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    Cal - that's good that it's Monday, sooner the better.

    Good news on the LF test, they are very accurate, far more than originally thought.

    Rcouture - bad luck catching the bug from the girls.   But that's great news from the physio, especially on the ITB and that you can continue running.   When you're over that bug that is.

    Good Stretch class and good gym session afterwards.   Kids were in from the school again but only 8 of them today and yet another different teacher.
    Big G - sorry I missed the above post yesterday, I didn't look at the new page.  :o

    That takes hard work and determination to self publish, I'm sure you could do it.    No surprise that Amazon isn't a good deal for the author, but at least they do provide a market place.

    8 miles this morning.  Murky and cold, it was impossible to tell pre run if there was any ice around but there wasn't.   I went out later so I could use the cycle path but wish I hadn't as traffic very heavy on the other roads and I find that so annoying.   Legs a bit tired after gym.
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    Shades, yes, it was quite interesting talking to him.  He has since tweaked the font a bit so he makes a bit more money per book now.  If someone is reading it on a Kindle I think he gets a bit more, but if someone is reading it via Kindle Unlimited he only gets paid the full amount if that person gets near to the end of the book.  I forgot to ask him about who did the artwork but I will ask about that next time :) 

    I was toying with the idea of going down to the Tri club last night but in the end decided against it as I was still a bit tired and don't want to pick up an injury doing something stupid.  I went out for just under 7miles this morning, and I had a great run, although interestingly I thought I was actually going quicker than I was, when I checked the stats afterwards.  No issue at all, but just interesting as I felt I was ticking along quite nicely, but the stats don't really show that.

    My 97 marathons have been validated.  I knew that weren't any issues, but nice to get it done.  My last 3 will all count, so all above board.  I know of two people (both at Plym Trail, one who was there both days) who are making DD their 100th.  One of them still has quite a lot to do still, including Davey's quad in mid-April, so fingers crossed that all works out for him.  I know him relatively well from the local running scene and he is younger than me, and has done a sub-3, but he has slowed significantly over the last year or two has he ramped up the numbers, so I think he just wants to get it done now and then he has more plans to get quicker again.
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    Big G - Nice to know that all your races are above board. What might be a reason for a particular race not to be validated out of curiosity? Do you think you will push for sub 3 as well following your 100, you must be pretty much there with a decent training block?

    Shades - Nice 8 miles

    Got a rejection email from Berlin ballot. Fine given Chicago on the schedule. 

    Not running today as chest still dodgy and there is a pollution alert which probably wouldn’t help either:

    Londoners should avoid strenuous physical activity on Friday due to “very high” levels of pollution, experts have warned.

    The poor air quality is the result of an intense area of high pressure covering western Europe. The associated lack of air movement means emissions from vehicles and other pollutants are not blown away as they usually would be.

    The government’s forecast predicts pollution levels will hit band 10, the highest level on the scale. The last time pollution levels hit this mark was in March 2018.

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    RCouture, if things go well over the next few weeks, I hope to get back into PB shape for Manchester.  That is my A-race really.  I have a Half in March and that will help me know where I am in terms of fitness.  This is a big reason that I crammed the previous 6 into a relatively short space of time, to help free up a decent block to try and get some good training in between now and April, without having to do marathons every other week.  When I do so many, my weekly mileage tends to drop in general, as I am tired.  I am also not sure what to do about Belfast.  Some people say go for a PB for the 100th, whilst others say just enjoy the occasion, reflect back a bit, etc.  I expect I will not know what I am going to do at Belfast until I toe the start line, which is why in my mind I have Manchester as my A-race.  But yes, after the 100, I would still like to get quicker as well.  In the back of my mind, I know my first marathon (where I didn't have a clue what I was doing) was 5:15 so I can't help thinking that it would be great to knock two hrs off of that for my 100th though!  But we shall see.

    Not good about the pollution.  It has been hazy here the last few days but I wasn't aware that it was pollution related here.
    Big G - crikey, relying on readers to read nearly to the end on Kindle that's a novel way of ensuring payment.

    Good you've recovered well from last week and all the recent races.   That's reassuring that your 97 have been validated.

    I know RP was planning to do his 100th at DD, he told me that in October. He hasn't run DD before so that's a good challenge.   I don't know who the other one is.

