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    SS - send me his details and I'll phone the benefits fraud people for you. It really annoys me that people who are really in need lose out because of the greed of others.

    And if you've got his phone number, I do a very good "sultry other woman" :o)
  • SS - I know its hard, but I wouldn't mess round with this idiot.
    He's not worth the hassle.

    Benefits would be a good thing to do, but do as Bryan says. Keep yourself to yourself, so he wouldn't suspect you.

    Oh, and make sure he doesn't take up running and comes on the forums ! Don't identify him any more than has been done already.
  • Thanks Nessie - Just knowing you'd help makes a Huge difference. But honestly - I just can't do it ...I know he'd lose his house and he'd want to lash out at anyone - we're the obvious target whether we snitch on him or someone else does

    RC - Mental health IS the issue here - you are so right. Got home tonight and MrSS was white & shaking as the b*stard has cable clipped the things to a post right by our fence -

    MrSS went round and spoke to Mrs Neighbour nicely and she said that the windchimes 'must have fallen there' and 'why didn't we sleep with the windows closed '?! But she didn't say she'd do anything about it.

    Can hear them now - and all the windows Are shut.

    When I make a mint we'll move and make sure we sell this house to the worst people we can find. Meanwhile I'll start working out costings - but we've got redundancy looming on the horizon this year - I've never been there before - might be I have to move to get a different job....(but I like it here except for that one individual)

    Thanks for you support everyone - it helps restore the balance!
  • How about getting some of those relaxation tapes, you know that play sounds of thunderstorms or waves crashing in?

    It might just mask the sound of them whilst not being loud enough for next door to be aware of it.
  • aha... why didn't we think of this before!

    reverse psychology..

    start doing yoga in your back garden, then start thanking them for improving your chi :)
  • Or get your own windchimes.

    People manage to live on busy roads and things and get to sleep OK.

    It's probably because you have no control over this guy that you are letting it get to you. Have you thought about counselling before it drives you potty ?
  • or wax earplugs. They are the best, really.
  • I can't actually get to sleep without some sort of noise.

    In no way belittling what you've been through (and it sounds hellish), perhaps the fact that you're being tormented is exarcebating the problem. That is, you're actually listening out for them, and this is making it worse.

    If you had something to distract your brain then you perhaps wouldn't hear it so much and eventually you'd just filter it out.

    Although shoving the pipes up his ass would still be good. Just so long as he's not flatuent!
  • It's mental torture aka dripping tap. Home is sanctuary. We had a similar thing with a neighbour, stuck it for 5 years, it almost drove us mad - went through all the [email protected] that's come up in this thread, it sounds so stupid & I know it sounded silly/petty to friends/family, but there's just nowhere you can escape to! I honestly don't know why some people behave like this 'cos at the end of the day it's live & let live & neighbours have to consider each other. Cut your losses - move. Whatever you do will exacerbate it & risk escalation. We bought high & sold low on our house, never regretted taking the hit. Home is home again now!
  • I live near the south circular, I have to sleep with ear plugs in, sometimes :O(
    I'm slowly getting used to it, I suppose it must be hard getting used to the chimes because the sound occurence is so irregular.
    Lots of sympathy coming at ya!

  • Thanks

    Anyone want to buy a house ?
  • Give him a wind chimes from the stones, they don't sound at all. You can change his old wind chimes for these and there will be order.
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