Beginner's first race question...

Hi all,

Entered my first ever race in mid-February, a 10k in Newcastle. Was reading another thread where someone was asking about specifics like how to pin race number on, how you know which way to go, etc. All really useful stuff for someone like me who's never done this before!

It got me thinking: it's still going to he pretty cold in February. I'm assuming there'll be a bit of hanging around before the start when I'll want to wear an extra layer or two to keep warm.

What do I do with those extra layers when its time to run? Spectators are discouraged (COVID), so won't have a strategically placed wife to hand a top to!

What do you seasoned lot do?


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    I have a range of tops which I do not use anymore. I then use one of those and discard it. Many races have an agreement with a charity so that is where the discarded clothing goes.

    You might not have kit you want to discard yet, if not you could find a top at a charity shop and use that?
    It's common to see runners wearing black bin liners while waiting for the start of a race and they really do help.   Easy to rip off when you're about to start, hand them to a spectator or stick them in the railings if there isn't a convenient waste bin.   

    Gloves will help keep you warm too and they can be easily tucked into your waistband if you want to remove them during the race
  • Some good suggestions there - thank you!
  • By way of an update, I completed the race and got my best 10k time yet - 45:46 - which I am well chuffed with.

    On the keeping warm and dry front, I spied someone else wearing one of those thin plastic rain ponchos and realised I had one lurking in the car. It was enough to keep me dry enough and I stuck it in the bin just before the start.

    Felt a bit guilty (single use plastics), but it served a good purpose. Hopefully the next race (Alnwick in May) will be a little warmer and drier!
    Well done, that's a great result.

    I don't think the odd occasion of single use plastic such as in this case is anything to worry about.   Alternative is to have friend/OH at the start for you to hand the poncho to.
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