    Rcouture - bad luck about Berlin, but as you have already bagged Chicago, not a great loss this time.   I've done Berlin, don't think I'd bother again, IMHO Frankfurt is a much better race and no ballot.    I wonder if Ian entered Berlin ballot.  I have to wait until Monday to hear about Dublin ballot

    Next time there's a pollution alert and you are well enough to run, then run very early in the morning.   That's when pollution levels are at their lowest.

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    Shades, yes, it is RP I was talking about.  The other chap finished two places behind me at Sunday's event, and he is an Exmouth Harrier.  We were chatting for a bit and he did about 4hrs15 at DD a few years ago, but he said the road to the 100 has also slowed him down a lot, so he is hoping to get it done and then get some speed back too.  The Honiton runner who finished just behind me both days, who I imagine is in his 60s, used to be a 2hr36 runner in his younger days.  I had no idea, and he wouldn't have said unless I'd asked him, but we were marvelling at Adam Holland as he went bounding past making it look so easy.  He said he has lost count of the number of marathons he has done, but did about 20 sub-3s when he was younger, and has done Plym Trail about 40 times.  Gulp!  Him and his non-running wife make the weekend of it and stay over generally, go for a nice meal or see a show etc.

    It was OH's birthday yesterday but she was working so we didn't do that much, but we are going to a nice seafood restaurant this evening.  Haven't been to this particular place before, but should be good.  Just trying to figure out what to do about parkrun tomorrow.  We may do a day trip out in the van so we may go to Haldon for me to do the parkrun whilst OH walks the dog, and then maybe onto Killerton for a walk and some food.  Alternatively, I may just stay local and then go out in the van afterwards.  We shall see.

    As for me, including about 15mins whilst waiting an event to start, I did 45mins on Zwift at 11am.  Quite enjoyable, again.
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    RCouture, in answer to your other question about validation, there are certain rules about what counts for a marathon in the 100MC.  It is mainly around numbers of starters or finishers that is my main concern as I do some quite small events.  Basically, I couldn't get a few mates together and run around Paignton Green and call it a marathon, as that wouldn't count, which is fair enough.  I have done 3 LDWA events and they don't all publish results, but I have sent in a copy of my certificate and again had no issues with that.  There is another rule about a member having had to have done a certain number of road marathons, but again I have done plenty of those, so I have no issues there.
    Big G - I don't know that Exmouth runner but I might do when I see him.

    Re the Honiton runner, he deserves a special medal for doing Plym Trail that many times.

    When I spoke to RP he had a fair few to do pre DD.   I'm sure he'll manage the quad in April, although he's not running his best times right now.   He's a really nice chap.   When I marshalled in October his father came along to support him, he was walking up and down the path and stopped for a long chat.

    Enjoy your meal out tonight.

    I've just spent all morning getting quotes for my car insurance, law change now makes it harder to get a good deal when switching insurer.  Glad it's all done now.  
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    I also got rejected from Berlin.
    After my long run Sunday I seem to have done some damage to my right leg,it didn't feel too bad Monday,but from Tueaday it's been sore,hard to describe,just feels very weak and as though it is about to collapse,tried a little run today to see if its one I can run through,got about 20 yards and stopped.
    I'm starting to get really annoyed with it all now,just as I was feeling better again something else seems to hit.
    Ian - bad luck re Berlin ballot and worse news about your leg.

    Is this your same leg that you've had the shin/calf problem with?

    Apart from the above,  hope you're still enjoying your holiday.
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    Shades-Still here,finish work tomorrow and fly on Weds.
    No it's the right leg,only had problems with the left in the past.That leg seems fine at the minute.
    Ian - I thought you were already there sunning yourselves.   B)

    So as it feels weak, is it the back of the knee or in the calf?
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    The main pain is at the right of the achilles,lower down,but it's the knee that feels insecure.
    Ian - I don't know what that is.  So on outside of the ankle?   Have you tried looking on the internet?
    9 miles this morning, cold but no ice.   Although I wasn't going to use the main cycle path I went on the new section as it avoids a blind spot for traffic on a humpback bridge and they've moved the fence panels back and blocked off the access again.   A note on the fence about cyclists and trespassing, health and safety etc., so I had to retrace my steps, I doubt very much that it was cyclists that opened up the bridge, far more likely to be dog walkers.   But I ran on the road with the roadworks where I nearly got squashed by the traffic last week and now on the longer stretch they have installed a coned off pedestrian safe path, so that was good and the workman spoke to me this week.

    Gym later, upper body today
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    Ian, you should see someone about it if you haven't already. Better safe than sorry.

    Well done Shades.

