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  • @PhilipMJones Yes I was toying with the idea of wearing the vest, should have done instead of the off the shoulder thing I chose to wear!

    Decent day actually, went to Bracknell after (hence the stop off at WR) as my kid has just started doing some track meetings now he's 11. Did Long jump and 800m. Jogged down the road to find quite a nice path round a lake so did 6 x 800 round there. Few clouds of pot to run through, but cool apart from that!

    SQ  - Good race report, sounds a decent event.
  • Haha, SC. I seemed to follow a guy smoking weed whilst riding his bike today. Genuinely concerned about getting stoned mid run and work 😆. Great your son is getting into it. 

    I was close behind you that day at Wokey, SG. Christ it was windy. Punchy pacing from the 80 min chap then as well. I knew I was playing with fire and cracked about 9M, limping home in 82. 

    The couple of times I have followed 3h pacers I have really enjoyed it. Camaraderie, drafting and, if they are doing a good job, perfect pacing. 

    3.5M recovery yesterday, 9m/m pace. 10M easy on the canal this morn at 8m/m. HOT.
  • Yes SQ found Bracknell a weird place. Surprising high rise posh block in the middle of town, lots of massive houses, then suddenly what looks like a dodgy estate 100m later. There were 2 guys obviously meeting to make a deal - one guy all in grey came down the hill must have been doing 30mph on a scooter and fell off!

    Obviously working in Camden, used to running through clouds of funny stuff over the years!
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    Still exceptionally hot, and feeling like evaporating any semblance of body water!

    However, 4 runs in a row without feeling the quad, double yesterday, with a mile "fast", and after morning physio, a 7.14 or so 4miler, feeling at the same effort level as all the 7.34 type ones I've done recently.
    Maybe some sort of science that you're more "awake" or something at that time, but definitely well on the way back now. Physio said last week's will be the last. You get 5 sessions before anyone asks for anything too formal plan wise, so might as well utilise those. But they've taken me from stopping dead at a mile or so, to 24miles over 3 days before today feeling nothing.

    Will do another double today, potentially do something like a single morning 8 tomorrow, then do a double Friday with something like 5x5mins at say 6-6.15 sort of mix round the park off 90secs.

    Then hopefully can start picking a few races and building to them in October, and look back on this month or so a bit on from Endure as one of those irritations, rather than any real issue!
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    Was half way through posting earlier, but had to take a call, then realised I'd not posted.

    Limited the morning run to 6.5miles as it felt really hard conditions this morning. Doing my physio stuff on the floor, I was absolutely pouring the sweat out and had a nice little lie on the floor for a bit!

    3miler later was better, albeit equally as sweaty. I dare say doing a HM in today's conditions would be a quick fire route to the bushes!

    Looking forward to a light speed/tempo reps job tomorrow.

    Will play with the numbers, but 3-5mins per rep, 4-6 in quantity,and have a little rampage around the park, with 90sec or so recoveries.
    Aiming 6-6.15 probably, that sort of mix, but will see how it goes.

    If all goes well with that, and on putting a 50+ mile week in, can start thinking about a 4-6 week block leading to a few October & November turnouts.

    ps we could do with a few more peeps posting regularly, even if it's quick ones, that keep the buzz and turnover going on :)
  • You’ve really turned a corner, SG. Really pleased your patience is paying off. As for the one mile Strava posts 😆 

    24, 18, 12, 6, 4, 2, 2 mins going from MP down to 5k. 3 mins recoveries until last couple which were 2 mins. Didn’t look at paces but felt about right, although very conscious of not overdoing the quick stuff with hamstring remaining tight. 18M at 7.15 average. No long run this week, so dovetailed reasonably well. 
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    Yeah need to stop the loading walks now the runs are back :)

    I always suspected this was minor-ish, but it did stop me on a run which is a handful of times on the thread's decade history type situation, and that's still taken a decent month or so to ease back up sensibly. A contrast from a geezer locally who posts stuff with such detail post injury about tonneloads of aches and pains, that you wonder how he can write it, yet not comprehend that he's rushing it!

