working at it slowly

A thread for us 'slower' (but none less worthy) running people to meet.


  • How slow do you have to be ? I can pull out a reasonably fast 5km (for a beginner) but am slow over long distances.

    What if I get faster, will you stop speaking to me ?
  • dont be daft

    i just fell inadequate when 11 min miles is thought of as crap
  • well
    three months ago managed to stop run walking
    now i can run slowly for an hour
    once i did 2 hours

    Its slow
    but i hope im improving
  • thats what i did


    think about base training
  • I average 10.5 to 11 minute miles

    endurance is improving, but speed doesn't change

  • if it was me supposed to think 11 min miling was carp then I feel misunderstood
    (remember you finished Windsor quicker than I did Hipps)
  • Trinity base training is all about keeping your HR low whilst increasing your speed, daily runs etc. You will find out about it on the training thread under base training. Enjoy the long read. Read the first few pages to get the general idea ;-))

  • trin
    the base trainers would hate this
    BUT you can do it by feel

    running a easy pace

    I mean that nice feeling you have ownhill when you arent really trying

    so you have to run REAL slow on the flat for the same
  • sad tho
    this thread wont last

    2 reasons
    1.its about running
    2. its about SLOW running


    prove me wrong!
  • Evening all

    I'm in. Although i'm slow, by others standards, i do my best and thats all i can do.

    Don't have a HR moniter and don't know anything about base training. Still R/W - think my longest continuous run has been 30 minutes or so. however, the fact that i am able to prove my old gym teachers wrong everytime i get out of the house makes me smile:o)

    Happy running
  • thats exactly it!
  • sounds entirely possible

    thats nearly 50 minutes isnt it/
    how long are the walk bits
  • OVER 50 minutes
  • thats BRILLIANT

    how long have you been running in this incarnation?

    you know, i often wonder what happens to all the beginners who start hopeful threads on here
    loads of them disappear again
    its sad
  • Since may 2002
    god, nearly 2 years
    i should not stillbe this slow
    last year, never evn missed a weeks training
  • Can I join please?
    I have been 'running' for more than 2years now, it tok me a year to be able to plod for more than 10 minutes at a time. I read something about running really slowly which I did, felt a bit of a prat, but at least it worked to some extent.
    I'm still very slow, dogged by injury, but I really want to do FLM this year. I'll be just behind you Hipps!
    I was absent when they dished out the fast twitch fibres, so I don't know that I will get any faster ever, but I enjoy the running so much that I don't care anymore.
    Let's just try and keep this thread alive and plodding
  • Hi.

    Can manage 10 min miles over shorter distances but average 13 - 15 min miles over the marathon.

    I'm never going to be quick as I am completely the wrong shape for speed.

    Been running on and off since August 2001 (off periods due to injury and laziness). FLM 2002 was my first marathon, NYC 2003 my second. Now training for FLM 2004.

    There you go, potted history of Slow-girl Floosie.

  • do you really reckon shape makes a difference
  • I think your shape indicates your genetics (this is just my thought, I have no proof of this).

    I can never been that lean and skinny runner shape (Paula Radcliffe, Sonia O'Sulivan, etc) as I have wide hips and big thighs (your classic English pear). I don't think height makes a difference - I'm only 5 ft but then so are a lot of the female elites - but I do think your genetic make up effects your ability. I'm just not a "natural" runner in terms of my physical atributes.
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