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    SBD. The guy who came 2nd I know well and 9 times out of 10 I'd beat him. The winner is someone I don't know but I spied his profile and we are similar level. But his winning time is of 37:58 is one I'd normally beat. On a good day it would have been a close contest. Feeling a bit better today and just had a swim and 10k at 7:15 pace. 

    I cut my hair at home and got my wife to tidy it up. Never mind the race I'm now worried I'll be seriously out styled at Chandos.
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    OO, that reminded to phone the Chandos to try and reserve some tables. However not only was I not able to do that, I was informed that the upstairs area is closed and will be a week sunday.

    I then enquired as to the size of the downstairs and whether it has been busy on sunday afternoons. I was informed that it's about the size of upstairs and it's been rammed every sunday afternoon (choc a bloc was his term).

    Just thought i'd raise this now so we don't all miss out on a meet up by not being able to find anyone.

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    Oh dear. Thanks for trying DT.  I have no better ideas. I've seen folks standing outside in the past so that's an option if weather is ok 😒
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    Yes, though it being October it's more up in the air than in April. I suspect even if we did have a better idea, anywhere walkable is very central London and by that fact will be busy. I guess we go with it but at least we are pre warned. It seemed quite bizarre to be told Sundays are rammed in there and upstairs was closed. It's almost like the solution to the over crowding was right in front of them. Though it maybe upstairs was subject to a different lease and they pulled it when covid was full swing. 
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    Hopefully they added some more seating in the outside space 🤞
  • Had my race haircut last week, two back and sides and trim the top. Lucky to have a thick old barnet for a v50, so it needs a thin out as well.

    Good advice from TR and others, thanks team. I've decided to ease off the full 10 miles at MP tomorrow and do alternates instead. If the ground is dry and clean I may test the new Next % trotters as well.

    Spotted the age group champs participant allocations on the Abbott website. 700 runners across all age groups. Some of you will score quite decent positions I reckon. There are 65 in the male v50-54 cat.

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    Gdawg, I suspect those are the numbers that have specifically chosen to pay and enter this event and excludes those, like us, automatically entered by virtue of a gfa place. 

    I'll be wearing my next % for tomorrow's peak session. I've then got 8m at mara pace ish on Friday. 
  • Ah, right. That makes sense.
    I remember declining last time as it was about £300 for a rucksack and another medal.
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    Yes, it's a great way for international runners to get into London, but beyond that no real pull. I saw someone on sub 3 fb page was furious as they'd paid the £300 to enter it but was also a London gfa runner so effectively did pay £300 for a rucksack. 
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    Dawg - id do 8m mp tomorrow myself, im just concerned youd go and smash 10m as hard as you can. Maybe set a 6.50 limit and do 8ish ?

    OO - the 10k was in Southampton, im south coast.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Ah ok TR. My daughters were doing Trafford same day 👍
  • DT - yes. the temperature has dropped - thinking I might need another layer soon!
    SBD - yes, I have messed around with the schedule a bit :)  I think the event guide says you can show either an email or text message on your phone or a printed copy as proof - presume it must mean the NHS ones; don't think you get anything else?
    OO - don't worry - I'm going for a cut by a trainee :)
    GD  - yes, must just be those who paid. Either that or an awful lot of people opted out!
    6 mile recovery run today.
  • As per advice on here and further reading, I ditched the 10 at MP session and opted for an 8 mile MP test in the new Nike Next % 2 trotters.

    The shoes sort of dictated the session as I went out too quick on the first mile (6.32) and then did another the same. Started to settle down and get used to the feel of my new wheels and reined it in for 4 miles at 6.4x. As this is the last quality session that "counts" I treated myself to 2 quicker miles to booked the session, 6.27 and 6.05.

    These splits and the perceived effort certainly demonstrated the effect of the shoes, great fun. That final split is on part road, part bumpy gravel track and I've never hit that sort of pace on there without turning blue, today it felt like HMP pace.

    Will save those shoes for London now and just go steady/easy for the remaining 3 sessions this week in my soon to be gardening slippers.
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    Great session, gdawg. Be careful in London as you're not used to those shoes completely. Make sure you control the pace not them. Definitely a big gain in your race day armoury though. 

    I had my peak session today. I've been dreading it since this last block was set out 6 weeks ago and I was quite edgy this morning. 

    3 x 5k at hmp off 2 mins. Decided to wear my raceday vest and shorts and to also pop my next % shoes on. Tough session but managed it well with splits of 18.14, 18.14 and 18.16, all of which would be 5k pbs in a race. 

