A thousand miles in 2021?



  • Runstreak day 242

    24.8 1.32
    25.8 1.68
    26.8 5.84
    27.8 2.32
    28.8 6.01
    29.8 1.25 

    Had hoped for further today but it was 43 degrees when I went out and could just feel the moisture being drawn out of my skin.

    YTD 1244.07 miles

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    MrM2 that is great news, getting 16 miles!

    Well done all.

    My weekend away definitely did me some good - feel a lot better for it. I think the various stresses on top of the mileage and racing had worn me down somewhat.
    I didn't do any running other than the parkrun closest to my friend (Soham Village College...which was her old school as it happens) plus a mile warm-up. Very friendly parkrun but also rather strange as it alternates a winding route around the playing fields with an even more twisty turny bit between school buildings. Enjoyed it though and managed a better time than the last two weeks. Nowhere near my best yet but it seems to be improving.

    YTD: 842
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Cal... Yes, really feels like a 'break-through' moment for me. Already feel recovered from the long run.
    Will follow up with a medium (10 mile?) run tomorrow, with the new trainers.
    Your parkrun looked a bit more promising...especially with it being such a twisty course!
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    MrMr2 well done, definitely a breakthrough. Are you still aiming for Yorkshire?

    Cal that sounds like an interesting ParkRun! 

    DR it was colder than that this morning here, two teeshirts.

    Harmander good to know you are back up to pace. 

    Did not want to run and decided it was because I am on first name terms with most of the bushes round here 😀 so inspired by Hobie I headed to the coast, had an amazing run on the prom and coast, lots of dogs, in fact an incredible number of dogs. We were back before the tourists were up.

    YTD: 716.85
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited August 30
    I'm still running in shorts and vests but I don't think it'll be long before I'm back in long leggings...it's definitely getting cooler.
    11 miler this morning - I'd have thought after a relatively restful weekend I'd have a ton of energy, but my legs felt very heavy. I was actually aiming for 12 miles but I was pretty close to home when I got to 10 so decided I couldn't be bothered. 

    YTD: 853
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    OK...so feelings can be deceptive!
    Despite feeling recovered, and ready for another 10min/mile pace, over Half mara. distance, I had to settle for something nearer 10:30 pace. (Like Oliver, I always want more!)  It got quite difficult to keep going after about 7 miles. However, I'll take quite a lot of positives from these two runs (16miles and 13 miles, just 2 days apart). It will still be quite a tricky act to be anywhere near marathon-ready for Yorkshire, on 17thOct..

    TT...I think that's me...committed to Yorkshire.
    Cal...Much cooler in Bournemouth than I was expecting but not even a thought of anything other than shorts and vest/T.

    YTD: 623' .
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    MrMr2 well done for those distances. 

    Did a boditrax at the gym, serious work needs to be done, I am blaming cake.......

    Did my run afterwards, decided to buy a HRM as my watch seems to think my HR is higher than it is. Very, very cold, and wet, winter is on its way.

    YTD: 725.05
  • TT, I wish winter was here, another day in the mid 40s.

    Runstreak day 244

    30.8 2.62
    31.8 7.01

    YTD 1253.7 miles

  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    DR I think your winter might be a bit warmer than ours??? Now two long sleeved teeshirts and walking back from the gym the track suit bottoms are going to be back out tomorrow!

    First time in five years I have run three days in a row, agreed with the physio and it was amazing.

    YTD: 730.25
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Im still in shorts and a t shirt!

    10 in 82 yesterday. Planning 15 on Friday. Sept has to be about preparing for Manchester marathon (10th Oct) 

    Ytd: 933.9
  • Good going Donnie, You will be overtaking me by the end of the week I suspect.

    I have got the GNR, possibly Ealing Half and London before Manchester.

    29/08 - 5.65
    30/08 - 5.64
    31/09 - 4.20


    YTD = 945.69 miles

    I received the GNR Pacer briefing last night, am being cheeky by asking if I could be given the slowest pacer time (2:45) instead of my current one (2:40) because if SWMBO decides to run too, her wave is just one after mine.  I beat her by 8 seconds last time (because I could). She hasn't run since and I want to annoy her because I feel I am in better shape (fitness wise) than she is.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Dubai... Well done with your continuing streak...in such temperatures!
    Donnie... '10 in 82' sounds good. All the best for the 15 on Fri..
    Harmander... Interesting to see that London will not be offering pacers. Are they the only ones?

    Ran my morning 10k at 10min/mile pace. The 6min/km pace was not quite there after half way.
    Hope to run a 5k on the track tomorrow. Forecast is quite breezy, but should be fine.