    Took two days off running but I felt a bit better yesterday so I did go to the gym for half an hour on the helliptical and then a bit of upper body weights.
    Got a call back from the clinic nurse regarding my appointment and apparently there is a difference between my scan three years ago and this one, so they need another look. I'm glad I don't have to wait long as it feels like I have Schrodinger's tit.
    Anyway, I took myself to Tonbridge parkrun today, as the park is close to Tonbridge station so it's not too onerous a journey.
    It's mostly in woods with a lake - a nice one lapper with a lot of narrow bridges to cross. I'm sure this one would be great in summer but it was too foggy to see much of the lake and there was a lot of mud on and around the paths (mostly hard or stony paths, but some had mud on top of them and others were too narrow to accommodate all the runners so I had to run on the grass). Fortunately I'd taken advice to wear trail shoes, which I was very glad of. (Had to wash the mud off my ankles once I got home!)
    A rather busy parkrun with congestion, but still rather fun. Had to slow right down a couple of times due to people stopping at mud puddles or on narrow bridges but still managed my fastest time of the year (around 29:30...waiting on the result email still), though that's a pretty low bar.
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    Cal - All the best for the appointment. I had to chuckle at Schrodinger’s tit. Good job on the parkrun. 

    Shades - Nice 9 miles. Also cold with no ice and even a touch of sun here. Good conditions really. 

    4 miles for me. Almost felt normal with no ITB, and bursa inflammation (this is physio’s rather vague diagnosis) also minimal. A bit weird to be back to walking the slightest incline with MAF but there we are and I know it’s the best way. Helped by listening to a science of sport podcast on fitness losses post layoffs. Stuff I know but always comforted by numbers and studies. Will see how I feel tomorrow about another run but might be more sensible to rest. 

    Cal - that's good that the clinic nurse contacted you and explained why.  Maybe hormonal changes due to age perhaps?

    Glad you enjoyed your parkrun trip out today.  Good to get away from home territory at times.

    Rcouture - that's a good run from you today.  Yes, could be a bursa, do you have to ice it after your run?  I guess you've recovered from bug.

    Gym was good, only 4 people there.
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    Nice running everyone.

    Had a really nice run out this morning at Haldon Forest parkrun, which is roughly a 30-min drive from me.  It’s only the second time I’ve done it and it’s a tough little course - a short lap and a longer loop, both with two steep hills but otherwise undulating, all on forest trails but with not much mud.  I put in a reasonable effort finishing it in about 24mins and although a decent effort I felt in control.  A run either side of the event made it 6 very enjoyable miles.

    As I was doing that, OH walked the dog and then we met back at the van for breakfast and coffee, before driving up to Killerton (another parkrun course) and had a nice walk around there, although it was very muddy in places.  We had a voucher for lunch so we made use of  that, which was good.  

    It’s Trotters awards night this evening.  I was nominated for most improved due to my 10K and Half times last year, but I’d be amazed if I won it.
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    Shades - I don’t ice it no. Not that I don’t want to but just haven’t bothered as it’s never been more than 1 or 2 on the pain scale. 

    Big G - Sounds like a lovely day. Good luck at the awards
    Big G - good luck for tonight's awards.

    I think you deserve it especially as you've been running for a few years but still made significant progress like going sub 1:30 for the half marathon.

    I won the ladies most improved many years ago but I was still a newbie to races at the time.
    Rcouture said:
    Shades - I don’t ice it no. Not that I don’t want to but just haven’t bothered as it’s never been more than 1 or 2 on the pain scale. 

    I only asked as it reminded me when many years ago I was coaching a crowd of girls for Dublin marathon.   One of the girls had a bursa on her hip and she had seen the physio who advised her to ice it at the end of her runs.  We used to park up at Sainsbury's for our long runs (coffee and doughnuts post run) and we arrived back at Sainsbury's car park and she produced a bag of frozen peas which she shoved down her knickers, much to the surprise/shock of the Sainsbury's shoppers. 🤣
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    Shades - Ha, yes probably quite a sight for those out for their Sunday papers and milk. I didn’t realise you used to coach, although makes sense in hindsight. Was that linked to a club?
    Rcouture - I decided that once I'd done my 100th marathon I wanted to give something back to running.   Completed my 100th in August 2003 and in the September started my own branch of Women's Running Network.   I hadn't wanted it to be women only but it was the perfect set up for me at the time, I was primarily aiming at beginners and the framework of WRN was perfect for that.  It was very successful and I ended up with 85 members, thankfully they never all attended in any one night.   I resigned from WRN when UKA/EA brought in the current licencing system as the WRN adopted it and every member would have had to pay for a licence included in their membership although at least half never raced.   I then became involved with ARC (ARC Home Page ( of which I still am, and ARC have been very successful in offering insurance and race permits.

