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    Sounds like a good run, Muss. What's your pb?

    I have little to report, about 27m last week. Off to Lanzarote Friday morning for 10 days. Cold is now on its way out finally. I've stocked up on high quality VIT D for the November-March period.

    Few runs this week and planning to run every other day in Lanzarote. Will be good warm weather (25-30c by day) so should feel the benefit when home.
  • Muss - the cold seemed to go pretty quickly luckily (for me anyway, our 2 year old is still poorly with it and not sleeping very well). 

    At least those things you mention don't cost anything to repair when you collide with them though! This cost me £308! The price of being honest.

    Nice progressive parkrun there.
  • AD - ouch. I'm sure they really appreciate the honesty. It does seem steep for a wing mirror!

    DT - I'm sure the sunshine will help with vit D levels, too. Enjoy your break. 

    My 5k PB is 19:21. The conditions weren't ideal when I set that, and I was in the middle of marathon buildup, so I'm reasonably confident that sub 19 is possible next time I give it a go. 
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    Ouch, AD! Glad the cold disappeared!

    All seems promising, Muss! Have you ever done Dulwich? Fastest course I've been to: we have three particularly quick ones around here and Dulwich beats those! Burgess was also pretty quick. Have you ever done LFoM? I'm aiming to visit in November, not that I currently have very high expectations! Think it will be my 12th time.

    Yes, DT, time for vitamin D! What dose will you take? 

    42k last week. Probably a bit of a cut back this week: will see how I feel. 
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    Alehouse - for now, November LFoM looks like it works, and it's one I've wanted to do for a while. It's 15 days out from my 10k race, so it might be good timing as a tune up.

    42km is pretty decent going, not far from the 50km mark now.
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    Alehouse, i've purchased Healthspan 4000iu so max strength. I think as an inactive person is advised to take a reasonable dose, someone doing what we do should go with max strength. They were recommended to me by the back consultant i saw last year and also Mark Buckingham indirectly via my coaching team. There's 120 tabs so that is pretty much November to February covered. Shouldn't need them after that.

    Similar to me last week, Alehouse.

    Andrew, ouch! I think if I had done that because the car was encroaching the pavement and I had little room or had to move to the road to get around it i'd see as their own fault for parking like muppets and probably would have run on.

    6M easy yesterday then a bit of a reintroduction to paces today with 10 x 1 min of 1 min easy. Hoping to get out first thing for an easy 10m tomorrow morning.
  • DT - I've always just taken a regular multivit + iron, and assumed that was fine. Now that I've read more about the dosing I've ordered 4000iu! The vit d in my multi vit only brings that up to 4040iu, so it should be safe - apparently toxicity has only been reported when taking 40,000-100,000IU daily over long periods.
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    Muss, yes it's worth it over the winter months. My multi vitamin I take each morning (i discovered when my back consultant recommended taking vit d) doesn't contain any. 

    10m run this morning as I thought I had a 5 hour partner conference from 11am but whilst out I had an e mail to say they had decided to cancel it due to rising covid numbers and not wanting to wipe evert senior person out in one hit! So I now have a pretty steady day from one of chaos as it's also my last day before holiday. 
  • 4000 iu here as well: 2000 morning and night. One of my friends, and a clubmate, who happens to be both a consultant and also has been GB team doctor for both Athletics and Triathlon at different times, put me on 4000 iu for the winter months a couple of years ago: basically October to March. Everyone that he is involved in in GB sports also has the same dose. There is a big however, though: the osteoporosis nurse that I have seen a couple of times told me that that dose was ridiculous and in her view dangerous; my friend was not amused. She also did not believe that people ran at my age: "There are NO athletes when you get to your sixties". Perhaps she was right on that score as I haven't felt much like an athlete this week! Too much time on my feet working!

    Enjoy the sun, DT!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    I think the nurses latter comment destroys any credibility she may feel she has to make the first comment. Tommy Hughes would disagree. 

    I might see if I can split my tabs as the body can only absorb so much in one hit and I suspect half the dose twice as often would be more beneficial.  
  • Morning all - hope you are all well?

