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    Shades, yeah, I'll be getting the SUP out soon.  OH is thinking about getting one too.  A friend of mine, who lives in the Lake District, sent a pic of where he was on his yesterday and it looked idyllic.  

    I've really enjoyed TdF too.  Basically every stage there's been something exciting happening with lots of attacks, and full on racing.  Let's see if Cav can break the record today - it would be quite amazing if he broke it on the Champs Elysees.  WvA may well give him a run for his money I think as he's coming into form throughout the Tour.  What a rider he is; winning on Mont Ventoux, winning a time trial, and in with a shout of winning a sprint stage too, all in the same Tour.  Amazing.
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    Cal - Clapham it is then!

    15 miles through Richmond park, Putney and home along the river. Was delayed getting the girls to go out to see their friends so was out at 9:30 and the heat was brutal. This was made worse by trying a new route through richmond park which had a nasty hill exposed to full sunshine. Had two 500ml bottles, one of tailwind mix and one of water which was just about enough. Anyway, I’m home alone with nothing to do which is the first time I can remember in years so have got a book and a beer out in the garden recovering 😀.
    Big G - The boards will go in/on the camper van, nice to try them out in different places.  I'm sure there'll be room along with all the triathlon kit 😉

    Well if Cav doesn't win today I'm sure he'll still be capable of breaking the record next year.   His team are doing a great job of looking after him.

    Rcouture - that was a tough run for you.   Enjoy your quiet recovery time.  I guess it's not often quiet in your house.
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    Shades/Big G-Looking at the weather it was a good decision to miss Frome.
    OH had the Chester 10k today,so I decided to try my first run as the leg has felt great,just ran it nice and easy,told myself I'd stop at the first sign of the ache and nothing came from it,will see how it is the next tomorrow now
    It started at 7.45 but even then it was hot,glad we weren't in the 10am start.
  • Big G i can’t say I’ve ran enough recently for my fenix to give me enough data, personally I’d take it all with a pinch of salt and wouldn’t rely on it.  

    Rcouture that’s a cracking half last week and a very strong finish, on a flatter course with better prep you got more to give!

    Cal defo wise not to push the pace yesterday, was warm out there.

    Shades, was probably me giving the wrong dates for FVC 😆 

    Ian hope your recovery continues, 7:45 was warm, 10am was getting redic

    been a tough month, took me a while to get over my man flu, which affected mojo and training, I’ve not done much training, less than 100 miles in the last 6 weeks.  I did a bit of gardening on the course trimming brambles and stingers a week before the race, couldnt believe how much they had grown back! 

    FVC report to follow tomorrow, ‘twas warm out there!

    Ian - your self treatment rehab certainly seems to be working.   Great discipline to hold back in a short race, hope there are no after effects today.

    How did OH get on at the 10k?   Has she recovered from her debut marathon?

    Robert - you're up early/late!  :open_mouth:   Let me guess, as it's 'freedom day' you're going clubbing this morning?  ;)

    Considering your man flu/minimal training I'm impressed you did FVC yesterday, must have been tough even without the heat.   Looking forward to the report later.   

    The hedgerows after that spell of rain have gone crazy here too, never seen such a spurt in growth in such a short time.

    6 miles this morning.   Very hot and humid last night, didn't sleep well and felt a bit jaded when I got up but I had a great run, it did feel fresher this morning.

    Gym later, don't have to queue up today.    :sweat_smile:
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    Looking forward to report Robert. Well done for getting it done!

    That’s good news, Ian. All ok this morning still?

    Nice long run in the sun there, Rcouture. I hope you enjoyed your free time :)

    8 miles for me this morning on a flat route. Decided to stay flat today to at least do some continuous running as recently I’ve been having to walk the slopes again if I want to stay at MAF. Had a nice run out this morning. 
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    Shades/Big G-No issues this morning,feels fine,hopefully stays like that and I can run again tomorrow.
    OH had a good run,bit slower than her best but it wasn't the easiest of courses,but she finished 85/1200 female so shows it was a good run.
    It was tough mentally more than anything yesterday,being overtaken by people when I know I was running well within myself,only let myself go the last 100 mtrs when 2 guys tried to overtake me so I just stepped up a gear and left them trailing  :smile:
    Big G - I hope that means you didn't have to run 8 times around Paignton Green, I suppose you can run to Torquay and back, that's fairly flat.

