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    Shades, I was a bit disappointed with the attitude of the Dutch ladies.  They had by far the best team (they would be better than any World Tour team if they were in a single team), but they did not work.  Also there are reports that they were quite dismissive of the breakaway as 'nobodies', and came across as blaming the fact that there were no comms on there loss, which I am presuming was known about from the start and was the same for everyone.  On reading a bit more about the winner, I think it appears she had been concentrating more on her studies recently as from the Olympics site it says she has a "m
    aster's degree in mathematics at the University of Cambridge in England, and a PhD in applied mathematics at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. She has also worked as a postdoctoral researcher in mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland".  But she was a pro rider at one point, and still says that cycling takes up a huge part of her life.  A deserved winner I would say.

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    I meant to say, I have installed a new data field on my Garmin, which lets me have the HR displayed from both the HR strap and wrist sensor at the same time.  I am not sure if both traces turn up on a graph anywhere, but I will try it on a run and see if my suspicions about the wrist sensor being way out are correct.
    Big G - a bit arrogant of the Dutch.  The Austrian doesn't have a team or sponsor, that will change very soon, impressive the effort she put in for the win.

    I know on some GPS watches connecting the chest strap disables the optical, but your fancy watch obviously allows for both.

    Did you wear your HRM both days at the weekend?

    I haven't recorded my splits and HR yet for my race on my spreadsheet, my average HR was I think the lowest recorded for a marathon at 74%, I did walk most of the last 3 miles so that would have lowered the average a bit.
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    Shades, I remembered nearly everything for the two events (two sets of running kit, two pairs of shoes, two different belts to hold food/drink, spare clothes for afterwards, towels, evening meal for in the van, etc etc etc), but of course one thing I did forget was the HR strap...
    Big G - well of course you don't have to wear it 😜

    I've got my calf strapped now and it feels fine.   I won't be mentioning it to Pilates instructor tomorrow as she'll have me foam rolling it within an inch of my life.   Third foam rolling session tomorrow, it's not popular, our class of 24 which is usually full only has 9 participants.
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    Big G - That’s interesting about the dual HR display. I might have to try that out. 

    6 miles this eve. Took it slow after long run yesterday and legs feel the better for it. HR good for me. Hearing of folks training for autumn marathons and the race reports on here really is tempting me to enter one then instead of waiting for spring 😬.
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    Rcouture-I have to say,that's one of the dangers of being here,you get sucked in to the excitement,next thing you know you're doing 4 a year,then 6 and so on.
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    RCouture, it’s a separate data field that you have to download via Connect IQ as it’s not on the watch by default. It appears to work ok, although I’ve not tried it whilst running yet. Also, I’m not sure if Garmin Connect, or anywhere else, will show both HR traces.
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    Rcouture said:
     Hearing of folks training for autumn marathons and the race reports on here really is tempting me to enter one then instead of waiting for spring 😬.
    Rcouture - I know and it's so easy, the click of a button and another race entered.   But you must do what you want and what suits you.   I only did one marathon the first year, one the 2nd year, then 7, then....   
    At some time I would suggest you try an autumn marathon as for many training in the warm weather of the summer then race day in cool conditions is perfect for PB's.

    5 miles this morning, short run as usual as early Pilates class, foam rolling 😭  Very humid 97%, but the rain started again when I went out and got heavier throughout my run, most enjoyable as it was cooling me down.   I was very wet when I got home though.

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    Not managed to watch any Olympics yet - most of it's going on when I'm asleep and for some reason, my Sky doesn't much like the old terrestrial channels so they are a bit glitchy. I did see some of the mountain bike footage - those folks are nuts.

    A bit of a frustrating morning. I did 8 miles this morning then went down to Tooting for blood donation (was to be my second). Due to the ECG last week, they wouldn't let me donate as results are still pending. On the plus side, I am suitable for platelets, which could work out better for me (as a runner) since most of the red cells get put back afterwards. Am I right in remembering someone here donated platelets? I'd be interested on feedback.

    On a more positive note, my race pack for the Big Half arrived - it's not for another month but now I'm starting to feel a bit more excited. :)
    Cal - nothing like a race number in the post to fire up the motivation.

