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    Is there a TP100 tracker link? If I Google it I get links to bargains on 100 person capacity wigwams :D
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    Don't get me wrong M but it doesn't feel right buying a Coros from a bloke I met online ha ha - my parents would be dead against it :D

  • 😆 😆 👌 
    272 runners still out on the course here
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    On vaccines I am incredulous at the evolving behaviours I am seeing from some people. I walked outa the canteen at work this week because people were ignoring the 2m spacing clearly marked on the floor, the excuse being they'd all had vaccine 1, some weren't even wearing masks. I popped back after the rush for my takeaway.
    I'm working on the assumption that at best vaccination will reduce symptoms and prevent hospital admissions. There is no guarantee of immunity. Worst case is they do nothing for some people, 30% chance of no protection. It might not be as black and white as that but even after V2, without major stats illustrating that the overriding objective of reducing the transmission rate to negligible has been achieved, I will continue to cross the road so other people remain 2m at least from me and I'll be wearing a mask as I see fit.
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    I am also incredulous at this calorie counting merlarky... End if diet week 3 and I am half a stone lighter. I can eat whatever I want as long as I don't smash the 1900 calorie barrier. Yesterday's lunch had to be put in 2 cartons it was so vast 😋

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    Pleased to say the rain has stopped in south London, so hopefully Debra's out of it too. Looks like she's just past Runnymede.

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    Hope she has a pen with her :D
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    I'm sure she did 1owrez, after all she's just been to Eton...
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    Debra's a good way past Goring and progressing well :) I'm taking a rest from dot watching for some kip. Hope the night is being good to her.

    Picked up a white Coros Pace 2 with traditional silicone strap (looking at the nylon version with the velcro, I couldn't convince myself that was very secure, discovered The Ginger Runner confirming that on YouTube) managed to bargain my provider down to £130 plus £4.85 post and packing, hope I got a bargain! Should arrive Wednesday.  
  • Stan, Thank you. It’s been a long tough 5 weeks that is for sure, never would have thought that a vaccine supposably to prevent illness could cause such illness and gave you in A&E twice! I’ve had two doctors tell me now that even if I caught (and showed symptoms) of Covid I’d very unlikely have been so ill with only minority ending up at hospital in comparison to numbers infected. Headaches eased a lot but chest pains & breathlessness diagnosed to be myocarditis stemming from post viral side effects, then flu symptoms and fatigue lingering on. Should get Exertion Test & X Ray results next days since tested this week, I’m back Monday for 4th lot of 9 different bloods (not sure what they keep testing for?!) & to have Agiograph & Perfusion Test then see Cardio. I’m hoping to try couple of runs at decent speed next days to establish if legs still work but mainly to see effect on the ticker. Getting a bit frustrated as kept running well and now since racing returned I’m stuffed! Then races in Spain and France look unpromising now since the list released, not sure when that’ll update next? Still I’m having a rest 😆 

    Debra, been watching you move downstream today, excellent work for sure! Anyway, I believe a Surgeon is referred to as Mr or Miss (unless Professor) and only a Consultant who doesn’t operate, ie Psychiatrist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, etc. Referred to as Dr. Pretty sure includes Vets too but then I recalled you did a PhD and work in editorial so perhaps why you prefer Dr? my apologies. 
    I do recall vividly saying to a surgeon once Thank you Doctor - he nearly bit my head off exclaiming he wasn’t a doctor, bizarrely dentists these days are using the title Dr rather than the surgical title of Mr / Mrs more and more.  One thing for sure with any anaesthetist I always refer to them as Sir or Ma’am. 

    Anyway, I’m really tired, perhaps not as much as you, tremendous to run 100 miles in this weather of today, still tomorrow is better and through the night too.

