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  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Long way behind them.
    I'm in the red start,any difference between the 3 start areas?
  • Shades MSE has given a guide for your energy Avro Energy and Green cease trading - here's what it means for your gas and electricity (  Had a look at the Premier Inn first and was pricey also a quick glance accomodation in Princetown has pretty much gone already.

    Ian thats a great start time, finished, collected bag and medal all before lunch

    Cal just go out at Ealing on feel, don't pick an arbitrary time that you feel you need to stick to.  I really enjoyed my half last month with no watch and ran to how I felt, got the time I was aiming for without a clue.

    Going to go for a short easy run this evening to shake the legs out to see how I get on, 11 days dill Dorney!!! 
    Ian - usually the red start is the most congested at the start but as you've got specific start time I think you'll be fine.   That's the start where the elite go from and the famous televised part of the broadcast that we see on telly.   Good wide road at the start it does narrow further on but you will be settled into your pace by then.

    Robert - thanks for the link, all exactly the same procedure as when Yorkshire Energy went bust.   I only have to take a meter reading and wait until I'm contacted.

    Princetown accommodation is fairly limited and varied.   Last time I stayed up at Princetown the room had patterned wallpaper, patterned carpet, patterned curtains and a nylon bedspread... don't think it had been decorated for 30 years.   The walls were very thin and Dave Bedford was staying in the next room to me.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    7 miles today in Exeter and had a nice run out in the sun. Kind of the First Chance 10K route, which in the past has been known to be fast. Trouble is, there is a section of around a mile on not very good trail, so although flat, it is not quick (for me). Whilst running on there today, I remember I was disappointed with my time, even though that was my PB that I’ve just broken. There were signs up however saying that improvements were being made to the surface, so I was wondering if they are going to tarmac the whole thing?  Would be great if they did, but if not, I wouldn’t enter the race for a PB attempt as I know I wouldn’t get one on that trail. Anyway, not racing today, so had a nice run. 

    All being well, I’ll be staying in the van next year for DD, as they’re providing camping facilities again. It would be great if you can make it, Robert. 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
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    Shades - That’s unfortunate with your energy company though there will be more going bust shortly sadly. 

    11 miles this eve including a 30min tempo. Thought I’d do my weekly tempo early and solo as I didn’t like the look of the club session tomorrow. It’s an 8x1k with static rest which folks will clearly run as a speed session. I’m also snowed with work the rest of the week. Anyway I enjoyed the run despite some GI issues afterwards. 
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    Big G - I've never done First Chance, never appealed to me.  

    Rcouture - at least you know in advance if a speed session is not to your liking and you can do your own thing.    That's quite a tough run, 11 miles including some tempo work.   

    It's no surprise re my energy company, the ones to feel sorry for are those on a variable tariff.    I did manage to get on the website at 5 a.m. this morning but couldn't pull off the last invoice which was estimated readings, it doesn't matter as I have reconciled the account.    I do a budget for my outgoings and I'd already factored in a 25% increase in electricity from this winter, just hope it won't be more than that, might have to limit my running shoe purchases.   ;)   
    Had a long email from the CEO of my energy company with detailed reasons for the problems that led to the collapse.   One factor I hadn't considered is that the energy companies were asked to give payment holidays and be lenient during the pandemic and that of course has led to a high level of debt which they're still carrying.

    6 miles this morning, much warmer this morning.  Had to wait ages for it to get light but was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise when I was out on my run.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, I can’t remember what you said about Barca now. Have you booked everything or are you waiting a while for Madrid to happen?  It doesn’t look like OH can go, but I am still a bit tempted. 

    10 miles for me this morning. 1.5 miles, 5 for a MAF test, 3.5 home. Within a few steps of leaving the house I just decided to do the test as it was good conditions for me. Apart from some stress from “The Dad Issues” I was feeling quite good (when I found myself thinking about that, upon glancing at my HR it seemed elevated - it’s really interesting!). Results were broadly in line with the last one I did before Shepperdine (some miles a bit quicker, others marginally slower) so along with the recent Half and 10K results it confirms I’m in reasonable shape. I think I could have nabbed a small PB at Shepperdine but I pushed on from about 13-20, and then paid for it in the last few miles (I’ve no regrets about this). If I can be more consistent and the conditions are good at Newport, the MAF test is another indicator I’m in good shape (before Shepperdine I hadn’t done enough long runs, either!).  

    I haven’t booked the camping yet for Newport but will do so soon. 
    Big G - that's promising re your MAF test.     Another positive factor is that you've just done 2 PB's and that means you've got your racing head on, success breeds success and makes you hungry for more  :)   Do you think the course at Dorney might not be so much to your liking as Newport so less chance of a PB there?

    Re thinking of your Dad = stress, just shows the mind is so powerful. 

    Newport must be struggling a bit on numbers too, I keep getting emails about places still available etc.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I haven’t done either race before although as you know I’ve done races at Dorney, but not on this course. I don’t mind lapped events and in fact I find there are advantages in terms of breaking the race down into laps, knowing the required time per lap and mentally ticking them off. Somehow ticking off 30-min laps or whatever feels easier to me, if I’m running well. But I just prefer a ‘proper’ road race (IE one on the actual roads) and ideally a single lapper.  Having said all that, if I’m feeling okay at Dorney I still plan to give it a good go :) 
    Big G - you did a PB at Nottingham didn't you round the lake.   

