Sunday Session - 22nd Sept.

Okay nothn=ing to see here - away we go, move along now....

Good luck to everyone racing today :)


  • Morning Cath

    Disasterous Morning, two miles into 10 mile training run had to pull up with severe pain in lower leg, really fed up, shall now go home & sulk, hope everybody else has a better day than me & good luck to all those racing
  • Stinking cold, was going to do a 10-12 mile easy run, thought about running Guildford halfM as a jog session , but feel like cr*p and kids are driving me mad...

    So - maybe easy hour tonight if I feel up to it we'll see.

    Think everyone else is racing.....
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Everyone must still be out training or racing. I have just returned from doing my first tri and feeling rather pleased with myself at the moment. Can't believe it was all over, for me by 9.45. Normally, if ruuning a race it wouldn't have even started by then.

    I've posted my report on the Events forum.

    To those thinking of doing a triathlon I fully recommend it. Excellent!

    I don't feel too tired from it, a bit like I do after doing a 1/2Marathon.
  • Havent been out yet
    Bloody thesis
    Fine way to spend ones weekend off I must say
    Right, back to it
  • Hilly, glad to hear that SOMEONE out there isn't having a minging day! I shall be popping over to read your report next. Glad you enjoyed the triathlon.

    What: 10K race. Did it in about 54 minutes. Might have been marginally faster without headwinds and undulations, but probably not by much.
    Why: GNR preparation.
    Last rest day: Friday.
    Last hard day: Thursday. Didn't push it yesterday.

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Well done v-rap. Shame about the wind. I don't like running against wind, but I quite enjoy running in light rain. I have to say the weather in Dorset this morning was perfect for racing.
  • Well done Hilly, I too, will be reading your report.
    What: 16 miles
    Why: Dublin trainig - but should have been 22. But just not superwoman today. Long day yesterday, alarm went off early, I slept through. Had to get back to go to Sooty
    Last hard: Today - but actually so much easier than pre London
    Last easy: Yeserday - didn't run
    Training for Dub still very hit and miss. And I was nine minute miling today, and wondering how the hell I was going to speed up to 7:30 for Windsor next week.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Snicks I wouldn't worry too much about today's speed, I don't expect you'll have too much difficulty on the day. I often wonder when a training run isn't feeling great how I can run faster in a race, but I do and so will you! 7.30 min miling for 1/2 marathon is very good. Good luck in achieving this!
  • I was going to run the guildford 1/2 but I'm trapped in central London by the fox hunting march - tempted to say get orf my land - so just did 12 easy miles instead.
    Blessing in disguise really as did the Sri Chinmoy marathon last weekend in 3:05 and although I felt great, I know that running a1/2 the weekend after would be asking ofr trouble!
    Ease back to my NY marathon training shedule from tomorrow
  • Good work everyone.

    This is now the third time I've posted this, but I'm a bit excited so I hope you forgive me! Ran the Nike 10k today, with very low expectations (hurt my calf nastily on Thursday). Anyway, all went well on the day and my 45:00 target was pretty well blitzed into 43:26, beating previous PB by a good couple of minutes.

    Told this to a friend, who replied "is two minutes a lot then?" Didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or threaten to hit them...

    Snicks, you'll be fine next week. Looks like we're going for the same target - do you want a running partner?

  • Evening all

    What : Had a pleasant couple of hours riding the forest trails around Kielder reservoir
    Why : It seemed like a good idea

    Injured ankle seems totally better now :o)

  • Hi all

    Will nip across to Events to read of all your race efforts in a minute. Well done though. Vrap, my daughter has taken to using the expression 'minging' ALL the time, thought only teenagers with Big Brother fixations shared this affliction, and here you are using it. Explain please.

    What: 8 mile fell run up Hopegill Head nr Crummock Water. Beautiful solitary run accompanied only by the usual sheep...up Hope Gill where the grassy path was absolutely perfect for running up and even better down - soft, grassy and enough gradient to make running back down a dream. At the top zigzagged down the very steepest section on a mixture of moss, grass and heather, can't describe how delightful it is to bounce downhill on this kind of terrain, despite steepness easy on the quads. Good to be alive. Wore my HRM which I don't normally on fell runs and noted that going up on the steepest bit where I had to walk my HR was still over 80%, so walking isn't always cheating then.

    Why: got a 2 hr pass from family camping weekend. Then ate cake and walked around Buttermere: kids:' can't believe we got away with only walking for 1.5 hrs today'.

    Last hard: today
    Last rest: yesterday
  • Hi gang,

    Hurrah! First run in nearly two weeks due to post race ankle injury. Ran a cautious 3k to test if ankle would be sore or swell up. So far no major probs, so I'm back on the road again!

    Any tips on good post-injury returns - i.e. how long, what kind of runs?


  • Laura, today's teenagers did not invent the word "minging", whatever they might like to think. It was in common use in the West of Scotland over 30 years ago, but was only ever used in connection with bad olfactory experiences rather than as a general insult.
  • I felt like running for fun today , so 1 hour of road (fell).
    8.5ish km, a little over 400m of ascent and just enjoying the day.

    (Quite around here - everyone has gone to London)
  • what: very early morning interval training. 2 minutes of saying "push, push" followed by 3 minute recoveries of "you're doing really well" - repeat for quite some time and complete with 15 minutes of "I love you and isn't he beautiful" to cool down.
    why: peak of 9month reproduction programme
    last hard day: saturday - 12miles (how stupid was that!!)
    next rest day:as if

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