Trainers vs Running shoes / Rugby

Hi - advice sought. I'm fairly new to running and in 3 months have built up to approx 15 miles / week divided int o 3 to 4 sessions on the road. I'm also doing 2 or 3 gym sessions a week and play social rugby on a Saturday. I'm taking care to recover properly and managing the " workload" so as not to overdo it. Two questions - should I use my running shoes in the gym for X training, rowing, weights etc or stick to my trusty X trainers also does anyone have any advice or experience of fitting rugby (or any other sport) into a running schedule. For the record Im 33 and approx 15 stone. Thanks

Michael O'Riley


  • I was still playing rugby last season whilst also training for the marathon. The way I fitted the rugby in was to look at the sessions. For example, Wednesday nights was our main club night with the variable changes in speed during the skills sets etc I transcribed this as similar to a fartlek session. Our Friday session was usually a run through which didn't involve much running just going through moves etc - therefore a rest day. As to playing, we play on Sundays so I tended to have to do my long run on a Saturday and then play on a Sunday and then have a rest on the Monday! My greatest fear throughout was injury as opposed to overtraining etc, but I figured that it gave me great variety throughout those winter months when sometimes running can get very hard to motivate yourself. This probably is no help to you at all, but you did ask!!

    As to which trainers when... sorry can't help you there as I never go near a gym!!
  • Michael,

    Our advise would be use your running shoes for running and nothing else. Having said that, if you're on a rowing machine or exercise bike, they'll be OK. I'd be inclined to stick to the cross trainers for weights.
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