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    Big G - that's one of the best things about running, can have some good uninterrupted thinking time   :)

    That is an impressive set up the Tri Club have, good decision to join.    I suspect you may be lured towards doing a Tri, of course having the camper van would be useful for all that kit, bike etc when travelling to triathlons.   :)

    Re Frome, my initial reservations about going, there were only 2 

    1. Traffic, will be very heavy.
    2. I wanted to use this race to test my fitness and I can't do that in the heat that's forecast.

    Then whilst running I realised that the main reason I am unwilling to go is that I'm fed up of Covid, I don't want a staggered start.    I don't want to be told I can't get there more than 30 mins before start time, not easy when I have a 2 hour drive to get there.   I want to rock up at least an hour pre race like I normally do, wander round do a bit of socialising etc.,  and after the race sit on the grass and watch runners finish the race.    All these especially annoying as the following day the Covid restrictions will be lifted.   

    So I'm a very doubtful.  
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    Shades, yes, I do know what you mean about the Covid restrictions.  I meant to say actually, there's another local casualty as Lustleigh show has been cancelled (30th August) as they don't think they can manage it safely with the rising cases.  That's 2 of the Club Champs races cancelled and we've not started yet.  I spoke briefly to Chair yesterday via text and I think he's a bit concerned about Totnes 10k (1st Aug) as that may be right in the middle of a big spike in cases and I guess he's wondering what the Council and landowners may say....  From a running/race/travel point of view, I'm totally fed up of it all as well :(   Regarding meeting OH's family I did suggest to her that we could meet her folks in France, which we've done before in the past.  That would save a lot of hassle on our side (i.e, the Belgium issue wouldn't come into it), and I'm pretty sure people living in NL can travel through Belgium with no problems.  We'd still need to get tested on the way back though, which is a risk if we test positive, particularly for OH's work.  We'll see as I worry that things could change for the worse still yet, in terms of travel, and I don't want to have to go around cancelling bookings and trying to get refunds again - I had enough of that last year!
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    Rcouture - there are more over 40s now...not many over 50s like me though! Do you run any of the hills around Wimbledon? There are some big ones there. I know one of the hill sessions does Home Park Road but that's not as tough as some of the ones I've run up to get to the common.
    I guess my body battery needed recharging because I went to bed at 9:15 and, while I did wake up a few times (normal for me these days) I ended up sleeping until 5:40am. I can't remember the last time I got 8 hours of sleep in a night. Unfortunately I also woke up groggy and it was too late to go out for a run if I wanted to avoid traffic (which I did, since I need to do a 5K tempo again). I decided to go to the gym instead and did 45 mins on the elliptical and some lower body rehab stuff. I'll do the 5K tomorrow but it's not ideal as a) it'll be warmer and b) I don't envisage getting much sleep as people will be out in their gardens late and it'll be hot. Hot weekends are the worst, from a sleep perspective. :/

    Big G - I'm not surprised about Lustleigh Show.   Smaller venues without the facilities to spread things out to allow SD are going to be cautious and these events spend a lot of money upfront to put on an event and don't have the insurance to cover them if they have to cancel.    I did marshall Totnes 10k many years ago probably in it's 2nd/3rd year but I can't remember the venue, wasn't it a large tent(s) on an open space?

    I think it's a risk wherever you go, cases are increasing everywhere, even in the IOM they are rocketing up.   I'm not intending to visit my friend in the IOM unless she insists and then we'll do it outdoors and not for too long, I wouldn't blame her for not wanting a visitor from the mainland and potentially a risk to her.  If my friend from Lancs does travel over for the marathon I won't car share, nor meet indoors more than briefly.

    If you do the trip to France I think the cost of the PCR tests is getting cheaper, but OH is probably just as likely to catch it (or be pinged) from her job anyway.   Trouble is by the time you book and make plans travel rules could change again, and again.

    I am looking forward to not having to wear a mask though when I go shopping   :)  I'm happy to wear it in healthcare settings and on the flight to the IOM, I will probably have to wear it at the airport but I'll drink a few coffees so that won't be constant, which won't be so bad.

    I was wondering where our ARC audited accounts were, I sent them to the accountant a while ago and he's always very prompt.   Anyway, he emailed me, accounts all finished but he can't get out to post them back to me as he's self isolating!
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    Cal - Yes I run the hills around here and my most regular route has a nasty one on Princes Way. Also my Richmond park+Wim common long run route has a couple of shockers on the south east end of RP and then the most brutal is Robin Hood rd in the common as it’s long with an increasing gradient. Think the chasers session might just be fun to try as I’ve never really done structured hill reps. 