    Ginger Runner? The guy ( I don’t know) or Wild Ginger Runner then I know Claire. These people are given a watch to loan / try for some publicity on their YouTube Channels, they then do a giveaway comp to raise PR. 
    I don’t do that, instead supplied all models but have to promote online. FYI If the Pace 2 is good enough for Eliud (that’s his race watch, well in fact he’s only ever worn a watch in a race once and that was the NN Mission last month, he uses VERTIX and Apex in training. 
    Nylon lighter, stronger, and the 5 Velcro pads are 100% proof. £130 second hand? Or new  - you’ve been robbed 😆 👌 
  • Great choice of watch though Lowrez!!!
  • Mc HillyMc Hilly ✭✭✭
    Just glanced at dots over breakfast and see Debra has recently finished. An awesome time, especially in the conditions!
    Sorry Mark to hear about your issues after the virus, I had not heard about myocarditis until listening to this podcast last week
    They talked a lot about the risk of exercising with myocarditis, I’m in no position to comment on the balance of their science and reporting, but it’s enough to make me say, make sure (if not already done) to get medical advice before attempting a run at decent pace!!

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    Debra's finished! In 23:29:21 so she gets the '100 miles One Day' medal too. Looks like she was 8th woman and second F50. A lot of people still out on the course, and drop out rate looks to be heading towards a third, which I guess is some indication of how hard it was this weekend. The night was pretty mild here in London, so hopefully it wasn't as cold as it can be down by the Thames going through Oxfordshire, and despite the rain yesterday it was a mudfest along the river.
    Mark, that sounds like more tests than the elites get, you couldn't get them to throw in a VO2 max and lactate threshold as well? More seriously, hope the results are going in the right direction. It sounds like they aren't completely sure what's caused this and so they're doing all the tests they can to track your symptoms. I wonder if there are similar cases they know of, or whether there are similarities to some people with Long Covid? Certainly sounds incredibly frustrating, especially just as races are starting up again.

  • baldstanbaldstan ✭✭✭
    'wasn't a mudfest', is what I meant to say.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Well done Debra, amazing effort, looking forward to your race report. The Grand Slam is on 😀 I'm off down the bookies to see what odds I can get on 4 out of 4!
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Sorry you've had a bad time post vaccine Mark, was it AZ? Is the advice still to take part 2 after all your symptoms? You seem to have a great medical team with all you have described going on, is all that being done by the NHS? Are they advising you sufficiently do you think about physical effort post all this trauma? That is if indeed you are post it all yet. Concerned about what McH has described. Take care and treat yourself right, there will always be more events.
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    Top work Debra. Conditions were not kind this weekend at all.
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    ... COROS... I shall be able to get it 10-20% off for you.
    Ha ha - at £179.99 on Centurion with your max discount me thinks £130.00, nay even £134.85 is a pretty good deal on a new (not second hand) watch :D 

    Do you josh too about t'Ginger Runner? The famous Ethan Newberry, amongst many things he produced Where Dreams Go To Die - Gary Robbins and The Barkley Marathons

    Regarding the nylon strap; the danglyness is referred to here (if it doesn't jump forwards the comments begin at 11:06)

    Some other dudes also found it less than ideal here (if it doesn't jump forwards the comments begin at 03:54) although I don't understand the comment about a nylon strap not being suitable for swimming?
  • I wonder if Debra will now be sleeping for 23 hours, or as often the case not so tired straight after such efforts but have that 'catch up' of tiredness 2 days later. I know personally after marathons or ultras I always seem more tired on the Tuesday (if the event as normal is on the Sunday).

