Squeaky Shoes

My left shoe has just started to squeak - it sounds as though the air is coming out of the cushioning...does this mean the shoes are now useless? They are Saucony Grid Hurricanes and I hope not as they are relatively new!


  • Have you checked for mice ?
  • I've had this on shoes that have gel or air pockets in the heels. If you run through a puddle you can hear the burble of air coming out. I ended up taking my shoes back to the shop from which they were purchased and they gave me a hefty discount off a new pair (I'd done about 250 miles on them before the puncture).
  • Thanks Dangly Spice, I think I will take them back as I haven't had them that long and certainly not done that much mileage!
  • Kath, there is a difference between 'squeaky shoes' with air/gel pockets and your saucony hurricanes. Air and gel shoes provide their cushioning through the air or gel packets, so if there is a leak, then the shoe needs to be replaced.

    However the Grid system used in the Hurricanes doesnt rely on air cushioning, as it is actually the Grid walls and the way that they are arranged, that provides the cushioning. So if there is air escaping, then it is not likely to affect the quality of the cushioning like it would with air/gel cushioning.

    Having said that, it might be worth seeing if you can swop them for a new pair, I have had a pair of shoes that squeaked and it was quite embarrassing running in them!
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