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  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Yesterday was the first day I have had a reaction to running for a few weeks,shin was pretty sore so didn't go for a run.OH is starting to get nervous now,got us doing lists of everything we need to take,timings of gels etc,we spent some time yesterday going through it all so she seems a bit better now.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I did 6 miles this morning, about 1.5 mile really slow with Tigg (he hates the rain, hence only a short run!) and then a slow 4.5 afterwards.  Lots of general aches and pains in the lower legs meant it wasn't an enjoyable run really.  I do sometimes get this after a bit of a lay off, where joints/muscles seem to ache and running can be uncomfortable.  It's almost like having a break from running does me more harm than good sometimes!  Fingers crossed all the aches go away soon though.
  • Hi again folks, back still awful but still managing some decently long runs post marathon now.

    A 13.1 PB ,16,17.75 , and added a 13.5 yesterday.

    Seeing a physio and doctor today.  I can't run down hills so have to walk but that's fine.

    Quick question if I may.  After my april marathon the toenail next to my big toe went black, I was unconcerned, but it's now coming away down the side and base and is clearly going to fall off at some point.  Any tips to deal with this?  I'm thinking plastering it on long runs until it does?  I'm not worried about it falling off but just don't want it to hurt on long runs.  When it falls off will it be sore to run on?  Thanks.

    Great running all and hope things improve Big G.

    Rcouture - more chances to enjoy the wildlife with early morning running.  :). And miss the heavy rain, been pouring all morning here.

    Ian - that's one annoying injury.  After trashing your legs over the hills of Devon and no problems with the shin, it flares up now.   Have you been doing some faster work?  Speed work, making you run up on the toes more can cause shin pain.

    OH has normal taper fever, list making etc so all is well.   :)

    Big G - I think that joint/muscle stiffness is fairly usual after not using them.   The cycling may have contributed too.   Should be OK tomorrow.

    Fancy Tigg not liking the rain, I thought lurchers liked water.

    LTT - when the old nail is ready to fall off you'll find a brand new one underneath and it shouldn't need any protection at all, will be ready to go.

    Hope the physio sorts you out, is this your back that's causing the problem?
  • Thanks Shades! I'll put a plaster on it and keep going then!  It just looks a bit concerning.

    Yes, my back.  It's been susceptible to occasional flare-ups for over 10 years.  (It's down to 1000 mile a week driving for work), but really is bad currently.  Hopefully can get it sorted.

      Physio says I can run still, but soft trail only, and easy pace.  No hard racing for me this summer! But to be honest that's fine as I just want to do another marathon at some point and I'm not fast!
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    LTT, I have suffered with back issues in the past as well.  I hope you get it sorted.  I've had the issue wth nails too, but after it happened the first time I don't worry about it too much now.  The biggest issue I had one time was the nail grew back quite thick and was putting pressure on the toe, but a podiatrist sorted that for me.

    I mentioned the Garmin fenix 6x Pro, and it is available on Amazon Prime Day, so I've just bought one.  I can sell my 735XT on eBay and boxed ones sometimes go for just over £100 so I should get something back at least.  It's an extravagance, but I've had my eye on it for some time and it's a good price.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades,No I had that one quicker run last week but no reaction,only thing I can think is I ran the day I had physio,so whether their prodding and me running has aggravated it,I'll make sure I don't this week and see how it is.
    LTT - that's good news from the physio that you can still run, hope he sorts your back out.   That's a fair bit of driving for your work.

    I am extremely squeamish about feet, you have no idea how hard it was for me to discuss your toenails.🤢.  Anyway it will probably happen again so you'll get used to losing the odd toenail now and then.

    Ian - I would have thought physio would have said not to run after treatment if relevant.   Might just be coincidence, hope it settles down again.

    Big G - you had your eye on that Garmin for a while.   Not like we're splashing out on trips abroad to marathons, so you might as well treat yourself.

    I had a nostalgic moment in the gym today, was doing my bicep curls in front of the mirror and looked at the race shirt I was wearing, Galway marathon.   Suddenly I just wanted to go to Galway and run that marathon again. 😢
    Will be putting up the marathon list tomorrow including July races, I have Robert and Keith doing one each and Big G doing 2.   Any more for the list?

    Ian did you enter Lancaster and/or Solway?

    5 miles this morning, always a bit shorter on a Tuesday as I have a fairly early Pilates class.   Chilly morning only 9 degrees here.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I know where you're coming from with the nostalgia comment!

    I'm supposed to be doing a 5k race this evening, which I have an entry for, but I'm not going to do it.  Hammie still isn't right, which is the main reason, plus I don't feel in shape anyway for a fast time, so it's a DNS.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-No I didn't,I am hoping to do some good training July and August so no marathons(probably)
    Big_G said:
    Shades, I know where you're coming from with the nostalgia comment!