    YTD: 629' .
  • MrM2, yes, seems like it.  Although I had already booked the Virtual London in case it didn't go ahead at all.

    I was relying on my pacer place if it did.  When I was informed they were not going to have pacers, I managed to secure a Charity place (Sporting Equals) so I could actually be there - I am gong to raise £2000 for this worthy charity that campaigns for equality in all sports.  

    Now I hear Virgin Money funding platform will close too (in November) - going to have to just pay out of my own pocket - but I feel it is a worthy cause anyway.

    Am not going to share my funding page on this thread as it is not the right thing because we all do great things in our private lives but this thread is about encouraging each other to reach a minimum target every year (we can always use DM if anyone is keen to support a cause) - with a little banter on the way. 
  • A four mile leg loosener this morning, then the last of the 5 mile trail races this evening. Happy to knock two minutes off my last time (even if I'm still a way off my course best from 2019). Progress is good.

    YTD: 862
  • TT, are winters are gorgeous.

    Runstreak day 246

    1.9 2.36
    2.9 5.46

    YTD 1261.52 miles

  • Some great miles being logged, lots getting close to the 1000...and it's not ever race season yet.  B)
    My knee is (hopefully) starting to feel a lot better and busy sailing season is over so, hopefully, I can get back on with training for longer runs.
    New shoes happened on the way home from latest helping out daughter road trip...Asics Gel-Nimbus...I've never used Asics before but have to say they feel good...a  lot better than my little legs deserve at the moment.
    1262 miles YTD (we're very close Dubai)
    110,476 ft of elevation
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Cal... Well done on the 5mile improvement. Not your best but moving in the right direction!
    Hobie... Hope the knee behaves. Nimbus will certainly be kind to it. I've used Asics for almost all of my running. Used to use Nimbus but found that I got on well with Cumulus that were less expensive. Have been looking for some bargains but nothing found so far!

    Went to the track this morning and really enjoyed the (ambitious) session. A steady 5km to start with (Managed just over 29mins.. Not great but improving.) Then I ran 5 x 800s that averaged 4:27. (They were close to 4 mins. last year, so still some way to go!)

    With the 2 mile run each way to the track I notched up 11 miles.

    YTD: 640' .
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Harmander I did not receive by not having pacers the pacers would not have a place, I assumed they would be given one as it is not a decision made by the pacers. 

    Hobie I use Ascis, they fit, which I think is the best reason for using a pair of trainers. 

    Cal well done for being two mins faster, as you say progress. 

    MrMr2 track session sounds good. Do you find it easier to run faster with people?

    DR I do like the snow and ice we have here because the snow is 'proper' snow, it's white and deep and cold. That's when the treadmill becomes essential. 

    Out for a run before a quick swim before lunch out! Most have my priorities right.

    YTD: 735.4
  • TT - Usually Runners World at the behest of VLM organise/select pacers, VLM then allocates the chosen pacers their running numbers.  Due to COVID, VLM very early on decided not to have pacers this year citing the 15 minute rule of close proximity - given most runners following pacers would be in close proximity for a considerably longer time than 15 minutes.  Runners World informed the chosen pacers that they will not be required so as I wanted to keep my 36 consecutive years of the London Marathon going I applied through the ballot - was unsuccessful so bagged myself a charity place (Sporting Equals).

    VLM's decision not to have pacers seems to be a little on the over cautious side but it is their decision. I say this as the London Landmarks Half had pacers (from Xempo for whom I have also paced and we recognised  each other during the race). The Vitality Big Half which is also organised by London Marathon Events did not have any pacers either.  The GNR which has more runners than the VLM has pacers and I am grateful to be one of them again. 

    By the end of 3 October I will have completed both of the UK's biggest races each year for 37 consecutive years.
  • That's a hell of a record, Harmander.
    MrM2...like me, not where you were, but progress all the same.
    TT, sounds like a productive day.
    6 mile plod this morning.

    YTD: 868
  • Very impressive record Harmander, must be tough to think of ending a streak like that, glad you got a charity entry.
    Couple of runs yesterday, still quite warm. We had 17 people along for our Friday beginners group, lovely to see them.
    1278 miles YTD 
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Harmander... A great record of support and dedication. Congrats.!
    Hobie... Well done on your beginners group!!
    TT... I probably do find it easier to run faster with people, but it doesn't often happen in a co-operative way; only in competition (events).
    Cal... 'Plods' are good...so I'm told, but I'm usually in a hurry! 

    Last day by the coast, so got out for an attempt to run a steady Half mar. distance. The Half was also a celebration run as today is our 50thAnniversary.
    Well, it was quite steady, and 5 mins quicker than the half I did five days ago. (2:15:12  Av.10:18/mile)
    Still working towards a better pace for next month's marathon.

