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  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Good luck with the C2C, Lorenzo. A work colleague did it and it looks awesome.
    Hopefully the endo of the week jogs show some good healing has gone on, Jools. I know what you mean about playing catch-up. I had injury woes going into New York in 2019, only managed 180-odd miles of training. The pain and suffering in the last 10 miles was something I'd rather forget. Had it been a home marathon I'd have deferred.

    Had a decent 10 miler today. I like to play with these rather than just bash them out. Today's recipe was intervals of 2 miles at 6.3x pace with one mile "recoveries" at 6.5x pace. Three repeats and a 6.3x bonus mile to finish. As you can see, recoveries were just above MP just to keep me working a little.

    Hit every split and quite enjoyed it, especially when it started to rain. Average came out at 6.41. 
    If I can keep doing these, I'll go into the race with some confidence that 6.50 pace can be achieved for the whole thing.

    Nice trails, Gul. Same for me before work tomorrow but not as far.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    GD - cracking session - a good confidence booster.
    6 mile recovery run this morning. Off to the new office shortly. Hope it doesn't become a regular thing or I've no idea how I'll fit a longer session in!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Good weekend of running there, gdawg and a nice little session yesterday. Any races planned? I'd recommend getting to a half early September, just to get a race under your belt before London but also getting a real idea of what you've got.

    Gul, this back to the office business is indeed really disruptive to our running! I think i'll be back 3 days a week from September.

    Lorenzo, enjoy the c2c.

    Jools, yes it's certainly a difficult balance and often the head and heart want different things when coming back from injury and a big race looking down on you.

    I was due to fly to Lanzarote Friday but with 2 expired passports, new ones haven't arrived yet, though looking at updates from passport office I suspect we will have them by the weekend. Anyway, we have deferred the holiday by a week for my wife and kids and 2 weeks for me due to work commitments, though the prospect of a full week home alone is in fact more attractive than the 10 days in the sun that follows!

    It means I get to complete July running wise, currently on 198m o should be looking at a decent tally close to my best ever July but of more direct importance, beating the 208 in January, which with London falling first weekend of October like Dorney did in April, January/July are identical stages of the cycle.

    Obviously with 10 days away, August is going to suffer a bit.

    I am a little confused by this sudden crash in covid cases from a position where it looked like it would just grow exponentially! Is that the impact of the Euro's finishing and schools breaking up or something more?!

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    DT - frustrating about the passports - hope it works out okay.
    Very pleased with today's long run. 18 with [email protected] - did 4 w/u then 7:20, 7:13, 6:55, 6:51, 6:43, 6:50, 6:49, 6:42, 6;33, 6:44, 6:40 &6:47. Tempted to try another 2 @MP,  but did 2 w/d to finish.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    That's an impressive MP finish to the long run Gul.  Much harder to hit those paces in training than a race so bodes well.  You'd do well to enter a HM before London.

    So you get to go Lanzarote on your own DT?  Presumably, 10 days of monastic style training?

    A good 10 mile session there G-D.  Do you never do a w/u and w/d on these runs?

    Cut-back week for me, so 12K recovery Monday, 16K general aerobic Tuesday and 17K with 5 sets of 1K intervals yesterday.  First intervals for a year, so a bit cautious on pace.  Ended up with 3:50, 3:50, 3:50, 3:45, 3:45.  Breathing controlled and heart rate relatively low so should be able push a little harder on the next session.  12K recovery this morning followed by the sports massage.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    SBD - good quality there in your cut back week. No HM planned yet.
    15 miles this morning at a plodtastic 9:09/m.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Well my wife's passport came yesterday, just my sons now, which is annoying as his application went in first and was initially progressing faster.

    Nice to plod along Gul, particularly straight off the back of a big session. 15m following that session at any pace is good going.

    SBD, sounds like a solid week still. I really must get myself booked in for a sports massage!

    As for hols, sadly I don't get a week in Lanzarote alone. The plan is my wife and children fly next Friday and I fly the following Friday so I get a week at home to do what I want, which is a very good second best in my books! My wife's dad and step mum live out there so she is keen to get there a snot seen them since March 2020.

    I did a 10m easy on Tuesday then a mini session of 8 x 3 mins off 1 min jog. Covered about 5m in total at 6.19 average with efforts coming in around 5.50 pace which is reasonable enough on tired legs. Yesterday was an easy 6m and I felt like i'd gained a load of fitness suddenly finding myself running in 16c.

    Off out over lunch for 8m at mara pace then an easy 18m sunday.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    8 at mara pace went well in cooler conditions. There's definitely been some fitness gains last couple of months first 4m I kept very comfortable with a 6.29, 6.25, 6.28 and 6.27.