    As most of the members of my WRN group were busy women, working full time and with children, it was for them that I wrote my training plans so they could train for a marathon on 3 runs a week.   The group I took to Dublin all did well, nobody hit the wall, all enjoyed it and ran well and one even got a GFA time off my plan.   I had said that if the plan was a success then I would offer it up on RW which is how this thread started.   WRN is no more but my club is still going strong under a different name, with many of those still members that joined with me all those years ago.

    Didn't feel brilliant this morning when I got up, RHR is fine though.   I often have breakfast on a Sunday pre run as I go out later and might run further so prepared my porridge.   I'm not that keen on porridge nor was I hungry so I wasn't that bothered that I let it boil over in the microwave so lost half of it.   I ate the remainder then got ready for my run but when I was just about to leave I just didn't feel up to it, a little queasy and cold.   So abandoned my run plans and the gym for today.   39 miles for the week.
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    Sorry to hear about you having to abandon your plans today.  Sounds like the right decision though.

    It was a good night last night.  I have mentioned a few times that I wasn't sure if the Club Champs was worth the time last year, but it was certainly worth it for those that completed it and they were all there yesterday to claim the trophies etc.  The female winner won it once before, back in 2005, and she has been running well and was delighted with the win this year; she now has the longest amount of time between wins.  1st and 2nd ladies finished on the same points so it was really close, but she won it on age grading (the second placed finisher may have won it, but she did one more tough off-roader, so got a lower age grading on that race.  It is all part of the tactics of the competition) :)    

    I didn't win most improved, as expected - the chap who did 2:42 for his marathon won it, and I actually voted for him myself.  I think he went from something like 2:55 to 2:42 as a V40, and got his champs start for London, which very few Trotters have done before.  I left around 10:30pm as I was hoping to get a run in today....

    ....speaking of which, I got up and it was raining, but for my run it was dry.  7-miles, and I had a good run out.  I went the diversion route today as traffic was less on a Sunday and it was okay.  Only 29 miles this week but that is okay as I just felt like an easier week after last week/weekend.  I am feeling much better compared to the start of the week so all being well I will get back to more usual mileage next week.
    Big G - sorry you didn't win but that guy getting a championship qualifying time was a hard act to beat.

    Good to know all your work on the club championship competition was worth it and appreciated.

    Am having a lazy day on the sofa.  Don't feel queasy now just tired and not quite 100%.
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    Shades, doesn't sound like the best morning, really... :lol: I don't like porridge either...I don't like sloppy food. What I do is mix a scoop of whey protein (cinnamon bun flavour in most cases) into a bowl of oats then top with chopped apple and nuts. It's very tasty.
    Glad you had a good run there, Big G...feeling better is more important than a prize, eh?

    I had a pretty good run today despite less than optimal sleep (I think I need to say no to myself when I fancy a cuppa at 8:30pm...I had to get up three times to pee before midnight, so of course I didn't get any sleep until after that). 
    I ran down to Battersea, over Chelsea Bridge then down the full length of the King's Road. I did a lot of it a couple of weeks ago but took the wrong branch then, so this time I made sure I stayed on it to the end. It's really long...the whole thing took me half an hour. Then back over Putney Bridge, along the South Bank to Battersea Park, around that, up the Latchmere Road hill then home via Clapham, Wandsworth and Tooting commons. 18 miles banked.
    I felt like I had plenty of energy up until 14 miles, but began to flag after that. I did take a gel at 8 miles (which I didn't do last week) so I think that, plus a lighter week over all, was what made this a better run. But I was still absolutely knackered afterwards. I definitely need to rebuild that endurance.
    Cal - that's a great run from you today.   

    I do sometimes enjoy porridge.   Don't like uncooked oats though.  Recently I've been making my porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter and I've found that a good pre run breakfast.   
    Cal - hope all goes well for you today.

    Feeling much better this morning, I was so tired all day yesterday, feel quite refreshed today.   Maybe not up to my planned 8 miles but was hoping to do 5 miles.   But we've had a very heavy frost and there is ice on the pavements this morning so I've opted for another rest day.
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