How many of you use orthotics?

I've had a painful foot for a few months, and I've only just tried using arch supports on my everyday shoes. My foot's much less painful, and I'm looking to re-start running again soon after AGES with various injuries. Have you had orthotics made? How expensive? Why did you first use them? Do they help?


  • My hubby has them. he has very flat feet and kept having problems with his knees. He saw a podiatrist who pointed out that his inside ankle bones were leaning so far inwards due to the flat feet that they were nearly rubbing on the ground. They cost about £120 for the first pair, including the consultation fee, then £80 for the second pair so he has one pair for running shoes and the other pair in his work shoes or swopped into his walking boots. Yes, they have made a difference. he's walking more upright and seems to have gained a couple of inches in height, he's also not having the knee problems
  • I don't...............

    I'm not very fast but I will not cheat.
  • Cheat ?

    I presume that you don't use any mechanical aids then including running shoes ?
  • I wear them and have for the past 4 years. They cost me £400 in total (including consultation etc) but are guarenteed for life.

    I first got them as I went to the podiatrist about my forming bunions, and he identified a number of other complaints I was also suffering ie bad knees and back which all led back to my uneven feet (if you know what I mean!). Once I had got used to wearing them - you will suffer blisters at first as your feet need to get used to walking in a different way, I have had no trouble from them in fact, I wouldn't be able to walk without pain yet alone run without them.
  • Yes - I use them - for running only.

    Salford University School of Podiatry sorted me out and virtually cured lifelong shin splint problems which 3 physios had previously told me meant I should never run.

    I never got any blisters with them at all. Total cost including video gait analysis and 2 consultations £165 - worth every penny.
  • Hi

    I saw a podiatrist about a one year ago and now where orthotics and my body has reacted really well to them . But does anyone know what shoes a person that wears orthotics should wear for long distance running up to 90km.
    Currently I am wearing the Asics 1080 but i am finding them really uncomfortable and not as smooth as my Gel DS trainer which i use for shorter distances. I am thinking of buying the Gel Kaynoo
  • I use off the shelf AOL inserts in my work shoes which I bought from boots for £15 and custom orthotics in my running shoes which cost me around £430 including treadmill and video sessions and 4 physio sessions. This was to treat shin splints prior to starting last years London Marathon. Got round the FLM but developed blisters which might be related to the orthosis. A year on and the shin problem is still hovering in the background but is never bad enough to stop me running.

  • CVA - I was always told that Asic Cumulus were the best ones for orthotic wearers, but having said that I were Kayanos as I needed a little extra support whilst running... it is probably best though to ask your podiatrist.
  • For obvious reasons I wear orthotics...Began getting problems when I first started running at about the 3 mile mark. Went to see a charming but expensive podiatrist who made my orthotics and assured me that I could recoup the cost back on my private medical insurance. Unfortunately, after spending several hundred pounds I discovered that I couldn't and decided that I could't afford the fine tuning.

    However, the good news is that it did seem to sort out my problems (left side, knee, groin etc). However, now I'm up to about 8 miles I seem to be experiencing problems again and probably need to go back to have adjustments.

    Both my podiatrist (remember him? charming but expensive) and Runners Need in Camden advised me to carry on with my existing running high stablity shoes ... which I have.

    Strawballs, it's not cheating - I would have had to have given up running completely if I hadn't have had my orthotics. The fact is that it enables people with 'plates of meat' like mine to get out and do it. And yes, I'm still as slow as a wasn't for increased speed but just to facilitate my being able to run at all.

    Oh, by the way, my charming but expensive podiatrist also used video footage of my running barefoot on a treadmill to use as a worst-case example of flat-footedness he has ever seen! Told you he was charming.

  • Many thanks everyone,

    DS: My foot seems to be BECOMING flat which is probably why it's been hurting so much.

    SS: Just checked Reading University's website and they have a sport's injury clinic and podiatrist- or they are in the process of getting one. Haven't called the number yet.
  • FlatFeet: have you always had flat feet?
  • Sadly, I believe so...but only been aware of them when I started running. As a kid did a lot of ballet and got lower back problems and then in my late teens also did quite a bit of dance but this didn't really highlight it although did keep getting lower back spasm.

    Only since taken up running that it's really been exacerbated and in retrospect realised that it's probably been the cause of other things.

    I don't know if you can become flat footed. Certainly, there is a genetic link as my mother has very flat feet and constantly turns her ankle as a result. Unfortunately, my son has also inherited it (although my daugter has the most beautiful arches!) Could also be an age-related thing regarding muscular-skeletal strength. I'm 42 and could be that general knackeredness highlights the condition. I'm not a doctor, although there seem to be quite a few on this Forum...might be interesting to see if it is a condition that you can acquire.

    Good luck with sorting it out.
  • SORRY!

    I thought my comment may have proven to be a bit more inflammatory than it was.
  • Strawballs: you're forgiven...
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