    Well I managed a whole 6 miles last week (three 2 mile runs during the week), so I am progressing at the pace of a snail but it is just nice to get out and run at all at the moment.
  • Andrew - Nothing wrong with that. Don't think about the distance, at the moment you're just building a sustainable framework. 

    I was down in Somerset at the beginning of the week. A 12km run over a variety of dodgy surfaces and inclines/cambers seemed to irritate either my left Achilles or Soleus, which was really burning at the end of that run. Two days rest, and tried a 7.5km run this morning - no pain but some awareness there at the beginning and very end.

    Calf raises and walking feel fine though, so I'm not overly worried. I've been lazy with the S&C on my calves (i.e. nothing!), so time to step that up a bit I guess. I started off with just eccentric calf stuff, and progressed to raises over the last couple of days. 
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    Holidays over, back last night, up for school run this morning scraping ice off car! 

    Managed 6 runs on hols, a 10m, 12m, 3 x 6m progression and 5k recovery. Undoubtedly a bit fatter. Didn't seem to affect today's session of 20 x 400m off 30s however. All came in circa 1.21/1.22. 

    Going to have a bash at parkrun Saturday at the reasonably new Edgbaston reservoir event. First parkrun in nearly 2 years and with my pb recently turning 3 years old I'm hoping to take that down and ideally go sub 18. 
  • Yesterday was definitely noticeably colder DT. It was the first formal session for me, 3x2km threshold off 3 mins jog, which was maybe a little generous. Glorious day for it, basically no wind and a nice cool and crisp feeling in the air.

    The reps came in at 8:45, 8:35 and 8:15. In terms of effort, I would say they all felt quite similar, with the first one maybe feeling the hardest work. 

    Whatever Achilles trouble I had last week disappeared as quickly as it surfaced. 

    I ordered quite a bit of autumn/winter run clothing - long sleeve tops, compression tights and some 2 in 1 shorts. I have two pairs of shoes on 700+km, so time to replace those, too. I already have an unused pair of saucony endorphin speed, but will be looking to add a couple of daily trainers into the rotation - one lightweight and one that offers a bit more protection.

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    Yes conditions were very nice tuesday and wednesday. Often my first one feels the hardest and is the slowest, just as the system isn't properly warmed up.

    I've had some left foot soreness and tightness this week but a little bit of focused attention, rolling it etc and it feels much better today.  Realised my easy run shoes have been in play since start of March and must have pushing 1000m which is way too much for me so found a pair exactly the same on ebay that had been worn 2-3 times on treadmill for half the on line shop price so they arrived at 7am today and pleasingly still have that new trainer smell so know the sales pitch was legit.

    Looking forward to this parkrun attempt tomorrow and hopefully finally being a sub 18 guy!

    Few easy runs wednesday and yesterday and 4m today with a few strides.
  • Hope all goes to plan tomorrow, DT!

    All sounds good, Muss!

    I would gradually increase one of the runs each week, AD, so you perhaps go 2,2,2.5/2,2,3/2,2.5,3/2,3,3/2,3.3.5 or similar. Very gradual steps for 6 weeks or so, perhaps even until the new year. 

    Things not great here! Spent a lot of time out in the rain last week, both running and in particular marking out a 3k cross country lap on my own: the promised help never arrived. 5 hours, almost! And then with others the next day and then take the course down. Result: a very good course, by all accounts...and a chest infection this week so on antibiotics and steroids. Just ten minutes gentle running a day until the meds kick in! A nuisance as I felt that I had turned a bit of a corner with the running!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    That's a shame, Alehouse, hope you feel better soon. 

    17.50 for me today, so my oldest pb refreshed after 3 years and the sub 18 box ticked. Probably doesn't quite equate to a 2.47 mara but then I trained and peaked for that. Having just been on a 10 day holiday I'll take that. 

    Derby 10m next Sunday to chase a sub 60. 
  • Well done DT! More to come off that, of course! 

    20 minutes easy today. Best I have felt this week...and that doesn't say much!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    Probably, but I'm still traumatised by the effort and 9am! It'll take me a while to want to try that again! 

    Tiny steps though, all progress Alehouse.