    Big G - Yes several of them yesterday were also recently out of uni and had started jobs during the pandemic and barely seen their colleagues. I manage a couple of folks like that at work and it’s very difficult for them especially if you’re new to a city like london. 
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    Shades, regarding Totnes 10k, my chief marshal-counterpart is really, really struggling for volunteers.  Just over 2 weeks out and he's only got half of what he needs :(  Erme Valley Relays on 23rd has hardly any Trotters members interested, with very few teams from our club.  I don't know if it's due to people going away on holiday, or being very cautious and not wanting to get pinged - probably a mix.  I struggled more than usual with Heller volunteers as well, but just about got there, and I'm hoping no one gets pinged between now and the race tomorrow!  Regarding Totnes 10k HQ, yes it's on a field.  It's our biggest race of the year in terms of entries, plus there is a fun run which is also usually well attended; it may sound strange, but really that's two races on one day, as they provide times etc for the fun run as well.  It's a lot of work.  I suppose it will depend on if the Council remain happy with the numbers, and if Dartington still allow it to go ahead - let's hope so.  In hindsight now, I'm glad DD was earlier in the year as I never really felt that was in danger of being cancelled this year.

    Your comments on IoM is what I'd do as well.  Generally keep myself to myself, mainly stay outside, but try and enjoy the experience as well.  I can't see a way out of it at the moment though :(  It's worse now in some ways as there's the tantalising promise of no restrictions, but I think many individuals feel they still need to be cautious for fear of getting pinged.  And as you say, making firm plans is still not possible.
    Rcouture - hill reps in company is good and a much tougher session as with other runners it's mentally easier to push harder on the uphills.   :)

    Big G - it's no fun being a race organiser struggling to get volunteers to help out.   I suppose with club activities curtailed during the pandemic there's been less contact and harder to get folk to help out.   It's much easier when you see someone face to face on a regular basis and ask if they can help out.

    I'd have no concerns about being outdoors in the IOM even in company, it often blows a gale there, in fact it usually does, although it's not been a problem in the marathon.

    Ian - how's the calf injury?
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    Shades, yes there's nothing quite like turning up to club with a clipboard and pen to "encourage" people to marshal ;) 
    Cal - that was a good sleep, hope you're not too disturbed by neighbours this weekend.

    Right here's EA's latest
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    Shades-It is feeling a lot better,when I'm walking I can't feel it at all but can still feel it when I press on it,but I really need to dig in to find it,I've been doing my exercises and using my shockwave machine on it.I feel like I could run now but I'm going to give it a bit then start off easy and short to see if I get any reaction.
    Robert - good luck today at FVC, hope it's not too hot for you.  B)

    Ian - that's a remarkable recovery in a short time which is great news.   Seems it might be a Grade 2 tear and not the dreaded Grade 3.

    Big G - just heard the news about travelling from/through France.   :#

    6 easy miles this morning.   Warm and a very humid 99% when I went out.   Glad I've decided not to do Frome, forecast now cranked up another degree with a 'feels like' 30 degrees at the time I'd finish.
  • Had a quick look at hotel options for Easter and obviously there is the Travelodge at Sourton Cross then it's Whiddon down, Plymouth and Bodmin as next nearest. Premier Inn its erm Bude/Plymouth really. I recall Davey saying there are out by the A38 in Plymouth with food options so that might be my preference being Okehampton is fairly small and also 5 miles away from the Travelodge anyway.
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    Shades, yeah, I read that last night.  I think the best OH and I can do is just wait a week or two before we're hoping to travel, and then book if we're comfortable to.  The risk is that ferry prices will be really high, and if that's the case we wouldn't go anyway.  OH's got time off then so we're probably going to have a back up plan of booking something in the UK, which at the moment feels like it's the more likely option.

    Ian, good news on the injury getting better.
    Keith - I don't know those Travelodges but they may be adjacent to a good foody pub that you could work your way through the menu over the 4 days.  :)

    Big G - does the NL have a green list of countries that matches UK's green list?  If so, could OH's family fly there for a weekend and meet up with you.

    The new rules re France don't apply to the Eurostar as long as you don't stop/get off in France.   But I guess that would be really expensive too and leaving the camper van at home which isn't what you hoped for.

    Just popped out to Lidl's, shelves quite bare again but managed to get what I wanted.   Was deliciously cool in the store and in my car, getting home my flat feels really hot, already 27 degrees and usually my flat is relatively cool.  Going to most unpleasant for the next few days, hate this weather  :#
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    Shades, yeah, we did briefly think about that.  I think Malta and Bulgaria are examples.  It's just the uncertainty around what may happen with the countries on the respective lists that is a concern, with the possibility of countries being taken off the lists at short notice.
    Big G - I know, we've all had so many plans cancelled that the thought of going through the refund procedures yet again is so demoralising.

    I'm hoping that there will be no changes to IOM travel 😨
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    Not looking forward to it at all,'s going to be 31 tomorrow. My flat's already hot and it's only going to get hotter. Ugh.

    Went out early doors today but it did not go well. My Garmin refused to pick up a signal so I started anyway as it's supposed to be able to find one on the move (it has done in the past, no problem). Did a slow 2 mile jog to warm up but decided to stop and restart my watch to ensure I had proper GPS (which took ages). Then did my run. Came in over 28 minutes so slower than last week and it felt like I was working harder - not surprising though as it was warmer and muggy.
    When I got back and uploaded my runs, the 2 miler had no map at all - GPS had failed, and while the 5K had GPS the route was all over the place. Not sure if I ran 5K or not, but eh, it is what it is. I'm blaming updates - got one yesterday and another after I got back so perhaps that was the problem. I'm going to have a short walk later to check it's working again.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Ian - That’s great news on the ankle. Fingers crossed for London training. 

