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    It sounds to me like 500 per wave, every 3 minutes.  Three starts with the Red following the initial Yellow for the older GFAs (men and women).  DT - on that basis, the runners you catch up at 3 miles are going to be well spaced out and you'll have plenty of room to pass.
  • I'll be driving to my Air B&B, via ExCel on Thursday. Just saved myself £15 by booking to park on somebody's driveway rather than actually at the ExCel centre. I'm avoiding public transport like the proverbial plague!
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    Sbd, yes my initial panic/disappointment has diminished quite a bit now and I think it will all work out just fine. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Great to hear from you Lorenzo and goo luck to Mrs L
    Hopefully we will see you in Chandos 😉
  • Jools - excellent :)
    Lorenzo - I will look out for you at Surrey Quays. Hope Mrs L has a good race. I really ought to have done the Yorkshire mara as Miss GD the younger is now in her final year at York Uni. Watch out for elder Lorenzito - he will overtake you one day soon, if not this year.
    DT - maybe the delay in hearing from London about the wave starts was because they were trying to work out timings for waves from different starts merging!
    GD - can't remember which start I was on in 2010, but I must have been overtaken by thousands of runners after the first quarter.
    SBD - so basically you're saying we're on the old gits start?! Well, at least you'll get to lead us all :)
    Speedy - great plan. Have you got your start details now? 
    Postman has been and no sign of a kitbag. So it should be here tomorrow as expected...
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Easy 7 miler today. Last before we head to Berlin tomorrow. That's this year's plan done and dusted 🤞
  • Have a great time and run a great time, OO. Enjoy the the unleaded Erdinger at the finish. I managed 4 big bottles, see if you can beat that! 

    6 miles of I haven't a clue today. Came out at MP. No more sub-7 stuff until race day now.
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    Good final MP session G-D.  So Sub 3 is the plan?

    There might be a few younger women GFA as well Gul - but all the faster ones will be on the Champs start with Speedy.

    Good luck for Berlin OO.  Hope the travel and expo all go smoothly and you hit the start line refreshed and raring to go.  Unfortunately, you'll have to drink that beer you were going to buy me as well as your own!

    Good to hear you're feeling more relaxed about the starting arrangements DT.  No plans for glory off the start, I need to be very careful with the early Pace.  Good discipline on the weight!

    I'm going to drive to ExCel on Wednesday to avoid the tube/train as well Speedy - hadn't thought about the drive parking - might have to check it out!

    Good to here you're on track for York Lorenzo and will be cheering at London.  Good luck to Mrs L - what wave number has she been given?

    Good progress Jools.

    Final interval session early evening.  Always a tough one - 3 sets of 1,600m with 800m jog recoveries.  Having done several sessions of 1,000m intervals and one session of 1,200m intervals over the last six weeks, 1,600m seemed a little daunting.  Thankfully, managed to get through them OK with a little mental focus, splits of 5:51, 5:50 and 5:47.  Hard work with the heart rate peaking at 179, so more or less max.

    Not much left now - 13 miles on Sunday and then mainly recovery runs and strides.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Dawg - that was soon after the 8 miler. I'll be doing 6m with 2m np in it a couple of times next week, and have 6m mp in my 14m saturday, but its controlled and not as fast as i can run. Its good to keep the legs rotating.

    Didnt feel too abused by ydays physio but took a day off as ive racked up a few miles this week with the 10k, 16m and mp run yday.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Similar here, SBD. The only run of real note is 12m Sunday. We'll done on the reps, 1m is definitely a rep length that starts getting uncomfortable. 

    What I am irritated about though is our wave 1 is v40 gfa runners so down to 3.50 women. Means even with a 3 minute head start I'll be hitting the back of them before 2m is done. 

    Ease it back, gdawg. The work is done.

    Have a good journey, oo. 

    I did my 8m at low tempo today over lunch, moved forward from tomorrow. Legs were tired from Tuesday and it was 20c and sunny when I went out. Just sat at low 150s hr and other than a 6.32 and a 6.36 mile the other 6 were all 6.33. Reasonable workout, not too taxing. Hopefully I'll feel the difference starting in 13c overcast weather (I hope), not having Tuesday in my legs and popping on my alphaflys. 

