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  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Busy afternoon yesterday as we picked up the van, which we are delighted with!  The guy there spent an hour or so explaining certain things like how the Electrics/water/heating/gas/awning work, he filled it up with diesel and we were off. Slight detour as although it’s got a tow bar, there was no tow ball, so we stopped in at a towing place and they fitted that, and billed the campervan place. I will be getting a bike rack that fits to a tow bar so I’m glad that’s done. 

    Drove home and loaded all the stuff, and Tigg, and drove the 70mins up to Ashwater, near Holsworthy, N.Devon. Close by but feels like we’re away, and a nice place to try it out.  Site is really good, clean, tidy, quite small, plenty of space. Sheep and ponies nearby. 

    We cooked a simple pasta meal in the van last night and all worked well, we sat outside to eat it and then we went to bed. Of course Tigg tried once to get on the bed with us, but we put a stop to that :) Slept well and bed really comfy, which is good!

    Went out for a 7 miler this morning on the country lanes around here (I only saw 3 cars and a tractor, plus lots of cows, sheep, ducks, geese). First time I’ve used the maps feature on the Fenix ‘in anger’ on roads I don’t know and it worked really well. I’d created a route before I left to try it out and all worked fine. 

    Anyway, here’s the ‘van. We’ve named it ‘Bob’, which is my Dad’s name :)

    Big G - van looks amazing, I think you got a great deal there.    LOL at Tigg trying to get into your bed, I'm sure he was just a bit puzzled by the new sleeping arrangements. 

    The first of many great trips I'm sure.    Just as well you went yesterday expecting chaos on the roads from today as schools break up.
  • BG - Nr Beaworthy i'll have you know :p I should know it's where i was brought up after all. No i have no clue either why it's Beaworthy, heck Halwill Junction is nearer but thats royal mail for you. My primary school is about quarter mile up the road from there. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Nice van,cab see you spending a lot of time in that.
    Shades-I'm undecided,I have a place and I know they have plenty of volunteers so will see how I feel later,will be going along regardless.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Big G, my mate had a car called Bob - unfortunately it got totalled recently by another driver (my mate was OK but gutted as he loved that car). He now has pending. Hope your Bob fares better.

    Cardiologist was OK - had a chat with the doc (he didn't seem overly concerned) and then another ECG. Will find out results later, I guess.
    Rather nervous about having to run this evening due to the heat and also my knee's been cranky, so will have a good roll before I go out. I have managed to secure a lift, so one less thing to worry about.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Keith, ha ha, I hadn’t realised that. We ate at a place called The Village Inn, and walked around Roadford Lake, both of which I suppose you may know?  

    Cal, good luck at the race and good news the Doc didn’t seem concerned. 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - Great pics. I’m sure you’ll have bags of fun with Bob. How does he handle on the road?

    Cal - Good luck again and good news on the ticker. Saw a bunch of folks headed up to the race on my run. Fulham RC were well represented. 

    I stupidly decided to go out and try a 5x1k in a ‘feels like 30’. Don’t know what I was thinking but I felt good this eve after decent sleep and it looked a bit overcast so though I might as well. Gave up halfway through, unsurprisingly in hindsight, as it just wasn’t happening and I hadn’t even brought water. Really annoying as that’s my speed session for the week. Anyway carried on at a sensible pace and got 8 miles in. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Decided against racing tonight,did a fast mile before but legs didn't feel good so supported instead,nice to see a proper race again,no wave starts,all charging to the first bend together,very high quality race and with 3.5 laps lots of chance to see everyone a few times.
  • Considering parents built that pub yes i know of it ;) I've also ran around Roadford from the village before
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well I have to say, that was fricken hard. It was very warm when we started but didn't seem too bad at first. First mile went OK but second mile has some technical climbs and descents (the Alps and Rifle Butts) which I took slowly...knee didn't like the Alps at all. Picked up a little speed on mile three but then we ran alongside the brook and the humidity there was crazy. When it came to the Toast Rack (a narrow, slightly uphill gravel path between two wire fences in the middle of the golf course) I knew I was labouring and decided to run/walk it. I usually manage to speed up on the final mile but I had nothing left so jogged it in. Garmin said my average HR was 180 (!!!) and max was 191 - don't think the cardiologist would have approved.  :D Time was 52 time in 2019 was 44 so, yeah, rather slower than that. But I got a nice mug and it was really nice to see my clubmates. Carla (Molinaro) was first woman...would have been surprised if she wasn't!
    Ian - probably wise not to race again so soon.   Must have been great to see a race run under normal format.