    I could barely watch the final km of the TdeF, Cav gave it his best shot, just couldn't get through.

    I haven't had the race info for Saturday yet, have you?

    Ian - that's great the calf feels OK today and you did a sprint finish.

    Well done to OH, a great run from her, it was probably a bit hot with you too yesterday
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    Shades, I’ve had no info yet about the weekend’s events. I did email her asking about the event parking (and she replied), as I may take the van up and stay nearby.  Not decided yet, but I wanted to check it was fine for vans, which it is.  Picking it up tomorrow and going away for a couple of nights from tomorrow to try it out. 

    Paignton-Torquay is my regular 7-miler but there’s a couple of hills each way that I have to walk in these conditions if I want to stay under MAF (a couple of months ago I was running most of it, apart from one steeper section).  Today’s run wasn’t laps as such, but approximately 1.5 mile out and backs from Preston-Paignton Harbour, plus the 1-mile to/from home.

    Disappointing for Cav, but I was actually pleased for WvA (don't get me wrong I'd have loved Cav to win!).  WvA is a superstar though and in some ways Jumbo Visma have come out of this tour better than they did last year.  This year, after Roglic went home, they realigned and ended up with 4 stage wins, including 2 of the "iconic" stages (Mont Ventoux and the Champs).  When you think about it, Ineos got nothing out of this year's race, with no stage wins and "only" 3rd on GC, which is not what they were hoping for when they started.  I was reading that Jumbo, who are a large, Dutch, Supermarket, are expanding into Belgium and are very, very keen to keep hold of WvA (who is Belgian).  I don't know if it's just because I've got more into it in the last couple of years, but the sport seems to be in great shape with lots of younger riders coming through and ripping up the rule book.  I mean, the way WvA can win pretty much anything and would probably be a GC contender in most teams, and MvdP winning the Classics, picking up the Yellow Jersey and is then off to the Olympics on his Mountain Bike, plus the likes of Pog/Rog etc.  It feels like a great "era".

    It was funny listening to a few of the riders complaining that they had to jump on a plane to fly to Tokyo just a few hours after the race finished.  I think a lot them are making their own way there, and having to fight with the masses to get a decent seat, or beg to get upgraded to Business Class etc.  Maybe a few strings can be pulled for them, but they're not flying with their National Olympic teams as a lot of them are already out there.  WvA seemed a bit concerned that he may miss his flight as he knew he'd have to do a lot of interviews after he won the stage!
  • 14 odd miles up into my local fells this morning. 3000 foot climb no running and 4:22 total time. 4:10 actual moving time so not much stopping other than snapping a few pics on the fells and munching a pasty on the way back
    Big G - I suppose as their first event RED want to get the race info right first time rather than multiple emails.

    WvA deserved the win, all done in the true spirit of sport.   And I think it will give Cav more motivation to come back next year.
    I agree, it does feel like we're seeing a great era of cycling and lots of very talented youngsters coming through.   Good for countries like Slovenia too producing such talent.
    Those doing the Olympics are taking a risk by travelling so late as if they have to isolate they won't be able to finish their isolation before the road races.   But who could turn down the chance to be in the TdeF.

    Keith - are you on your hols?
    Only you could go over the fells and still find a pasty to eat. 😉

    Been to the gym, strange not to queue and can come and go as we please.   Changing rooms open so put my bag in a locker instead of dragging it around the gym, changing room empty..   Gym still quiet, only difference is all arrows/signs removed re one way system and there was a personal trainer doing a session with a disabled lady, who I haven't seen since pre pandemic.

    It's 29 degrees here now, with a feels like of 33 degrees yet they've had a few people turn up at the leisure centre to use the sauna and steam room.  😰
  • I took it up with me ;) There are zero shops where i went unless i took a minor detour into Ennerdale Bridge itself which is a case of why home is 10 mins away.
    Nah just day off today to celebrate freedom day ;) I saw a whole 7 people all walk.
    Was 15 when i set off and 22 when i came back down. Left early to avoid the sun as much as possible.
    Keith - how very organised of you.   Much more comfortable temperatures with you, we still have a few more days of this heat to suffer.

    Wasn't looking forward to dental appointment on Wednesday, first one since pre pandemic.   However, they've just phoned to say they have a nurse that's isolating and have rearranged my check up for September, next available date.  😄
  • Fairlands Valley Challenge.