    Very low effort half this morning. Taking no chances post parkrun with Derby next weekend. Given the effort though I possibly could have done with a bit more than a t shirt on. 
  • Get well soon alehouse.

    Well done on sub 18 DT! Your time converts to a 2:51 marathon, according to the calculator I used. So that sounds a very respectable effort, not least because it wasn't an A race.

    Yesterday was an easy half for me, too. Well except for one hill that really had me puffing - about 40m of elevation gain over about 400m. The overall gradient is apparently 9% - which is not even close to being the steepest incline around here, but the way the path snaked around up the hill made it feel much tougher. The run barely left a trace on my legs though, which was surprising considering I hadn't run further than 16km since Brighton in September.
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    Muss, yes, originally I thought I had grossly under converted, but someone else said to me a 2.47 mara converts to about 17.26 so bearing in mind the stage of the cycle and immediately post hols it wasn't too bad.

    Always good when a long run leaves you feeling untouched later in the day.

    Forecast is currently looking bang on for Sunday's 10m race.
  • DT - I've got over an hour to knock off my mara time to bring it in line with my 5k time, or 50 mins with my half. I'd much rather be looking for 24 seconds!

    Tough session today of 8x3 mins. Wore compression tights for the first time - it was a little hot and a bit strange at first, but my legs feel great now. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    It's much easier to knock big chunk off mara times though as there are many things that affect a mara outcome beyond raw fitness. If I go back to 2014 when I ran my first mara in 3.14, I was running around 19.50 parkrun. So 40s per mile slower than  Saturday. My mara pace has improved by about 70s per mile, to around what that 5k pace was back then.

    Similar to me on Tuesday, with 10 x 3 mins off 1 min. Didn't feel great but then the 2nd half of each rep was straight into a head wind which can fool you into thinking you aren't going very well.

    Easy 8m yesterday lunchtime then spin last night. Easy few days now on the run in to Derby 10m.
  • A very wet and underdressed half for me yesterday. I considered turning back for my waterproof about two minutes in, but decided I'd trust the weather forecast. I was soaked through by 10k. Still, at least it wasn't too cold.
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    I'm still running in shorts and t shirt. Yet to dig out my long sleeved tops. 

    59.14 today for a 3.57 min pb and first sub 60. Didn't know if I had it in me as dining out a bit now on the London cycle. Decent place to be though as I start emerging from the recovery cycle into the rebuild into the next cycle. 
  • Well done, DT! Saw the result earlier! Probably included a 5 mile PB (or two) as well! Any idea what you went through 10k in? 
    A great run by the winner! I used to run with his dad!

    Just over half an hour easy yesterday; deliberately less today. Still not 100%. Hopefully 40 minutes tomorrow. 

    Hope that you have dried out, Muss!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    Thanks, Alehouse. Yes my 5m pb is 30 59  so x 2. Went through 10k in about 36.33 so about 40s pb. 

    Yes, looks like it was a comfortable win in the end for him. 

    Good to hear you are still progressing. 
  • Excellent DT! And achieving a 10k PB at the same time is just taking the piss! I know you're still waiting for good conditions and course for a proper 10k attempt, but still! 

    36:33 for 10k alone would convert to 17:30 for 5k and just under 2:49 for mara, so would be decent as an all out effort, but your 10 mile time comes out at 17:05 and 2:44:45, so it promises a lot for your next cycle! It seems the longer the race, the more you excel... Have you ever considered running ultras?

    Hopefully you'll kick it off soon, alehouse. Good sign that you're still well enough to run, though.
  • I would hope to see 35:xx when you get the right course, conditions etc, DT! No pressure!

    Hope AD is continuing to make progress!

    Anything coming up races/parkrun Muss?
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    Muss, for some reason, ever since I've run them my best distances (certainly on the conversion charts) have always been 10m and half mara. I can never replicate the promise they give in the shorter distances. Equally 5k has always been comfortably my weakest distance. 

    As far as I can see from ultras it's people running up trails and mountains, carrying bags and stopping to feed. I dont have the time in life with the kids at the age they are to push further, plus I've seen other guys in my age group do it and ruin their running with achillies and the like type injuries. 

    Alehouse, I dont think I'd have 6s per mile in me. 
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