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  • Caren- congrats on your PB.
    My 10k PB is very similar to yours- 63.03.
    It's nice to be posting on a forum where other people's abilities are much the same as my own.
    Larraine & IMM- good luck with keeping off the ciggies.
  • Hippo

    How did you get on in the ultra?
  • FF hippos race report is over in events.
  • I've just read your report, Hippo.

    35 miles!!!!!- AND you can still use a keyboard.

    Many many congratulations and ...

    Guess the marathon will seem like a stroll in the park for you now!

    Hope you recover quickly.
  • Morning all

    Well done that hippo.

    I've just got a few minor niggles this am, otherwise feeling fine, I am eternally grateful to the Marquis for his leg massages over the past few weeks.

    Muppets walked, it's a luvverly day out there, fresh and crisp.

    Off to do the work thing now

    See you later
  • Morning all

    Caren, well done on you 10K PB - it's a fantastic feeling isn't it?

    Hippo - I take my hat off to you - I am seriously impressed. I know how much work it takes to train for ultras as our club won the London to Brighton team event this year (55 miles'ish) and I know how hard the guys worked and for how long.

    My long run was mixed.
    On the plus side I did about 10.5 miles which was more or less the target.
    On the negative side is that I was much slower than my last long run which was less than a mile shorter and this morning I have a very sore ankles / lower legs.
    I think the problem is that I tense my feet when I get tired with the result that I have a marginally sore achilles on one leg and on the other the muscle / tendon you use to pull the foot up (can never remember by ankle anatomy!) is decidedly sore.
    Oh well unlikely to find time to run now until next Sunday due to crazy work and other stuff this week so plenty of time to recover.
  • Hi all - well done on the PB Caren and with the ciggies L! I only had time for a 60 mins run on Sat (usually my long run day) & still only 12 min miling but felt very comfy and did a bit of that dashing between lamposts thing. Managed 3 1/2m this morning on the gym tready in 38 mins after an 8m hillwalk yesterday. It's so nice to read about people's running that I can relate to on this thread (tho' I do enjoy following what the fast runners get up to too!). Good luck with your preps for the 10m, T1 - sounds like you've got the right strategy! I've just seen the timetable for our lunch hour gym running club and they have two runs a week for the 10/12 min milers (also intermediate & advanced groups on 3 & 5 times a week) so I'm going to start off with them which I'm hoping will help me improve. Must go and read hippo's ultra report - what a lady!
  • Hi,just found this site,i can relaite to this training,did run walk in London last year it was great,apart from being to warm/hot.Just run as far as you can walk fast run again,plenty of water.GOOD LUCK!
  • Morning all

    I'm well chuffed this morning.

    Hubby off work today so he looked after the kids whilst I went on a 10k training run.

    I did 1 mile warm up, and the rest as a tempo run.

    And I did it 30sec faster than I've ever done 10k before, even racing.

    Didn't quite crack the 10min/mile barrier, but averaged 10.06.


    Welcome to the thread, s-b-s. Are you doing FLM again this year?

    I'm not, but I may do a marathon end of August. Not 100% sure yet, tho'.(compared with Hippo's effort yesterday I think I'm a bit of a wimp to be a bit scared at the prospect of doing a full marathon)
  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    Well done that girl. You will have to make sure that hubby looks after the kids more often - they are obviously holding you back!!

    I was all geared up to plod a couple of miles this morning...500 yards done and feeling good. 510 yards and realised that I'd better head for home. Phew. Just made it!! Not too much detail I hope.

    I can't add anything re Hippo other than my admiration and respect.


  • Thanks everyone for encouragement. Third day no ciggies. I wont say its easy but I'm hanging in there.Imelda MM - keep it up and well done. Just got back from treadmill run and although breathing wasnt easier, I managed nearly 10 minutes longer than usual. very slow still but managed to keep going. Maybe its psychological, I don't suppose the lungs are improving already but whatever it is its given me a buzz. Hippo - what an amazing achievement. Are you resting lots and recovering OK? Inspirational!!
  • Larraine.... yes the lungs do improve quite noticabley in the beginning, in a week or so you may get a bit of a chesty cough, it's just the lungs clearing out the gunk.

    Keep it up, having a fag actually does nothing to relieve stress, and it only relieves the craving for a very short time then it's back, just keep that in mind and keep posting.