    A self nav challenge, no course markings just instructions, It would be my fourth running of the event, 2x 50k and 2nd marathon, the route well passes a mile from home and a mile from work.  With injuries and falls I haven't trained on much of the course in the last few years but confident I'd navigate my way round. My target was to get round before they closed up having lacked any training due to man flu and a knee niggle.

    8am rolling start, arrived 5 mins before the start, saw a few club mates before starting solo at 8:10. Started steady, wasn't long until having to wade through long grass, seemed tougher than my memory served, everything felt overgrown and seemed to trap the warmth from the morning sun.  Cp1 was at 6 miles the next cp was closed due to self isolating volunteers so 8 miles to the next one, went to top up fluids in my Aldi water bottles and you cant take off the lids.  Epic fail rang Elle to bring a refillable bottle at the next cp at mile 14.

    Proceeded with caution, trying not to exhaust myself and make me drink the remaining fluids I had, the course went round my training ground, I knew the course was free of stingers and brambles as I had cut them down the week before to prep the course (that was a harder job than I expected) still couldn't believe how much they'd grown in that time.  Managed my water well although hadn't taken any electrolytes onboard and was starting to fatigue.

    Elle was there at mile 14 cp which I arrived around 2:45 had a little sit down, scoffed a scotch egg and replaced water and added electrolytes took about 10 mins timeout to compose myself before setting off again.

    The next CP was only 4 miles way mentally 18 miles felt like a big chunk done, section had the biggest climb but also the most shade which seemed a fair trade.  Arrived at cp 18 miles in good spirits a few haribo and some more water and off I went.  The next CP only 3 miles away before the home straight I was tired, but was still able to run and walk at times.  I was close to stopping for a pint but didn't think they'd appreciate a sweaty mess at their door, good job as I started to dry heave a bit further on.  Took some time out at the final checkpoint to refresh before the final 5.5 miles back.  

    I was pretty shattered wanted it over and done with, the heat was getting to me and was out for far too long.  For the first time I focused on a goal, I needed to maintain some running as required 13 min miles to get under 6 hours, I made time up on the downhill and flats even stopped to check on a female runner who looked like she had fallen and in pain (she was having a relief stop oops) the final few miles are the worst part of the run, round the back of a housing estate before a cycle track along the main road and then a long stretch across the park which never ends before running in the park full of people relaxing and enjoying themselves.  The time was running out and the course seemed to get longer, I turned the final corner 5:59 on the clock, the finish line is usually there but had been moved 80 meters further to give more space due to covid.  Crossed the line stopped the watch 5:59:44 awaiting official time.

    Marathon 25 complete (24 for 100MC )Was a tough day in the office, fitness is poor, weight is awful, the training non-existent the heat just added to the experience.  Next event could ne sunday (duathlon) if not nothing till either CW50 in sept or DL marathon with Big G in Oct.
  • Shades couldn't think of anything worse than clubbing, I just couldn't get back to sleep.  Why would anyone want to go to a sauna today!!!!

    Keith bet that pasty was good

    Big G hope all goes well with the van, bet you cant wait to put plans into action

    Ian its a weird feeling in a race and someone that you can beat runs past you.  Glad you didnt do what I did in similar circumstances 2 years ago raced ahead of them before falling and a trip to hospital. 

    My bike fork collapsed and snapped on the clip, it was only replaced just over a year ago also damaged the brake disc so unsure if I'll be doing my duathlon on sunday.  I've also switch my pedals back from cleats as I've not had the chance to practice much to flat pedal and ordered some skate shoes.

    Covid getting around the family, my sister has had a positive test which has meant my mum and her partner has to isolate as too my dad, his partner is also isolating as her grandchildren have the virus too.

    I've now had my 2nd jab, was off work friday and on my run ran past a testing site and had a chat with a volunteer who happened to be a runner too, worked out I could have my jab and went to my local site and had it done, not sure if it was clever or stupid 2 days before the marathon.  Thankfully no side effects.
    Robert - that's a great time on that course considering the heat and not having done much training, well done.   Lovely report too.   Hope you're recovering well.   

    It was worth getting your second jab when you could, most seem not have any side effects from the 2nd dose.

    I can't understand anyone wanting to use a sauna either in this heat.

    That's not good news about your family and Covid, hope all isolating manage to avoid it and your sister isn't feeling too poorly.