    I think sometime it's good to attempt a PB on a course that you're not familiar with, keeps the mind a bit sharper even if it's multiple laps.   
  • Shades, re energy, it's really going to affect the poorest, having been in a position myself when I moved in with Elle 8 years ago a single mum, on benefits working part time, she was already in arrears with rent, CT and water.  I was out of work, but Benefits took my earning of the previous year into account and stopped all benefits despite no income.  Fortunately I was happy to work anywhere whilst looking for a job (outbound phone calls, Wetherspoons kitchen, agency admin work and William Hill) before I found the job I am in now and Elle found full time work herself and we got ourselves out of a mess.  But could have been very different.

    Big G fingers crossed will make DD this year, need to plan something for Elle's anniversary on the 8th, may use the half term week/ bank holidays before.  Re ATW Dorney, I liked the course 4 loops make it easy to break down, also you have the rowing dividers too to keep on track.  Elle will be marshalling, unsure where yet, let me know if you want to drop anything with her, hopefully she'll have the same spot as last year near the bridge.

    Ian red start is my favourite too, wide roads and the blue start in the first couple of miles you run down a road with speedbumps, they have marshals shouting bump but still hard to see if crowded.

    Had an email from Centurion, they have had a lot of people dropping out A100 in a few weeks, again probably because of too many deferrals.  It does appeal to me as a hundred with 4 different out and backs means one drop bag that you have access to and you know what to expect at the checkpoint.  No plans for a 100 miler until at least 2023/24.

    Also seen ATW have Dorney Lake on 24th April if anyone is interested.  I may consider it as my attempt to go sub 4 again.

    2 miles last night, legs were very heavy but no niggles so taking it as positives... need to keep the legs going and hopefully get round DL next week.
    Robert - you and Elle have done really well to turn your lives around and get out of the revolving trap of debt.    Once debt builds up from living costs it's so hard to clear it and the current energy crisis will as you say hit the poorest.   But hopefully this energy crisis will ease after a few months and we might be able to get cheaper deals again.    But we knew that there will be a financial price to pay post Covid so there will be other price rises to come.

    That 100 miler must be tempting especially as you're on a high from last weekend's race but 100 miles is so very different from 50.   Not that I would know from personal experience, never got past 80.

    I'm hoping to be doing Connemara Ultra on 24th April.

    You're recovering well.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Not convinced by the colourway but most sizes of Next% available here for £135. 
    I don't mind those colours, a bit unusual but they won't show the dirt like some of the other colours.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Love them so much I've just bought a pair,cheers for the tip.I'm definitely wanting to go to Barca,trying to sort the weekend with work,won't know until Sunday then hoping to get it booked.I'm going with a friend if we go so happy to meet up if you go alone.
  • I bought some new next % last month otherwise I would have looked at that deal. Given how much they cost I wouldn’t care about the colourway with that discount! Speaking of which I’m very happy with my shoe rotation at the moment which is a bit annoying as I’m keen to try something new 😀. 

    Royal parks have backed down a bit following the outcry and are putting on a ‘limited’ bag drop on the day which you have to book ahead of time. Shambles. 

    6 miles this evening. Pretty hot at 21 degrees so tough to keep the HR down but legs didn’t feel too bad after tempo yesterday. Came home to hear OH has been asked to get her Covid booster. 
  • Shades the thought never crossed my mind to enter the 100 😆.  I don’t even know if that appeals to me. No comparison Conne or Dorney

    Rcouture temps must have dropped, went out at 6 as was very cool.  Forgot about the booster Something to look forward to get a jab trying to fit it around racing.

    big g those shoes aren’t the best colour no wonder they are discounted heavily

    Managed to run a bit further tonight 3.5 miles top of quads were aching a bit.  Had a few runs in my guide 13s, first impression was I didn’t like them, big snug at the side of the toes but having had a few more runs in them and I am warming to them 
    Rcouture - well that's good that Royal Parks have responded to pressure and putting on a bag drop, albeit limited.    It's ridiculous not to have some sort of bag drop for a race where the majority of runners will be using public transport to get there, it's not like it's going to be the middle of summer.

     I'm sure you could find some new shoes to interest you   ;)

    I was looking at shoes yesterday on Start Fitness and the NB1080's are £79, plus the Reebok FloatRide Energy are down to £45.   I love my Reeboks and I might move my current pair to gym use, as my gym shoes are nearly worn out.   I've got a 15% discount so that would drop the price to £38, and the NB's to £67, would still have to pay carriage though.  Might hold off for a few days as I haven't had the bill from the plumber yet.   :/   Never mind the energy price hike to come.   :open_mouth:

    Robert - I haven't booked flight and hotel yet for Conne, but have free entry and a voucher from Aer Lingus which will cover flight costs.    The ultra only had 2 places left last week, so race selling well.

    That's those downhills that trash the quads.