    With my HR at very low 150s, second half I let go a  bit with a 6.14, 6.13, 6.13 and a 6.14. Average pace 6.20mm for 155bpm so a reasonable amount below the targeted 160.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    DT - hols not quite what you planned but sounds like it may work out okay. Very impressive MP session.
    6 mile recovery run this morning to make 350 for the month; biggest by far this year.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Hope you get the holiday sorted DT you are the guinea pig for us all 😆
    Amazing miles Gul, I'm 130 behind you and 220 is my lowest monthly mileage since April. The focus on the short stuff continues with a busy 3 days of racing. Another parkrun today, a 5k track race tomorrow, then a 3k track race in the Masters league on Monday.
     I'll have to delay my long run until mid week.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    17:47 at parkrun and 1st finisher from 400. Conditions were wet and breezy which may have  favoured the seasoned campaigner. The last time I finished first in my local parkrun was 2014 so a rare treat to get back to top of the podium 🙏
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good for you OO

    Gul - that mp run was a fantastic marker. 12m around 6.50s at stupid o clock in the morning at the end of 350m month, must finally make you believe you can run sub 3.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Well done on the parkrun victory OO - that's pretty quick in the conditions.  Good luck with the races tomorrow and Monday.

    15 miles after the 18 with 12 at MP sounds tough Gul.  Excellent mileage for the month.

    Good progress on the MP session DT.  It won't be long before you're averaging Sub 6!

    7.5 miles recovery late afternoon with 10 sets of 100m strides. Heavy rain showers started just before the strides but the rain was quite welcoming.  346 miles for July.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    OO that's fantastic - well done :) Hope the track races go as well.
    TR - well, you never know.
    SBD - great miles. Does your schedule have a 24 miler this coming week?
    10 easy miles to make 80 for the week.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Great parkrun reslut 00, that’s bloomin’ rapid.
    DT, really good looking MP session. More for me like that too soon.

    16 LSR for me yesterday, half trail, half road, felt quite strong. 5 easy today brought up 50 for the week.

    216 for July was my biggest ever month which for some on here is standard or even short but I think I’m feeling stronger.

    Last minute decision last night to enter a local HM next week. Will run it on feel, certainly quicker than MP but I just need to enter an event just to go through the preparation process, haven’t raced since New York mara in November 2019.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Gul, as TR says, that milage and those paces in what is a significant run really do scream sub 3. 

    Gdawg, I'd say, there's a lot to be gained right now, given the time since your last race ( and I recall NY wasn't raced due to injury) to go proper hard.  It'll give a a fitness boost plus a very good idea of where you are. 

    SBD, that's a great  month there. Any decision yet re Berlin? It has crossed my mind that one day that effort level could creep in sub 6mm. That would freak me out a bit. 

    Oo, that's absolutely superb. Annoyingly I was all set to go to parkrun Saturday and meet a friend but then Lewis felt I was risking injury coming off last Sunday and would hinder my long run with holiday pending. Annoyingly it was won comfortably in 18.43! 

    18m easy today. Started slow, then progressed, ended up 7.34mm.  Pretty comfortable effort. 222m for July. One man's small month, another's big I guess. So far I'm matching December and January last two months to a mile but all a bit faster.  August unlikely to match  February with a 10 day holiday planned. 

    Either way, I'm currently at my Dorney weight and feeling generally a bit fitter. Big week incoming for my level.  
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    GD - great miles. Good you have the chance to do the HM.
    DT - I have some holiday booked too, so Aug mileage will definitely be lower.
    Should be a recovery week for me, but knowing I will be doing a mini taper for the 10k shortly I will do a bit more than is in the schedule. Had planned some 1k reps this morning, but decided not to push it too much and do some tempo intervals instead - 16 x400m / 200m recoveries. 10 miles in all.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Nice to have a race in prospect G Dawg.
    Yes DT parkrun is a bit hit and miss like that. I ran 6 secs slower than last week but finished 4 places higher as the fasties stayed away.

    Ran the Senior League 5k track race last night on tired legs and ground out a 17:53- it wasn't pretty and I had to dig in a bit the last few laps. However that's 4 sub 18s in 10 days which I think is a first- 2 parkruns and 2 races.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    A good run of 5K form OO.

    Good tempo intervals Gul.  Yes - 24 miles scheduled for Sunday.

    Nice comfortable 18 miler DT.  No decision on Berlin yet - a lot can change in eight weeks!