    12 days now to taper and absorb the last few weeks training. 
  • Blimey, great sessions there guys!
  • Exactly what I was thinking, DT. Whilst I was super surprised and pleased at the first two splits based on perceived effort, I wouldn't want that on race day and would need to control the early race adrenaline etc. Never experienced a shoe like it. Glad I tried them on an 8 and not anything shorter so I could learn control.

    Cracking session there, Sir. Your training has been of a very high quality. I hope you get the score you want.
  • GD  - super fast - hope you can rein it in at the start on Sunday week :)  I'll be at the back in my plod-shoes.
    DT - 3 x 5k PBs in one training session?!! That is seriously impressive. 
    No email here yet - what a surprise. I guess we will hear tomorrow :)
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Gdawg, I remember the first time I popped on the 4% shoes and it just felt like nothing i'd felt in a running context before. I'd bank the lower effort in the first half as opposed banking the faster miles, then be strong in the second half.

    Gul, I must confess, I could just go upstairs now and lie in bed, pretty tired!

    Based on form so far, the e-mails will all land at 9pm tomorrow night!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Impressive sessions guys. I'd take any one of those 5kms DT 😳
    I had a rest day...
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    DT - well done another good campaign, where youve made more good progress.

    Dawg - i was liking that update, and then laughed when you said about the bonus last 2m, id have liked to see those 6.4X too.

    Must just be me with the shoes, maybe mine arnt next% after all.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Dawg I'm praying those shoes will fix a few bumps in the road on the way to Berlin. It feels like a miracle is needed to get me a sub 3 on Sunday but you never know 🙏
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    Are you still feeling out of sorts OO?  When do you fly to Berlin and what's the plan for the days remaining before Sunday?  at least you'll have Bekele and Flanagan for company.

    That's a tough session DT - impressive speed and consistency - looking good for a week on Sunday.

    A good confidence building MP session G-D - it looks like the shoes are working for you.  Just don't get them dirty before marathon day!

    Have faith and I'm sure the magic will work for you TR, although it might be worth checking there's a carbon plate in the shoes!.

    Nice recovery miles Gul.  Just hoping they don't want a third party verified test.

    Nothing too fast from me today.  Just the 8 miles general aerobic (7:15/m pace) with ten sets of 100m strides.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I'm feeling better SBD just dented confidence I think. I will run easy tomorrow and Thursday, maybe one more swim. Starting to get excited about my 1st foreign trip in 2 years and bamboozled by the Covid admin to travel. We travel Friday and back Monday which is rather exciting 😁

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Defo dented confidence there  OO from that 10000m. Shame as the race results before that over 5 and 10k were very good and much more than sub3 potential. Hopefully Sunday was just a bad day, and assuming you had no virus  etc bubbling up. Hows yr RHR first thing in the morn.........if i were in your shoes id be looking at getting to halfway in 1.28.XX and if you feel good then the returning  confidence gets you home. 1.28 pace should certainly feel easy after those 5 and 10k paces assuming you are healthy.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Thanks TR. Resting HR normally 36 but currently c50. However the headaches from last week have gone and I had a comfortable session yesterday. I'll probably go off a tad slower aiming for 1:30 half. I had negative splits in 3 of the last 4 maras so don't feel I need anything in the bag. That's the extent of my planning. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Fair enough, if you hit 1/2 way in 130 and feel good then you have history of gojng sub3......36 first thing in the morning but now its 50ish ? That indicates some sort of lurgy. Mine never goes much under 50, but some folks are low beaters or high beaters the main thing is to compare apples with apples.
  • OO - you’ll be grand on Sunday. I have every faith in you. 

    Hi to everyone else too. Catch up soon. 
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    OO - hope all is well by Sunday. Good luck with all the red tape.
    SBD - tidy pace for your general aerobic run.
    Final MLR today, which I ran more or less progressively finishing with a 6:24 and then 1 mile w/d with some milk. Anyone received their kitbag yet?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I need that kitbag before Friday Gul so I can get it to my daughter to take to the Expo 🤞
    Thanks Gerard. Great memories of our mara blast in Jersey 😊
  • Take it all nice and easy between now and the day, OO.  You are in fantastic shape, and it sounds from the RHR that you have a mild underlying bug, and you just need to let your body battle that between now and Sunday.  I have everything crossed for you!

    A tentative 20 minute jog for me.  I can still feel tightness in the calves (especially left), and tightness around the back of the heel/bottom of the achilles tendon, but hopefully I can build up the jogging and then force myself to do some cross-training on top of that.  I don't think I could or want to risk any fast running for a few weeks, which does rule out Newport (as I'd already missed a month of speedwork after the last ankle sprain, so needed all of my quality sessions in my 6 week marathon-specific block to happen), but at least I can run easy pace without pain or aggravating the calves.
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