    Rcouture - well at least you tried, but it was very hot. 🥵  If you're doing intervals and take a rest period in between each one you will find that you want a drink, if you do jog recoveries you should be fine and not want a drink.   I have the same thing with my Hadd tests, have to take 90 secs rest after each HR and I immediately want a drink, even in cold weather. 
    Or if it's hot do your intervals to HR not to pace.

    Cal - well that seems promising re your cardiologist appointment, will you have to wait long for ECG results?

    Full marks to you for going to your race in that heat, but sounds like you enjoyed it.

    6 miles this morning, was going to risk a run past B & Q to see if the seagull had now calmed down but chickened out and went a different route.   Warm and muggy again but in a couple of places I did manage to catch a breeze, albeit briefly.

    Big G - I saw YT out training this morning, not at Brunel, and he wasn't running fast, he must be training for London now.   Then 2 mins later JW came past me.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, that’s early for YT. He does struggle with the heat though.

    Rcouture, it drives really well. I’ve driven vans before but this is the newest I’ve had by far (it’s 2016) so power steering helps, 6-speed gear box, great up hills, and (according to the trip computer) really economical. From that point of view, I’m very pleased with it too. I had an old Peugeot campervan many years ago which was a nightmare to drive in comparison, and very thirsty on the fuel and was really noisy as the kitchen and van was really creaky, whereas this is well made. It’s amazing how much bigger they are though than the old, equivalent models from the 80s/90s. That’s the same with cars though.

    Ian, sounds like you made the right call in not racing. It’s good to spectate anyway, especially on a lapped course like that.

    Cal, well done on your effort!

    Keith, it feel like one of those ‘small world’ moments. Of all the places I could have gone, it turns out you know this quite remote area really well!

    Had a lie in this morning so no running today. Just relaxing this morning whilst OH is having her shower, and then we’re going to make a leisurely drive home through Dartmoor, stopping along the way. We’ve got a list of a few small items we need for the van - scissors, dustpan & brush, and things like that - but that was the idea of coming away straight away in it to figure out what we’d forgotten :) 
    Big G - YT looked cool and his usual pale self.    I don't normally see him or JW training that early (it was probably about 6:30) so I assume the heat is driving them to earlier training times.    I saw quite a few runners today, lot more than usual.

    Seems like the trial run with the camper van has gone well, hope Tigg has enjoyed his little holiday as well.    There'll be no stopping you now with trips away, will also make a lot of races more accessible in the future.   :)

    You'll be starting your carbo loading today too, so I predict a cream tea or similar on Dartmoor  ;)
  • Rcouture our big bosses wanted us in, funnily enough some of our newer team members want back in the office… I’d be happy going in once or twice a week but that’s all I really want to.

    Big G hope you and Bob get well acquainted, looks fantastic and I’m in envy! 

    Cal nice effort on your race, these warmer times make it so much harder.  I’ve enjoyed meeting up with club mates too at races recently .

    ian spectating is much more enjoyable than racing in the heat, defo right decision.

    Shades don’t blame you for missing b&q! Those breezey moments or parts in a shade are a godsend!

    Tuesday up London was excellent, bit nearvy esp on the underground but a few beers and cocktails helped ease things.  Unfortunately my bad was stolen, thankfully money, wallet, phone and keys were in my pockets and the only thing in my bag was hand gel, reading glasses in Oakley case, some hayfever, indigestion and heartburn tablets and a 2 for 1 kfc voucher so the thief lucked out! Just annoyed as liked the bag and had it for about 12 years.

    the show was excellent and wasn’t put off by the full house, we had to wear masks throughout but I tended to have mine off as sipped a pint through it.  

    Yesterday ran 5k before picking my bike up, then did some gardening.  Today 6 miles legs felt heavy after Sunday but no concerns.

    undecided about sundays duathalon, part of me thinks nothing to lose and have a bit of fun, but I’m concerned that I’ve not been cycling (just a 10 mile cycle on this bike in June and 2 cycles in the first lockdown 15 and 20 miles) 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Go for it, Rob - not like there's any pressure on you to achieve a certain target. Have fun.

