new trainers

I bought some new Asics trainers about 2 months ago and the lining of the heel is going so much that they are uncomfortable to this typicle of these shoes i payed a lot of money for them(£85) and am quite disapointed

I have got a half marathon in 6 weeks and have been told not to buy new trainers so close to a race. what an i do?


  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi Jelly Bean,
    I have a similar problem in some of my running trainers and I've been told recently that it's down to the way I run (mild overpronation.)

    I don't know what you can do about it, but I normally continue to train in mine as they don't cause discomfort, it's just a nuisance. Sorry I can't be of much help on this.

    If anyone knows a solution let us know.
  • Gaffer tape is the answer, ive used it on a similar problem and its great, dead sticky and holds it all down nicely.

    err... gafer tape = a very sticky cloct/plastic tape combination,,, sorry if you dont know what it is.. ask at a local hardware store and you should find it..
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