    A steady 16 miles for me yesterday, average 7:35 pace, at the end of a 71 mile cut back week.  A big couple of weeks ahead including the Vitality Big Half on 22 August.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    71 cutback SBD, wow 😳
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    OO - that's some going - I couldn't manage 1 let alone 4 in 10 days!
    SBD - nice end to the cut back week.
    18 slow ones here today. Still dark when I set off :(
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    SBD, that's an amazing miles total. I've only gone over 200 four times and two of those were this year.
    Incredible set of sub-18s there, OO. I've never run one mile at that pace.
    It was light when |I woke up, Gul, and that was 05.30! Do you actually sleep!? Great distance for a Tuesday.

    Out on the trails before work this morning for 8 easy ones after 6 at mixed pace last night. 6.55 average last night as I just wanted to be around MP for a few of the miles, two of which were comfortably under. 

    Front-loading the week with easier stuff so I can have a rest Thursday and Friday before the HM on Saturday but still hit around 40 miles in a mini-taper.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I had the last in a 3 day series of races yesterday with a 3000m track race in the masters series. I expected to be a bit tired but the legs were actually ok and I ran 10:05, my best of the season- which is a 5:15 mile pace for just under 2 miles.
    It's definitely time now to change the emphasis and get my mara campaign in focus. Seeing all your long runs is making me feel guilty. Another nice one Gul 👍
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Crikey, oo, I feel a bit sick thinking of running nearly 2m at 5.15mm! You certainly are in good shape. Hopefully over the next 8 or so weeks you can now carry that up the distances. 

    Hope the half goes well, gdawg. Which one is it? 

    Great 18 gul, though I dread to think what time you set off to be dark and allow you to post at just after 7am. 

    That's some cut back, SBD! Three miles more than my highest week. Yes, it feels more feasible now than it did 6 weeks ago. 

    Easy 5m and spin yesterday.  Off out about 5 for 10k session alternating between hmp and mp. I'm hoping some cloud rolls in by then. 

    My quiet week at home is looking at risk as we are still waiting for a passport to arrive. Needs to be dispatched no later than tomorrow for them to fly Friday. 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    edited August 2021
    Good easy miles DT.  Hope the passport comes through in time.

    You're flying at the moment OO.  Sub 3 marathon pace must feel like a dawdle!

    The HM should be a a good test G-D.  Is that Kempton Park?  

    18 starting in the dark sounds grim Gul.

    10K tempo for me as well early evening with a couple of miles w/u and w/d to make up the 11 miles.  Progressively decreased the pace from 6:39 down to 6:14, covering the 10K in 40:20.  Getting faster but still the wrong side of 40:00!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    DT you made me check my passport for Berlin 😉
    I'd struggle to keep up that pace of yours on a long run SBD, but I do love a progression 👍
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    GD - I usually aim to be home no later than 7, so it does mean some very early starts. Will be interesting to see how you do on Sunday.
    OO - another cracking track race.
    DT - hope the 10k session went well and the passport is on its way. It was a 4:18 start yesterday. No idea how I will get next week's 24 miler in! 
    SBD - stormin' progressive run.
    6 mile recovery run earlier this morning.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2021

    SBD, solid progression run there. Passport is looking unlikely now as needs to be dispatched today for them to fly Friday and it is still in processing.

    OO, remember though you now need 6 months left on it at the date of return, due to as no longer being an EU nation. I notice both cologne and frankfurt marathons have been pulled in last 48 hours. 

    Gul, I simply couldn't contemplate getting up and running at that time!

    Decent session yesterday of 10k, alternating between hmp and mp. Wasn't really fancying this after a busy day and started off steadily. If you  overcook this too early on it becomes a nightmare.

    Ended up almost perfectly progessive with 3.39, 4.09, 3.39, 4.07, 3.38, 4.03, 3.37, 4.02, 3.36 and 3.55. Ended up 38.32 for the 10k so 6.12mm.

    Off out in a bit for an 11m MLR.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    edited August 2021
    That's a good tempo session DT.  Hope the passports were dispatched today.

    Interesting news on Cologne and Frankfurt.  You would think Berlin might be similarly effected but they sent out an email today with further positive participant information.  We'll have to see if the Berlin Half Marathon goes ahead on 22nd August!

    Hopefully you saw some daylight on the recovery run Gul!

    15 mile MLR, early evening.  Not too hot with a refreshing breeze.  A big sluggish for the first half but managed to pick the pace up at the end with the last 4 miles at an average 6:34/m, for a heart rate just below marathon effort.  Potential signs of the lost speed returning!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    SBD with Germany going on the green list can you work out if we still need to book a pcr test to come back into England.

    Double day here with 2 *5 milers, one slow and one slower still 😆
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