boo hoo!!!

ok first of all i`d like to thank the london marathon panel for sending me a nice fleece.
so this means every time i wear the fleece i will be reminded of the day i was REJECTED from the FLM...
great but on the flip side i`m guessing this is probably much more usefull than the razor i recieved this year for running it,
ok it took me long enough but not that long i needed to shave as i finnished!!!
secondly i`d like to say congratulations to all those who did make it, i know if its your first time you will absolutly enjoy every minute...well untill about the 19 mile mark

and to all those who didnt make it, i totally know how you feel ..this time...cant believe how much i took it for granted that i was accepted last year..
anyhow for all those who have been here before.....HELP....where do i take my new running trainers now... whats the next best marathon to do?
many thanks for sharing my pain....



  • Whinger... gold bond places??
  • Don't think he's whinging at all, I feel that too many places ae given directly to the charities, thereby not alowing people to run 'just for the fun of it'. It can be really hard for some people to raise around £1500 just to take part ( some of this money does not go to the charity anyway due to the 'incentives' given). I ran last year and got my own place but found it hard to raise around £700, so there is no way that I can possibly even think about trying to raise the extortionate amount required for a golden bond place !
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