Shin splints… London marathon 7 weeks away…

Hey guys

New member here! I've run on and off for years but never long distance. Really got back into running along side crossfit through lock down last year.. I got a ballot spot in the London Marathon for this year which was fantastic other than the fact I had a torn ACL when getting the email ha!

I started running again in March, building up to a half marathon distance in May (1:49:42) before taking a week off and beginning Matt Fitzgeralds 80:20 marathon Plan... That leads me to where I am at now... Three weeks back I did a 16 mile run on the sunday as plan required.. Felt great until mile 12 when I had an agonising pain in my left shin. I battled through it but knew it wasnt good.. the following tuesday I went for a shorter 10k run sticking to the plan, and this time has exact same issue on the left side just not quite as bad.

A trip to my regular physio later and it's a straightforward "you have shin splints, please dont run".. I've now not run for three weeks but got the go ahead to start running again on Thursday, and to slowly increase mileage.
This is my first ever experience of shin splints, and also my first marathon. Given the marathon is 7 weeks away, has anyone recovered from shin splints with a similar time frame and is achieving the 26miles feasible without walking, or am I likely pushing it and better to begrudgingly defer?

<span>Sorry to the Dump of information just in a miserable state trying to figure out what is best 😂</span>


    Shin splints are often caused by overstriding so when you're back running again try taking shorter steps and run as lightly as you can.

    Also check out your shoes have adequate support/cushioning for you and the marathon.

    Impossible to say at this stage whether you'll be OK for London, but shin pain can clear up quickly too, especially if you find the cause and correct that.    
  • Hi @thom23
    Just wondering how is it going with this?
    I think I have a similar issue and I am due to run the Berlin Marathon in 3-4 weeks.
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