    That looks a cracking, bumper type session. Long session, and beefing up each time. I like to do that for mile reps at times.
    Those hamstrings need to be watched, but I think the truth is some of us are tight/short hamstring people and some aren't! I would take 15mins of stretching to get anywhere near my feet. When the physio (a great straight talking older, almost headteacher esque woman) first got me to do that touch toes test, she was like "Oh is that it" when I could barely get past my knees :D 
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    A 6miler including 5x4mins on, 90secs rest felt right today.

    Throw in the month of rehab/easing back up, half on grass, and "swimming pool" humidity levels, it definitely felt plenty enough effort too.

    6.21 pace exactly for all 5 reps. 0.63mile a 4min.

    I've seen it happen with the shorter reps, say 60-90secs, where the variance and rounding are perhaps too tight to accurately call the difference, but never seen all 5 longer reps like this come out identical before.

    Anyway, thank goodness that's over, and at most a short one this evening and SAT off :)

  • That block of flats in Bracknell is a monstrosity! I wouldn't describe it as posh  :) Glad to hear about successful comebacks and holidays.

    I have been too busy to post, work has been mad on top of single-parenting and hospital visiting. Three weeks into that now and progress is good so hopefully I will have three girls to look after some time next week. At least I will then be able to leave the house when everyone else is asleep.

    Managed a few bits and pieces, took one of the hot days off and did 108 miles on the TT bike but had multiple punctures and wasted two hours messing about on the side of the road! Otherwise a few run but nothing of note.

    Did a 5k recovery yesterday, first two miles at 8 minute pace then I saw a lady runner up ahead appear from the bushes  :D . She looked like a good runner so I immediately sped up to gauge her pace out of curiosity but ended up slowly catching up and passing her. I then turned off on the road back to my house and stopped at 5k to walk the last 200 metre cool down, unfortunately she came by having taken the same turning and I now probably looked like a bloke trying too hard not wanting to get outdone by a girl and having to stop  :D 

    At least it turned out to be a local marathoner, 2nd lady at London last time with a 2:33. Her cadence was rapid compared to my slow loping stride.
  • A local marathoner? That’s elite, surely?! 
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    Nice ego Reggie, even when pissing about you can still easily catch up one of Britain's finest marathoner women  :D 

    But we've all overdone it to get past people in training, unnecessarily.

    I've monstered myself to get ahead of people in training before totally unnecessarily, either collapsing behind a hedge, or burning them to oblivion, then remembering I then had my actual session to come.

    ps hope things get easier Reg after that 3 week period.

    3mile evening plod for a 40.5mile week so far, Sunday's run to come.

    Can feel the quad in a "have done a bit of effort" today way, but nothing much.
    Hopefully still well on the route to racing again soonish.
  • Yes SQ, I wasn’t using ‘local ‘as a standard.

    I caught her up SG but I only did 5k, she did an easy 15 miles 😄
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    Out to Marlow for an aim for 10 but see how it goes beyond that job.

    Different sort of route to the Thames path, going up some steep hill off the Henley road within the first mile, just to really get the panting up early knockings with an 8xx mile.

    Eventually popped up around Bourne End, and out towards another climb up Winter Hill and back from there for a 12, averaging just under 7.30.

    Loads of people dressed in blue t shirts. Tried reading it but couldn't quite clock what if any clues that gave.
    Loads of them stationed near to Higginson Park too, so goodness knows.

    If Big Phil is sniffing through these parts I expect he can find out.

    But anyway, 52.5mile week. Bit more what we're about on here.
  • I did a race yesterday, local triathlon and a club champs, was just a bit of fun as I am not fit, don'e no swimming lately and carrying 4-5 kgs more than ideal.With all that in mind was happy to finish 4th overall and 1st old bastard. Had a few breathing difficulties on the swim so had to take a couple of breathers and power was down on normal on the bike, possibly due to the long ride in the week and just lack of general cycling fitness. Run was ok, the surface is basically where they just hack down a path through the grass and various wild plants around a lake so it's rutted uneven grass mostly, I quite like that though and I think the closer to cross country a course gets the better it is for me, relative to the others. 
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    Good stuff Reg, this thread is at its best when there's a buzz of races and stuff.
    Good turnout on the casual!

