was amazing!

    I fairly quickly went a bit loser though, and have probably consumed more burgers, chips and lager in the last week or so than in a long while! Have not missed hangovers at all, but social boxes ticked, back to some running and clean living.

    My knee still isn't great at all, and I'm still burying my head in the sand with it really.  Where it's an old footballing knee injury that's being exacerbated by running, I'm really worried a physio will tell me to stop running and do something else.  But I will go and try and see what's going on with it.  It really does ache and make a lot of noise, which does worry me a bit.   Maybe I can up the strengthening.  I do a fair bit already though.  Maybe backing off the long runs will help.

    Anyway... full week off, then three runs to report.  Easy four miler, tempo-ish five miler, and non-descript eight miler.

    All my runs are trail now, no road at all, as it seems I recover a lot quicker.  Nice to be back to running.

    After the passing of our ancient cat, we put our name down for another RSPCA rescue (it normally takes around 4 months).  Surprisingly, almost immediately, they have given us a ginger kitten to home!.  We have never had a young cat before and I didn't realise what a 24 hour ball of energy he is!  He is a good cat though (except when attacking my feet at 3am)and has  settled in well.

    Some cracking running all.  Good to see things continue to improve Cal.

    Saw your long run on Strava Hazel, absolute bruiser of a run that! awesome stuff.  Brilliant pace.

    Nice run Swittle, sounds a nice evening.  As  a sea angler I have some tip lights too.  They make your eyes go funny stairing at them for extended periods though!

    That is concerning about the knee Guarddog.  A strain of some sort perhaps?  Hopefully it'll be a short-term issue.

    Thanks for the well wishes John B,  hope the achilles continues to improve.

    Nice running Gru,  Gravesend isn't too far from where I work in Walderslade.

    I have one race to do that was rescheduled from last year, a 10 miler in about three weeks time,  I have done no real speedwork in an age while marathon training, so don't expect much!  Can I improve at all in 3 weeks without overdoing it?

    Have a great week all.

    Did I mention I did a marathon? Oh I did? Oh OK.....

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good news regarding the run without the walk Cal, less so that the hamstring is still grumpy.

    Keep it nice and easy for a couple of weeks yet LTT, it can take several weeks to recover fully from a marathon.  The 10 miler in 3 weeks sounds ok, I wouldn't do too much speed in the next week or two in preparation for it though.  Good timing that you were able to reward yourself for the completed race.  I think we really need a picture of that kitten!  Struggling a bit with one of ours - she hasn't accomstomed well to her new home and the new cats around her (moved more than 4 months ago). 

    Recovery run yesterday evening - bit under 4.5 miles.  Did my standard loop through the woods but the other way around this time.  Means setting off up a steep off-road hill after about quarter of a mile - but I plodded up that gently at around 11 minute miling.  Does mean that almost all uphill is then done though with the execption of one short and shallower incline following the turn for home and I have to be careful on a recovery not to roll too quickly back down again.  Quite breezy again - the ground is very dry and could do with the rain forecasted for mid to end of the week.  Legs not sprightly but no complaints either. 
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Solo + group run combination run yesterday evening - in total 9.75 miles.  Normally the group bit is done at a for me fairly easy pace but the two others put their foot down and I found it fairly hard to keep up with legs still a bit tired from Sunday's run.  At least they did slow down a bit up the hills in the second half for chatting purposes so that felt a bit better.  I was doing my own chatting with our group leader who was accompanying us on his bike as he has had a foot issue (better now).  I also cycled to and from the meeting point, bit under 4 miles in each direction - a nice whizzz down the hill (14:x minutes) followed by a slow trundle back up (31:x minutes - :D).  Nice evening for it - definitely shorts and t-shirt weather. 
  • Rare pic of new cat asleep and not causing some sort of trouble! He likes that toy best!

    5.7 miles of bumpy trail at 8:45 pace last night, knee slightly better maybe?

    Nice running Hazel, agreed lovely weather yesterday, vest and shorts. Even caught the sun abit!  Lot's of farm machinery busy doing tasks, but not sure what exactly.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    You'll enjoy that cutback week, Hazel.  

    It's a useful start, Cal - hammy tweaks can be annoyingly nagging.  :(

    LTT - no-one can be blamed for enjoying the greater freedom, especially after a 42.2km effort!  My arthritis-induced knee issues responded well to strengthening exercises set by a couple of NHS physios almost 3 years ago.  I still do them before every run and am a huge fan of getting onto more forgiving ground.  Cat has impressive hearing appendages!

    Last night, I set out late, and was later still after a neighbour and I discussed political correctness in comedians, today and 50 years ago.  Found out that Tony Booth, father of Gerie, once lived in the road parallel to mine :-o
    10pm sounded, a cool, clear night, full moon +1 day.  Gentle NE breeze and v much shorts and T-shirt weather.  Water birds hadn't all gone to roost as I circled the lakes: how does it feel when you literally sleep in a bed of water?  Down to a v low tide mark, rather slippy by the radar station, then knobbly ridges of sand before smoothness prevailed.  Off the beach and along Westward View path, dry now after months of waterlogging.  Detritus included planks and a small vehicle wheel :(  Grateful of a last downhill mile and home just after 11.

    Here's a photo from a walk a couple of days ago, approaching sunset on Waterloo beach.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Cute LTT!  Thanks - bit of growing left to do by the ears.

    Nice late run swittle.  Jealous of the beach sunset.  I have a 40m tall wooden tower on the top of a local hill about one and a half miles away which gives me great views of quite a way around - could watch the sun disappear behind some hills instead. Must make an effort to go up there for it again.  Cloudy rainy the next few days. 

