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  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    OO - hope you feel better soon. 
    TT - Enjoy your running!
    Joe - Top session!
    TR - Good luck!

    I did sign up for the virtual but can't download the app and don't really want to 'burn' my fitness for it. Just doing billy basic base at the moment or whatever my watch tells me!  

  • That's rotten timing OO, I hope you shake it off quickly but don't rush back before you do, is all I'd suggest.

    Expo yesterday, in and out in 20 minutes - 6pm seemed a quiet time before the post-work rush builds up too much.  I didn't bother stopping at the WM Majors place, they gave me that extra bib with my name on it at the first stop.  At least with no queues I could make sure the t-shirt size I'd picked fitted me.  It won't make my VLM t-shirt podium but it's better than the ice cream one, is all I'll say.

    I wonder what they'll do about DNFs on Sunday.  Are they actually going to go rummaging through your bag & take the t-shirt & medal out before giving you your bag back?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    CD - thy decided after id queued up twice for duplicate numbers, that once would have been enough. The chip is on the chest number, so i dont see how theyd know if i left the back number off?......what about DNSs ? If i develop CV after ydays expo trip and don't get to run then they have my spare clothes, trainers and post race tenners.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
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    joe - sounds like you're ticking along nicely.

    OO - golden sunny linings. Nice one. 

    The expo and whole marathon setup sounds like a complete ballache tbh. My sister in law is doing it and apparently the club buses have been allocated strict departure times from their slots by LM and if you don't finish in time you have to make your own way home........

    I've switched from miles to kilometres recently. A lunchtime 13km rounded off my month, which despite some dodgy weeks gave a monthly total of 443km - 33km more than last month and my highest since starting back. 
  • Jooligan - yes, certainly not as bad as I first feared. Some good pace in there for you too. Thought about you recently reading about the Dragons Back race which seems ideal for a mountain goat!
    Joolska - sounds a bit more positive. Good stuff.
    TR - sounds safe enough. Could have been worse. That's a very fair point about would be some time before you got your stuff back.
    Wardi - Good stuff. Guess the breeze wouldn't be behind in London.
    Toro - sound decision probably. Not the most inspiring way to batter the legs.
    TT - That's a pretty chunky month if it's not all in. Nice one.

    A couple of days training to HR, ie not looking at paces on the run. 5 miles recovery yesterday, 8 miles aerobic today. That's 5 days on the trot for me which warrants a rest day tomorrow although I'll do some stretching etc as I have a 3 hour call where I only really need listen in. One thing I noticed was how much my HR goes up on any inclines. I thought it might be 5 bpm say but it's more like 15, even when I back off the pace. Probably standard but just something I noticed with nothing but HR to look at. 
  • Oh no OO, that's rubbish. Except for the Gran Canaria bit. 

    Those who have collected their bib and also their Abbott numbers. Both of mine have chips attached and the serial numbers on the chips are 1 digit different. Are yours? Or have they made a mistake with mine?
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Just packing my stuff today and I agree TR, normally it's a breeze but with no bag drop at the start I had to keep thinking carefully about what was needed where.  I managed to find a credit card sized folding wallet which I can fit in the back of my shorts - a bit of cash & a card in there plus my phone sim shouldn't add much weight.
    Joe.. promising signs of  return if you can manage 5 days on the bounce.
    CC2.. I'm going to Expo tomorrow so I'll see what I get.
    TT.. that's a good mileage for Sept given your interruptions.
    A steady 4m today to keep ticking over.  LFT test first thing tomorrow then down to London town.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    CC - i only have a chip on the chest number. Your numbers being 1 number apart sounds about right, they cant have the same serial number, i guess its cos your champs start and its belt and braces to have 2 rear number has no chip, im not going to bother wearing it.

    Wardi - im not sure if i want to carry a card, but ill carry some cash and my car key.
  • Joe - a nice run of training building up there.

    Exciting times.  Being sent pictures of masked clubmates with their numbers in a largely deserted Expo, suspect tomorrow will be a bit different.  Conditions look perfect for racing. Vicariously going to enjoy the race through this and other forums and other clubmates.  DBS. 

