Monday session

What: Todays sessions depends largely on what happens on the work front as could have to work v. late. Would like to get in about an hour steady but depnding on work may need to limit that to a treadmill session of even a rest day.
Why: Still a bit tired after yesterdays long run, but I'm seem to be getting used to them now and there's less residual tiredness / stiffness.
Last hard day: Yesterday
Last rest day: Saturday


  • What: 7 miles recovery run.
    Why: a bit knackered after yesterday's 23 miler.
    Last Rest Day: Friday.

    Good luck with the cold remedies, Martin - doesn't sound as if it's going to be too bad. And Mike's right - Echinacea strangely enough does do the trick for whatever weird reason. Now you just need to get this work thing sorted out - don't want to be doing too much of that!
  • What: Rest
    Why: Quite sore after yesterdays 1/2 marathon
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Saturday

  • Good morning, all!

    What: Rest day.
    Why: Two hard days over weekend.
    Last rest day: Friday.
    Last hard day: Yesterday.
  • Morning,

    What : 5.5 mile outside theis morning then lunch time half hour in the gym
    Why : the usual
    Last Rest day : yesterday although I did climb up Bennachie with my dog!!
    Last hard day: Friday
  • Hi all,

    What: rest, might manage a gentle swim
    Why: in agony after the Robin Hood half yesterday,
    Last rest day: saturday
    Last hard day: hmmm, let me think.....oh, yes, yesterday! (see my post in the race reports)
  • what: 4 miles or so as easy as poss (but also 1km run in work clothes carrying briefcase)
    why: recovery run after 10K race yesterday. The other run will be in order to make the early ferry after work so I can go & pick up elder son - he's got an inter-form X-country race after school!

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat
  • Morning all,

    Well done to all who raced yesterday :o)
    I didn't have the best of runs in the Robin hood half. I am putting it down to still feeling the effects of the marathon (think it takes more than 2 weeks to fully recover!). After 3 miles knew that it wasn't going to be my day (felt like I was working hard, but the mile splits were slow), so just settled down and stuck with the 1:30 pacer for quite a few miles, finishing in 1:27. Good day out though :o)

    What: 5 mile recovery run
    Why: Easy day
    Days since last hard run: I suppose yesterday
    Days since last rest day: Saturday

  • what - 4 m recovery
    why - in the schedule
    last hard - last Thursday as yesterdays long run felt easy (at last)
    last rest - Saturday

    OK I know its probably rubbish but I've just bought some maximuscle ache-free. Anyone else tried it?
  • what : rest day
    why : I need one!
    last hard day: sat race, sun long run
    last rest: Thurs

    Feeling cream crackered today after strenuous weekend. Not only the running but also concrete mixing and sailing. Most muscles and joints are on trike at the moment!
  • On trike shflegs? Would that be a new type of cross training then?

    Well done all who raced yesterday. Iron man, 'not my day...1.27' - it's all relative you know!

    What: 6 miles just over 1/2 m pace.
    Why: Short tempo run yesterday ( 4 miles @1/2m pace plus warm-up/down), not too strenuous but still felt it in my legs later on.
    Last hard:yesterday
    Last rest: sat
  • Great time, Tim - it would have won you a trophy and a bunch of flowers at the 5-miler I did the previous week (had official results - I was 73rd out of 106, although they have clearly lopped off the few who came in after 60 mins because they'd reached the bottom of the page).
  • Happy Birthday to me!

    What : easy recovery of 3 miles
    Why: long run (2hr+ yesterday)
    Last Rest : Thursday

    I hope to do this run , but it depends how much energy I exert blowing out those 36 , er er er I mean 29 candles.......
    Still the older you get , the bigger the cake needed to house the candles.
  • What : Extra Rest Day
    Why : Ran the Jelly-Tea 10 miler yesterday afternoon – it was very hot and rather undulating - I did not have as good a race as I thought – I aimed for sub 1:21 but just managed to scrape home in just under 1:24 (my PB is 1:23 on a fast flat course at Blyth)

    Last Rest Day: Today
    Lest Hard Day: Yesterday

  • Happy birthday Dustin!

    what: nothing - rest day. and I'm in the taper yippee!!
    last rest: Sunday - as I moved my run to Saturday so I could get pissed at a friend's wedding

    Woke up feeling sore yesterday and was blaming it on drunked dancing, until I remembered that I'd done a fairly hard 10 mile run in the morning. Much better excuse!
  • Happy Birthday Dustin!

    What: Visit to "Pets at Home" to get 15Kg bag of dried food for the pooch. Assorted bits of housework and a doggy walk this afternoon. I was going to drive to the gym, but the Mr took my car to work (because I was too lazy to get up and move it).

    Why: Dog will go hungry otherwise. Also he needs a walk and I need to get some fresh air.

    Last Hard Day: Friday

    Last Rest Day: Saturday
  • What: 8 miles steady
    Why: Um, have to admit to a very lazy weekend running wise. Did about 5 miles in total on the treadmill + some weights and swimming.

    I did, however, paint my shed and my front door, seal my leaky shower, hoover the whole house and weed the garden. Shame that won't help for the marathon, really.

    Will & Ironman - some of us can only dream of times like those. Well done.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Evening all those who are still about.

    What: cycle 15 miles.
    Why: triathlon on Sunday.
    Last hard day: yesterday (5 mile race)
    Last rest day: Saturday.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday Dustin!
  • What: 10k on the treadmill, including 5k speed sesh (10 x 400m, 21:30)...
    Why: Following RW schedule for Dublin
    Last hard: Saturday, 19.5 miles
    Last rest: yesterday

    I'm very inconsistent on this thread. I'm going to make myself post on here. It's a good way of keeping a log, and seeing what you lot are up to (so impressive!). Only thing is I'll always be the last one on, so only I will read it, as I do my runs when my pesky kids, I mean my beautiful angels are asleep!
  • Snicks

    I read it - so now you have nowhere to hide!
  • Jogged/ambled 3 miles at about 7:40 pace last night and nearly died of boredom. So much for my recovery run.
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