    Continued my little graduated recovery by throwing in 10mins of diagonals on a footy pitch midway in a 6miler. ("Sprint" the diagonal, plod the base line)
    Quite a nice sesh as you're not fixating on a pace like in reps, but you're still turning over. No feel on the quad at all now, just a bit of rustiness in the achilles/hamstring which is probably to be expected.

    Assuming I do a 4miler later, that's 5.5miles ahead of last week by the same time, so looking good to move the 52.5miles up around 60 which I can class as full capacity pretty much.
    Lightish sesh today, will do some sort of variation on the 5x4mins effort last week on Friday, and that's looking a lot more like it.
  • Good work Reg, especially given the current domestic situation and limited opportunities to get out and about.

    Good to see you back on it as well SG.  Getting bored with those 1M Strava walks too :wink:

    Only had a chance to skim read the last few pages, so apologies if I've missed anything, but looks like the usual quality sessions from Simon and SQ.

    Result for me in the Lakes. After the double booking cock up I ended up in a great cottage, in the heart of the Coniston fells with a hot tub, during a September heat wave!  The road was literally a mountain land rover track, so a few heart stopping moments with the car to get there, but more than made up fro by being able to run and walk straight from the door.

    Probably overdid the climbing though, and a really long drive home set off the hammie again. Sunday's long run had to be abandoned 11 miles in due to leg pain but luckily my daughter could come and rescue me! Hopefully a day of two or rest should see me ok (racing this weekend!).

    I also came back home to find we have been infested by rats some of whom are spending their nights chewing stuff in the ceiling void above my bed, so very little sleep since Friday!  Most are probably dead now, given the amount of bait put down by the pest control guy, but they also seem to have chewed through a waste pipe and combined with the rotting carcasses, Chez Roberts has a lovely pleasant bouquet!

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    Bus in a hot tub, something for the ladies. Having been starved of such imagery since the infamous bronzen shirt off romp round the streets post Cabbage Patch 10 in the early 2010s ;)

    Not so great on the hamstring, and erm rats :o 
  • Careful what you wish for SG :smiley:

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    Oh my word, that fella who used to abuse you would be utterly spitting gnash at that :D:D 
  • That picture tells a story! My wife is on at me to get a hot tub and it's only after a long hard run or cycle that I feel like it's a good idea. 
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    Sitting/lying about definitely gets more appealing the longer life goes on :)

    Scraped myself out to do a single 8 today. Nice route in that it has a stonking grassy bank midway, that maxes the HR out, even at dribble pace, and has a style to hurdle, which sometimes invites a nice 30sec pee break, then slight very short incline on a ploughed field, before gentle down, another gate, and a small wood to go through, before 3miles or so, big down hill and home/

    Still very humid, so 7.39 is probably about par right now.
    Doesn't feel particularly sharp, but the brilliant thing is that I can't even feel the quad at all now, even though I'm upping mileage and gently re-adding a little more quality.

    One last physio sesh at 12.30 to make sure, and on we go.
  • Three of my favourite things in that photo - mountains, post exercise hot-tub and a 6% locally brewed IPA (Coniston Infinity)!!
  • Grrr - I was wrong about a couple of days rest being enough.  Had to bail out after just half a mile this evening  - hamstring again!
  • Oh no Bus - do what you did last time and it should go away! Loving the photo (well the scenery and the beer ;))

    Good race Reggie, hoping things get easier soon, training ramping up OK now SG.

    Not done much lately races/sessions. Friday was up in Manchester to watch New Order and a few beers with a couple of old Uni mates, so only run was Sunday over in Cambridge. Quite pleasant until the last half mile or so when I was stung in the roof of the mouth by a wasp! Not nice for the first 20 mins - then even after some tablets the top teeth and mouth were still quite achy. Different anyway!