    YTD: 653' .
  • Congrats, MrM2! That's a good pace, too.

    Today was Chalkwell Beach parkrun, near Southend, plus my usual one mile warm-up (which I needed after sitting on the train for nearly an hour). A lovely fast, flat out and back course, but I was not in shape to do it justice so only managed a pedestrian 27:14. On top form I'd do that under 25 so perhaps I'll go back at some point in the future...though I'm more concerned with notching up different events (this was my 79th).
    Winter Summer 10K tomorrow so probably just as well I didn't put my foot to the floor.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Hamdinder: glad the gnr and London marathon streaks will continue, very impressive. 

    Cal and Mr MM: with your progress and experience I hope everything comes together for your autumn marathons

    Friday night was my longest run in my prep for Manchester. 3x my 5 mile loop. Each loop in, more or less, 41.30 so overall 2 hrs 4 mins 30. Water break on my lawn with my watch stopped after each loop. Happy enough. Only issue, lack of flexibility. In pre covid gym going times I run less but stretched a lot. Really need to reestablish that habit. 

    Ytd: 948.9
  • I am not good at stretching either, Donnie. I really should force myself.

    Summer 10K went pretty well - still a way off my best but I achieved my modest target of sub-55 (54:23) and enjoyed the run. 
    Harmander, I was running behind one of your guys - I didn't get his name but he was playing Indian music while he ran. He knew you, anyway.

    YTD: 878
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Harmander that is a very impressive run streak. 

    Cal well done for that time, enjoyment is the key for me at the moment. 

    Donnie I am with you on the stretching, definitely need to do more too. 

    MrMr2 congratulations on the 50th wedding anniversary. That is quite some achievement. 

    Spin class then run, really enjoyed it and ended at marathon pace so delighted with that.

    YTD: 741.51
  • That's kind of a brick, isn't it TT?

    Needed to fit a longy in somewhere so slogged through 18 this morning - hamstrings were fried so I was ready to stop a lot sooner than that, but soldiered on. Really need to do some stretching now.

    YTD: 896
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Cal, TT....for kind words.
    Cal... Well done on stringing those three days together; don't think I'd get away with that at the moment. And that's the puzzle; how to get in sufficient runs in the limited time! I'll need to be very selective, and might not get up to an 18 miler. Probably settle for a couple of 16s, and that is hardly 'marathon preparation'! 
    You're closing in on 900'!
    TT... always encouraging to finish the run at marathon pace! Well done.
    Donnie...Sounds like a good, steady run. Another one trying to get ready for the 26.2! Another one needing to stretch more!.....that reminds me....
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Cal, yes bike to run is the second transition in a Tri. The fun is putting on the trainers while pulling off the cycling shoes! 

    MrMr2 have you done Yorkshire before??

    A repeat this morning, as I am trying to build up the miles running I have decided that spin class is a good way to keep up. It is fun running on bike legs 🏃‍♀️

    YTD: 748.59
  • Thank you all for the supportive comments about my run streaks of races. 

    Cal, the guy you met is Manjit Singh (3:20 marathoner) and he was just 11 seconds ahead of you last Sunday in the 10km. He is a builder by trade and does a hell of a lot for charities and climate issues.

    03/09 - 5.63
    04/09 - 4.20
    05/09 - 13.67
    06/09 - 7.58


    YTD = 976.77 miles

    I guess I will be reaching 1000 miles on Sunday.

    Sad but a honest reality explained below in my email to GNR Pacer Team organisers.

    Dear xxxx,

    As an experienced pacer I know and respect the duties and obligations on us to ensure 100% that our performance on the day is going to guarantee the finish time and equal pace throughout the race. 

    Before last night's training run, I was confident of being able to run a minute per km faster than required - I did 2:19 for 22km on our hill course on Sunday morning but during the slower 12km jog last night, I felt an uncomfortable twinge in my left quad resulting in 1:42 for 12.2km. I stretched and treated it as I would normally do this morning and it has not produced the recovery I had expected or hoped for.  So out of respect for all those who I would have been pacing on Sunday, my fellow pacers and equally importantly the GNR which is my favourite half marathon, I wish to give you as much notice as possible to inform another pacer on your reserve list - while I am bitterly disappointed in not being able to have the honour of pacing at the GNR this year, I feel I owe it to everyone to be honest and to keep to our (pacers) commitment to inform you if there was a risk of not being able to deliver.  

    I feel able to run the distance and will be taking part on Sunday but without the honour of being a pacer.  I hope that you would consider me as a pacer for the 2022 event.  I will let you know how I get on out of courtesy and respect.

    Thanking you in advance for your understanding.

    Harmander Singh

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