    Thanks for heads up re Podcast McHilly, this is actually one of a collection of podcasts I subscribe too ( I am really into Science of Sport and Performance) have not had chance to listen to this most recent downloaded but it is on now in background. I find the J curve of sport and immunity interesting, the problem becomes once ill if diet, sleep, and other factors effect recovery which is where my mantra of pushing the body to limits really has it's limit and knowing what and when that limit is, so I could run 4 days in Sahara with no food knowing can survive but any illness below the neck should not be pushed, you can run with a headache or a sore throat but a chesty cough no no!
    Baldstan, I have questioned in fact whether to request the anti body test to see if have had Covid already which would explain liklihood of Long Covid, but this is not freely available and I've seen mixed results from the anti body test and it's effectiveness (also at determining effectiveness of vaccines in one person to another, whereby AZ maybe 64% effective in one person it may be much less in another etc). Dr suggested that I may even have had Covid at time of vaccine or just before which may not have shown on test I had 2 weeks later in hospital.
    One, vital thing I have discovered from all of this is that the experts tell you to not to exert yourself after the having the vaccine but I have NOT seen any guidelines to rest a few days before having the vaccine which is perhaps even more important, it seems if the body is stressed mentally or physically before having any of the vaccines (essentially a foreign body entering the body) then it applies the greater flight response producing vast cytokines - inflammation. i.e. you would be mad to have the vaccine the day after doing a marathon as the body is in a depleted state repairing itself already. However, away from the vaccine the fitter you are the less chance of being hospitalised if catch Covid. It is a vicious circle for sure and a fine balance. I'd be very keen for the media to start publishing figures of those who have had side effects from the vaccines, I note the number of deaths jumped from 7 to 64 within a couple of weeks it seemed, liklihood is the data was just not updated.
    Evidence suggest side effects great with AZ in first dose than second and opposite for Pz etc, as both drugs work in different ways.
    Good work with that hefty discount Lowrez, impressed. Yes, I follow Ethan, very knowledgable but as I said he states strap as being floppy and possible to catch on something and come off, you;'d have to really swipe your wrist to undo the the velcro but note his final comment the strap will not come away completely to lose the watch by it's safety clasp, this is something not on normal style strap where normally only have the loop on.  With regards to swimming then I guess as it is essentially fabric it would not last as long as 'plastic'. Only late last year did I have to swap my Garmin strap after 4 years, being honest I doubt the COROS strap would last so long, but then can replace the strap for around £20. Let me know how you get on with it, and also how you got it so cheap too?  
    Now, it's a great day for a run, or maybe just a walk.....!
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    One of our future Comrades runners (I've been begging her for years) won the Thames 100 yesterday in about 20 hrs.   Brilliant run Lorna.
  • Debra BourneDebra Bourne ✭✭✭
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    Mark: had a shower and a nap. Now trying to stay awake until bedtime - will allow myself to sleep in and start work late tomorrow.
    Re. 'Dr', vets in the UK are now allowed to use 'Dr' so long as they append 'MRCVS' to their name - Dr Debra Bourne MRCVS. BUT I earned the Dr title with my PhD and have been using it since 1997 - so seeing 'Ms Debra Bourne' always seems a little strange to me.
    Re. the vaccine, not mixing vaccination with physiological stress from an ultra is why I was concerned that 12 weeks after my first dose was SDW100 weekend - I didn't want it in the period from a week before to a week after. Thankfully managed to find a solution to that.
    And Mark: you need to REST, let your body recover.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Definitely a biscuity theme coming out of this year's TP100 :D

  • Hey Debra! Well blooming done!!! I’m just back from a 4 mile walk and thought of you and your triumphs as that 4 mile felt like I was doing 40 at some points. Good you had power nap and are ‘waiting’ to sleep naturally within your circadian rhythm 👍 
    I’ve just listened to previous episode which I’ve missed too, most interesting too on effects of sleep in sport, inflammatory process, cytokines, power of naps, etc. Take a listen Debra I’m sure you’ll find it interesting - especially with over night activity / lack of sleep. 

    Well done again Dr Bourne 👍 💪 🏃‍♀️ 
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Think I just timed it right Mark; an unrepeatable bargain - last one in stock - it was not untouched by human hand having been broken out of the box and displayed in a glass case amongst others to encourage potential purchasers to salivate over it. So security seals broken on the box but it still had everything else intact including the sticker on the watch face. £135 asking price - I was cheeky and asked for a further fiver off and they snapped me hand off (so I will have to wear it on the other wrist as it will slide off me stump on that side :D - much worse than nylon strap dangle).
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    That centurion is in orbit around Jupiter

    Brilliant run Debra. You look like you just popped around for that photo shoot, not just run 100 miles :)
  • Lowrez, Love it!!!! :D
  • Peter RPeter R ✭✭✭
    Congratulations Debra, that is an amazing run/time and especially in the conditions on Saturday.  
  • Debra BourneDebra Bourne ✭✭✭
    Mark AA: I think I forgot to say: the watch started the run with 98% battery, finished with 41% - not bad!
    Mark AA, lowrez, Peter R, thank you! Rain in the morning, headwinds at half way and muddy trails full of puddles (plus some tree roots) in the later stages made the run interesting... One runner fell into the Thames and another nearly drowned after falling into a deep ditch full of water. Proper race report later.
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