    Done a few runs - off to Battersea tonight for the under the lights 5k, hoping for sub 16.30. Conditions look perfect at least.

  • Ouch!!  Hopefully that came off then?

    That's the plan with hammie, but slightly concerned that it may be worse than before - it was actually painful lying in bed last night, whihc it never had been before.  We'll see....

    So, bike tonight - first ride in around 10 weeks! Just under 17 miles and all OK - just a bit of a sore arse!
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    Usual healing thoughts Bus... I've always thought the usual suspect niggles are better than the "new" ones, as at least you know what it takes to get rid.
    But perhaps with your hamstring that doesn't ring true as it's too frequent now.

    After last week's 5x4mins sesh, I tweaked it the other way round, with 4x5mins off 90secs, with 5x1min off 60secs after.

    6.15 pace for 2 and 6.10 pace for the others. Bang on the sort of zone I was looking for, as in not too fast, sort of classic Moz MP zone.
    Last week was 5x4mins at 6.21 pace and it certainly felt better than last week, probably being less humid helped, for starters, but also just being one week further into the comeback.

    Clearly I'd do sessions of 6miles at this zone in top motivation/build up and form, but for now it makes sense easing back in with a rep form of it.

    Sub 6 for the 1mins.

    43.5miles for the week so far, 3-4 later, then a 12-13 on Sunday should take me to a decent 60, which is always a threshold I count as a "full" week, now it's had 2 sessions too. Both being on the lighter form of sort of base level training, utilising the park next door, rather than classic session style picking a specific area to do it in.

    Can look to step up now, in terms of session plan.
  • Decent session SG. Bus - yep just see how it goes in the next week or so. What a pain in the arse.

    So Battersea last night. SG and a few of you might know the surroundings. For this race they use the bandstand in the middle of the park as the HQ. the start is at the start of the 'middle path' by the Track. You then do two laps and carry on up to the finish by the bandstand. Conditions were perfect, tad warm if anything.

    I was in wave 3, with the first two women finishers Holly Archer and Danni Crittenden. Tried to go with the pack and went through the first K in 3.01...hmm, bit too fast. But thought I would try and stay with it down the back section towards the track and went through 2k in 6.10, so 15.25 pace (still too fast) and I knew i'd pay for it. Back through the middle section the pace started to tell, bang on 16.00 pace at 3k (9.36) and a 3.26k. The Takumi Sen were starting to make my legs suffer a bit (I think there were about 4-5 people non carbon last night.

    Tried to hang on as best I could, can't remember the 4k time but it was another drop in pace and coming round to start the finishing straight I was hanging on for grim life. Ended up with 16.29, which was a little disappointing after being so far under 16.00 at some points. Still need more speed endurance in the legs!
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    Classic out hard, a bit too hard, Simon :)

    Was this the have to be sub 16.45 one you mentioned? Any idea on the back marker times, to see how strict they actually are?
  • It's still a cracking time Simon, and with a little more restrained pacing early on it might have been even faster...

    Good to see the progress in sessions SG.

    As for me - all doom and gloom I'm afraid! Never have I needed the escape of running more, yet I've gone backwards. I managed 4 miles tonight, but it was the wrong thing to do, and a weird combination of the hamstring plus some sort of nerve type issue in the same area. 

    As it stands, divorce settlement has happened (though the courts have bothered to tell me), I'm moving house some time in the next couple of weeks, but don't know when, don't know how and I'm in the busiest fortnight at work ever at the same time (helpful!!!). My current house stinks of dead rats and general malice toward me!!! The only person in the house left speaking to me is my daughter and she goes back to uni next week! If the completion doesn't happen in the next couple of weeks, I could well find myself homeless - all a bit of a bastard really.  If I had a dog, I'm sure it would have run away with the neighbours by now....

    Cancelled the race on Sunday....

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    Oh mate, that seems like a dreadful set of circumstances.
    Hopefully can only go in one (positive) direction soon!
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