    Easy 5m in morning then rest Saturday. With just 12m Sunday I should really start to feel the recovery when I wake up Monday. 

  • The website is Just Park SBD. If you know your exact arrival time it'll cost you £3 rather than £20 at ExCel. I gave myself a big window in case of traffic issues so paid £5. 
  • OO - have a stress free flight today. Praying you will be 100% for Sunday 
    GD - yes, all the hard work is done till the day now :)
    SBD - good work on those mile reps.
    TR - do you split up the odd few MP miles next week or do in one block?
    DT - yes, your wave start is frustrating.
    6 easy miles today.
  • Best of luck to all those racing. What it's all been building up to. Despite all the complexities, one imagines that when the gun goes off it will feel normal again at least for a few hours.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Gul - for my last 4ish maras ive done 6m mp in the saturday medium run, and then 6m inc 2mp on the monday and weds of race week. I accept i did a 3.00 in one of these but i count that as a strong run round an airfield in a howling wind......i have just had a bigger week than normal though with 10k sunday, the 16m, mp run and an mlr tomorrow, so i might drop the mp run monday. Its controlled running not to see how fast i can run.

    Hope you have a goid day OO.
  • Poacher  - thanks. Yes, it's been building up a long while. 4,179 days I make it ! (Shame it's not 4,219.5 days) Hopefully I will be less stressed than the day I met you at the White Peak Marathon. Now where are those safety pins...?
    TR  - thanks. Obviously 2 x 1M or 1 x 2M @ MP is not going to make any real difference :) I will be taking it very easy next week and probably a few less miles than suggested by P&D.
    So no kitbag here yet, but not an issue for me. I also note the event guide says, "If your kitbag and self-adhesive label don’t arrive, there will be plenty of replacements available at the Virgin Money London Marathon Running Show".
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    No I had to leave without the kitbag. Hopefully there by Tuesday when I get back and see if I can post to my daughter in time 🤞
  • Gul if you are as stressed at that you will explode. But you still ran well. Keep can do this...
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Are you still running and are you planning to be at Chandos Poacher?

    Hope you made it to Berlin OO?  Expo on Saturday or have you been already?

    No kitbag here either Gul - tomorrow would be a surprise, so maybe Monday!  I usually follow the last week of P&D as written.  It's definitely worth doing the dress rehearsal with 2 miles at MP (scheduled on the Wednesday) to reinforce how MP will feel.

    Thanks Speedy - will check it out.

    Good work on the tempo DT.  So Blue Pen 1 is V40 GFA men and women and Pen 2 is V45 GFA men and women?  

    10K recovery early evening with a final S&C session.  Legs still feeling a bit lead like!
  • Poacher - I will be as cool as a cucumber :)
    SBD - yes, will do that session too.
     9 miles with strides today. And afterwards a quick bit of shopping and a race haircut
     Now time for breakfast :)
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yes we arrived safely in Berlin thanks. Hotel is in a dodgy area but handy for the race. We'll head down to the Expo after breakfast then a nice chilled day planned seeing some sights and eating lots 😁
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Have a great weekend, oo and best of luck tomorrow.  

    Sbd, yes that's correct re the pens. 

    No kitbag for me either. It's all well and good saying there's plenty at the expo but if you've not run London before I'm sure it'd be an extra stress not having it packed in advance or even knowing quite how big it is. 

    Gul, I have 4 x 1m at mara pace on Tuesday off 3 mins, I think it's good just to dial in etc. 

    Easy 5 yesterday and just some s and c later today. 

    Forecast is showing possible rain next Sunday. I've just ordered off ebay for 2.99 a two pack of waterproof hooded poncho. Having had to stand around in rain in just a vest at Yorkshire before and afterwards and given our arrival times having one to take to the start and popping one in my drop off bag. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good idea DT, the weather warching matters more for the pre and post race kit.

    14m inc 6m mp today, wore the Next% so my legs get a bit of time  in them. Horrible to wear for the easy miles (all sorts of achey places) so i wont be doing that again, I'll just race the odd 1/2 in them before a marathon when things are more normal.
  • Good luck OO, you know what to do. Have a fab time in Berlin 🏃‍♂️ then 🍻. I hope Bekele is fit and is able to have a crack at the WR. Weather may not be ideal though as it’s looking a tad warm. 