    Wardi/ Jooligan - Gran Canaria should be c26C in Nov  so pretty decent. First running in Maspalamas/ Mernoras rather than the capital city, Las Palmas, where I've run it 3 times. The new race finishes on that enormous beach they have there if you know it by the lighthouse.  It sure saves a journey as normally we go there after the race.  The tour party looks like being my brother and 1 possibly 2 other mates,  there for the cycling/ swimming/ carousing.  

    I seem to be over the worse of CV though but also seem to have a heavy cold.  Out of isolation on Monday so will wait until mid week and do some gentle walks runs just to get back into it and see where I am.  Then try and work out a 3 week plan for the Newport marathon.? 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    That's a warm run OO, different kind of heat to GB though.  Glad you're feeling better already.

    FWIW my two numbers both have chips as per CC2.  Think I'll see if I can combine one with the other as I don't want to wear two numbers.  Seemed a fairly smooth operation at Expo, not as many exhibitors as normal so only stayed 10-15 mins.

    TR.. will you be at the Red Lion for a while post race?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good that youre on the up already OO, it will be the shock of the running again as much as the CV when you get running again. Sinead Diver said she had a treadie in post Tokyo lockdown but the shock of running outside agsin really beat her up.

    Wardi - i guess they fckd up my numbers after all then, theres no chip on the back one so I'll leave it off.........if i survive ok then I'll go to the Red Lion for a mingle.

    2m with strides early doors, my hip/bum thing still aches, but i managed 10k pace on it ok 2 weeks ago so hopefully it'll be ok. LfT passed today, I'll do another tomorrow night. Probably a bit soon for any expo trip CV to show up yet anyway.

    Will chill out with a few (0%) frothies later.
  • Hola

    Good luck everyone who's not trained properly, no bad luck to those that have

    Blue start 9.32
    probably running something like 7mms, but willing to hold hands with any old friends going a bit faster.
    I was in decent nick in spring, then niggles / injuries / too much gym stuff / good summer and they wouldn't let me defer
    Aiming for pint in hand at red Lion by 1pm 

  • OO - glad you seem to be over the worst. Keep looking after yourself and don't get too down tomorrow. I'm sure there's a good time to come from you.
    TR - fingers crossed your hips and bum hold up. You've tapered so you'd hope it'd make it through.

    Up in Manchester for the weekend so gave a parkrun a go this morning. I felt I could dip below 18 mins but managed to clock a 17:40. I'm genuinely shocked but absolutely delighted. It's my quickest measured 5k in nearly 13 years and suggests a PB might not be too far away especially if I don some boosting shoes.

    Go well tomorrow all those who are running. Excited for some race reports in the coming week :)
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good to see you're running WTG

    Joe - you ran some quick TTs solo so have plenty more to come.

    2m easy, im all done. Gadget tells me im detraining and need to up it. We'll see what it says after tomorrow.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. top bombing in the 5k, very encouraging progress for you.
    WTGY.. good man, give it your best shot and you never know what will come out the other end.  Hope to see you for a pint.
    TR.. I had 1 pint of Peroni with a bowl of pasta last night, wasn't tempted to have another!  
    A 3m bimble down the Embankment this morning, saw them putting the 24m marker up so got the bonus of a bit of visualisation.  
    Birthday today ( think of a Beatles song), celebratory beers postponed 'til Sunday afternoon. :|
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Joe - Congrats, what a great time, and even better when they exceed expectations.  Upwards and onwards. 

    Cheers but feel OK about missing out tomorrow, as still feel pretty yuck though  the thought of a sunny Gran Canaria marathon has saved me!   

    Looking great for the marathon racers tomorrow - I am looking forward to a few hours on the tracker / TV to track your progress.     