    8 miles yesterday - combined running and a trip to the supermarket so could take advantage of a flat route.  In part up and down a ditch with a bit of brook flowing along it keeping a wary eye on the surface - apparently there was a bad accident with a horse rider just a bit upstream in the last few days - the path is liable to collapse due to the beavers burrowing into the banks of the brook and underneath the path.  There are signs everywhere about it though so don't know why they thought it would be a good idea to ride along there :/  Put in 2 x 5 x strides along a stretch of tarmac with markings every 50 metres - not sure how accurate they are but it doesn't really matter.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Unenthusiastic and somewhat ploddy MLR yesterday of 11.4 miles.  Definitely worked a bit too hard on Tuesday/Wednesday following Sunday's tough run.  Undulating route so decided to more or less ignore pacing.  I was pleased that I didn't just open the door and go in when I had a brief stop outside home for a few gulps of water and a dark choc coated marzipan stick as it was rather tempting.  The last 3 and a half miles after that were actually the best of the whole run.  Bit less dusty now after a bit of rain.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Linton - love your cat. 😍

    Gorgeous picture too, swittle.

    Hazelnut - not that I've done strides recently but mine tend to be very random. I don't think it really matters much.

    I've not run since Monday due to the hamstring - (I did use the dreaded elliptical at the gym but you are limited to 30 minutes on that...though 30 minutes feels like an eternity so that may be a good thing). However, I wasn't going to pass up a chance to run in such lovely weather today so I went out after a fairly thorough warm-up. I ran a continuous 4 miles. The discomfort was there throughout but it's at a level where I can push it into the background and it isn't affecting my stride. So long as it doesn't get worse, I'll keep going, as I need to get that fitness back. I would rather like to be racing by June - there's a Wednesday evening race on Clapham Common the day before my birthday so it'd be nice to do it.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks!  Merseyside has few hills of note, so sunrises are more difficult to capture.  Good old bank holiday weather on the way on Monday in the UK but rain is needed because of an almost-dry April.  Beaver undermining - not a common hazard but dangerous, nonetheless.

    Hazel: a little rest might reduce the 'ploddiness'  :-)

    It's a tricky decision, isn't it? To run by assessing the relative pain, Cal.  Still, you're still on the move, and that's good to hear.

    A couple of figure-of-eight loops on sand and grass just after sunset on a night that was the cool side of balmy.  Very light breeze and tide a good third of a mile from the prom.  At Burbo Bank car park, I looped back on wide, firm trail to the Serpentine S., where I headed for the edge of the sea.  All fine after the leisure centre until I turned landward and had to detour around a suspiciously sinky sandy area :-o  

    The dune-side coastal park trail has mimi-heffalump traps of sand filled depressions and seemed rather lumpy - but I was almost an hour in and ready for home.  Ten seconds over the hour.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Sounds positive Cal - June race gives you a bit of time to build up but be careful.  Elliptical must be boring - as bad as a TM?  Survived for 40 mins on one of those once.  

    True swittle, you get to enjoy a BH Monday.  Here if they fall on a weekend day you loose (lose?) out.  Nice bit of rain here yesterday and likely regularly over the weekend.  You are probably right about the rest - but you know how it is when the streak is getting longer and longer.   How do you know which areas of sand to avoid?  Is it just how the sand looks like?  Great to see you regularly running the hour.

    4 x village loop for me yesterday late afternoon - first time I've got wet in weeks.  Kept the effort level low and went for erractic pacing due to the undulating nature of the loop - either up or down.  Average was ok though.  Legs and everything else felt much better.  Good thing as I have one of those R things this afternoon...  Solo time trial hill race - haven't really trained for such and it will be wet but I can at least pin on a number again.  
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    Yes, it's true I used to run when running delayed recovery or extended niggles.  I'm like an ex-smoker with regard to Streaking and can now see what wisdom there was in ranking rest as highly as running.

    When the surface looks slick, with small depressions, it's likely to be less firm than one might imagine.  The areas do move from place to place along the beach and standing water left by the tide, or in streams running down to the sea is the main culprit.  Though the mud-sand mix is rarely deeper than the ankle, it's enough to suck a shoe free of the foot with ease.  There have been RNLI beach patrols for most of the lockdown but generally in daylight hours.  In the past, the coastguard has sent powered inflatables to rescue people who've got stuck - planks of wood are used, I've read.
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    I will likely look back at some point with a similar attitude swittle.  One thing streaking has helped me with is getting out of the door at all sometimes in the last months as I have struggled a bit.  Running isn't really getting amongst people though which is my problem - I've been less worried about the virus than how they might behave in situation x and y and how I might react to it.  

    Interesting regarding the sand - there are occasional reports I've noticed of people having to be rescued from mud/beaches.  Wasn't there a big incident in Morecambe Bay several years ago?  

    Race went ok yesterday - poorish conditions - rain and cold (no wind fortunately) and I struggled on the technical stretches - uneven steps and metal bridges with 400m+ ascent in less than 3 miles.  31:52 finishing time.  Sore glutes today.  Right calf went on strike a bit on the steeper sections meaning I had to hobble-hike but it eased straight away on the easier ground and no pain today so I guess it is okay.  Hard to run a solo TT with no-one to pull you along when you are struggling or to hunt down when you are feeling good.  Likely the only format I will get if at all for the moment though and I feel good today for having been able to do something approaching a race for the first time in 6 mths.  

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