Can PFPS cause creaky knees?

Hi, I am a 21 year old female runner from New Zealand who was wondering if you could help me out with a question about ‘noisy knees’.

I recovered from anorexia about 1 year ago now, however at that time I had a bad exercise (running) addiction, probably averaging about 20km daily. I am running much much less now, but I have lately been feeling like there is some sort of damage within my knees.

It is an extremely weird sensation, hard to describe, but it is a ‘creakiness’ - the same sound you would expect from an old floorboard, or a rusty hinge. I don’t have any major pains in my knees after running, just a constant dull ache thats worse when squatting and going up and down stairs - but when I place my hand on my kneecap and straighten it out I can feel the vibrations.

There is also some redness and inflammation around my knee, I was wondering if the sounds and the soreness were connected? Or whether its simply a case of ‘runners knee’ and I just have ’noisy knees’. I am concerned this is the beginning of osteoarthritis or chondromalacia. I have had X-Rays (which did not show any joint deterioration) and have been to the doctor however I did not get much information on what this could be.

I would be extremely appreciative and grateful if you could shed some light on what could be going on!


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