    Big G - I haven't read all the race info from RED, I'm very confused with all the Covid stuff.   There's no need for all that, waved starts, temperature taking etc.

    5 miles this morning, was cool in some places, in others I could feel the heat which had built up on the road surfaces.    Although I deliberately took it easy on the leg stuff in the gym yesterday, my calves are a bit sore.

    Foam roller class again this morning.   😭   The class isn't full this week, I expect a few are avoiding the foam roller stuff after last week's very painful experience. 
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    Well done Robert, sounds a tough day out.  Those types of events can be very tough!  Yes, very much looking forward to the van.  We're going away for a couple of nights just to get used to it, and figure out what stuff we need (and what stuff we don't!).  It's a good size but of course not unlimited space, so just need to figure out all that before hopefully going further afield in it.  The hallway at home has a few boxes and bags ready to be loaded straight into the van, and then we're off :) 

    Shades, yes, I was a bit bemused by all that stuff about Covid in the race info.  Maybe they got all those items in and now want to make use of it.  Hopefully it'll all go okay for's been a long time coming.  I remember talking to her at my last event in MK, just before the first lockdown, and she was talking about their first event and was due to be making an announcement for their first date, but obviously all that got delayed.  I'm sure it'll go fine - she's involved in quite a few other events, as I've seen her helping out at MK, Phoenix,  Jolly Running and also Davey's I think.  Pretty sure she knows Winding Paths too.

    6-miles for me today.  Nothing much to say really - a loop around, and run long Goodrington beach in quite nice conditions.  It's going to be another scorcher though!
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Robert - Well done and what a great report. For these self nav races, I take it there are no restrictions on whether you use GPS/electronic maps, eg on your Garmin?

    6 miles this morning. Wanted to go out at 5:30 latest but had bad sleep so left it until I had an unexpected break at work due to IT issues so went out at 8ish. Heat was manageable and had a nice run around the common. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, I can't speak for Robert's race, but some of the LDWA events do now provide GPX files, but some do not.  Of those that do not, you get instructions like the below.  Yes, these are from one event I did, which is partly why it took 6:59 :)  The below was the first paragraph of a 5 page document, so it all adds to the fun :)    I say "partly why it took 6:59", because another big part of it was that we very much enjoyed the food at the generous aid stations!  They can be very tough events - not just the navigation aspect, but the courses can be tough, hacking through brambles, tough terrain, etc.  They're good though, and the LDWA events can be incredible value for money (i.e., in the region of £10-£15, with as much as food as you can eat on the way, and sometimes a meal at the end).

    On leaving hall X-RD to green opposite, AH on cycleway/path for 350yds, BL onto pavement AH, X- RD (Moormead) AH to next RD X (Moormead) AH to end of path X-RD and TL AH 100yds BR with path, at St Peters School entrance X-RD into RD opposite  (Bedlands Lane). AH on pavement ignoring all turnings L and R to reach T-Junct, TL AH 40yds X-Rd to lane opposite (Bear Lane) AH 140yds to X disused railway bridge continue AH passing Pooh Cottage Holiday Park which is on your L continue uphill just after crest of hill BR on TK, AH at TK Junct continue AH uphill when you reach crest AH a further 65yds and TR thru gap in hedge (mp). (GR SY 052 837)1.4 miles ascent 235ft

    Big G - have fun on your first trip in the camper van  :)  The first of many adventures!

    Re RED, obviously they wrote their Covid risk assessment some time ago but I do think they should have amended some of the details on the race info to take into consideration the relaxation of government guidelines. Such as giving other runners 2 metres space when overtaking is unnecessary , plus taking temperatures, I thought the temperature thing was history as so unreliable.   Would be much better to ask all runners to take a LFT the day before the race.

    Rcouture - oh those IT issues, I don't miss them from work, so frustrating but at least you could make good use of the time.
    When are you back in the office, albeit part-time?

    Foam roller part of Pilates wasn't so bad today.   She put us through some strong stretches on our hamstrings and then to use the foam roller and by doing the stretching first the rolling was 100% pain free.  Then using the foam roller on our backs, which doesn't feel like it does anything, more uncomfortable than anything.   Anyway, I have not got trashed legs this week.