    I would have a celebratory beer with you all from Cornwall, but currently can't taste or smell a bloody thing apart from a continuous burnt ashes/ garlic taste in my mouth!! Out of isolation on Monday, thank heavens, as slightly climbing walls!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Best of luck to you all tomorrow.  I will track those who've given their race numbers, and look forward to hearing the stories behind the results once you've all staggered/hobbled away from the Red Lion!
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021
    Echoing Jools and others in wishing those toeing the line tomorrow all the best. I also look forward to hearing all about the individual stories and I'm sure many superb performances. Go well all. 

    Wtgy - good to see you mate. Go well. Sounds like you are fit. 

    Jooligan - glad to hear the lighter week was a success and the parkrun and 10k were proof you managed the niggle well.

    OO - sorry to read you caught covid and are a  dns for London. Glad to hear you are clear and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and the cold buggers off.

    Jools - I think I read you are dns at Newport? Sorry to read that but hopefully a winter of building without the recovery from a race stands you in good stead next year. 

    Wardi - many happy returns. Hope the belated beers taste sweet tomorrow. 

    TR - the gadget talks mostly bs let's be honest. Hope the little aches and pains are just the body adapting to the taper. 

    Joe - fantastic parkrunning. Which one did you do? 

    TT - I switched to km last year. I much prefer it tbh. What made you switch out of interest? Good monthly total and moving in the right direction. 
  • Many happy returns Wardi.
    Enjoy tomorrow’s racing folks.
  • Not been in for a while, but hopefully see some of you out there tomorrow! Off the Champs start (for probably the last time in a while), have run approx 20 miles in the last 6 weeks after getting knocked off my bike, so sub 3 would be a stretch but going to try. 


    Happy Birthday Wardi!
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    Good luck all, I won't be running but did a great 4x 10min threshold last night. 

    Good luck Joe, I have been reading your blog almost daily to glean tips ahead of IMUK next year! 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. sorry to hear you've been in the wars a bit lately.  Bravo for starting tomorrow, hope you enjoy the day whatever the result.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    joe - great parkrun. Really positive. 

    sj - with everything I've got going on at the moment I found I was fixating too much on paces and getting in my own head about it so the change was my way of addressing that. 

    Wardi - happy Beatles birthday. 

    WTGY - good to see you. 

    Good luck tomorrow all. 
  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭
    Just popping in to say good luck to everyone running though I’m a bit late as everyone is probs on the way to the start! Hope you all get your pbs.

    Best of luck everyone and happy belated birthday Wardi and hello to old faces who aren’t running hope you’re all well.😎

    I had covid symptoms for 5 months last year but have fully recovered thankfully having got over fatigue issues before that and have been slowly building fitness over the months. Exercise tolerance was 10 mins walking at one point, couldn’t make it up ffs. Currently been getting fit for some end of season lakes fell races, did Coledale last weekend and aiming to get round Langdale next weekend. It’s all been steady stuff so but I’ll switch to xc soon with my road/xc club and start doing some intervals, park runs etc to get fitted/faster. The legs are strong but I’m so bloody slow! Fancy a half this winter. 

    Will enjoy watching London today,

    RS78 👍
  • TR stunning run... picking it up at the end too. Enjoy those beers mate. 

    Well done Speedy too. Nice and consistent. 
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    Oooh look forward to seeing the results. I have no access at sea sadly.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    A PB for Speedy.  Lovely, and well-deserved!

    And a great run for TR, too.
  • Ah wasn't aware or the PB. Top stuff Speedy. Always a good feeling besting your previous. 
  • Quality sub 3 runs from Speedy/TR/CD & JoeB, surprisingly gripping following on the tracker. 
  • Well that went better than I thought it would. I had GFA start but left it 10 mins before starting with wave 2. Found a pace I thought I might just be able to maintain which turned out to be 21 minute 5k pace, and despite a pit stop at 21 miles (that's what happens if you don't do the miles folks!) to my surprise I managed to keep that up basically the whole way and finished in 2:58:50. 19th consecutive year with a sub 3 which I was convinced had gone, so over the moon with that. I was in discomfort from 8 miles and standing afterwards wasn't a great idea, so I'll need a break now but very, very happy.

    Good to bump into CW & Speedy briefly at the RL, nice results all round!
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