    I'm supposed to be doing a 5k race this evening, which I have an entry for, but I'm not going to do it.  Hammie still isn't right, which is the main reason, plus I don't feel in shape anyway for a fast time, so it's a DNS.
    Funny really as I had no plans to do Galway marathon again, maybe at some time perhaps.    It is a flat fast course for those of you that don't like the hills of Connemara.

    I'm sure the hamstring wouldn't appreciate a 5 km race right now so sensible decision.

    Thanks Ian.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    My (and Cal’s) July half has been postponed to September as the council have pulled the approval due to the stage 4 lockdown delay. Anyway I have found another a week earlier on the 11th of July which is the Farnborough half which I think I’ll enter. Might make a weekend of it with the family in the area. Won’t be well trained for it but main goal race for the half is the Royal Parks in October anyway. 
    Rcouture - that's a shame about your half but good you've found an alternative race.

    Seems quite a few councils are getting a bit nervous again.

    I think Cal has done Farnborough before.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, I/Trotters have tentatively put a club championship competition together from July-December, and I'm hoping the races I've selected go ahead.  It didn't get off to the best of starts as the race I had pencilled in to kick off the competition cancelled when the restrictions were extended, but I'm hoping the others will go ahead in some format!  The demand is there for it, so I hope they happen.

    Went out for just under 10 this morning.  I was out a bit later than usual, but it was sunny and quite cool, so good conditions for me.  I just took it really easy and had a good run out - certainly better than yesterday, anyway!  Hammie still letting me know it's there, but I think the general aches and pains were better than yesterday.  In a nice part of town I saw an elderly woman sweeping up glass from the side of her car.  I stopped to have a chat with her and she was really upset that someone had thrown a brick through her window "for fun".  There was nothing on display her car, nothing taken, no other damage apart from the brick through the window.  What arseholes!

    2nd Covid jab tomorrow, so I'm glad to get that done too.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - I’m much more relaxed about cancellations these days since I finally got my marathon done 😀. Are all the races you picked in the local area? As an aside Barcelona marathon 2022 is apparently set for March (according to a blog retweeted by the organiser weirdly). I think that will be next one for me if I can get a slot. No sense when registrations start, presumably after the November one this year. 

    7 miles at lunch. Threw in some strides at the end to test speed ahead of this 5k on Thursday. I’m not very confident for getting to my <20min target to be honest. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, yes they're all local races, within an hour or so by car.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Good news on the jab,not so on the old ladies car,unfortunately there are some scum in every area.
    Rcouture-If Barca goes ahead in March I'm pretty certain I'll be there,tempted by the November one but will wait a bit and see how travel is and for the Spanish football fixtures to see of we can combine it with a trip,flights are only £50 return at minute.
    Shades-I just presumed every race in Ireland was hilly,didn't think they did flat races.
    Off out for an easy 7 now,OH was out at 5.30 this morning so she could fit her run in  :#
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    Big G - hope the club championship works out, at least with smaller races there should be less chance of cancellations.

    Good you're getting your running legs back.

    You must be about the last on here to get 2nd jab 😊

    Shame on the mindless vandalism and the distress it causes.

    Rcouture - I guess we've got used to accepting cancellations and changes in the last year.

    I am very confident you can do a sub 20 min 5k.   :)

    Ian - ha, ha.   There are quite a few fast marathons in Ireland.   The year I ran Galway the winner did 2:25, about 200 runners in the marathon I think that year.

    I take it the shin/calf is OK today.

    How is your OH coping with the taper?   I suppose she is used to seeing you through tapering so not bothered.
    Best time of day is 5am 😊
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Yes all good today,not felt it once.
    She is doing well,getting excited now,think she is more excited about having a bagel with her lunch on Friday as she normally eats very healthy.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Couldn't sleep last night so I bit the bullet and got out for a sunrise run, starting at around 4:30am.  Sunny but fresh and I had a good run out, for nearly 11 miles in total.

    The new watch arrived yesterday and I do really like it - the maps are great, and Garmin Pay was easy to set up, and some of the other features look interesting.  I have to say though that the HRM is still rubbish on the Fenix 6....regularly 10-15bpm out, and sometimes 20+ making it useless for HR training.  I had a very slight hope of being able to ditch the chest strap but knew deep down it would be very unlikely, so it'll be back to the strap from tomorrow.

    I ran down to sea level today so took the opportunity to calibrate the altimeter down there, so I will be interested to see if the elevation stats change (or not) compared to what I used to get.
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    Ian - not so sure I could get excited about a bagel.   They're great for carbo loading though.   She deserves to be excited, she's had a very long wait for her marathon.

    Big G - best thing to do if you can't sleep is get out for a run, especially with the early sunrises.

