Does anyone know how to return faulty Nike kit?

I have a pair of Nike dry fit running tights, which I wore a few times, and were great. BUT, the other day, the zip broke at the ankle. I was given a freephone number to contact Nike, but they told me to take it back to the shop I bought them from. I did that, and they wouldn't exchange them without a receipt. Unfortunately I shredded the receipt after I knew they fitted, and my credit card bill arrived. Surely if the goods are faulty I ought to be able to get a replacement. Can anyone help?!?


  • PiersPiers ✭✭✭
    Go back with your credit card bill. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 it's enough proof.

    Try googling "Sale of Goods Act Receipt"
  • I had the same problem with a pair of Nike dri-fit shorts which tore at the side. I took them back to NikeTown London (where I bought them) and they accused me of ripping them myself to get a refund!!! Talk about customer service!

    They gave me a freephone number which turned out to be nothing to do with Nike customer services at all, but the number that suppliers etc ring. The freephone number people also told me to go back to the shop where I bought them from - so not much good there.

    However, I do understand (not sure if this is right or not though) that they are not necessarily obliged to give you a refund - and that they are allowed to give you a new pair of tights.

    You wouldn't get that sort of service in Run and Become - I had to take back a pair of trainers and I only had my credit card bill, not my receipt, and they were fine about it.

    Good luck - and don't let them fob you off!
  • If you paid on your credit card you should try contacting the credit card provider. It may well be that you are able to reject the goods and claim the value back from your credit card company. Then leave them to do all the hardwork!
  • I've not had any trouble dealing with the head office direct. Had a couple of pairs of shoes yeeeeeeeeears ago that kept on popping.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Piers is correct - your credit card bill should be enough. Your legal contract is with the shop you bought them from. If they get sticky, ask for the name of the shop manager, and tell them you are going to contact trading standards and let them sort it out. I suspect they may become a little more helpful then.

    If the goods are faulty, they can offer a replacement rather than a refund.
  • As the law stand if goods are faulty the shop has to refund or exchange. A receipt is not legally required for faulty goods. However the shop can demand some evidence they were bought from that store, e.g bank statement, credit card bill.

  • The credit card co. is as liable as the shop and if you don't get any joy with the shop you could take it up with them.

    Equallly, there may be a point where the worth of your own time to yourself outwights the bother.
  • Thanks!

    And it was Nike Town London where I bought them from!!! I'll try again with the credit card bill (but I live miles away and don't go to London very often)

    I'll stick to somewhere more local, and helpful, next time.
  • I think we've all learned a valuable lesson there.

    Running is silly and expensive, take up crochet.
  • It easy to return a product you just need to fulfill the Nike Return Policy and follow the procedure to return a product. The time to return is 30 days from the date of purchase.
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