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  • RW

    well done on your progress so far. Yes it's fine to adapt the schedule to suit yourself - everybody's different and progress differently. When the 0 - 30min schedule was published in the mag, they suggested adapting it, repeating the odd session before moving on or even repeating an entire week

    To do a 10k, I would suggest once you can run for 30mins non-stop, extend one run per week in gradual stages, keeping the other runs at 30mins for now. Most schedules for 10k and above are based on the weekly 'long run'

    The general rule is to not increase your overall weekly distance by more than 10% at a time, or you increase the risk of injury

    good luck, have fun and let u know how you're doing
  • Yippe been out tonight with daughter and had a lovely run. Did not go far, was about 3.5 miles but weather was fine for once and we took her dog with us. Feeling good at the moment.
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Hey Ho

    A beautiful morning in the Ribble Valley and I've got 4 hours to myself. I'm planning on spending at least 2 of those hours plodding.

    See you later

  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    ...and I did 12.3 miles in 2:21:25. And it was the most beautiful day if a little chilly on the tops. This is 50% more than I've run/walked in a very long time. The last 3 miles felt uncomfortable but I kept at it.

    Stretch and shower

  • Well done XB

    I'm off to Wimbledon in a bit, Shelter are putting a training day on tomorrow for FLM, so I'm travelling up and staying overnight.

    Hope I don't look like too much of a prawn....I have this horrible picture in my head of all these athletes gliding ahead and me waddling, puffing and panting miles behind :(

    Oh well I'll let you know how it goes

  • excellent stuff, XB

    caren, you'll be great!

    and well done for doing such a fab effort for Shelter
  • Started back on this running lark last Tuesday and so far have done 2 runs of 3.5 miles (see still dreaming...!) Runs both felt good which was surprising seeing as i haven't run outdoors since Sept. It looks as though the gym work has kept me fairly fit over winter. Hope to keep this trend up now that the weather is getting better.
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Good to hear you're getting better T1. I was going to offer to take the t1-ettes off your hands tomorrow, but now there's no need. Shame.

    Would it be considered to be gloating if I corrected an earlier posting? I drove round the route and clocked it on the GPS as 12.9 miles. Feeling a very proud XB.

    Caren, I'm sure you'll amaze yourself at how good you are.

    Anyway, off to cook small peeps tea...

  • Hi and bye - stuck in work today giving a training seminar and although I don't mind doing them a 6 day week does seem long, especially as I'm off to East Anglia on Monday to do another one.
    Not looking good for Sunday plod at moment so will have to hope I've perked up a bit tomorrow. Should be doing about 11 miles but will probably end up doing about 3!
    Well off home now - cant' even relax with a bottle now as fast other half coming home tonight after a year in Japan so will need picking up!
    See you all sometime Tuesday....possibly
  • slow 4 miles on tready for me

    even slower on the tready than outside
    took 49 mins

    legs reovering at last
  • Hello all

    Well done, XB, on your 12.9 miles.

    T1- are you up to running today yet?

    I haven't done anything since Tuesday. My throat's still grumbling away, and I've a stuffy nose on top of it.

    Hopefully I'll be OK for club training on Tuesday, but I could have done without this virus at this stage of the proceedings. I really don't feel I could run 1 mile at the moment, let alone 10!

    Hubby's just got over a similar bug, and he's back on form after 1 week of training.

    I hope my recovery will be as speedy.

    Happy plodding everyone

  • Hi Penfold here (DM's partner) and I've just been for my first plod of the year and it was great! 30 mins, about 3 miles but I wasn't sure how far I'd manange - 1 min walk at half way...Yipee! Had a rotten virus since before Xmas and for the last couple of weeks have been telling myself "I'll go tomorrow" - well, did it today - Hurrah!
  • Hi, anybody there?

    Had a really lazy day today. Done nothing much and eaten lots of bad things. feeling guilty now. Still haven't fiven in to the ciggies cravings - 9 days.

    Will go to gym tomorrow and have a run on treadmill to get rid of some of the guilt from today.

    Whats everyone else been doing?
  • Keep going Larraine. Nine days work mustn't go to waste!
  • Thanks Sassie,
    Nearly caved in when we went to the pub for lunch today,alcohol really weakens my resolve but managed to stay determined - sort of.
    Weather seems to be taking a turn for the worst this coming week and I am finding it a bit hard to get motivated to get outside in the air for a plod in this cold wind. any tips?
  • is this like a training thread for even slowere than plodders - or even ahem brisk wa8kers ?

    want somewhere to post my sporadic efforts to get going again - managed a couple of briskish walks of 20-25 mins last week and today went out for 45mins brisk -
    no intention to r8n or wa8k/r8n yet - although it feels like its lurking again
  • Hi there. Yes, run, walk/run, walk, anything that keeps you moving is talked about on this thread. We are all plodders of the slower variety.
  • i can walk faster than i can plod at the moment unfortunately !

  • Don't worry. You will get better at it. I am a beginner for the second time - I've had a break for a year and lost all fitness now I am run/walking again but improving. Just keep at it regularly and you will soon see the benefits.
  • me too. i stopped outside once the weather got colder and my job took over. first 2 runs so far haven't been too bad.
  • Have been plodding on treadmill since I started again, only been outside a couple of times but really need some motivation to get out there and do it. Its just that I find it so hard to get the breathing right when its cold and windy.
  • hmmmm....its an internal shock to the system when you breath in the freezing air!
  • Yes,my lungs just seem to stiffen up amd I can't get a full breath in. I just end up panting. Don't have that trouble when I run inside. Roll on summer. Brown legs in shorts and sun on face. Nice to dream
  • lol.... only then you'll hear everyone talking about how its too hot to run and how they have to run early morning/late evening to avoid the heat!!! can't please everybody!!!
  • Off to watch tv now. keep plodding, dream of warm summer sunshine, singing birds and NO WIND!
  • I plodded on the treddie
    Run walk
    2 hours and a bit
  • Well done Hippy. Used treaddie for some runs when training for marathon. I think longest one was about 1hr 50mins. I got so bored I couldnt stand it any longer. It is usefull for this weather though. I would love to get outside but I'm waiting for a nice calm day so I will be on treddie tomorrow. Couldn't last 2 hours. So far I've managed 50 minutes
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