Adidas Swoop

I have recently bought a pair of the new shoes from the three stripe company adidas. Sadly i havent got round to using them on the fells yet as most of my recent running has been on the roads.
Has anyone else bought a pair of Adidas Swoop and has got round to using them on the fells?
Please let me know your comments on these new creations from Adidas.
Many Thanks.


  • I've had a pair for a few months and used them for training in the Scottish hills, and on the LAMM. I've found them very comfortable, (even on the day I forgot to put the footbeds back in after drying them!), and hard wearing. Lots of padding in the tongue, and no rubbing, even when worn soaking wet all day.

    One doubt: the grip is excellent in the dry, but they seemed a little less grippy than my partner's Felldancers on the extremely wet LAMM descents.

    All told, a very good shoe that looks a little different to the average fell shoe.
  • I had Nike Tupus for about 160k then the uppers split open on the instep, the retailer sorted it and I now have the Swoops, which in that part of the shoe look much tougher. I have worn them a few times and althogh not quite as comfortable on hard surfaces as the Tupus seem just as grippy. Less grip downhill would make sense perhaps because of the shape of the lugs?
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