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  • Hello all...I’m bran new here but have been trying to run for a few years. Yesterday I did a local trail 1/2 marathon it was tough, my £100 new trail shoes have given me issues and I’m quite cross about the heel cup is very stiff with zigzag single line of stitching on the inside ( from heel collar to sole of shoe) this rubbed very well and blistered both of my heels...the top lace holes are metal which I think gave me hot spots and for the depth of the shoes from heel cuff to the sole was so stiff and restricted it bruised my foot ( so all round the ankle sock line ) making it very pain full running on uneven surfaces ....what do I do now, they are used so I don’t think I can send them back, and don’t want to sell them for someone else to have the same issue... they are a top brand too x
    GoJo - presumably you'd done a few training runs in the shoes and they were OK then.

    I would suggest you get some well cushioned socks and just use them for shortish training runs.

    Frustrating as you'd paid a fair bit for them.  If they are Hoka and you bought them direct I think they have a 30 day trial period.
  • Before buying the <a href="">best running shoes</a>, You should have an idea about feet size and how comfortable you feel while running. if the shoes are too wide that could not fit on your feet, there is no reason to buy such kinds of shoes.

    The shoe should wrap comfortably around your foot. It should not pinch or feel sloppy, and your foot should be centered on the platform of the shoe. Some shoes may better accommodate a narrow or wide foot, and some are even available in either wider or narrow size options.
  • "Depending on budget, you could look at the Addidas Lite Racer Adapt running shoes as they’ll be more durable and comfortable. These are very versatile. I use them for my recovery runs, track workouts, and speed intervals. Already have about 250 miles on mine.

    After all it’s all personal preference. But I would say try any adidas running shoes from this list and try a few pairs on and see what you enjoy running in."
  • <div><span>I’m looking to purchase the shanghai endorphin speed running shoes for my wife. Unfortunately they only have them in men’s but the colour way is a lot nice than the others. She is a woman’s size uk 6…. Do they size the same as men, would a men’s size 6 fit? </span>
  • Guys, I saw Endorphin Pro 2 shoes on Ebay. I really like Saucony and am now running on amateur Saocony running shoes. I would like to go faster though and am wondering whether this would be a good investment as I understand that they are ultra light and have high quality sole for racing....
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