    Rcouture - I wouldn't worry about missing the odd speed session - you'll get another chance to go fast at parkrun (I am going to Bushy - it's Graham's 250th so going to support him and meet up with a couple more Chasers. You are welcome to join if you can get there. Or do whichever one you like). race is the trail series is 4th August - it'd be fab to see you there. They're usually spaced out a bit more (May/June/July) but the series had to fit around the pandemic, I guess. Hopefully it won't be as hot.

    Easy gym today - no energy for anything, unsurprisingly. The mile I walked back from Lidl with a backpack full of cans, milk and ice cream was tougher than my workout.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    edited July 2021
    Cal - Yes I’ll sign up for the 4th of august (if I can find the sign-up sheet 😬). I also need to purchase my singlet. Re parkrun i am busy or out of town next two Saturdays so first one will have to wait sadly. 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Cal - Thanks!

    6 miles this eve in feels like 28. Nice run although forgot the body glide so some chafing issues. 
  • Decision for Sunday taken out of my hands, issue with blue-green algea although duathalon doesn’t need the water there probably weren’t that many of us so cancelled.  Had been postponed to September the day after my 50 miler so will defo have a race that weekend (defo not both) 
    Robert - will you be able to have that home/office working balance that you want?

    Sorry to hear you had your bag stolen, but at least it didn't have your more essential valuables in it.   LOL at all the medicinal supplies in it though.   But must have felt good to be going to a show again.

    You've recovered well from FVC, I guess you'll be planning a bit more training for your 50 miler.

    Shame about your duathlon, I noticed one of the ponds near us looked a bit grim the other morning, usually happens when we get a few days of hot weather.

    Cal - that sounds truly exhausting carrying all that stuff home from Lidl's, especially in this heat, and having to get home before the ice cream melts.

    Rcouture - ouch to the chafing.

    Rest day today, race tomorrow.    Forecast is for heavy rain and thunder at my start time and for the first few hours will be very humid, but will be cooler than the last few days.    I'm hoping the rain isn't too bad for the race organisers as this is their first event and I don't think there's any shelter at the race HQ.   Unfortunately this is a cupless event which means a lot of time lost at every drink station so that along with the high humidity I might not be able to do the time or distance I was hoping for.    It's a 7 hour event and I was hoping I'd stay on after marathon distance, we'll see.   :/
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Sounds a good trip to London, Robert, although sorry to hear about your bag being stolen :(  Shame about the duathlon, too.  Not the same thing as it is only a very small theatre but we went to the local theatre a couple of weeks ago to see a play, and it was nice to be out, although I did find it strange having to wear the masks throughout.

    Keith, we were having a quick chat with the campsite owner yesterday before we left and I mentioned you, and he knew your Mum, and he explained how the original pub got burnt down and how your parents built the new one in a slightly different location.  I mentioned you were a runner and although I don't think he knew you, he knew you ran as he mentioned your Mum said that she had a son that runs every where :)  

    Shades, are you looking forward to the event?  I am not sure if I am or not really!  It is a bit of shame about having to park in the farmer field, but hopefully that will be okay and not get too muddy.

    We left the camp site yesterday and had a pleasant drive back through Dartmoor, stopping off for a walk around Meldon Reservoir and Viaduct, which was very nice.  Then we went onto the middle of the moors and stopped at the side of the road for a cuppa tea and to enjoy the view.  Got home at 5pm so a decent time, as OH is back at work today.  She really enjoyed it though, which is good, and so did I :)  

    Had a minor catastrophe just before we went to pick up the van on Tuesday.  I was on my laptop, with a coffee in hand, and Tigg came up behind me, put his nose under my arm, lifted his head, jolted my arm....and literally the whole cup of coffee went over the laptop keyboard.  It immediately shut down, but I very quickly wiped it all up, but coffee was still dropping out from the innards.  I left it open, and upside down, hoping it would dry out but I thought it was toast.  Well, its still working!  Only trouble is the backspace/delete and apostrophe keys do not work, but at least it is working!  I do have a wireless keyboard I can use if I need to, but generally speaking it is okay to use.  I did not realise quite how often I use the backspace key though, and having to use shift+arrow to highlight typing errors and type over them is already becoming second nature!
    Big G - that was lucky that the laptop is working after the coffee incident, I expect the warm weather helped the drying out process.  Those keys might yet dry out in time.  ;)