    I don't know about platelet donation, nor remember a conversation about it, might it have been Robert perhaps?

    Pilates was OK, arms and shoulders and balancing on the foam roller, hope you all practise that at home.  😉

  • Big G well done for sneaking two sub 4s and getting to the start line on day 2.   5% elevation difference isn't too bad but only a small sample... should do another few days to make sure.

    There was no info for the cyclists, for alot of the race no crowds so couldn't get any information... I was wondering if they hadn't realised how many where ahead?

    Shades well done on finishing with little long run training, sounds like a good social marathon, don't blame you dropping to the marathon, nothing much to gain doing the ultra, made the same decision at FVC last week.  Your 10 in 10 is amazing!!! Having a small group and being so close must have been epic.

    Rcouture think London is busy now the schools have broken up, having visited a few pubs that I was hoping to grab a bite in last week they said they were still closed for food as not busy enough.  I tended to only have one fast road marathon a year and would enter some trail stuff to keep me focused on the high mileage. 

    Keith well done, seems the north of england had some decent weather, too warm for running, In the home counties everywhere seemed to have flash floods.

    Cal frustrating about the blood,wasn't me about the platelets.

    Haven't watched much of the olympics yet, watched bits of the womens road cycling, stayed up for both tri races, starting then mens race with a boat in the way for half the competitors was criminal.  With a lot of the competition on at inconvenient times I only pick out the events I really want to watch rather than have it on in the background and miss most of it.

    Been out for a couple of short runs, not really felt it but better than doing nothing, need to focus on some of my races on the horizon.

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    Something a bit different for me today as I took the van up to Dartmoor and did a 7-miler on a trail route around 3 interconnecting reservoirs.  It was slow, muddy in parts and hence involved a fair bit of walking, but it was really enjoyable. Afterwards, I parked up on the moors for a cuppa and read my book for an hour or so. I’d taken a sarnie and some soft fruit that had kept cool in the fridge, so it was a very pleasant few hours.

  • looks amazing! good way to spend a few hours
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - Forgot to mention what a great article that 10 in 10 was. A shame the photos didn’t load. How long did you need to recover from that?

    Big G - Sounds a cracking day out. Makes me want to retire immediately!

    6 miles for me this eve. Wanted to add some hill sprints at the end but legs felt heavy and I’ve a club tempo on Thursday so thought best to leave it at normal MAF run. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-Thats annoying,pity you didn't know before you travelled there.
    Big G-Can tell you are really going to get a lot of use out of the van and enjoy it.
    7 miles here after work,nearly had rain but it stayed away,nearly the first time I've ran in rain since DD,looks like I'm getting it tomorrow though.
    Robert - yes, the experience of the 10 in 10 was memorable.   We all lived together in a lodge and the experiences that we went through has built a bond between most of us that will always be there.    We had a reunion the following year at Connemara, I think 8 of us were there.   Even the guy from Canada came over for the reunion along with a copy of his book, he's a journalist/author and we were all mentioned in the book.

    Have you any shorter races to help you along with the training for your 50 miler?

    Big G - you're turning into a bit of nomad with the van.  ;) Lovely photos and it must be bliss to have the use of a fridge for post run refuelling.

    Rcouture - there was I think one photo in the original piece but the article has been copied onto the US RW website.   To be honest when you're so tired and in pain it's not that great having loads of photos taken.   Afterwards when I got home, my ankles were quite swollen and sore, plus the injuries, both calves mainly.   Didn't run for a couple of days when I finally managed a shuffle.   I had to DNS DD due to the calf injuries but I did run Cork marathon 2 weeks after the 10 in 10.   A couple of the guys ran Edinburgh marathon the following weekend.   One or two went to the Hebridean double, also on the following weekend, a one off chance to do that, 2 marathons on 2 of the islands, I hadn't booked that as I couldn't get the time off work and very expensive trip from Devon.

    Ian - you're getting some consistent training in now.    :)

    6 miles today, flat.   Calf OK but I do have it taped and I think that really helps.
    Today I need to sort out the rest of my travel logistics/plans etc for the IOM, I have a lot to do.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, yes, lots of plans from days out to longer trips in it. It’s also opening up the possibility of events that I’ve looked at in the past but have previously discounted, due to expensive accommodation.