    I’ve been following all our your training closely and I’m excited to hear all about your London exploits. DT, G-Dawg, Gul, OO, Speedy Goth, SBD, TR … you all seem to be in very good form and I hope you all get a good R.O.I. sorry if I’ve missed out anyone. 

    I’m currently sat In Heathrow awaiting flight to Mallorca. 5 day break for some r&r. Adios amigos. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Ger. Not sure about warm, it rained today 😆 Don't think I've seen a place with so many drunks and folks drinking from beer bottles since I was in St Peterberg many years ago. Soaking up the atmosphere though, and lots of history everywhere you look. 
    I've just brought an old T shirt to chuck at the start as the mornings are cool.
  • Cheers GM, have a great holiday.

    Hope it stays cool, OO, you'll score a great number if it does. Good luck!

    Great shout on the ponchos, DT. Found a pack of 5 for around a tenner on Amazon.

    13 easy this morning which averaged 7.34 pace. Still quite warm and humid and I found it a tad stressful. Just wanted to get the run out if the way.
    Hamstrings were very tight again, worse than usual. Realised the shoes were old NB 1080 v10 with 560 miles on them. Maybe they compounded the problem?
    Got on the roller as soon as I got in.
  • Midlands Road Relays for me today. 16.20 for 2.72 miles on the watch, which isn't quite a PB assuming the 2014 Nationals were on the same course (16.14 that time). First time ever on 1st leg. Not sure I liked it. I got boxed in early on, then once I got past the slower runners I was pretty much in no-man's land for the last 2 miles. Better than last leg though, then you're on your own for the whole thing.

    My kit bag for London arrived today. Same size as it has been the past few years, in case anyone doesn't have theirs yet and was wondering how much they could fit in it!

    I have an old cagoule type thing that I'll wear on the startline and ditch if need be. I had a clearout and now have a pile of hoodies, trackie bottoms and T-shirts that I'm prepared to ditch/donate at future races should the no kit bag thing turn out to be a more regular occurance.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    OO - all the best today in Berlin.
    GM - good to hear from you. Have a great holiday.
    TR - so there are some advantages to old style plod shoes :)
    Speedy - shame you got boxed in, but great effort.
    GD - final MLR, I presume? Hope the hammies are okay.
    I am planning to take an old jacket in case of rain, but hadn't thought about the finish.
    5 mile recovery run d&d.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Just watching mara, looks warm and sunny. Lead pack through half way in 60.48 and bekele in no man's in 61.00 but all at world record pace. Interesting 2nd half to come. Perhaps bekele has a race plan he is sticking to and not getting drawn into something suicidal. 

    No bag for me yet. 

    Well done on relays speedy, sounded like a good day out racing all round. 

    Gul, if it's raining, you'll get cold really quickly after finishing so best to pack something. I'll be putting a hoody as well in my drop off bag, if it comes! 
  • Hope OO had a good one.  Sounds like it was a bit warm towards the end of Berlin for the leaders!

    A lovely morning: having initially regretted booking a 9am slot at the Portishead Lido (a 10 mile cycle away), it was actually a beautiful sunny day to be out on the bike, and even I love swimming when it's in a heated pool with the sun on my back.  I'll pop out for a gentle run later, hopefully!
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Yes - a bit warm in Berlin.  Hopefully OO had a good one and is enjoying a well earned beer,

    I was going to try and catch the start of Berlin before heading off on the 13 mile run at 9:30 but couldn't find any free TV coverage.   Where were you watching it DT?

    Hopefully the bag arrives on Monday!

    Rain is looking likely at the moment.  Not too keen on the forecast winds either!

    Good recovery miles Gul.

    Decent turn of speed at the regional relays Speedy.  Did you qualify for the Nationals?

    Go easy with the hamstrings G-D.

    Good to here from Gerard.  Hope you're active on the running front.

    Wore the Next% for the 13 miles this morning to get the feet used to them a bit more.  Initial 3.1 miles as a w/u and then 5 miles at 6:56/m pace and the final 5 miles at marathon effort, so average heart rate of 164, which came out at 6:15/m.  Clearly there's no way I'm setting off at that pace on Sunday (more likely 6:30/m) but good for the confidence!
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