    You need to reward yourself at certain points, such as one week, double figures etc, never mind if it's choccie weight can be lost
    well done again, lecture over, I'm off running

    See you later
  • Some fab running going on here

    ive restarted my plod training again
    nice and easy does it
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Yeah...take it easy PH. [Swoon] My hero.

    I did a nice gentle 2 mile plod this morning. 12.5 mins out; 10 mins back. I'm enjoying my morning plods with only one dog (t'other has broken foot) - much easier to get into a rhythm.

    I did the hardest circuit training last night and felt great. Being a non-smoker is the best.

    Happy plodding, all

  • TFF - 10.6?? Are you sure you should be here?! Well done.

    Btw, said that ny 10K was a couple of mins faster than caren's but I meant slower, whoopsie, wishful thinking!

    I've been off work with an earache type thing for a couple of days - nasty pain and glands the size of oranges.
    Problem is, every time I look out the window I see a lovely sunny day and wish I could go out for a run. Seems such a waste to be off work and not be out plodding!
    Not advisable though I think. Back to work tomorrow though, don't get paid when I'm off.

    Xavier, think I know what you mean, have you seen the windy runs thread?!

    Larraine, keep it up! 3 days is a massive acheivement, once you've got the first couple of weeks done with, you're through the worst. Remember that you may still have to be patient with the lungs thing though. It took me a while, but then again, everyone is different.
  • Hi everyone - My names Trinity and Ive only been running for about 4 weeks.

    Im finding it a bit dodgy running around the streets alone in the evenings and cant find a link on this site for any local running groups.. Im based in the Ascot, Bracknell area and would appreciate any guidence?!!

    Is it too soon to join a group in case I am left for dust??!!

    Thanks for your time!

  • Afternoon all, hope the runs are going 4 today and feeling quite chuffed with myself, keeping busy most of time. trouble is i seem to have trouble sleeping. one of the withdrawall symptoms maybe. i am taking the patch off before i go to bed but i still take hours to go to sleep then wake again. i suppose it will pass. dreary day today and didnt plod as i had other things to do but will go tomorrow. hope weather will be better.
  • trinity
    Im told that most running groups do cater for beginners
  • hi TL - I'm about to resume running with a club, which is split into 3 groups: beginners, intermediate & advanced (go out running 2, 3 & 5 times a week respectively). The 'beginners' run at between 10-12 minute miling. When I first started running with them nearly 3 years ago, I was always falling off the back huffing & puffing but somebody always stayed with me to nurse me back and I was never made to feel that I wasn't welcome & always encouraged. Afraid I can't help you on the Ascot/Bracknell front but if you do find a club, I'd say it's worth asking and giving it a whirl.
  • TL - whats scaring you when you go out at night? As a rule when i run at night i run with a reflective bib on and run against the traffic. i also stick to well lit streets. Don't let fear get in your way of running.
  • Ha ha - snuck on when no one was looking!

    Thinking of doing the wycombe half in July as this is only a stones throw from me and I think I need a goal now .... who knows!!
  • Good on you Imelda - go for it! You do that & I'll put myself down for Windsor (gotta do one sometime!!!! just can't quite commit .......)
  • Windsor not that far for me either - just keeping options open - got quite a few in the old South Bucks area so I have no 'work' excuses!!
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Has someone put something in the water? Cos I'm thinking I ought to find one to do. In the late summer/early big aim is either Coniston 14 or Haweswater Half next spring (possibly both).

  • Water ??? dont touch the stuff!!
    Run on pure vodka me ... rocket fuel!!
  • Afternoon all,
    No running for me today, I went out for a four and a bit mile plod with my running group last night, so rest day for me. pity really, I've had a sh*t day at work and could do with a good work out to sort my head.

    TL you would be wise to try and join a group, I've run alone for almost 2 years, but have seen the most progress since running once a week with a group.

    I've recently joined the Women's Running network as well, it's a good social occasion with people who I have something in common with.......... we are all women (obviously) and we lurv running!

    Well done all you exsmokers out there......log in every day with your progress and for a piece of motivation!
  • Hi! just joined runnersworld and discovered the definitly a plodder but really enjoying it except getting a bit bored with treadmills cos I'm used to running outdoors. I moved to Birmingham in September - any ideas for good places to run in the area?
  • Dont know your speed
    but there is a group of people who meet to run round sutton park on a Sunday
    and there are loads of clubs around brum

    I live in the black Country, so do lots of pavement running
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