    I am sort of looking forward to tomorrow, I'm hoping the walk to race HQ is not through long grass if it's rained, which it probably will be.   But if I'd known that they were going to have all those Covid restrictions that are now not legally required I would not have entered. The bit about the buff is ridiculous and there has been so much advice about open air transmission being so very unlikely from runners/passers-by over the last year.   Although I'm not putting any food/drink out on the course the rules are that they have to be 2m apart from anyone else's which is crazy.   They've also mentioned that no spectators, that doesn't bother me, except they say it's a condition of their permit, I hope they mean the landowners permission and not the ARC permit.   After the event I will query that with RO as if they're referring to ARC the rules on spectators changed weeks ago and that puts ARC in a bad light.   Not keen on the sanitising so many times, it's not as if there is anything to take from the drink station except water so there should be nothing to touch, assuming the water will be poured for us, don't think it should be cupless really.   

    But I'm hoping the course will make up for all these annoying things, I did look the course up on a walking website and it does say flat, I expect that's Devon Flat, we'll see.  I hope it's going to be better than expected especially for you as you've got Sunday as well to do :)   Mind you I put down to do the ultra, not sure what I was thinking about really as I've done no long runs.  :o  

    Anyway it will be social as looks like we know a lot of the runners.   I will bring your books and RW mags but I might not see you in the car park as my start time is 30 mins before yours.  We'll have to sort out a coffee sometime.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Good luck Shades - thundery rain forecast for my parkrun tomorrow, too. Hoping it stays dry at least for the run as I'm going to Bushy Park (clubmate is doing his 250th so going to support) and it's an hour journey so not keen to do it soaking wet.
    That does sound like a lot of faffing.
    Big G, bad Tigg! Hopefully they'll start working again but you could get it repaired I guess. At least you didn't rash it completely.
    5 miles recovery this morning - air was a lot fresher. Took it slow and I did perk up a bit during the run so it did its job. 
    Cal - must be a very long time since your last parkrun.

    That was only a small part of the faffing re Covid that I mentioned.   It's way OTT.    :)
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I have just read it all about that RED event, Shades.  What a faff for an event with only 43 entrants, with waves of 6, 10-mins apart!  Everyone will get to see people lots anyway, so I hope the vast majority of the runners will a bit more relaxed whilst out there, which I suspect they will be.  Yes, we will have to meet for a coffee soon. 
    Big G - the wave starts will make the timing over complicated for themselves.   They could just have started us in 2 waves, we would have been spread out enough, not as if anyone will be racing to the front.
    Maybe the 10 minutes in-between is while we're immersed in a tank of Jeyes fluid before we start.  😉

    It's just taken me half an hour to find my collapsible cup, hoped I'd never need it again, it added loads of extra time to my time in the last event I used it.   Can't wear my bottle belt as I need to wear my bum bag for my race fuelling.

    Went down town, much cooler conditions today and a fresh breeze.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    SHADES said:
    Big G - the wave starts will make the timing over complicated for themselves.   They could just have started us in 2 waves, we would have been spread out enough, not as if anyone will be racing to the front. 
    Very true about people not racing off the front, although Tango is in my group for the 2nd day....he will probably set a course record that will prove hard to beat!

    I am planning on staying overnight somewhere on Saturday night, in the van, so even more faffing than usual over here!  I dislike the cupless events, but it is the way it is going unfortunately.  I am pretty sure that certain RDs use the environment-related issues as a convenient excuse so that they do not have to provide bottles.
    Big G - well I'm sure you'll let Tango go off in the front.
    I thought he was off to Scotland to do a long ultra, maybe that's next weekend.

    I agree re the cupless bandwagon that RO's quickly jumped on to save money without reducing entry fees.   I don't mind not having bottles but I do mind having to take my own cup. I don't mind not having sweets, gels, or any food but I do expect to be able to have a drink in a cup or bottle.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-I said the same about MK not supplying tshirts and blaming covid,clearly just a money saving exercise but no reduction in the fee.
    Good luck to you both the weekend,very enjoyable 7 after work today,heat has dropped a bit but still very warm but I really enjoyed it.
    I looked at my Berlin training from 2 years ago and surprisingly my current t pace is only 5-10secs away from what I did for there,so if I can just lose some weight and increase mileage then I'll still be in a decent place.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades/Big G - good luck this weekend. Look forward to the race reports

    Ian - You don’t train to heart rate right? How do you compare your pace when you refer to what you were running with Berlin? Feel?

    6 miles this eve in much better conditions if a bit blowy and was nice to see HR back in a sensible place. Threw in 5 short hill reps at the end. 
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