    I got up to watch the men’s Time Trial which I’m enjoying. The ladies was on too early for me, but the Dutch lady won it (Annemiek van Vleuten, the lady who *thought* she’d won the road race). 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I hope the calf doesn't give you too much trouble, Shades, especially with IOM looming.

    As I didn't get to give blood yesterday, I swapped out the planned recovery run for 10 miles of fartlek fun. Similar course to last week's 10 (up Pollard's Hill) but then continued up to Norwood Grove/Streatham Common including Gibson's Hill. That one's a bastard so I took it slow, but threw in some sprints and faster sections elsewhere. Hopefully that'll help me next week when I do the second race in the Wimbledon Trail Series (they are usually spaced a month apart, but the timeline got compressed this year due to the lockdown). It shouldn't be as hot, at least. I don't suppose I'll get near my course best from 2019 but I'd like to get under 50 minutes this time.
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    Shades-I'm on 3 days a week running now,I'll be happier when I'm on 4 as I can get decent miles in then,planning my first back to back day today for a while so see how it reacts to that.
    Big G - I'll watch the highlights of the time trials later.   Glad van Vleuten won, she had that terrible crash at the previous Olympics, I remember it was horrific to watch.

    Cal - I've had this calf spasm thing a couple of times in training since I added some new leg/glute exercises to my routine, I can't work out which exercises have caused it.   So I just need to be careful.

    Ian - that's good, I hope you have a race free period for a little while too.

    I am so out of practice with all this travel logistics, it's taking ages.   Went to renew my travel insurance and they are not accepting any new policies for now due to their underwriter/s withdrawing cover on renewals/new policies.   So have to shop around and make sure I have a policy that covers me for marathon running, despite all the Covid stuff only £5 more per year than previous policy.  That took an hour.   Then another hour on the car hire XS.   Don't think I'll do any more admin today.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Daughters boyfriend has just tested positive for covid,they were both here the weekend before last,son has a notification off the app to self isolate,OH is feeling rough,all done flow test and negative but going for a PCR later to check.
    Ian - oh no, but that was 10 days ago that they stayed with you so hopefully you are all negative.    Last thing you want now you're back training and OH too of course.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear that, Ian.  Hopefully you'll be negative, and also hoping daughter's boyfriend has mild symptoms. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-They actually left last Tuesday so 8 days,they were here for a wedding so they probably caught it there but hard to say as they are both doctors so could have been anytime.
    It's probably son's notification that is more risky for us.
    Ian - perhaps your son can camp out in the garden, pending PCR results. ;)
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    He already has his own games/TV room in the house so we barely see him anyway.
    As for races no we have none until sep 12th,we did have a 10m next week but we won't go to it,I'd have ran around if OH wanted to do it but she wants to do her 20 instead,nutter.
  • Shades - only race is a half in 2 weeks, it’s a bit lumpy but will give me an idea of how unfit I am.  well done on your race admin, can be a nightmare, when I rang an insurance company up asking if a half marathon was covered they said no as marathon running isn’t covered, I then said if it was a 20 mile race would that be covered and she said yes as it’s not a marathon.  I didn’t bother perusing any further 

    Cal nice 10 miler, those hills will come in handy

    Ian fingers crossed the pcr are negative, hopefully should be okay with the time since you saw them, hope everyone covid or not covid are feeling better soon!  Your OH seems to have the running bug now! 

    8.5 miles from me this evening fairly mild out and felt okay, last couple of runs had felt tough.  News from work is we’ll probably be going in one day a week, Ive emailed my gym as been paying a nominal £2.50 a month and asked them to cancel and if I return to the office I will rejoin.

    also more bad news from work, after the restructure last year they have announced they are looking at job cuts.  I can’t imagine there is much to cut from my level or below but I could be wrong.  A few perks have been cut like long service awards, good time to start looking elsewhere!

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Forgot to add my first consecutive days running for quite a while.7 miles and I somehow dodged the rain,left and there was thunder but no rain,got home and OH said did I get soaked,apparently it hammered while I was gone but none reached me,even though I was no more than a couple of miles from the house.
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