    Popped into Asda on the way home and didn't wear a mask, the store is big and airy and very quiet at that time.   Probably about a third of staff and customers mask free.    Most enjoyable shopping experience, I have so hated the compulsory mask wearing.  It was nice to be able to smile at people.   :)

  • Shades thankfully my sister isn’t too unwell, she’s a fit person and been jabbed once so hopefully not too bad, have found out my cousins have also tested positive too.  I’m not surprised that foam rolling isn’t full… horrible things!!!

    Big G don’t forget to keep space for the bike! Nice day to be able to run by the coast! 

    Rcouture there is a gpx of the route most of these challenge events have them now.  I didn’t bother as knew my way round the course.

    off on annual leave this week, had invited mum for lunch yesterday but had to cancel as she’s self isolating so getting through the food.  Off to London later for first time since feb last year, off to see Joseph at The Pladium.  Was going early for a picnic but a bit too warm.
    Robert - I agree foam rollers are horrible.   Instructor asked us if we'd been practising since last week.....there was a deathly silence  ;)

    Off to a show, how exciting, enjoy yourselves  :)

    Glad your sister isn't feeling too bad.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rob, I had to laugh at you catching that lady run unawares.  :D Well done for toughing that out. Have fun at the musical.
    Nice one Shades. I like rolling my back but mostly because it makes my spin pop in a very satisfactory way.

    Horrible weather yesterday - it was even worse than Sunday in my flat. Felt I could hardly breathe. I had to spend the evening watching TV as I was reluctant to risk gaming on my PC in 29 degrees. Ended up going to bed at 9pm as a result.
    Of course that meant I woke up before 4, so for my run out a couple of minutes before 5. Sad to see a dead fox in the road near my house...looked like a young one. I've reported it to the council as it'll get ripe pretty quickly in this weather.
    Ran up to Clapham Common via some back streets, across there, down some other roads I wanted to explore then on to Wandsworth Common and back via Tooting Common. Saw herons on Clapham Common and Tooting Common. Back home and showered by 6.30am. 
    Not really looking forward to my race tomorrow, it's going to be roasting hot and it's not that easy to get to (it starts by Wimbledon windmill which is a couple of miles from the nearest station)...hoping someone will give me a lift, especially on the way home. 
    I also have to see the cardiologist tomorrow. I really don't think there's anything wrong but since I have the appointment, I might as well get checked out. Not sure they'd approve of me doing a race in hot conditions but I'm just going to get around, I think.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Very hot up here also,I was off today so about lunch time I decided to drive to the Dee facing side of Wirral and had a nice enjoyable run, only ran 5 miles but also walked about 5,had lunch halfway and an ice cream at the end,it was along a trail and a little on the beach with nice views out to Wales,really enjoyed it,pace was very slow but very nice day.
    Cal -my spine didn't pop, just felt uncomfortable, didn't like it.  We weren't allowed to roll lower back, only down as far as lowest rib.

    Hope all goes well at cardiologist tomorrow, I'm sure you'll get a clean bill of health and they'll tell you to run that race as hard as you like.   Don't envy you racing in this weather.   😰

    It's no hotter here today but as we've had several days of it the heat is building up.  I'm lying on the sofa with the fan on me, no breeze coming in the windows today.

    Ian - sounds like a lovely trip out for you today, good progress with the calf.

    Big G - I've read the RED race info, I can't believe we have to agree to wear/carry a buff with us, absolutely ridiculous.   I can't wear a buff in the summer, far too hot, I'll just tie it to my bum bag.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - Those instructions are hilarious. I can barely follow google maps so I’d be toast. 

    Shades - Partial office return, i.e. one or two days a week, is being delayed until September at the earliest and I have my doubts about then too. A few folks have clearance to go in now and again but it’s a minority at the moment. Most senior folks have no interest in coming in, while top management and younger employees are keen to so there is some tension. 

    Cal - Good luck in tomorrow’s race
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-Good luck with cardio tomorrow, we have our clubs 5m race tomorrow. Ideal timing as its our biggest fundraiser of the year. 
    Shades-I had a great day out,felt nice running,stopping for a drink,looking at the view etc.
    Rcouture-I am exactly the same,I'd need a very well marked course.
    Rcouture - WFH is just not for everyone especially those that thrive on the social interaction of the job.  Hope you are allowed to work the balance between the home and office that suits you.

    Ian - are you racing tonight or helping out at the 5 miler?

    6 miles this morning, felt quite warm and humid.   Should be last very hot day today of this spell and then starting to cool tomorrow, thundery showers forecast for Saturday's marathon  :)

    Gym later

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