    That will be interesting to see how the elevations stats compare with your previous Garmin and Strava.   And you can go shopping while running now  ;)

    I don't think there's any chance of any accuracy for HR training without a chest strap for a very long time.   I see now Garmin etc emphasis in the sales blurb that wrist is not accurate unless at rest.

    6 miles today, chilly, only 8 with a 'feels like' of 6, but nice morning.

    Gym later.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-She usually eats the same every day and barely any carbs so it is a treat for her.
    I'm explaining how she will go off too fast and to keep to her pace,she believes me as she has done it in shorter races but trying to get her to understand it will hurt a lot more if she goes too fast in this.I am looking forward to her race a lot more than my own.
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    Rcouture - I was entered for DD in 2019 but suffered with PF and didn't run for 6 months, it's on my list for 2022/23 depending on how summer training goes.

    Ian - I'm always making lists for everthing, when I did a 17 lap marathon I had lists galore for gels, drinks, splits for wanted times and PB.  Your oh just going through taper madness.  It's great when you can give sound advice, I reckon post race you'll be telling her I told you so.

    Big G - I find I'm worse after a few days off running too, maybe we're like drunks... if they never sober up they wont suffer from hangovers!  Great price on the Garmin, should have waited a couple of weeks myself.

    LTT welcome to the black toenail club.

    Shades - saw the new date for DD 11th June, have an alarm set for Oct 17th for entries opening.

    Sunday felt tired when running so cut short to just over 4 miles, before seeing Dad, then took the bike for it's first outing on Sunday evening 10 miles.  Finally got out yesterday evening, just before I went I came over all tired, still forced myself out and ran 9 miles, came back to a sore throat and feel rubbish today.  Hoping this was the reasoning behind the fatigue.  Took a lateral flow test to be safe and negative.

    Have entered Grafham duathalon with ATW, 10k run 36k bike, 5k run 25th July.  Hopefully will motivate me to get the bike out a bit.  Not going for speed and expecting to finish in the bottom few but something a bit different. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well I have neglected to check my email for a couple of days so I didn't realise Harry Hawkes was postponed until you mentioned it, Rcouture...but that's good really, as I don't have the pressure of trying to get race fit when I'm far from it at the moment. I have, however, entered the first race in the Wimbledon trail series on the following Wednesday evening - if you're in Chasers by then, do it, because it's great fun (and takes in parts of the common I never realised existed until then!) 
    Ian, how the heck does your OH cope without carbs?!
    Big G, I saw you run on Strava...oof, that's early, even for me! Beautiful day today, though!
    I had a couple of gym/elliptical days I did an 8 mile fartlek type run this morning. II was scheduled to run yesterday but the weather wasn't nice so decided to go today instead...and it was perfect out. My body was not perfect, though...knee felt cranky despite not running for two days and hammy was sore even when I got out of bed. I didn't feel hammy too much on the run but knee continued to be cranky afterwards (I usually walk around the block after finishing my run to get my HR down to a normal level before going indoors). I forced myself to have a good stretch and that got rid of the pain so I think the whole hip and leg is just really tight. I'm seeing Toby tomorrow anyway so he'll no doubt spend some time grinding his elbow into my SI joint, which usually helps, even though it is unpleasant.
    As for the run, I just threw in some random faster efforts and was pleased with the paces I hit - there was even one sub-9 minute mile in there. Of course, to be HM fit I'd need to run 13 of those, but with my race being postponed, I don't need to worry about that until August (when I'm in for the postponed Big Half).
    Ian - with her training and not usually eating many carbs, she will carbo load well without having to eat loads.

    I'm sure she'll be sensible re pacing, but at some point it's going to hurt anyway during the race.   I expect you'll be thinking about her and how her race is going all the time you are running.

    Went to Lidl's to buy the one item I always buy from them but shelves are bare, they've had a big delivery this morning but what I wanted wasn't ready to put out in store.   Bare shelves are due to driver shortages, and the guy on the checkout is now training to be an HGV driver.  Massive shortage of HGV drivers nationally if anyone fancies a career change 🚛  :)   
    xpost Cal - I thought the postponement of your half would fit in with your training comeback better.

    Those niggles just don't seem to be getting any better, must be frustrating.
    Robert - have you done a duathlon before?

    Glad the sore throat was nothing more than that, maybe not a good idea to run so long when you feel tired.   Good news on the LF test though.   I'm still doing my twice weekly tests, just habit now.   Very efficient delivery service, I ordered another pack late yesterday afternoon and delivery due any minute.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-The shortage looks to be lasting a while,combination of brexit and foreign drivers staying home due to covid,we have been told it could last all year.
    I actually think she will pace it way better than most do for out first,as I think she is running a pace quite a bit slower than she is capable of,that can wait until Manchester.
    Physio today so going to leave my last run until tomorrow,will only be 4ish so doesn't really matter when I do it.
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