    Robert - Good luck!

    Cal - I was having GPS issues with Garmin this morning too as it was taking longer than usual to get a signal. 

    7 miles earlier. Had friends staying overnight so could only get out around 11 when it was ‘feels like 28’. I love the heat and don’t mind being super slow so was a great run through the common. Long run tomorrow. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cal, are you looking forward to getting back to parkruns?  Do you think you'll do some touring, stay local, or do a bit of both over the weeks?  Do you'll think you'll "race" them all?  I can't make the first weekend that it's back as there's an event, but I'm glad it's coming back and will try and get there the week after.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rcouture - good to know. It seems mostly OK now so hopefully it won't mess up on my run tomorrow. 
    Big G, yes, very much although I'm not in racing shape. My local won't be open as the council are dragging their heels so I'll likely end up at Clapham Common. I'll start looking further afield after that.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-I wouldn't say its recovered yet,certainly improved a tin but need to not feel it when I press it,suggested recovery was 14-21 days,I'm on day 9 now.It was definitely only a grade 2.
    Cal - I don't mind the heat so much as long as it cools down at night, which isn't going to happen for a few days.

    Maybe there was an electrical storm in the London area affecting GPS...or aliens👽. No problems with GPS down here in Devon 😊

    Rcouture - as you enjoy running in the heat that could be to your advantage post pandemic looking for overseas races.

    Big G - very modest there, your event next weekend being a double marathon weekend, should be a bit cooler then. 

    Ian - you've not recovered yet, but significant progress from a painful injury.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Cal - That’s annoying re Tooting parkrun. I’d pencilled it in as my first one as it’s quite flat and a nice 15 minute warm up away. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I've decided not to do Frome Half as it's too hot for me.  Shame, as it's a nice race.  The marathons are a bit different as I'll just try and get around them and I know I'll have to slow down if it's way too hot.  I don't mind doing that at all, but "racing" a Half in these conditions isn't what I want to do, and I don't really want to travel all that way just to run fairly slowly around.
    Big G - I don't blame you for deciding to stay home tomorrow.    I'd already made the same decision, if I could have run the first hour in cooler/fresher conditions then I might have been tempted.   I haven't even done a short run in warm conditions yet this year.

    Forecast for Saturday at the moment says 21 degrees and possibly light rain showers.   I didn't look for Sunday.😉
    I seem to have the wrong date for Robert's FVC, it's tomorrow not today.   Not sure if my error or Roberts' 😉

    So good luck tomorrow Robert.  😄
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rcouture - Clapham's flat and you'll get to meet plenty of Chasers there. :)
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    7-miles this morning and it was quite busy out on the way back at around 7am.  Runners, people setting up their beach huts, swimmers, SUPers.  I think it's going to be another hot one today so I suppose some are getting out early to enjoy it whilst it's a bit cooler.

    I think Haytor Heller all went off okay with no problems with the marshals etc, which is good news.  Looks like it was a very hot one for the runners though.  The race starts at 5:30pm and it looks like a few sweltered in the sun.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    It's going to hit 30 today in London, so I was out just after 5am (it was already 18 then which is warmer than I like, but as it was an easy run I can deal). Took my hydration vest, which I normally wouldn't for a run of that length and was glad of it, though I forgot to squeeze the air out of it and had to put up with it sloshing the whole way (I got used to that after a while, but then I'd pass someone and get stares :lol )
    With my race on Wednesday (god help me, it's going to be hot then too) I decided to stick to 12 miles and did my Clapham Common > Battersea Park > river > Wandle > Tooting route, though with a couple of small variations. I took a more scenic route through Battersea Park rather than the main carriageway I usually use, and was rewarded by seeing a lovely big heron. He wasn't in the least bit scared of me and I was within touching distance of him as I ran past.
    The river is always nice and flowers smelled particularly good today. One section had loads of poppies just growing out of cracks and walls.
    Once I came off at the Wandle, I managed to find the correct route through Wandsworth to the next bit in King George's Park, including a small stretch of Wandle hidden behind some shops.
    I didn't push the pace on this one so averaged around 10:40ish, but even so HR was higher again due to the weather. Lost a couple of pounds, too, so made sure to have SiS hydration tab as soon as I got in (I had one before going out, too)

    Good luck anyone running or racing today - stay safe and hydrated.
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    Big G - it must have been hot at that time of day at Haytor, tough running too.

    Good weather for paddle boarding, are you tempted to get the board out?

    Final day of the TdeF, definitely has been the most enjoyable that I've watched.   I'd like to see Cav win today.   My friend from the IOM, now deceased, used to go to Paris to watch on the Champs Elysees on the final day.

    Cal - that's a decent distance in this weather.

    Rest day for me today.🙂

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