Women's Sunglasses for Running

I know this isn't the obvious time of year to get some sunglasses, but after another run squinting into the sun whilst trying to get a fly out of my eye, I've decided I must get some sunglasses for running. However, none of the ones I've seen on websites seem to be specifically for women and very few models come in more than one size. I don't want to spend an absolute fortune, but neither do I want something really unfeminine. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


  • Most outdoors shops stock a good range, and all will be designed to stay put (for skiing/hillwalking). I have a couple of pairs of Blocs which are great although the ones I have are possibly not the most feminine, they do quite a variety.
  • I've had a couple of pairs of Julbo sunglasses and have been happy with them (i.e. they stay on!). One pair cost about £40, the other about £60. I think they do ladies' (or at least smaller) models too. Most outdoors shops stock a reasonable range.
  • Oakley Minutes suit smaller heads. Around £60 but v nice !
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I too vote for Oakleys. The Zero range, one of which I own (the 0.7), has different lens sizes. They are very lightweight, the lens quality is superb and there is no frame at the sides or the bottom so all round vision is excellent. Within two minutes of running you will forget you are wearing them.

    I have done 20 mile plus runs in my Zeros and trekked to Everest Base Camp in them and they have never budged a centimetre. I think they sell for about £80 a pair plus case. Expensive yes but I don't mind this in a product which does everything that the company claims. One useful tip, these shades are of the wraparound style so don't try and park them on the top of your head, they might break.

    I had the same problem with insects getting into my eyes, it is so nice to feel them bounce off the lenses!

    Good Hunting, Wardi

    P.S They have a website showing the various styles... www.oakley.com
  • I've got adidas gazele's which are adjustable in three places so you get a good fit if like me you've got a small head. (plus the lenses are interchangeable which is handy if you scratch them like i've just done) Cost about £70 but well worth it
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