    I haven't tried the Guide 13's or 14's, if they're as good as the 10's I would buy them immediately.

    5 miles this morning, flat/hilly, chilly morning today.   
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I was watching a shoe review yesterday of the new Nike Next Nature, which at £295 made me laugh.  OH saw me watching it, glanced at the cupboard, and without her saying a word, I understood what she was on about ;)  Basically, I am not currently in the market for new shoes but I have 2 or 3 pairs unopened that will get used over the coming weeks.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
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    Shades - What are the floatride energy like?That’s very good value

    My current rotation (which has not been good value but I’m happy with) is:
    -Daily high drop: Novablast 2
    -Daily low drop: Mach 4. Thought the midsole died early but actually it just seemed to soften a bit and I like them again
    -Tempo: Rebel v2
    -Long run: Endorphin speed
    -Race: Next % 2

    Interestingly I think I’ve shifted over to being totally neutral with shoes now rather than needing any stability. The only ones I struggled with recently were the Nike invincibles which I returned. 

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-It's funny you say that,I run in nearly all neutral now,I use stability occasionally but my cushioned shoes are all neutral so wear them mainly.
    Shades-You should buy both then only pay for 1 delivery charge  ;)
    Big G - that's very careless of you, you need to switch to reading those shoe reviews quietly, not watching a video/blog when OH is around.  ;)

    Rcouture - here's the review of the model I have.     Reebok Forever Floatride Energy - Review 2021 - Facts, Deals (£45) | RunRepeat

    I've just read the review on V2 and much the same.   I've done about 400 miles in them and they feel as good as new, drop is 10mm which I like.   The upper is quite a roomy fit, fairly wide, with elastic laces perfect fit for me, they're really good on hills.   Mine are black and a nice looking shoe, hence thoughts about moving them to gym use.   In my Top 3 favourite shoes.

    Ian - I won't be paying two delivery charges and I'm sure I will buy both pairs  :)
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Looks like the world's starting to go crazy again,everywhere I've drove today there's been massive queues for petrol, hopefully won't hit the shops.
    Ian - that's all the press coverage creating fear of running out.    I haven't got a full tank, don't need that much for my trip this weekend but I am staying at motorway services and they do say there will be petrol available at motorway services.  Just in case I need a top up.  

    Just reading my race info and there's a note saying     [Note that this will be a mass start]    So good to read that.    :) 
  • What didn't you like about the Invincibles, Rcouture? 

    Gym day yesterday (nothing too arduous - half an hour on the elliptical and some bodyweight rehabby stuff)...then five miles today with strides in the final mile. That's it until Ealing on Sunday (I'm volunteering at parkrun tomorrow).
  • Ian - Hertford have one petrol garage out already, Ware has one with silly queues.  Elle has gone to work, we have less than 1/4 of a tank (my fault to running CW50 and having Elle pick me up lol) hopefully she found somewhere.  I've got a neutral pair of shoes that I want to try out, need to get my gait tested again to see if I've changed, will make more choice of shoe.

    Shades had to put the quadbrakes on so many times on saturday, didn't appreciate the downstairs at 45 miles! I'd love to do Conne one day.  Big big travelling races next year are DD and Beskidy in Poland.  I'm now off to look at shoes... I hate this forum!!!

    Big G - One of the advantages of working from home is I can intercept deliveries without Elle seeing them, usually when at the office she is home before me.  I also drop races into conversations as if I've spoke about it loads of time.  Not sure she is aware I have 4 races this month.

    My delivery of tailwind, race t shirts and car sticker have arrived from Centurion, with less races giving out t shirts I have found myself running low on tops.  I need to lose weight to get back into stuff!

    At the moment can only see links for Berlin for Flotrack, nothing on BBC red button as expected nor Eurosport as far as I can see. 

    Cal - I do hope that you have a more enjoyable race on Sunday.   Good idea to not run parkrun this weekend to see if that helps your race.

    Robert - Conne is a very special race and a good choice for your 'to do' list.   It's not as hilly as DD.  😊.  I remember you mentioning Beskidy before, is that an ultra or a marathon?   

    We do have a tendency to lead each other on when it comes to shoe buying.  😉

    I'm sure Elle will hardly notice you doing 4 races in the next month 😉

    I've noticed before that often the TV coverage is announced very close to the event, I reckon there's a lot of haggling over the price.
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
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    Beskidy will an Ultra by default of the distances 10k,20k,50k,75k,100k,140k and their challenge 305k.  I'll imagine 50k with 3000m climb through mountains will be enough!

    I do need to sort out a passport and waiting to hear date, it's in the school summer holidays so need to book flights soon.
    Robert - so DD will be good training for Beskidy.
    305km, that's certainly a challenge.

    Big G - good luck for NF marathon tomorrow, I expect you're all packed and on your way.   🙂
  • Shades - 305km is all unsupportive, own navigation, own supplies.  Not my idea of fun but would be a challenge.  Beskidy will be more of a hike and catch up with Maciek and some amazing scenery.

    Good luck Big G hope you have a good trip.

    Another 4 miles at lunch, was warm today, quads still feeling it.  
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